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The gardener’s daughter Episode 23 & 24

I was putting my son to sleep when Sarah came into the house, full of tears.
I was alarmed. What happened to her?
“Sarah… Are you alright?” I asked going closer to her.
She sniffed and sat down. ” Joana, can I trust you? ” She asked looking at me.
“Of course, yes!” I replied wondering what was wrong with my sister.
“I can’t stay here. My life is in danger.” She said and I g@sped.
“Sarah… Please tell me. What’s going on? Who wants to hurt you? ” I asked, holding her hand.
Sarah shook her head. “I can’t tell you anything now.
By Friday night .. I will be gone. I’m gonna come back when I’m ready for the witch.” Sarah said and I looked at her.
Friday night…. That is three days from now. “Where are you going again, Sarah? Don’t leave father again.” I pleaded.
” I’m sorry Joana. I gat to go…. Help me tell father I will be right back. You guys should wait for me. ” Sarah said and I reluctantly nodded.
” I don’t want anyone to know about this Joana….can I trust you? ” Sarah asked again and I nodded.
I hugged her with so much pain in my heart. Someone wants my sister dead but who is it?
Immediately mom left the room,I knew I’ve been an idiot.
What have I done?
It took me years to finally get to see Sarah! Why am I suddenly trying to throw all that away?
I knew I couldn’t let her go again.
I love her beyond words and I’m really gonna die without her.
I believed all she told me but it was just too confusing to see both parents in a pathetic situation.
do her job to make a
I took another look at dad before rushing out of the room to see Sarah.
I’ve got to apologise for being stupid.
I got to the Gardener’s house and knocked.
Joana opened the door and I went i nto the house.
Sarah was nowhere insight in the living room.
“Please.. I wanna see Sarah.” I said, looking around.
” Alright.. she’s in the bedroom. Let me call her.” Joana said with a smile and walked away.
I stood taking a steady breath.
I looked around the room I shared with my sisters, missing every part of it.
I sat on the bed, trying to forget everything about Vicker .
Determined to leave the house and go back to Tan,I started mapping out my next plan.
The door opened and Joana poked her head around the door. “Vicker is here.”
“Who?” I asked.
“Vicker.” Joana replied with a frown.
I stood up and walked to the door. ” Tell him he can go to hell for all I care. Tell him I never wanna see him again!” I yelled.
” But…” Joana tried to say but I slammed the door shut in her face. I walked furiously around the room,annoyed with myself that I could still see his effect on me.
After taking sides with his mother, what the hell is he here for?
I tried remaining strong but ended up sniffling a cry.
I almost collapsed when I heard Sarah’s voice asking me to go to hell.
It stabbed me in the chest like a knife.
Joana approached me and shrugged. “I know you heard her. What happened between you guys?” She asked.
“It’s okay, Joana. Thanks. I’ve got to go.”, I said and left the house.
I was going crazy and my mind was on fire. I was confused at what to do.
I picked up my phone and dialled Andrew’s line.
It’s been long we spoke and right now,I just needed something or someone to keep me busy before I lose my mind.
Andrew picked up at the third ring and his excited voice rang into my ear. “What a surprise call, nigga!” He laughed.
” Where are you?” I asked impatiently.
” Hey…are you alright? I’m in the bar. Wanna come over? Woah….what a surprise!!” Andrew laughed again.
I dressed up casually and left the house. It was hell staying there, knowing Sarah was in there, hating me.
Andrew’s bar was crowded with lots of people,girls especially.
I sat on the talk stool in front of the bar and ordered for drinks.
The music wasn’t so loud and it less£ned the headache in my head.
Andrew joined me later on, hugging me. “It’s been so long. When did you arrive?” He asked sitting opposite me.
I gulped down a full cup of wine before looking at my child hood friend. “Hours ago.” I answered, breathing heavily. I refilled my gl@ss and gulped down the content again.
“Vicker…if you continue with that you are gonna get drunk.” Andrew cautioned.
” I want to get drunk!” I said angrily and refilled the gl@ss again.
” Oh… sorry. Vicker…I’m quite sure you don’t drink. Something serious is bothering you.
