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The girl he never noticed episode 1 – 3

One night)
By Authoress Gabby Daniel
Have you ever been unnoticed by your crush????
Well… That’s what happens to Scarlett Hunter
Scarlett Hunter is a naive girl who got admission into the famous college in city
She’s a girl from a good home background, her father is late and she lives with her mum who holds a grocery store
Before going to college her mother has advised her to always remember where she came from and should make her proud
But what happens when she gets to college and her roommate is the party time
What happens when she had a crush on someone who barely noticed her
And then the party
The one party that changed her life
What really happened in the party that suddenly made Maxwell Holloway noticed her
And her did the party change her life?????
Will she be able to make her mom proud
This is a suspend, touching, betrayal and interesting story
Chapter One
Scarlett hugged her mom tightly not wanting to let go as if it’s the last time she will be seeing her
“I’m going to miss you mum” she cried
Her mum pulled away from the hug and stare at her face
“Don’t cry baby, you know I will miss you more, just remember all I have told you, stay away from people that won’t benefit your life, you know how I struggle to get you to college and don’t you ever make me regret doing so” she said touching her cheeks
“I won’t mum, I promise to make you proud, I promise to be the woman you want me to be” she muttered trying to stop the tears
It was h@rd leaving her mum, she has grown up having her mum all by her side and surely it wouldn’t be easy for her
“You got to go scar, I will really love to go with you but you know I still had to open the store” her mum said
She nodded because she understands perfectly
“It’s okay mum and please promise not to stress yourself too much” she said and her mum nodded giving her a smile
“Promise to call me when you get there” her mum added
“And I promise to visit home when I’m free, bye mum” she klzz her cheeks and walked out of the small apartment she share with her mother
Life has really been h@rd on them since when her dad died,
She kept wondering how her mother was able to s£nd her to college but one thing was sure she was never going to let her mum down
She stop a cab and after staring at the house she grew, she heaved entering the cab
The cab drove down to the city, she hasn’t ever been to the city but she has heard of how big it was
She rested her head as thing flow into her memory
Who will help her mum now in their grocery store??
She thought as the cab drove down the road
After some hours of ride the cab finally stopped, she enlighten with her few stuff and paid the man off
She walked to her room number, she doesn’t have enough money for a house, so she was going to be living in an hostel, she got to her hostel and heaved when there was no sight of her roommate
She quickly unpacked her little stuff and went to take a shower
She was almost done when she heard noises outside
Maybe her roommate is back
She quickly rushed up with her bath and came her
She saw two girls who was smoking and drinking,
They were even making out, maybe a l£sblan! She thought
She cleared her throat and the girls turned to stare at her,
A fair skinned girl walked up to her and smile
“I guessed you are my roommate, I’m Valerie” she said offering her a handshake
“Scarlett” she replied with a smile
“Nice meeting you” she added
“You want some” Valerie asked offering her a cigarette
“No I’m fine” she shook her head
“A newbie” the other girl who was making out with Valerie said
“Don’t mind her, she’s Ella my girlfriend” Valerie said and she saw Scarlett eyes widened
“Don’t be surprised, I’m a l£sblan, I guessed you should enjoy your stay in college, am off” Valerie said and walk away with Ella
Scarlett sighted walking to her bed, one thing she has learn before coming to college is to avoid everyone
She quickly took her phone and placed a call to her mother


