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The gardener’s daughter Episode 11 & 12

She deepened the klzz and quickly removed her school jacket.
Just then my eyes came clear and her facr became visible to me.
“No.” I said, trying to push her away.
“Oh no… Please, Xander! I’ve been waiting for this like eternity. Be my first. ” Kimmie pleaded.
That jolted me back into reality finally. I stood up abd smacked my head.
Vicker…what the hell do you think you’re doing!
Get hold of yourself! I chided myself and moved away from the bed before looking at the disappointed face of Kimmie.
“We shouldn’t be doing this. We should be in school. Get dressed and head bsck.” I said softly to her.
Kimmie wore back her jacket and left disappointedly.
Sighing deeply I sank back on the bed and buried my head in my palm.
Why can’t thr thought of you leave my head,Sarah?
I never knew I love you this much.
I thought dejectedly. I really don’t think i can go on anymore.
I will have to call dad and tell him I’m coming home.
I just couldn’t concentrate any longer.
But on a second thought,I kicked against that decision.
I’m the only son dad has got and I’ve got to study h@rd so as to be able to take over dad’s business abd investments.
I’m gonna try h@rder and forget about Sarah for now. I’ve got to try.
I wiped off tears from my eyes as I got to school and sat inside the hall all alone.
I can’t believe he pushed me away with my rear offer.
Any guy would die for it.
Moments ago,he had stared into my eyes with so much love
Was it for someone else?
Who is it? I couldn’t help but ask.
Come what may… I must have Xander.
I can’t lose him to anyone cos I’m already deeply in love with him.
The next day,I got to school looking so miserable trying to forget Sarah.
I put down my bag on my locker and went to Kimmie’s cl@ss.
I had to apologise for yesterday.
I saw her talking with her friends.
The girls in her cl@ss gave me a sweet welcome for coming to their cl@ss.
I walked over to Kimmie’s seat but she looked away at my arrival.
I bent in front of her. “Kimmie…. please look at me.” I said softly.
Her friends were all making the lovey dovey sounds but they would never understand.
Kimmie turned to look at me and o could see pure concern on her face.
“I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. I just want us to be friends. Nothing more.” I said softly.
I nodded and I hugged her.
Everyone in the cl@ss cheered and clapped.
I only smiled behind Kimmie’s back. “Thank you.” I whispered into her ear.
🌼Three months later 🌼
Happily, I came into the room and sat on my little bed.
I opened my bag and brought out the plane ticket inside it, feeling so excited.
A plane ticket to Korea….i just can’t wait.
I’ve been saving a lot for it for the past few months.
Rosetta came in and g@sped wheh she saw the plane ticket.
“You finally got it!” She said happily and hugged me.
“I’m so excited. Finally,I’m gonna see him. I just wanna know how he looks like and tell him how much ive missed him.” I said happily.
” What time is the flight?” Rosella asked.
” Nine o’clock tommorow. I’ve got so little time.” I said.
” I will help you pack up few of your clothes for the trip. You are so lucky daddy said yes to this.
Make sure you are back before school resumes. We will be calling you.” Rosetta said.
Joana came in too and together we put my things together for the trip.
The plan is when I get to Seoul,I’m gonna look for Shaolin international School and then I will be directed to Vicker’s house.
That night,I couldn’t sleep a wink. I was filled with the thoughts of Vicker.
I can’t wait to see him again.
Finally,I drifted into a sweet sleep….
I paced angrily outside the compound.
How dare the little witch trying to fly over to Seoul to see my own son?
She’s got some bug fat nerves, doesn’t she?
She’s yet to know what I’m capable of doing.
I’m gonna show her no one tampers with Lola Dante.
Furiously,I fished out my phone and made a quick call.
📲Mask,are you there at the camp house?” I asked once the line was connected.
📲Mrs McDonald? Wow…longest of time!” Mask said from the other line making me miss impatiently.
📲 There isn’t time for pleasantries dummy. I’ve got a job for you. It’s very urgent. ” I said looking around the dark to make sure no one was hearing me.
📲Wow. That’s awesome. Hope you know my pay ma’am. What job is it? ”
📲It’s a kidnap job. Yes. Very early tommorow morning.”
My alarmed rang off ten minutes after I had woken up.
I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower then came back to dress up.
I met my sisters already awake on their beds. “I’m sorry I woke you up.” I said smiling.
“It’s okay. We were gonna give you a hand after all. Are you sure you are gonna be okay?” Rosetta asked.