Just…tell me.” Andrew asked but I said nothing.
I only continued drinking…I badly wanted to take my mind off her.
After three bottles of wine,I blanked out.
I woke up the following morning with the greasy headache of my life.
I looked around and found myself on my bed.
How did I got home?
I gr0@ned and almost immediately,the door opened and mom rushed in.
“Oh VICKER! How could you do this to yourself? You got drunk?” Mom yelled at me.
I yank the bedspread off my body and let back in bed, looking away. “Out of my room mom.” I said quietly,trying to subdue the nasty headache.
I heard mom g@sp. “What did you say? Are you asking me out of your room? Why are you doing this? Your father is seriously down and you’ve got to take up responsibilities!
He needs you right now! But instead..all you had to do is leave home and come back in the company of your friends…. drunk;” mom scolded.
I look at her with my eyes red with anger. “I’m just getting started mom! And I never wanna hear that responsibilities stuff anymore!
Maybe you guys should just adopt another son cos I’m not interested!!” I screamed and gr0@ned in pain.
Mom covered her mouth as she sobbed. “What have they done to my baby? Vicker.. this isn’t you!” Mom sobbed.
” Get out mom! Get get out of my room!!” I yelled angrily.
Mom turned and rushed out just the sane way she rushed in.
I staggered up and was about going into the bathroom when my eyes caught a movement downstairs through my opened window.
I looked down and saw Sarah carrying her dad’s watering can, looking so s£×y and beautiful in a white nighties.
My breath increased and my heart beat accelerated.
I looked away from the window and sat heavily on the floor…. calling out her name…. realising I would never be able to do without her.
I staggered up again and walked into the bathroom.
I stayed up in my room till midday after checking up on dad and tried calling Sarah but she wouldn’t pick up.
I flung my phone across my room and got up. I dressed up and went downstairs.
I walked into the Gardener’s house angrily and thankfully I saw Sarah sitting.
She looked away once I came in. I looked beside her and saw her phone laying there.
“Why haven’t you been picking up?” I asked.
“And why should I pick up your call, Mama’s boy?”she asked.
” Sarah stop it.”
” I’m not gonna stop until you tell me why you brought me back here just to take sides with your mother!” She yelled into my face.
I pulled her close to me and fussed my l!ps with hers.
She went still for sometime and just when I deepened the klzz,Sarah pushed me off and slapped me on the face. “Don’t you dare!”
I laughed. “Really?”
“Yes really. In case you don’t know…. I will be leaving very soon. You can stay here and side your mother till I’m back!”
I nodded. ” Save trip.” With that,I turned and left the house.
I left the compound equally and went back to the bar.
This time, I planned on drinking myself to death.
An hour later,I was drinking up my ninth bottle when some guy mistakenly stepped on me.
Already so drunk,I threw my fist in the air and brought it down on his face.
People scampered away as an heavy fight ensured.
I beat up the guy angrily in my drunken state and destroyed allot of things.
The securities bundled me up and locked me behind bars.
I sat on the floor of the room and roared out angrily.
“Vicker! What the hell is wrong with you!, Why are you doing this to yourself!’ Andrew asked coming into the room.
I stares hopelessly at the ground, annoyed that I was still thinking about Sarah.
I said nothing to Andrew.
“Come on…I will take you home.” He said and grabbed my hand.
Angrily,I yanked off my arm.” I’m not going anywhere! I’m gonna die here” I replied.
Andrew looked alarmed. ” What the hell! I think I gotta call your mom!” He said and rushed out of the room.
I was packing up my things when Joana ran towards me, looking frightened.
“What happened?” I asked immediately.
“A guy is outside….he says his name is Andrew….you won’t believe what he told me. Vicker is in trouble!”
My heart did a double fl!p and my eyes widened. Oh no!
I ran outside with Joana and saw the Andrew guy. “Where is he!”
“He’s in a bar…drunk…and locked up for making trouble.” He said and I almost fell on the ground.
I turned to look at Joana. “I will be right back. I got to see Vicker.” Andrew and I ran off into the dark.
