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The girl he never noticed Episode 7 – 9

One night)
By authoress gabby daniels
Chapter seven
Mrs Sharon kept calling her daughter line but she wasn’t picking up
“pick up baby” she mumbled calling the line again
“pick up sweetheart let me know you are fine” she added trying to hold back the tears, she could feel it, all was not well
“ha! There you’re ” scar heard a voice and she turned around to see val
“I’m sorry for leaving, come let’s introduce to the guy’s ” Valerie said pulling her by her hand as they left the noisy area
They came to a quiet place where some group of people where seated round a table
“hello guys I brought someone and she will be joining us soon” Valerie announced and scarlet eyes traveled round the people seating round the table
She saw a guy, he was cute but not as cute as the guy who sat beside him with a girl on his lap
Her eyes widened she knew him, he was the guy she admired on the first day at cl@ss
There he was as a girl flirt around him
“scar meet Leo, he is a flirt and always jovial” Valerie said pointing at the guy she first met
“And this is Maxwell, the college prince, he holds the school and he is the youngest H brothers” Val continue and scar slowly nodded as she tried to look away
“and on his lap is Linda he’s girlfriend ” Valerie added and scar felt uneasy as they started staring at her
Her eyes traveled around and she met that girl, the same girl that was always with Valerie
“and that is Ella and I guess you already know who she is to me” scar nodded and her eyes continue to traveled around until she met
What was he doing here
“and that is……. “Valerie couldn’t complete her statement as scar caught her off-guard
“Jeffrey ” scar completed it for her and that was when Jeff looked up to stare at her
He swallowed h@rd, he has never see Scarlett in those
“wow I guess you both has met” Valerie said
“Anyway guys this is Scarlett my roommate and she will be joining our band” she announced
“you’re welcome girl, we ruled the school and it’s nice having a pretty damsel as one of us” Leo said and Jeff scoffed
She sat down as Valerie joined her too,
She saw Val bringing out cigarettes and p@ssing it to the bangs, she watched as everyone took it except max and jeff
“since we are together now, it’s time to play our game” Linda announced getting off max legs
“what game ” scarlet found herself asking
“it’s our game girl, a game of truth, a game that always unite us and the game that makes us rulers of this college, the game is called TRUTH OR DARE” linda said as she b!0ws out smoke from her mouth
“you say the truth and refusal to do the dare makes you go down and your life miserable ” Ella added pouring a gl@ss of vodka for herself
“let’s get started” Leo said
“I’m not in” scar said feeling scared, this isn’t what she want, she just want to go home
“c’mon you are one of us now so you will do what we do best” max said finally noticing her
“let’s just get started already ” Jeff announced not taking off his eyes from scar
“do you have feelings for Scarlett ” Ella was the first to ask Valerie
“no no” Valerie quickly chipped in
“do you really love max” Valerie asked linda
“yes! So much ” Linda replied placing a klzz on max l!ps
“I dare you to klzz scar” Linda said to leo
“no no” scar said getting up,
“common it’s just a klzz” Leo said and holding her my the waist he gently peck her
“done” scar said wiping off her mouth
“so tell me when last do you have s£×” Leo asked scar and she choke
“that’s private ” she uttered
“not within us” Ella said putting the cigarette right in between her l!ps
“I’m still a v!rg!n ” she replied
“wow” Linda blurted out
“so tell me Jeff who are you crushing on “scar asked staring at him
“well no one” he replied not staring at her,
“max I dare you to drink till you get drunk” Jeff dare max suddenly
“wow” Leo said handling max lots of vodka drink
“since max is drinking himself to stupor, your turn valerie” Linda said
“are you seeing someone else” val asked linda
“yeah just one of my toy” Linda replied
“so tell us Ella, are you jealous of scar” Linda asked
“no why should i” she replied
Scarlet felt so uneasy, it was getting late, she looked at Max, he was pretty getting drunk
“Max why not you have a one night with Scarlett ” Ella said and Linda eyes widened
Leo and Jeff choked out
“it’s a dare” Ella added staring at Scarlett as she grins to herself
“you’re crazy, I’m out of here, Valerie take me home” scar said getting up
They both stare at each other as Valerie stood up too
“let’s go” val said
There all stared at each other before val walked off with Scarlett


