The ghost man Episode 2

By Tiana Cole Williams.
(A true life story)
I watched as she searched
frantically for all the do¢v-ments
to my properties. She piled them
up beside the wall mirror,
looking herself in the mirror and
I smiled within me, knowing
how I just escaped death by the
whiskers. I was such a lucky
man. I remembered how it all
happened the day before. I c@m£
back earlier than I usually do
without calling to inform my
wife. Chioma wasn’t in the sitting
room, I decided to ti-p toe to the
be-droom to surprise her.
On getting to the door I could
hear her voice, she was on the
phone with her mother.
“Mama, are you sure it will kill
“Yes, I trust Akanshi.”
“I can’t wait for this man to die, I
nee-d my freedom to live as I
“He will die tomorrow, just follow
the instruction. Add the
substance in his jui-ce and make
sure he drinks it.”
“I will Mama, trust me.”
I was glued to the sp©t. My own
wife was planning to kill me and
tomorrow I would die by
poisoning. I ti-p toed back to the
sitting room and as quietly as I
entered I left. I left knowing what
to do, for to die I would.
The next day, being today, the
day of my death, I left very early
to my office like everything was
okay. I c@m£ back in the
afternoon prepared to drink
some jui-ce and die. Chioma my
wife was exceptionally happy to
see me, I was pretentiously
overjoyed to see her. We k!$$£d,
yes, and we made love on the
According to her plan, she went
and brou-ght a glas-s of jui-ce for
me. And according to my plan I
s£nt her to bring my briefcase to
show her a very important
do¢v-ment. She left. Before she
c@m£ back I had exchanged the
glas-s of jui-ce with a different
one. She saw me gulp down the
last jui-ce as she c@m£ back. She
cracked a smile.
According to plan, I began to feel
some pain in my stomach. As the
pain grew severe I began to
crawl on the floor. Chioma, as a
loving and caring wife c@m£ to
help, I told her to take me to the
room. She did and la-id me gently
on the be-d.
“Honey, you will be fine,” she
as-sured, “I’m here for you.”
Such a loving wife.
I began to shiver and I began to
foam from the mouth, then I
What could have prompted such a dubious plan between Mother and Daughter? What do you think the man would do?