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The gardener’s daughter Episode 15 & 16

I pulled up the zipper on my sweatshirt as we edged closer to the water.
We had to wait for the ship to reach the bank before we could climb in and embark on the trip.
Just then someone ran towards us before the ship could get to us.
I turned back to look at the female messanger p@nting before us.
“Master said Irene should come back and that Avia should replace her instead. ” She said and just then the Avia of a girl was seen coming like a queen.
I frowned deeply. She’s someone who jealousies me so much and equally I hate her. Why would Tan exchange my best friend with her?
Suddenly I knew why and I cursed the bull dog.
He knew with Avia I’m gonna be more fierce in whatever comes our way.
I breathed in and looked at Irene. “I will come back.” With that we hugged and I watched Irene return with the messanger.
Avia stood before me and gave me a stiff smile. “Shall we?” She asked.
I looked over my neck and saw that the ship was already waiting for us.
I took off and jumped in. Avia jumped in after me and off we went.
Next day★💫
💫{ Singapore }💫
At the airport, many people with different colors and accents flooded the whole place.
I pulled my bag on my shoulder more tightly as I stood on the road with my escort Miss Doris.
Thankfully she wasn’t the noisy type and that gave me a fast liking toward her.
I called dad on phone once we got a cab and headed to the big hotel I was supposed to meet dad’s business partner, Mr Roosevelt.
“Dad, it’s a long trip to the hotel. What’s the name again? De Icon hotel and suites.” I said looking at the piece of paper in my hand.
“Book down a nice room in the hotel and rest for a while. Mr Roosevelt won’t be there till late in the day.” Dad replied and I nodded.
Afterwards I cut the call and looked at Miss Doris. Somehow, she looked so shy and I couldn’t help but smile.
“You don’t have to be shy around me. I’m not harmful.” I told her.
“Oh no. I’m not shy. I just have to be quiet around my new boss. ” She replied slowly.
I laughed softly. ” Doris right?” I asked.
“Yes sir.” She replied.
She looked quiet too young for her position at the company.
The car continued rolling smoothly on the road till it took a sharp bend into a large clean street.
Soon we got down and we were ushered into a big cost reception where we were attended to.
Doris and got two different rooms by each other’s side and went in to freshen up and go out a little for lunch since it was still early in the day.
After freshening up, I came out of my room and knocked on Doris’s room. She came out looking sweet.
Minutes ago, she was looking very professional but right now, she looked like someone on a date.
“You are looking good ” I told her and suddenly, she was turning into Sarah’s image under my view.
I shook my head and looked away. “No, Vicker… Not again.” I softly cautioned myself.
” Sir… Are you okay? ” She asked.
“Oh sure. Let’s move on. The restaurant must be somewhere downstairs.” I said and quickly moved away.
She followed behind and we walked down the stairs together.
The restaurant was so cool even though there were many people having fun.
Doris and I took an empty table and sat. Immediately, a waitress came to us and we placed our orders.
Avia and I stood at a very hidden place, watching the large hotel from a close distance.
“We should go in and wait for him instead.” Avia said again.
I turned to look at her. ” Will you please shut up and let me handle this my own way?” I almost yelled at her.
She scoffed. ” What really do you think you are hun?
You think you know better? Why should we wait all day here when we can just go in and mixup with people at the gym, the spa, the shopping center or the restaurant! ” Avia exclaimed.
” You’ve got such an affected brain, Avia. We’ve got to be observant and watch him arrive in his car.
Then we can even kill him from here with our silent bullets.
Okay I know that’s gonna be rash and dangerous but this is the best. Let’s wait here and watch our Target from the back!” I said and turned away.
Avia grumbled and turned away too.
An hour later,we were still standing and I decided we should go in too.
“But if we are gonna go in, we’ve got to get disguised as anything.
I’m gonna get my male costume then you have to get a waitress costume.
By doing this, we won’t be able to get caught till we are outta here. ” I said and rushed back into the low bush behind us.
I dressed up like a guy and bounded up my hair then put on a shorter wig.
I dipped the man’s picture into my bag pocket and tightened my boots.
“Let’s move it ” I told Avia and both of us walked like two best friends towards the large gate.
The securities opened up and we got in.
Whoever this man is shouldn’t delay us else we might just bring down the whole hotel if we can.
“Let’s go inside the restaurant instead. It’s a better place to wait.” Avia whispered.
I nodded and Avia showed me the way to the restaurant, acting like a waitress.
“No one’s gonna recognize you as a girl.” Avia told me.
I looked at her. ” You look like a real waitress too.
Once we opened the door and entered, almost everyone turned to look at us.
Avia quickly walked to the counter and acted completely like a waitress. Those dummies, couldn’t they detect she isn’t one of them?
I asked myself. I searched around with my eyes for a seat when suddenly a soft laughter pierced the cool place.