Scarlett and Valerie walked out of the hotel, scar could see people getting drunk and they were doing one thing or the other
She walked away from the hotel and followed val
Valerie walked to the direction of where she had parked her car, she got in and scar did the same
Scar feeling safe of getting out of the party, she rested her head on the seat as Valerie drove out
She needed to get home and speak to her mum, she has left her phone at the hostel
Scar gr0@ned as she felt a slight headache
“she shouldn’t have drank that drink, just a sub have made her felt dizzy ” she thought as she yawned
The ride home was silent and she preferred it that way,
The closed her eyes waiting to get home and slowly she fell into a deep sleep
Scar woke up as she felt a hand touching her skin, she thought it was a dream and slowly rubbed her eyes
It was dark, she couldn’t see anyone but she knew someone was in there
She knew definitely it wasn’t her hostel because she could feel the softness of the bed
A hand came again touching her skin and she quickly stood up
“who’s there” she said staring at the thick darkness
“shhhhhhhh stop acting like a angel ” a voice came in
The voice sound familiar but she couldn’t trace where she had heard it
“who are you” she asked again feeling scared
“someone you wouldn’t want to know ” the voice said and pulled her back to the bed
“stop!! what are you trying to do” she asked but the voice ignored as he torn her gown
“please don’t do this! Pleaae” scar cried
Still not replying she could feel his hand on her tight
“let me go” she yelled, she gr0@ned as he widened her legs roughly
“please, please don’t do this, please” she cried
She was crying though not aloud, because she was somewhat in shock by now
Then he entered into her roughly!
She screamed and screamed her head off until she stopped hearing her own voice
He kept thrusting in her as she screamed and screamed
Hot tears fell off scar eyes, it fv¢king hurt, so much!
She couldn’t take it anymore, she cried and cried and before she knew it she p@ssed out
Chapter nine
Valerie sat closed to Scarlett on the hospital bed, when will she ever wake up! She thought
It’s been good four days yet she hasn’t opened her,
The doctor have told her that was out of danger but yet she feel scared, it was all her fault, she didn’t mean to hurt scar and for the very first time in a while a tears drop from her eyes
“I’m sorry scar please wake up, please! ” she mumbled squeezing the sheet that scar was covered with
“I’m sorry please wake up, I will never forgive myself if something bad happened to you, please scar wake up” she whispered trying h@rd not to burst out in tears
Scarlett woke up as she stared around, where was she??
She brain couldn’t process anything, she looked around her surroundings and then she realized that it was an hospital and there were so many tubes going in, while the others came out from somewhere or the other within her body. Then she looked around her surroundings as much as she could manage to, because of the terrible pain that she was feeling
And then with a start she remembered
“oh, my God! ” she burst into tears as she recollected every second of her ordeal that was best forgotten
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed, and just then some nurses accompanying with the doctor rushed in
“don’t come close to me” she barked as she stood up trying to remove the tubes from her body
“you have come to rape me right! Just stay back there” she screamed
“no no'” the nurse said moving slowly to her
“I said go away! Go away!! ” she yelled has as finally removed the tubes and ran away from the bed,
The doctor ran towards her with some nurse, and grabbing her hand he pinned her back to the bed and a nurse came towards her injecting a tranquilizer on her skin and slowly she relaxed
Valerie walked into the hospital, she hoped to see scar awake
She has gone home to change her dress, she has been in the hospital beside scar for past four days
She slowly walked to her ward and saw scar seated on the bed as she stared down her feet, her messy hair covered her face
“scarlet ” Valerie called as the tears fell off her face unware
She smiled and ran towards her
“scar I’m sorry, I’m sorry ” she said but scar wasn’t moving as she continued staring at her feet
“please scar I know you are mad at me and the last person you want to see right now, but please scar don’t push me away! Please don’t ” she said touching her skin
Scar didn’t move neither did she stare at her
“why aren’t you saying anything ” val asked scared
“doctor” she called and a nurse rushed in
“why isn’t she moving, she looks motionless” she asked
“she’s isn’t conscious ” the nurse informed her
“but how is it possible, she looks awake” val said
“yes but sorry to say MA, your friend will need lots of time to take in all that happened, she’s going to have a h@rd time been normal again” the nurse said
“she’s traumatized and needs lot of help to get her to being herself, for the mean time she has been tranquilize, trust me is not going to be easy, we need God intervention ” the nurse said and with that walked away
“I’m sorry scar I’m sorry ” val broke down in tears


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