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The girl he marked episode 25


🌳🥀{ His Human Mate }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

Chapter 25:


(Just for those who still say they don’t understand… White Wolf Pack is another pack in the story. We need to know more about them to clarify if Michael is the right one or Bella.

I don’t need to tell you more about them, just read the story and you’ll find out yourself. Please, don’t tell me you still don’t understand the story.)



” I have to go now, Reyhon will be waiting for me in his room. ” Lisa said, looking in a hurry.

” But… it isn’t evening yet. ” I said.

” Reyhon said I must be in his room before 4 o’clock. “She stared at herself while she said that, drying off the dried stained tears.

” Lisa, ” I walked close to her. ” Just in case he enters, try as much as possible to leave the door unlocked. ”

” Why? ” She whispered with a questioning look.

” Just do it, okay? I’ve got a plan for tonight. ”

She nodded her head before leaving my bedroom.

I was contemplating if I should go ahead s£nding alpha Derek the letter or not. Will he listen to me even if I did? On a second thought, I’m just too scared to cause trouble.

I went to see Omega Theodore, he was the only male wolf in the castle who I can easily talk to.


was laying on his bed with a book in his hands when I walked in.

” Mela? ” He called, surprised. ” I wasn’t expecting to see you today. ”

” Neither was I. ” I didn’t blame him for making such statement. I h@rdly leave my room to anywhere and I was becoming so rare to find.

” Is there a problem? ” He asked.

” No, not at all. ” I replied as I pinched my f!ng£rs.

” Are you alright? ” His face grew worried.

I looked at him, not sure if I am to say a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I’m just so confused and scared too.

He held my hands, staring deep into my eyes. ” Something is wrong, tell me, what is it? ” He asked again, looking more worried.

” Theo.. ” I paused.

Why can’t he just read my mind? ” I said thoughtfully, hoping he’d just analyze every of my thoughts.

” I don’t wanna read your mind, Mela, I want you to tell me yourself. ”

” Theo, it’s Reyhon. ” I sighed.

He frowned, ” Did he hurt you? ”

” No. No, not me.. it’s Lisa. ” He looked away, ” He keeps hurting her every single night, and… and she’s innocent for it. Please, I beg you, help me talk to Reyhon. I know he will listen to you. ”

He gave me an emotionless look, ” Were you even listening to me? ”

” Yes, Mela, I was listening. ” He sighed. ” Reyhon is so difficult to talk to and hurting girls has become a habit of him. Even if I have to call the whole world to this case, he won’t listen to me. I wish I can help, I honestly do but… ”

I was down, real down and hopeless too. Of course Reyhon was a difficult being to be easily talked to.

Now, I’m hopeless and I really don’t know what to do. ” I… I will find a way to end this. Lisa doesn’t deserve this.. none of them does. ” I muttered.

He held my hand again. ” Mela, this doesn’t have to be your business. You just have to let him do whatever he wants. ”

I threw him a stern look, pulling my hands off his hold. ” Did you heard what you just said? Did you even listen to yourself? You want me to sit and pretend like nothing is going on when something is? I thought you were understanding but now I realize you’re not. You’re no difference from him! ” I yelled, angrily walking away from him.

Mela, you don’t… ” I didn’t wait to listen to what he’s got to say, I shut the door h@rd behind me.

” Fine, I’ll do it my own way. I don’t need any help, I don’t need anyone, I’ll just do it all by myself. ” I murmured, heading back to my room.


Awaiting patiently for the night to approach and counting the second hand as it slowly ticked to 7 o’clock.

That was the time Reyhon returns to his room and that is the same time… he forces Lisa on his bed.

My new idea rumbled in my head, waiting to be unleashed. I heard the loud bang of door and I knew it was definitely time to take an action.


Lisa ✓

I flinched at the loud sound of the door, my heart racing in fear as his footsteps approaches me.

I was putting on a transparent gown because he instructed me to always have that on. The room was so dark and the only thing that shun the room was the candle light.

I felt his hands curved my waist as he buried a klzz on my neck. ” You look s£×y everyday and that’s just one reason why I prefer you to the other girls. ” He whispered in my ear.

I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t even if I want to. I’m just so scared right now, everyday seems to be tougher than the previous days.

” Didn’t I tell you to always get yourself comfortable on the bed before I come? ” He said, his l!ps caressing my skin.

It wasn’t romantic anymore, no, it felt like torture.

” I… I… ” I stutter.