The restaurant was very quiet and you would hear any loud conversation.
And when this laugher sounded,I heard it loud and clear.
I looked up and traced the owner of the voice. Why do I feel like I know that voice somewhere?
My eyes caught a guy sitting with a girl and I looked h@rder at him.
I stood staring so intently at the side of his face and feeling my heart beating so loud and fast.
What’s happening to me? I asked myself and just then,he turned and our eyes met.
Doris made a funny statement and I laughed out.
“Wow,boss….I think you’ve got g@y lover. That guy is staring at you!” Doris said and I stopped laughing then turn towards whosoever is looking at me.
As soon as our eyes met, I felt a jolting spark in my heart and eyes and I blinked twice.
“Oh sir.. I think Mr Roosevelt is already in the building. “Doris said touching my arm.
” What? ” I asked again getting distracted. When I looked back to this person looking at me, magically he was gone. Or should I say she?
“Sir? Sir! Are you ok?” Doris asked.
I jolted back. ” Yeah fine. “I replied and we stood up.
I turned to look back again before walking out with Doris to meet Mr Roosevelt at the conference room.
I looked at him as he searched around for me with his eyes. I had to hide beside the rest room wall to watch him.
Is he someone I know? Does he know me?
Why do I feel suddenly scared and strange?
Who is he and why is he looking for me? ”
” the man is here. He’s gonna meet with someone at the conference room now. Come on.. we gat to go!” Avia said and I nodded before rushing out with her.
I pushed the door opened and came into the little house I once shared with my sisters and father.
I held my little Ethan’s hand as we walked in. “Is anyone home?” I asked and just then, Rosetta showed up.
” Look who we have here!” She said happily and carried Ethan.
I smiled and sat down looking around. “Where’s dad?” I asked.
“You know where he is ” Rosetta asked, rolling her eyes as she played with Ethan.
I stood up and walked back outside then went into the back garden to see dad watering the flowers. I sighed and walked up to him, giving him a hug.
“You came.” Dad beamed. “Where isn’t grandson?”
“He’s inside. ” I replied, looking at dad. Ever since Sarah went missing,dad has never been the same. He was shattered. Everyone was.
“Dad ..why not quit being a gardener? You are no longer a kid. Romeo and I can take care of you.” I said. I got married to Romeo after schooling three years ago and had my son.
Dad smiled at my statement. ” I sworn to work for Mr McDonald till I’m way too old to lift my watering can.
I can’t possibly be a burden to you and your husband. I will be fine here.” Dad said stubbornly.
I sighed. ” I was just coming from the hospital with Ethan. He has cough.” I said.
” Have you got him some drugs?” Dad replied, looking so concerned already.
” Yeah,he’s gonna be fine. You don’t have to worry. ” I said with a smile.
Dad and I returned into the house.
” Sarah can’t be dead. She’s gonna come back.” Rosetta said with tears.
I cuddled Ethan to my chest and felt my own tears gathering.
Anytime I remember what we had done to our little sister when she was sightless,I couldn’t just bear it.
I find it h@rd to forgive myself and it had made me so sad.
“There is something fishy about Mrs McDonald.” Dad suddenly said.
We turned to look at him. ” What? Mrs McDonald? What happened?” I asked.
“She’s always just too sure Sarah is dead. She’s always saying it whenever Sarah’s matter is being brought up.
I don’t know why I feel like she knows what happened to her.” Dad said quietly but clear.
That caught my attention. ” Oh my God. And that witch hated Sarah all because of Vicker. What if this is true dad? What are you gonna do?” I asked.
Dad had a far away look in his eyes as he shook his head. “I don’t know Joana. Get husband has been an angel to us.
I don’t know what I’m going to do to her if this later turns out to be true.” Dad said and everyone fell into silence.
Can this be true? Does Mrs McDonald knows what really happened to Sarah?
“Hold on!” I whispered at Avia as we hide behind a wall.
The hallway was dark and no one was in sight.
I looked up and saw the description “conference room” and smiled. “We are here.” I told Avia.
” Remember our plan. Once we get in there, you will pretend as a waitress who has come to serve drinks or anything.
When you are busy with them,I’m gonna sneak in and knock the other person out of breath then we are gonna kill the main target.” I said I and Avia looked at me with disapproval.
“Hold on a sec. That’s gonna take time. Let’s just kill the both of them and flee. Knocking breath out of the person he’s meeting doesn’t sound intelligent.”
I cursed before looking at her.” Just do as I say. What’s fv¢king wrong with you?” I whispered furiously.
Avia looked away angrily and I started walking into the darkened hall.
The conference room was dimly lit. That would make things more easier for us. “Get ready,Avia. You are going in.”
“Don’t even think of commanding me!” Avia voices out.
Shocked I looked at her. “Stop shouting! You want us to get caught?”
