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The girl he never noticed episode 4 – 6

One night)
By authoress Gabby Daniel
Chapter four
“What do you think” Mr Patrick words echoed in her ears,
She turned slowly and stare at him as she hold the tears
“But you can’t possibly do that to me” she mumbled
“I will sweetheart” he smirking roaming his hand round her body
“I’m sorry sir, I can’t do it, I’m not that desperate ” she uttered and moved away
“I can’t” she murmur and ran out
Scarlet pace around her room, she has failed
Just a day she has failed
What was she still doing in college,
What’s the hell is she waiting for when there’s no certificate
She fall onto her bed and cried
“I’m sorry mum” she cried and starts parking her stuff
There’s no need wasting time, college wasn’t for her
The door opened and Valerie walked in, scar was so engrossed that she didn’t know when her roommate walked in
“Scarlet” Valerie called as she saw her roommate in tears,
“Was going on” she asked further as she saw her packing her stuff
“I’m leaving” she said not staring at her
“But why? You just got here” she said
“I’m leaving, I want to go far away from here” she added and broke down in tears
Valerie moved closer to her, she held her and pulled her into a hug
“Talk to me scarlet, what’s bothering you” she asked as they sat on the bed
“I can’t do it girl, I just can’t” she said trying to stop the tears
“Hey” Valerie called touching her smooth cheek
“Calm down and tell me, what is it you can’t do” she asked
“Him, the lecturer, Mr Patrick, he…h..e..he wants to sleep with me ” she said and Valerie burst out laughing
Scarlet was confused, what was funny??
“If you were going to laugh at it, you shouldn’t have asked
” fine..fine.. I’m sorry, is that why you were planning on leaving” val asked trying not to burst into laughter
“Yes I can’t do it and he already told me he won’t grant me my grades and he will make my life a living hell, so what I’m I still doing here when I know I will never get that certificate” she said as the tears pulled freely again
“C’mon baby, its college, you gonna do what they asked you for you to get out of here or don’t you want to make your parents proud” val said and scar stare at her
She really want to make her mother proud, but why this way
“I just can’t, I can’t val” she said getting up to continue packing her stuff
“Hey ” val called
“Look at me” she said staring at him
“I will help you even when I know there’s no big deal in it” she said and scar face beamed up with smile
“Are you definitely going to do that” she asked
“Yes, common its nothing but there’s only one condition” she said and scar stared at her
“There’s this party organized my the H brothers, a party to welcome their arrival, all students are going to be at the Party and I want my roommate to go with me, you know you’re beautiful and it will draw attention on you and do you know what it mean?” Val asked as she widened her eyes
“Its an all nighter party and is definitely will be the talk of the city, go with me scar” she said
“Please don’t say no, go with me and I promise to settle the issue you have with Mr Patrick” she said staring at her face
“Just say yes and you will have all the grades you want without Mr Patrick har@ssing you, say it scar and let me deal with him right now” she grin waiting for scar reply
One night)
By authoress Gabby Daniel
Chapter five
Scarlet head out of the hall, lectures today was smooth and enjoyable
She wasn’t har@ssed by Mr Patrick, he even came to apologized to her can you believe??
Yea, she accept to go to the party, she means what’s the big deal there when she’s aware Valerie will be by herself and she should be vigilante and conscious of herself
She know she haven’t gone party before but she still don’t want to go home, mummy will be disappointed
She walked out heading to her hostel, she didn’t have cl@ss today so she need some rest before the party tonight
She walked away and everywhere she go she could hear them talking about the party, It looks like the H brothers were really popular and famous
Scarlet was almost close to her hostel when she heard her name
“Scarlie” someone called, she was shocked
She mean only one person call her that name but what was he doing here
Scarlet slowly turned, it was him, actually him
“Jeff” she called and she ran to embraced him
He embraced her for a while until he pulled away
“Gosh scarlie, still the little girl I know and what are you doing here” he asked
“I should be asking you that, I’m a student here” she said
“I’m also a student here but I guess it might be different department” he said
“I miss you scarlie, just look at you, you have grown big” he mumbled staring
“You aren’t bad either” she replied
“Its been awhile, come here I miss my best friend” he said and pulled her into a hug
Scarlet hugged him back, she miss her best friend
“We really need lots of catching up” Jeff whisper in her ears, she flushed that was Jeff for you
“I should head back” scarlet said as took a spoon from her ice cream, it was almost late and she has a party to attend with Valerie
“I hope we could do this some other time” Jeff said, he love having her around
They have catch up on the stuff they miss together
“I should get going” scarlet replied and Jeff nodded slowly
“Common val the dress its too revealing” scarlet said as she stared at the short revealing cream gown
“Shhh val, remember you promise to allow me do my thing” val said and scar just rolled her eyes
She was just going to do this because val has helped her
“Fine” she replied
“Wow is this me” scarlet asked looking at her reflection in the mirror, she was looking pretty, the designer gown fitted her perfectly
And the simple makeup was on point
“You can thank me later, let’s go” val said pulling her away
One night)
By authoress gabby daniels
Chapter six
Scarlett and val walked into the hotel, the hotel was in a beautiful position amid lemon groves, The H brothers might be Affluent, scarlett thought
Scarlett stared around, they were lots of people, music echoes loudly as everyone engage in one stuff or the other, some were already making out and to her it was an orgy
She was feeling nervous and the gown she worn wasn’t helping at all
“hey, trust me you’re going to enjoy every bit of it” valwhispered in her ear as they walked to the bar counter
“a gl@ss of ginger ale, pastis and scrumpy” val said to the man
Scar watched as he saw the man mixing up to three drinks
“here” val said handling it to scar
“no, I’m okay” she shook her head
“common it’s a party and you need to take something even if it’s just a sub” val added but Scarlett shook head
“common scar don’t be a kill joy ” she said focusing it down her mouth
“that was awful ” scar said when she have gulped in down her throat
“that’s because it’s your first time, do you want more” val asked but she just shook her head, she didn’t want that awful taste
“hey baby ” a girl called walking up to val
“you came late” she added klzzing her on her l!p, it was then scar noticed she was the same girl she met in her hostel
“I will be right back ” val said and before she could replied she was already out of sight
“now I’m stuck ” she said sitting in one empty chair
Mrs Sharon hunters walked down the lonely street heading home, she has stayed at the store pretty late, she needed to get home, make dinner for herself and talked to her baby
It happened suddenly as a fast moving vehicle came to her direction, but luckily someone pulled her from the road
“watch it ma’am ” the young man said
“thanks child” she said trying to catch the scenario of what just happened it was sudden
Still scared she hurried down home
She got home on time and started making dinner of pasty and egg sauce
She sliced on the vegetables careful but it came suddenly as her hand got in contact with the paring knife and before she knew it she has accidentally injured her f!ng£rs
“Was happening ” she murmured washing off the blood
Firstly it was an accident and now this
“Scarlett ” she suddenly called searching for her phone and when she found it she quickly placed a call to Scarlett


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