We got to bar and I was taken to where Vicker was.
I walked into the room and almost couldn’t recognize him.
He had injuries on his face and he looked so angry.
I sighed and knelt in front of him. “Why? Why did you do this to yourself?, Just look at you!” I said, looking into his eyes.
He looked up smiled angrily. “So you could come? After slapping me for klzzing you? Interesting.” He replied and looked away.
” Let’s go home. ” I said casually and stood up.
Vicker held my hand and pulled me back to the floor. “Don’t go nowhere Sarah…. I swear I’m gonna kill myself.” He said, glaring into my eyes.
The tears rushed down my cheeks. “Do song about your mom! I don’t know what’s she planning!” I said with tears.
” I believe you Sarah. But time will tell. One day… mom’s gonna pay for what she did but not now. I’m gonna protect you from her, believe me.
When the right time comes… she will pay.” Vicker told me and I could see the truth in his eyes.
I pulled him up and he staggered to his feet. Together we left the bar and headed home.
We got home and I helped him into his room.
Vicker lay down on the bed with this breath, ragged.
“I will see you tomorrow I guess.” I replied and made to walk away when suddenly he held my hand.
I looked back and saw a burning p@ssion into his eyes. ” Sarah….. this is the first time you are coming into my room.” He whispered.
His voice s£nt tremors down my body. “,Yeah….it’s beautiful.” I replied and looked away.
” And this is the right time and the right place. I want you now.” He said and I looked slowly into his eyes with my mouth slightly open.
He wants me….is it time to give him my v!rg!nity?
No, I shouldn’t do this. Not now…not yet.. “No Vicker…I’m sorry. I can’t.”
I knew I couldn’t… Not yet.
Not when Vicker is still very confused.
I made him sleep off before gently stepping out of the room.
Outside the door, I met the witch.
I tried walking past her but she held my hand.
“Thank you for bringing Vicker home but you know that’s all.” She said glaring at me.
I looked at her and yanked my hand off her hold. “Why don’t you just let me be?” I asked her.
“Really? You want me to let you be? Then let my son be too.
Don’t you get it? You guys aren’t on the same level at all. You live in two different world.
Now let me tell you something that’s gonna shock you to your bone marrow. ” She said and I glared h@rd at her, wondering what she wanted to say.
“Someone who’s gonna bring more profit to the family business has been betrothed to Vicker from childhood.
Let me tell you something my sweet darling, you are only wasting your time with Vicker.
He belongs to someone else, someone who’s worth him! Not some Gardener’s daughter! ” Mrs McDonald said into my face.
I was shocked at the news but I didn’t let her see my shock.
“I’m gonna leave your son but you must promise never to try hurting me again. ” I said trying to sound brave.
She gave me a sweet smile. ” Exactly what I’m talking about too. I’m never gonna think about a nuisance like you if you stay clear of my son. ” She said and I walked out.
I got inside our little room and muffled my cries with a pillow.
Rosetta was the only one in the room cos Joana already returned home in the day.
I tried being so silent but just couldn’t. Rosetta woke up instantly.
“Hey…. Are you okay?” She asked softly, sitting beside me.
Rather than responding, I hugged her and wept on.
“Come on, Sarah…. That enough. What happened?” She asked, patting me on the back.
“Rosetta… Sometimes I wonder if I’m being so unfortunate.” I started, with deep hatred in my eyes.
” Come on… Stop that. Why would you say that? ” Rosetta asked.
” Mrs McDonald….. I don’t know why that woman hates me so much. Is it because we are poor?
Why can’t she just let me be with the one I love? Now… She’s telling me Vicker has someone he wants to marry just for the business? ” I asked and cried.
It wasn’t really my thing to cry but that news really hurts like hell.
Rosetta breathed in and hugged me instead.
“Let’s convince dad. I don’t think I can stay here anymore. I wanna leave …. I can’t stay here anymore. ” I cried on my sister’s shoulder.
” Oh Sarah…. ” Rosetta whispered and hugged me more tightly.
After crying so much, I finally fell into an uneasy sleep.
I woke up with a slight headache and gr0@ned as I sat up in bed.
