The ghost man Episode 3

By Tiana Cole Williams.
(A true life story)
“Honey, you will be fine,” she
as-sured, “I’m here for you.”
Such a loving wife.
I began to shiver and I began to
foam from the mouth, then I
Chioma left the mirror and
walked towards the be-d. She
stood over my dead b©dy, with
triumph on her face.
“Idiot,” she cursed, “anu ofia. I
thought you’re a superman.” She
spat on me.
I remained motionless but
watching her every move. She
took her mobile phone and
dialed a number.
“Hello Chike,” she said.
Chike? Which Chike? Chike my
best man and best friend?
“Hello sweetheart,” that was
Chike’s voice. My best friend.
“My love, I have a good news.”
“Really? I can’t want to hear.”
“The idiot is dead.”
“Kacy naa, don’t you remember
our discussion again?”
“Oh yes, I do I do. Great. Start
crying, I’m on my way.”
My best man and best friend too
was in the conspiracy to kill me.
What a wicked world.
Chioma sto-red the do¢v-ments in
one of her bags, went to the
mirror to look at her beautiful
face one more time. Beautiful
demon. She rearranged her hair
and made for the door. Opening
the door she turned back to look
at me.
“Rest in peace,” she said and left.
I quietly got up from the be-d,
went to her bag and collected
the file containing all my
do¢v-ments. On t©p of the
wardrobe, the portable Nikon
video recorder I had planted
there earlier was still rolling, I
collected it and turned it off.
Quietly like the ghost I was, I
opened the window, scaled
throu-gh and vanished from the
compound. Chioma’s voice could
be heard crying loudly. I’m now
going to be a ghost, to torment
those that killed me. The battle
line is drawn.
To be continued…

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