” Of course. Once I get to Seoul all I need to do is locate the school. I’m gonna be perfectly fine.” I replied and started getting dressed.
Dad came in looking worried. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,Sarah.” Dad said looking at me as I pulled my luggage beside the door.
I stood straight and looked at him.
“I’m perfectly gonna be fine dad. Please..just let me go this once. You know whet I’ve been through all my life.” I said softly.
” I know. Have a safe trip.” Dad replied and we hugged.
By seven thirty am,I was already through with preparing.
I headed outside and made sure no one from Mr McDonald’s house saw me leaving.
My trip to Seoul was supposed to be a secret.
Dad saw me off to the gate and I begged him to go back inside so we wouldn’t create something unusual.
I stood at the road waiting for a cab to take me to the airport.
Although it was still too early but I can’t afford to be late.
That little slut! Going off to see my son?
I thundered loud in my head as I stared out of the window and watched her leave the compound with her bag.
I picked up my cell phone and walked out of the room to make a call to Mask.
He picked up immediately. “Morning, Mrs McDonald.”
“Where are you guys now?” I asked eagerly.
” Outside the building. Out target just came out right now. She’s waiting for a cab and we are still waiting for your order.” Mask said at the other line.
” Don’t be stupid and take her immediately. Pretend like a cab man and kidnap her immediately.” I whispered furiously.
” Okay. Right away.” The phone clicked off in my ear and I stood, waiting for the operation to be successful.
I pulled my zipper more tightly as the early morning breeze blew my hair about.
I looked at the time and it was almost eight.
I was beginning to get worried when a cab suddenly pulled towards me.
I looked on as the driver inside unwind the gl@ss. “Hey miss. Where you heading?” He asked with a smile.
I stared at him then at the car. I felt something strange immediately cos he seemed not to be the only one in the car.
Beside him was another unsmiling man who had dark shades covering his eyes.
“Thanks but I can’t go with you.” I replied looking away.
He came down from the car and started walking towards me.
I was alarmed. I looked all around but the street was still clear and quiet.
I moved back suspiciously. “What the hell are you doing? Don’t come near me!” I yelled.
To my surprise and before I could do anything drastic,the other man from the car jumped down and ran straight to me.
The first guy went behind me in a flash and covered my nose with a piece of cloth.
Just as their hands lifted me off the ground,I p@ssed out immediately.
I woke up with a cough and looked around the room.
I realised I was laying down on a low bed with my hands and legs tied.
“Help!! Help me!!” I screamed and kicked wildly, trying to break free but couldn’t.
I coughed again and looked around the dimly lit room.
There was nothing else in the room except the bed and two plastic chairs.
Who could have done this to me?
It must be so late in the morning now meaning my flight to Seoul had been cancelled.
I wept uncontrollably and stared around in tears.
I tried dipping my hand into my jean pocket but couldn’t.
I couldn’t even feel the phone in my pocket. The kidnappers must have taken it away.
“Help!!” I screamed again and the door suddenly bursted open.
“Keep your mouth shut or I’m gonna tie your mouth too.” A man yelled at me.
I glared up at his face and quickly remembered him to be the driver.
“Who are you?” I asked with tension and anger in my eyes.
“Well well well,I’m Mask and I’m only doing my job.
Now enough of the questions and keep quiet, girlie.” He said and stormed out of the house.
Mask? His job? That means someone had s£nt him to kidnap me?
Who could have done such evil!
I had no idea.
“Really? Are you really sure that slut is in your custody now?”, I asked happily as mask talked to me on phone.
“Umm…yes but the fact is that I’m really feeling sorry for her.
She’s been crying like eternity.” Mask said and I scoffed.
” I don’t give a damn if she cries from now till the end of her stupid miserable life!, I want her dead in the next two hours.” I instructed with a smile.
” What?” Mask exclaimed.
” What? What is what? You can’t do it? Fine. Your balance isn’t gonna be paid.” I threatened.
” Um…hold on Mrs McDonald. I was thinking it’s better we inject some drugs into her and put her somewhere so far away rather than killing her.” Mask suggested.
I thought about the idea for a while. Injecting something into her brain would make her forget everything about herself and will also make her go crazy?
Hmm…I think that sounds interesting.
“Good. Just do it and make her go far away from here and not anywhere close to Korea and my son!” I ordered.
” Sure. It’s gonna be done immediately. You can trust me on this. ” Mask said and I cut the line off with a fulfilled smile.
No wretched bitch gets a bit close to my son. Not when I’m alive.


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