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The girl he never noticed episode 16 & 17

One night)
By authoress gabby Daniel
Chapter sixteen
Max shut his eyes as memory of six years ago flashed through his memory
” no no no” he saw his sixteen years old self screaming
” no no” he screamed not knowing he was actually screaming in reality
Scarlett who just wake up walked downstairs and saw him leaning by the door and he’s eyes were shut as he continued screaming no
She ran towards him, does his arm hurt more?? She thought
“hey” Scarlett called
“no no” he screamed until he felt someone’s hand on him and jolted back to reality
“hey, it’s just me ” she said as she saw his fright, she could hear his heartbeat
“does it hurt? ” she asked staring at the arm she had dressed up last time but what max did next surprised her
He hugged her tightly
Scarlet stood still, she wasn’t expecting it
“max” she called pulling from the hug and staring at his face
“I kill her scar, I killed her” he mumbled as his tears threatening to fall
Scarlet eyes widened
“just calm down max and talked to me, who did you kill ” she asked and made way for him to sit on the couch
“it was six years ago ” he began as tears poured from his eyes
Max just clicked sixteen and as usual his parents made no effort to celebrate his birthday
It hurt him more because his elder twin brother took everything away from him most especially his father love and all his possession
He lived like a slave in his father’s house, he remembered when they had gained admission into high school his father has praised and organized a party for his twin brother on being smart but it does occurs to anyone that he was given admission
He has lived like a loner all his life, his mother was scared to approach his father why he treated him like trash
Max knew why his father treated him like trash, it was because he refused to be the ruthless, powerful and cold man his father was and that has made his father hate him
It was their birthday, a day that marked when they where born, when they organized a birthday party for his elder twin brother he was warned never to step out till the party was over
Max was hurt, he has never celebrated his birthday and he wanted to know how ones birthday is celebrated, so he had sneak out of his room and search for his dad
“daddy I’m ready, I want to be the cold ruthless boy you always wanted” he has remembered telling his father
His dad smirked and lead him outside, he whispered and his dog Jake came running towards them
“hey take it” his father said handling him a gun
“now kill it” his father said pointing at the dog
“dad why” max had asked looking horrified
“if you want to be like you brother and enjoy what he has being enjoying, you will do exactly what I say” he father said
“kill it Max this animal mean nothing to you killed it and that when I will love you dearly ” his father added
He couldn’t pull the trigger, Jake was his best friend, the dog has saved him alot
He remembered when it had saved him from a snake bite
He remembered when he got missing, the dog was able to track he home
“what’s rule number one ” his father asked and he trembled as he remembered when his father has broken his fingers when he forgot the rule
The fifty six rule that makes him an Holloway according to his dad
“never let your feelings, Love and care get the best of you” he replied
“Good. Rule number two ” his father asked walking beside him
“obey all instructions from your master no matter the cost ” Max replied
“rule number thirteen ” his father said
“never fall in love with any body either a pet or a human ” he said almost in tears as he pointed the gun at the animal before him
“rule number thirty ” his father shouted when he saw his tears
“nevervshed a tears for anything “he replied
“why” he asked
“because it shows weakness ” he replied
“now kill it” his dad shouted
“kill it Max! I have taught you never to allow your emotions get the best of you. Kill it” he shouted
He stared at the dog, it has helped him alot, he really can’t
He tried
“I cant” he finally said
His dad got angry, he hit him and took the gun from him, he used the gun to hit his forehead and he was bleeding in seconds
“today marks sixteen years since I taught you all these yet you still don’t know anything ” he said kicking his stomach
Blood spewed from his mouth as he groaned in pains, no doubt her rib were broken
He pointed the gun at his dog and pulled the trigger
He screamed. No. No
“that’s what you get when you let your emotions cloud you” he said kicking his stomach harder
“get up max” he yelled
He tried but fell back. He hit him again and he screamed
“what’s rule number fifty” he shouted back at him
He couldn’t talk, his mouth were covered with blood
“what’s rule fifty, max!” he shouted louder
“get up” he yelled
Max couldn’t speak, he was too weak and his father keeps hitting him
His ribs hurt, he was in pains
That was when he heard his mom, she was crying begging his husband, max father to stop hitting him
But he continued hitting him harder
“get away woman ” he pushed her away completely ignoring her pleas
He hit him harder and he thought he was going to die
His dad held his hair, dragging it and shouting at him
“what’s the rule max, say it only then will I leave you ” he said but still he couldn’t talk
Max stared at his father, he looked so much like him
The man who broke him
The man who made him who he was
He tried to get up but the pains in his rib wouldn’t let him
But he needed to be strong, he needed to fight, maybe his dad was right
He needed to be ruth
He needed to be wicked, dangerous and heartless
He tried getting up but fell back down
He stood up again
“get up! ” his dad shouted and his rib hurts the more
He coughed out blood and spat it but he didn’t let it affect him
He stood up and held his ribs in pains, he almost felled back but he held unto himself
His dad smile at hin
That was what he wanted
“rule number fifty, when your enemy attacks you, never back down. Stand up and fight” max had managed to say, blood coming out of his mouth
His dad tapped his shoulder and gave him back the gun and pushed him in the direction of his mother
“shoot her leg” his dad ordered
His mum shouted at his dad, cursing him and pleading for max not to but he didn’t listen
He pulled the trigger and then his mum turned making the shot hit her stomach and she died
“I killed her scar, I killed my mum” max cried holding her tight
“since then I have been cold and my dad have taught me how to live my life, he made me cold” he cried harder
“it’s fine, it’s fine max just calm down ” scar said
Max was still sobbing when his phone vibrate, he pulled from the hugged and stared at the screen, it was a message from Linda
“I know you have feelings for Scarlett but I won’t allow you both to be together, stay away from her max or I will be forced to tell her the secret we all have been hiding ” the message read