What happened last night?
How did I got home?
Then memories came, rushing back. How I got drunk and how Sarah brought me home.
I got down from bed and went into the bathroom.
I came out few minutes later to see my phone ringing.
It was Doris, telling me my pres£nce was needed at the office.
After receiving the call, I went into Dad’s room and saw the doctor already there.
“How’s he doing?” I asked, going nearer to look at dad.
“He’s coming up gradually but it’s gonna take a little time before he’s gonna finally get back on his feet. His blood pressure is dangerously still high. ” The doctor said and I sat down beside dad with a sigh.
I was looking at his face when mom joined me. “He’s gonna be fine. All you have to do is take up the responsibilities and move on son. ” Mom said placing her hand on my shoulder.
I nodded and moved away. I was about going out of the room when mom called me back. ” We are having an important visitor today. Get ready to welcome her. ” She said.
Without a response, I left the room and went back to my room and dressed up.
I went downstairs and walked towards my car.
That minute, Sarah came out of the house. We stood looking at each other.
She looked away and went back into the house.
I sighed and got into my car and zoomed out of the compound.
Later in the day, after running errands around the house Joana came visiting.
The three of us sat in the bedroom, discussing.
“I can’t stay here anymore, Joana.” I suddenly said in the middle of a joke.
My sisters looked at me. “Sarah, is everything okay? You look gloomy.” Joana said.
I nodded. ” I won’t deny it, Jo…. I’m not fine. I just wanna leave this house” I replied again.
I badly wanted to leave Vicker’s house so I won’t get to see him everyday, and at the same time… Avoiding him.
It’s gonna kill me.
” So… Where do you intend to stay?” They asked.
“Can I stay with you Joana?” I asked her looking into her eyes.
Joana was silent. “Is that what you want?” She asked with a smile.
I smiled back. “Please…. Yes! If your husband is not gonna mind. ”
Joana shrugged. ” No. He’s not. He will be glad to have you around. ” Joana replied and I breathed in, happy that I’m not gonna go back to Tan and become an @ss@ssin.
Few minutes later, I began packing my clothes. Leaving Vicker’s house would reduce the hurt in my heart.
Few hours later…… 💝💝
I was pulling my bag of clothes outside the house, getting ready to leave with Joana when the security opened the gate and a strange car rolled in.
I watched on, wondering who it was. The driver’s door opened and a smart looking man came down and hastily went round to open the p@ss£nger door.
He did and I watched a beautiful girl of my age step out of the car. She dressed so cutely with her curvy brown hair.
I stared on as she stood, looking all over the compound.
She turned and our eyes met. Her hair had a nicely cut bangs at the front end.
Without saying anything to me, she dramatically turned and walked to the main of the house.
I stared on.
Who is she??
I arrived home late in the afternoon after sorting out some issues at the office.
I got out of the car and noticed another strange car in the compound.
Did mom ordered for a new car? I asked myself as I walked into the house.
I met mom sitting in the living room and smiling happily at me.
“Son! Thank God you are back!” She said standing up to greet me.
” I will be in my room.Tell them to make me something. I’m hungry.” I said casually and walked to the stairs.
” Oh yeah! Your room!” Mom said and I wondered why she was smiling.
Once I got in front of my door,I knew someone was inside.
And who is it?
With a slight frown,I walked into my room.
And I was right, someone was inside my washroom.
The door opened and a girl stepped out,half n@k£d.
I was startled. And more shocked when I saw her face.
“Kimmie?” I g@sped.
She smiled sweetly at me. “It’s me.”
“Kimmie… what… what… are you doing here? What are you doing in my room?” I g@sped again.
Mom barged into the room, clapping.
” Oh, it’s a blessing you guys know yourself already. Vicker, meet Kimmie.
Your wife to be. ”
I laughed. ” Excuse me?”
” You heard me right. I bet your father didn’t tell you about it but she’s betrothed to you.” Mom said again .
I felt like going crazy. “You are joking mom. This must be a joke!” I yelled and stormed out of the house straight to see Sarah. Maybe we could just run away together and never return.


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