The ghost man Episode 9

By Tiana Cole Williams.
(A true life story)
I was speechless and was unable to talk with what I saw with my two n-ked eyes,if they told me that my wife could be having an affair with my best friend, someone who was also my best man on my wedding day I won’t believe it,my wife was having S-x with him, something that I do to my wife,I always make her re-ady before having S-x with her,I always make her want me,I treat her with such care that even in my school days I never treated any woman that way all throu-gh my life,but I did it with chioma,but chioma had to break my heart to many pieces, then kill me and finally bury me again,how cruel.
Oh God, what have I done to merit such treatment from the woman I l@ydown my life for,the woman I cherish with all my heart and soul and b©dy,I gave her all that I have, but she decided to pay me back this way,hmmm.
Kelechi lamented and cried , pouring out his heart,while his people consoled and encouraged him not to think about it.
They took chioma and chike to the meeting ground,where they will be asked some few questions together with her mom so the elders could settle the problem on ground,by the time they got to the place,the people who carried chioma poured her some water on her face, they knew she was acting to be dead because they caught her red handed and no way to escape,so she had to faint.
she opened her eyes shouting,”take him away from me,he is a ghost,take him away o ,his a ghost, can’t you see him”, ”shut up your mouth you killer, don’t you see he his sane and well,one of the women shouted at her,”onu ofia” the woman said and eyed her.
She then turned her eyes to look at kelechi’s face,she was scared when she saw the expression on his face,she didn’t even know how to detect the emotions his face was showing,”kelechi is that you”she asked with tears in her eyes
kelechi turned and looked at her then back at her mother,and back to her, he then shook his head, he didn’t give her any response ,he went and sat down waiting for the meeting to commence. he felt hurt and kept cool, just looking at what is going to unfold,which made her shiver in fear, ma-king goosebu-mps washed over her b©dy,and the thought that she was going to be expo-sed soon.
One of the elders that c@m£ after hearing what happened,stood up from where he sat,and greeted everyone,and when his greetings was answered,he started.
“Chioma the daughter of my best childhood friend who pas-sed away some few years back,he has been a very good friend to me since when we were little,he was a disciplined man who don’t take nons-en-se and doesn’t support evil,which I expected his child to do the same, even his wife who I knew to be a good woman, supported this acts of evil, helping her child to kill her fellow human ,and s£nding her off to another man, because of what reason?
he said with anger in his voice, while kelechi’s face was bent to the ground, chioma was watching how sad he was,but she didn’t know what was awaiting her.
The man continued,”we held this meeting here because of our brother here,and the matter here on ground,we the elders from both families decided to solve this issue here to avoid blood shed,or add any injury to what is alre-ady damaged. We only want to ask you a few questions, both your mother and chike will take p@rt in the question?, Are you re-ady he asked them,chioma and chike with chioma’s mother,nodded their head with shame written all over there face,and dissapointment.
“Good,here goes the question, starting from you chioma.”What made you leave your husband ,and going out with another man,even your husband’s friend for that matter? He asked her.
Everyone’s face turned to her, waiting for her to give the reason she had an affair with another man,”hmmmm, she started with difficulty,as tears was forming in her mouth,but she went on
“Well to say the truth ,I never loved kelechi”, everyone turned to her direction in shock including kelechi,but he was silent with a broken heart,she continued ,”cause I only wanted him for my personal wants,his money and properties,I found out when we were still in our friendsh!prelationsh!pthat he had some properties and money,which made me stay and pretended to love him,there by marrying him,so that all his properties will be given to me,I met his friend when we were still d@t!ng,he c@m£ to me for some help of borrowing him some money,which I did cause he was my b©yfri£nd’s friend,after then I started having a secret crush on him,and I found him attrac-tive,and I promised myself that I could pl@ythe game of collecting kelechi’s money,then having his friend again,but when I tried s£dûç!ng him on the day he c@m£ to return the money I gave him,he refused at first then I told him my true feelings towards his friend,and when he saw that I didn’t really love his friend but for his money he accepted,then from then our secret relationsh!pstarted,but I was not able to leave kelechi,and i wanted marrying chike,but it was not possible then since I was alre-ady engaged with kelechi,but I promise chike that,after some years with kelechi I will eliminate him,so we could take and share his properties to ourselves and then get married”,she said
“so I told my mother of my relationsh!pwith my fiancee’s friend,and told her I don’t love kelechi,she was angry and threatened to disown me from been her child,but when I threatened her and told her I will kill myself since am the only child,she begged me not to hurt myself,that she will help me find a solution,which she did by going to an herbalist man to collect some poison concoction,so we could be able to kill my husband kelechi.
“But we do not know how he escaped the poison,not drinking it, if not he could have been dead by now”,she narrated
The people were shocked at the revelation they heard, they folded their hands ,and stared blankly at chioma whose tears had filled and soa-ked the be-d spre-ad she was still tying on her che-st,such a shame hmm.
Kelechi was speechless,he just stared into space and shook his head with utmost surprise , then the old man cleared his throat and directed his question to chioma’s mother
“Ada nma,why did you collaborate with your daughter to kill your son in law,when you know the truth that to kill is a sin as a Deaconess in the church?.
The woman was sad and she was not able to speak, she was just crying,while she faced the ground,she could not look at anyone in the eyes.