” It’s okay, I understand. ” He said in the sweetest way he could sound.

” Come on, Lisa, you just got me triggered. And… I can’t seem to hold it anymore. ” He turned me around so that I was looking at him.

I quickly buried my face to the ground, he held my chin, raising it high. ” Come on, don’t make yourself new here. You know I love those eyes and… those l!ps too. ”

He grabbed me into his arms, dropping me on his bed. ” Please.. please.. I don’t want to do this. ” But they were only screaming in my heart, I wouldn’t dare to say it out.

Alpha Reyhon might be a handsome mind b!0wing male but… he is as dreadful as his beauty.

He widened my legs, klzzing my both thighs. ” Please…” The words finally escaped my l!ps.

He tore his jeans and I could see his inner boxers. He had already grabbed the short too when Pamela opened the door.

” Shit! ” He growled, ” I hate it when someone interferes. ”

Before he could turn to look at who it was, Pamela had hit his face with a big stick. ” Go to f*cking hell, @sshole!!! ”

I quickly grabbed my clothes, putting them on.


Pamela ✓

Before he could turn to look at me, I hit his face with the stick I was holding. ” Go to f*cking hell. ” He gr0@ned as he tumbled out of Lisa.

She picked her clothes, putting it on in a rush. ” Thank you. ” She thanked.

” Go, get out of here. ” I instructed.

” But,,, ” she hesitated. ” what about you? ” I know she was concerned about me too but that shouldn’t be now.

” Just go okay, don’t worry about me. ” I @ssured her.

She left the room. Turning to look at Reyhon, I felt a hand on my cheek. I m0@ned at the pains, feeling my brain dancing in circles.

I have never received such kind of slap before.. it f*cking hurts!!

” How dare you disturb my moment?! ” He stormed.

” You bastard! ” I cursed, ” Heartless monster. Do you have conscience at all? ”

” Conscience? ” He scoffed. ” That was having fun, bitch! And you just interrupted my lovely moment. ”

” By hurting an innocent girl, you call that fun? ” I scoffed, chuckling. ” You’re crazy and you know that. You know I don’t blame you, I blame the creature who born you. ”

He landed another slap on my other cheek, damn!! Hell is real!!!

” Don’t,,, you ever,,, say that again.” He pointed at me. ” Have you ever asked yourself why I haven’t marked you yet? ”

” Because I knew that wasn’t necessary, @sshole. ”

” Wrong answer, that’s because I you aren’t good on bed. ” He said.

I laughed. ” Really? Excuse me, do you expect that to annoy me or make me cry? ” I scoffed, ” You’re overthinking, dude. And you know what, I’m a lot happier about that because I won’t have to bother of your torturing d**k in me. ”


smirked evilly. ” Let’s see if you can outrun that torturing d**k this time. ” He grabbed my hand, throwing me on the bed. ” Let’s see that gentle devil in you unleash tonight. ”

I struggled to get free from his hold, and when I got the chance, he grabbed me back, locking my hands with one hand and the other pulling his knicker down.

He roughly tore my gown and p@nties into halves and he pulled his long d**k out, ready to fuss it in me. Luckily, the door opened.

” Reyhon, ” Theo screamed from the door.

” What? Can’t you see I am a little busy? You know what, you can come back later. ”

He wanted to continue when Theo pulled him out of my body. I quickly covered myself, stepping out of the bed.

” What do you think you’re trying to do? ” Theo angrily asked him.

” As you can see, I was about marking my little mate. ”

I couldn’t raise my face up cause I was feeling ashamed. What if Theo hadn’t come on time? And what if he hadn’t come either?

What… ?

I could feel Theo’s eyes on me, checking if Reyhon had hurt me in the process. ” You almost hurt her, Reyhon. ” I felt his eyes off me.

” Trying to mark my mate has become a hurt? What do you think you’re saying? ”

” Mela, come over here. ” Theo said and I walked behind him. He held my hand as if just hiding wasn’t safe.

” Tell me, Theo, when did the feelings started? ” I looked at Theo to see if he actually understood the question Reyhon had just asked because I don’t.

” You love her don’t you? ” He asked again but Theo kept mute at him.

” Are you scared to admit it? ” He asked with a smile.

” I’m only trying to protect her. ” He finally said.


What are they talking about?

Who are they referring to??

Who is this she??


Lemme guess 🤔🤔🤔… It’s me… 🤣🤣🤣

To Be Continued…

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