Scarlett rested her head as she called her mum, she picked almost immediately
“Baby” her mom voice came in
“Mummy” she called having the urge to cry again
” Hope you are well prepared for lecture tomorrow” her mom asked
“Yes mother” she replied
“Ok baby and don’t forget all I have taught you, never ever change who you are to please anyone” her mother said
“Trust me mum, I know how you suffer to make me go to college, I won’t disappoint you” she said and her mum was pleased to hear that from her
“You have a long day ahead dear, get some sleep” her mum added
“And you too mum, I love you mum” she said and hang up
She blinked back the tears, it’s not even up to one day she miss her mum
It was late already and she decided to get some sleep
The door opened and Valerie walked in but this time alone
“What’s up with you” she said to scar who just nodded
“Hey babe there’s this fantasy party tonight and I’m sure you won’t want to miss it” Valerie said getting rid of her clothes right in front of Scarlett
“The most hot dude is coming” she quickly added
“You know you might be lucky” she added already clad by now
“Say something, haven’t you coming” she added
“No I prefer to stay indoors” Scarlett replied
“C’mon girl don’t tell me you are mummy and daddy pet, it’s college” Valerie said
“You wont enjoy college if you behave this way and trust me I won’t allow my roommate to be naive and nerd” she said walking to the bathroom
“C’mon dress up let me quickly take a shower” Valerie added and entered the bathroom
Valerie came out and melt scar the same position he left her
“Seriously girl” she said and scar just rolled her eyes
“Go without me val, I will be fine” she replied
“No way you are coming” Valerie said, Scarlett shut her eyes, she didn’t want to make her roommate angry but she didn’t want to disobey her mum, she just wants to focus on her studies
“I’m so sorry val, I just came today and I shouldn’t start it with party Right” Scarlett said
“It’s fine since you just arrived at college I will let you be but you are coming with me on the next party” Valerie said wearing her clothes
She was done in a minute
“I’m off girl, remember it’s college and it’s free, leave life to the fullest” she klzzed Scarlett cheeks and walked out
Chapter three
Scarlett wore her jeans and crop top, she can’t believed she has woken up late on her first day to cl@ss, she quickly dressed up, too her bag and left the hostel…… ……………………………………
she got to the hall and was surprise that lectures have started already, she quietly walked in.
The lecturer stop and stare at her and immediately murmuring arose from the students. Scarlett took her sit and could feel many eyes on her but she ignored them totally ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….The lecturer was almost rounding up when someone walked in, everyone looked up just to see. “Oh mine! Its Max” the students whisper
“he is back” the whispers continued.
” so cute as always ” they said
Scarlett looked up and was bewildered,
He was cute, all her life she hasn’t spent even a minutes to admire a guy, but this random guy was cute, definitely . . . After the end of the cl@ss Scarlett quickly took her bag and was walking out when a student walked up to her. “Mr Patrick demand to see you at his office right now” the student said, Scarlett was surprise and wondered why the lecturer wanted to see her, “was it because she was late???” She thought. She hurried to his office In the direction that the girl had showed her, she was almost closed when she bumped into someone and was about to fall when he caught her, she stared at him and it was her crush, her heart sink. “are you blind can’t you watch where you’re heading to” a cold voice yelled as he pulled his hand from her “I’m so sorry….I…was..” she said
” save it.. what a good tactics of getting my attention then you need to try h@rder, I hate those who forced themselves on me” he said calmly and push her from his way. Scarlett gr0@ned, today was really a bad day for her.
. . Scarlett knocked on Mr Patrick office door and a faint come in was heard. Mr Patrick eyes travelled round Scarlett body as he smirk , he couldn’t wait to have her ” “you s£nt for me sir” Scarlett said feeling nervous already at the way he stared at her. ” I don’t like beating around, I will just go to the point of why you are here” he said getting up from his chair and moving close to her. “I like you and I want you to be my …….you know” he smirk.
” to be your what?” She asked more confused. ” to be my s£× toy, I promise to take care of you, spend on you, I will give you as many grades you want and you don’t even have to do any projects, as long as you give me what I want” he said stroking her hair and licking his l!ps, he was already eye fv¢king her ” I’m so sorry sir but I’m okay the way I am and I can’t do what you asked of me” she said moving away and making attempt to leave.
“If you leave, I promise to make your life a hell and trust me when I say you will never have that certificate and I know you don’t want that” he said making her froze
if she do it she was disobeying her mum and if she don’t she can never make her mum proud
she has come to college just for the certificate, why was this happening
“so what do yo think” she could feel his breathe behind her as he stroke her back
what was she going to do????
. . TBC.


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