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The girl he never noticed episode 13-15

One night)
By authoress gabby Daniel
Chapter Thirteen
Scarlet opened her hostel door slowly, and slamming it shut behind her she ran to her bed as she started sobbing
The burden was way too much, it hurts a lot even when she tries to move on, she knew her won’t be the same again
She held unto her chest crying,
“Scarlett ” Valerie called behind her, even if scar won’t forgive her, she was determined not to give
Scarlet raised her face and before Valerie could utter a word she hugged her
“it hurt, it hurts so much val! ” she cried, Valerie hugged her back stroking her hair
“it’s fine, you’re going to be fine” she whispered
Scarlet stayed that way as she cried unto Valerie shoulder, it so much hurt
She pulled away and Valerie held her hand
“life needs to move on scarlet, I know I was the one who causes you pain and trust me scar I regretted it a lot, and it hurts me to see you this way, please forgive me Scarlett ” Valerie said
“it’s fine val, I have forgiven you, staying mad at you wouldn’t ease all this memory, it’s fine” she said wiping off her tears
“Just know I’m always here, anytime you need me” Valerie whispered
“come here” Scarlett said pulling her into another hug
Scarlet walked down the dark road heading to her hostel
She has finished classes for the day and had to go to the library to study before going, she had stayed up at the library a little bit late
She hurried down to her hostel, the road looks so quiet and she really needs to get to the hostel
She continued walking and sudden she felt someone behind her, she slowly turned and couldn’t see any one
Maybe she was insinuating ” she thought as she continued walking
And then she heard footsteps, it was so loud and she quickly turned but no one was there,
Who was playing tricks on her
She increase her pace as she continued walking
She heard the footsteps again, it was loud and she could feel it so close
Who was following her?? She thought as she started running
And suddenly someone fell unto of her and she heard a gun shot
She closed her eyes thinking she might be dead,
When she was still feeling conscious she slowly opened her eyes and felt no pains, except for the person who has lay on her,
She look up and saw blood, she slowly moved her gaze to the person who has taken the shot for her

Scarlet traced the gaze and her eyes finally lands on him, his blue eyes stared back at her
“max” she called and he groaned in pains
“oh my God max, why have you risk your life for me” she mumbled as he stood up
The bullet has only hit his hand, he groaned painfully again as he held his arm
“you are bleeding max” she said covering her mouth with her palm
“I’m fine, just go home and don’t you ever walked this late at night ” he said and groaned
Her tears heated up, he was in pains because of her but then who wants her dead???
“common max you need to get to the hospital, you are seriously bleeding ” I said I’m fine and don’t you ever say hospital ” he said coldly emphasizing the word hospital and at the same time scared
Was he scared of hospitals?? She thought
“but max you really need to se…………..”
“just stop, you are saved now so it’s best you head to your hostel” he yelled trying to walk away but Scarlett stopped him
She can’t leave him this way and she was still scared, what if the person come back for her
“I can’t leave you this way and since you don’t want to go to the hospital it’s best we treat you from home ” she said after all that was her course
“I can’t possibly go to your hostel ” he said and Scarlett just rolled her eyes
“you aren’t going to my hostel, I’m coming with you and please can I just spend a day at your place, my hostel isn’t safe” she said and he slowly nodded
“your car?? ” she asked
“my house isn’t far from here” he groaned
“fine let’s go ” she said
I quickly placed a call to the girl I have hired just to scare Scarlett, she was one of us and have volunteered to scare her, she picked almost immediately
“so how was it?? Was she scared ” I asked
“scared?? ” he asked
” I didn’t scare her, she instructed me to pull the trigger ” she said and I felt my world crumble
How dare her, I know she wanted her dead but I want her
“you killed her” I asked trembling
“no max came in the way and he was the one who received the shot” she said
“good for him, he’s always getting in the way” I smirked
“you shouldn’t be happy, scarlet is with him and do you know what that means, you wouldn’t have her and also she wouldn’t have him and same with me ” she groaned
“fine! fine!! Just come over and let’s talk better ” I said and hang up
I threw my phone one the bed, why was max meddling , he is one of us and he knew very well I planned it yet he had to meddle and acting like the little H brother he is
Scarlet stared at Max mansion in awe even when it was dark it looks beautiful and huge
Never in her life has she entered a mansion like this, and she wondered if it wasn’t huge for one person
“will you keep staring at it all day” max voice came in
She looked away and walked in with him
He opened the door and was welcomed with the view of Linda on his sitting room
“max” she called
“so she’s the reason you werent picking my calls” she said walking towards them
She gasped when she saw his bleeding arm
“who did this to you max” she asked
“you! ” she raised her hand trying to slap Scarlett but max was quick to hold her
“enough already Linda and what are you doing here” he asked
“wow, now I needs permission to come over, it’s all because of her right, trust me you will regret this, you will regret turning your back at the band, that I promise ” she barked and picking her bag she walked out

Max groaned as Scarlett dressed up the wound
“don’t worry you will be fine ” scarlet said and he just nodded as he shut his eyes tiredly
“hey” scarlet called as she was done dressing up the wound and he slowly opened his eyes
” why did you took the shot for me ” she asked staring at him
“I don’t really know, I was strolling down when I saw someone following you, she pointed a gun at you and I did the only thing that I could think of at that moment ” he replied and she nodded
” Thanks for saving me ” she said
“trust me is nothing and you shouldn’t be going to the hostel that late ” he said and she nodded again
The ringing of the bell woke max from his sleep, he has slept on the couch in the sitting room while scarlet had slept in his room
He groaned painfully as he stood up, it was so obvious that his arms still hurts yet he didn’t want to see a doctor
He hate doctors and hospitals
He slowly opened his door and the face he saw scared him a lot
“dad” he called scared, his father was the last person he wanted to see
“it seems like you aren’t happy to see me” his father grin
“dad what do you want ” he asked
“is that the proper way to welcome your dad you hardly pay a visit to ” he asked
“enough dad! Just say what you need, you wouldn’t have pay me a visit if you didn’t need anything from me” he replied rather
“wow I can see you have grown right! Well…… I’m not here for this, Linda told me something and I hope it’s not true” he blurted
“it’s true dad, I and Linda is not together and that stupid marriage won’t work out” he said and he
, it’s high time I make decisions for myself, I don’t love Linda and I won’t hurt my feelings just to please you, please dad just let me leave the life I want ” he said
“so after all I need for you so this how you wanna pay me” his father asked and max sighed rubbing his temple
“you did more harm than good dad, you and my brother ruin my life” he said and he father gave him a little smile
“just know if I leave you seize to be my son, your brother was right about you being weakling ” he uttered
“yeah father I’m a weakling, you leaving my life won’t hurt, you were never like a dad to me” he yelled
“leave dad, just leave and enjoy your favorite son” he said
“very well then, I’m leaving but trust me you will come back running to me like the way you always does, that I promise you ” he said and walked away like the gentleman he thought he was
Max shut the door and resting his body behind him, he shut his eyes as memory of when he was little flashed right before him


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