Max stared at Scarlett as he suddenly become sweaty
Linda was threatening him and he needed to tell her himself
He was scared, Scarlett will surely hate him
“common Max stop thinking about that, it’s been six years already, you did what you did because you were depressed, trust me your mum will understand anywhere she is” scarlet said holding his hand
“you suffered too Max, you didn’t intend to kill your mother, God knows best” scarlet added and he nodded slowly,
If only she could feel how nervous he was
He needed to tell her before Linda does, his glowing stomach brought him to reality
He rubbed his tummy dramatically and looked away shy
Scarlet found that funny as she smile
“you look hungry max, let me quickly make breakfast ” she said getting up
“hey Max, I still can’t find it ” she said searching for the paring knife, she was making pasta, her mom favorite
Max walked into the kitchen and he gulped down as he saw her stretching up to get the paring knife that was inside the up cupboard
Her was short, he moved behind her as he slowly picked it behind, scarlet gulped down nervous as his hand mistakenly touched her bare back sending shivers on her
“hey ” max said and she collected it
“thanks ” she replied taking it and going back to what she was doing
Max walked downstairs and saw scarlet watching
His shoe sounds made Scarlett to notice his presence
“where are you going to max?? ” she asked seeing the way he was dressed,
He was still recovering, she thought
“to my favorite place ” he replied
“you can come if you want ” he added walking out
They drove down the city of Singapore, Scarlett stared at the window and max couldn’t help but steal glances at her
The car finally enlighten and they came down, Scarlett stared around, it looks like a park but not actually a park, beautiful flowers covered the surrounding
She walked behind it as they walked through the flowers,
“wow” Scarlett exclaimed as she stared at the sight of the beautiful sea
“it’s beautiful ” she mumbled
“isn’t it Max?? “she asked and turned to stared at Max, her jaw dropped as she saw max pulling off his top,
He walked towards the sea and jumped into in, Scarlett watched him swim down and she couldn’t see sight of him
She suddenly became scared, maybe he has drowned himself, and suddenly he pulled out of the water and gasped as she stared at his face, water was dripping from his wet hair down to his chest
Her mouth slightly open as she stared at him
“you wanna join? “his voice jolted her back
“nope I can’t swim and besides I have nothing to wear” she responded
“I will teach and you can wear my top” he replied
“don’t worry, I won’t look” he said and turned his back at her
He waited for some minutes until he heard her voice
“you can turn now, am done” she uttered
He turned and his eyes widened, he kept staring at her as he swallowed hard
The top was short , it only covered her butt, exposing her slender long legs, he never knew she was this beautiful
Scarlett folded her hands, he has been staring at her some minutes now
“hey Max, do I look that bad ” she asked staring at the dress
“no no! ” max swallowed hard again
“common ” max said and watched her walked towards him,
She entered the water and max caught her wrapped his arms around her waist
They sat beside the sea, after they were done swimming, max throwed some stones into it why Scarlett just stared at it
“I love coming here, this is the only quiet place I could think and cried whenever I feel down” max said breaking the silence, he stared at her and felt it’s high time he tells her the secret he was hiding
Scarlett just nodded, it was indeed quite and the cold breeze was amazing
She stared at the sea and the memories of the night flashed into her head
“you look down Scarlett, what is it, you know you can share it with me ” he say and she nodded
“you know max, sometimes I think less of myself, will anyone like to associate with a girl who was raped and doesn’t even know who raped her ” she said facing the sea and max felt uneased as he stared at her
“he’s voice sounds familiar but trust me if I ever finds the guy who made my life miserable, I will make sure he suffered for it and trust me I will never, I mean NEVER FORGIVE HIM” she muttered


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