” Look enough of trying to sound so superior! You are nothing but a baby!” Avia bursted out again.
So mad,I slapped her. ” You have no right to talk to me that way!” I yelled at her.
Shocked,Avia looked at me and pointed her gun at me.
“You know what….we don’t have to kill anyone here tonight. If we should kill someone…that person should be you!” She yelled at me.
Furiously,I pointed my gun at her too.
I pulled out my pen and sign the deal agreement and turned to Doris who gave me another file. I collected it and placed it in front of Mr Roosevelt.
He signed in the do¢vment as well and looked at me. “I must confess,you have your father’s smart brain.” He said and I smiled.
” Thanks Mr Roosevelt but naturally a man had got to be smart in everything. So we have a deal now.
The project is gonna commence with the said prize, twenty thousand dollars.”
I said and watched him pull out some dollar bills from the suit case his body guard threw open on the table.
The suit case was filled to the brim with money.
I glared at Mr Roosevelt as he handed me the money in an envelope.
I collected it and handed it over to Doris who put the envelope in my suitcase.
Mr Roosevelt smiled at me. ” I think that will be all for now. ” He said.
And just then,I started hearing people arguing from a distance. “What’s that noise?”
Mr Roosevelt turned to look at his body guard. “Check outside ” he ordered.
He left and I watched him open the door and walkout.
Almost immediately,the sound of gun shot was heard and Mr Roosevelt’s bodyguard cried out.
He’s been shot!
Alarmed,we all jumped to our feet. What just happened!! We rushed out to see him dead on the floor!
“You bitch!” She g@sped when she pulled the trigger.
I ducked and suddenly someone screamed behind me.
I turned around to see a guy dead on the ground. “Shit!” I cursed and we fled before we would be caught at the spot.
I jumped off a low window and found myself on a ceiling.
“You are leaving me behind!” Avia yelled from the window. She couldn’t jump.
“Goodbye bitch! You caused this!” I yelled back and rolled on my back then jumped down from the ceiling.
I met myself outside the hotel and ran for as long as I could.
When I was safely far away,I glanced back and saw lots if securities parading the whole place.
I sighed with relieve and collapsed on the floor.
The next morning,I still woke up shocked at what happened last night.
Is someone after me? Or Mr Roosevelt?
Who were they? Why did they shot the body guard?
I was still tensed up and had refused to leave my room for anything. I called Doris on phone and she knocked minutes later.
“We are staying here till weekend,Doris. Let this cool off first. We don’t know if they are still out there.” I told her and she nodded.
” Mr Roosevelt left very early this morning. He’s still so terrified. I think someone is after him sir.” Doris said and I shook my head.
” You can’t be sure who they are after. Let’s stay here for now. ” I said again and watched her leave the room.
The next morning, feeling so disappointed I failed my first mission all because of that bitch,I changed back into my normal self but didn’t take off the short wig on my hair.
I decided to go back to the hotel and check things out. I just hope Avia wasn’t caught. Even if she gets caught and I get caught too,I really don’t care anymore cos already,I was fed up with life.
The security was already tight cos of the incident last night.
But I was allowed in. I smiled at their stupidity. Who would know I came here last night disguised as a boy?
Innocently,I sat on one of the chairs in the restaurant.
Shit! What am I gonna do now? I possibly can’t go back to Sweden with a failed mission.
I thought about home and tears dropped off my eyes. Where would be better? Home or Sweden?
I thought about Mrs McDonald. I can’t go back without having plans on how to deal with her.
Then I thought about Vicker. I looked around the quiet restaurant as people talked in low tones about last night’s incident.
I sighed and rest my head on the table.
It was late in the morning when I decided to go out to eat. I refused to call a room server and went to the restaurant myself.
I got in and looked around. I sighted a table with just one person on it and started walking towards it.
I sat opposite the next person who was sleeping. I looked at her and knocked on the table. “Hi. You can use a room if you want to sleep.” I said smiling.
She stirred and started raising her head with an amazed look on her face.
I blinked twice when our eyes met. She had a short hair on but…oh my God!
That eyes…..they looked…
She rushed up and was about moving away when I caught her left wrist and pulled her short hair.
It came off in my hand and dumbfounded,I watched her long hair loos£n up and came down in a rush, falling all over her shoulders.
g@sping,I watched her turn to look at me shocked as her beautiful dark hair covered half of her face.
I reached my hand forward towards her face and wiped the hair and tucked it behind her ear…just to be sure of what I’m seeing.
Shocked as well,I let my eyes roam all over that beautiful familiar face I will never forget.
My mouth quivered as I finally call out her name. “Sarah?”
This guy from last night! He just removed my wig….he held my hand too….and it felt strangely familiar.
When he called my name,I g@sped and stared h@rder into his eyes. “Who …who are you?”


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