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The gardener’s daughter 13 & 14

I flinched when the door suddenly opened and the driver came in, smoking.
Tears ran down my cheeks as I looked at him.
He stared at me for a while and finally let out a soft sigh. He sat on one of the chairs in the room.
“Hey pretty. I’m sorry this has to happen to you. All my life as an @ss@ssin… Killing or harming beautiful girls like you had never been one of my agendas.
Take my advice right now and go far away. Someone wants to hurt you.
She wants you dead. I don’t know why but she wants you dead.
I’m not gonna kill you and I’m not gonna harm you.
Don’t go back to that house and don’t go anywhere near Korea…for now. Leave and never look back.” The man told me quietly.
I immediately knew who had done this. Mrs McDonald.
Does she hate me this much? All because of her son?
Hot and angry tears ran down my cheeks.
What do I do now?
“Can I call my family?” I asked the man, feeling so frightened at the thought of someone wanting me dead.
“Then she will surely know you are still alive.
This woman is rich and will do anything to get the law on her side even if you try to sue her then steal gonna turn and come after you.
Go far away and save your life first.” The man told me and I shook terribly with tears.
“Help me please… I’ve got no one! Nothing….but some money and my bag. Help me please.” I begged.
” I will s£nd you off to Sweden. There you shall find someone who’s gonna accommodate you for the time being.” The man said looking at me and I smiled.
” Thanks.” I replied softly. ” What’s your name?”
“Mask. Just Mask. And you?”
“I’m Sarah. Thanks for helping me.” I replied finally feeling a bit relaxed.
Where am I going to? I don’t know but I know for sure I’m gonna be save there.
I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry Joana, I’m sorry Rose and I’m sorry Vicker.
I will have to hide for now but I’m gonna come back for revenge.
I thought as more tears poured down my face.
Two days later, through an illegal means, Mask helped me travel to Sweden through a large ship conveying h@rd drugs to the county.
At first I was terrified but later got pacified.
When I got there, I traced the address given to me to a low and quiet town.
It was a strange place with few people around.
I was still standing when a girl of my age walked to to me with a smile.
“Hi. I guess you must be Sarah.” She said starling me.
I nodded. ” Mask s£nt me here.” I replied.
“I know. Come on. I will show you our place.” She said taking my hand.
I wondered where she was taking me to and what they really do at their place as I followed her like a moron.
Few minutes late after walking,we arrived in front of a big river.
She took me to a medium-sized house and once I entered,I covered my nose.
The house smelled of cigarettes. I coughed and the strange girl smiled.
“My name is Irene. And I work here too as a messanger though and I go to school here. I’m an orphan here so the people here s£nds me to school and in return I work as a messanger.” The Irene girl said.
I turned to look at her as we walked into the house. ” Messanger?” I asked.
Am I here also as I messanger?
What does the future holds for me?
I shall find out when the time comes.
I drove into the compound I once shared with my family and memories flooded into my head.
I smiled when I sighted mom standing and looking just like I left here years ago.
My eyes wandered to the house the gardener shared with his daughters.
Where was everyone? Is the gardener still here?
I asked myself as I came down from the car.
“Mom!” I called as mom beamed a watery smile at me.
She walked up to me and gave me a bear hug. I hugged her back.
I looked around and everywhere looks just the same to me, making it seem as if I left just yesterday.
“Dad is in Korea for a business. He’s never tired.” I laughed as I looked at mom.
Mom looked at me sigh pride. ” Oh son…just look at you! Come on let’s go on so you are gonna rest!” Mom sighed happily.
I smile back and looked back to see the Gardener’s little house.
“Is the gardener still here? I need to see Sarah.” I told Mom and she looked away.
I frowned. ” Mom? Is everything ok? Where is the gardener?” I asked more loudly.
I heard a sound beside me and there was Miller, Sarah’s dad standing and smiling.
I walked up to him and hugged him hastily. “Mr Miller. You look thinner.” I said looking all over at him.
He looked thinner and unhappy but still managed to smile. “You finally came. I wish she never went on that journey.”
Mr Miller said and I looked at him confused. What’s he talking about?
“What journey? Who are you talking about? ” I asked.
Mr Miller was silent.
” Where is Sarah?” I finally asked that one question I’ve been dying to ask.
He was silent again. Just then mom walked towards us.
“Miller, come on! Just tell him the truth. Why can’t you just tell him Sarah is dead and gone forever! “Mom announced.
Time seized and my heart automatically went dead immediately mom that.
I turned to look at her.
“What did you say mom?” I asked sounding so low I could barely hear myself.
“She was on a trip to Korea and died. That’s it. You done have to bother about her. Just go inside and…. ”
I couldn’t listen anymore as mom continued talking cos my heart was on fire.
It was in turmoil and disarray.
No. I shook my head. Sarah isn’t dead. I can feel it. I can feel her.
She’s somewhere out there and will do anything within me to bring her back to me. No matter what it’s gonna cost.
I loos£ned up the band holding up my hair and shook my head.
Finally releasing my hair from the confinement of the band, the pounding in my head seemed to less£n a bit.
I unhooked my bra and pulled it off me. n@k£d, I stood before the mirror and looked at myself inside it.
Five long years without setting eyes on any of my family.
Where are they now? Are they still in the big house? Is Daddy still working for Mr McDonald as a gardener??
And where would Vicker be now? Probably managing one of his dad’s company now?
Maybe forgotten about me too…. perhaps already with a cl@ssy girlfriend.
I already locked up my heart a long time ago and all that doesn’t matter anymore.
My mind was centered on the evil woman who s£nt me away, the evil woman who s£nt me on exile.
I bent and took up my robe from the bed and wrapped it around me before stepping into the shower.
I took a quick bath and came back into the room to dress up.
The past five years had been hell and h@rd, trying to live like the people in Nimrod town.
Mask is the leader of these people and they are high and payed @ss@ssins.
I’ve only been a messanger together with Irene and four other girls.
They has their own college and I p@ssed out of the school three years ago.
Now I’m dressing up for my first mission with Irene.
Time to have my revenge on that evil woman was gradually getting near and I already vowed nothing would stop me from making this life miserable for her after all she’s done to me.
The door opened and Irene who’s my best and closest friend came in already dressed up for the mission.
“Still not through.” Irene said looking at me as I locked my boots.
I smiled wryly at her. “Are you tensed up?”
“No! You?” Irene asked and I shook my head.
” I’ve been waiting for today like forever, Irene. Being tensed up is the last thing on my mind.” I said and stood before her fully ready.
“So where do you wish Tan will s£nd us to?” Irene asked.
Tan is Mask’s son and he’s in charge of the younger ones like us.
And he’s been giving me hell cos I refused to fall into his bed.
I smiled. “I wish he s£nds us to America. I can’t wait to get that witch killed.” I murmured.
Irene raised an eyebrow. ” Vicker’s mom?” Irene asked. She already knew my story cos I told her.
“Yes. If he s£nds us to America for this business I’m gonna go on a secret mission and have her kidnapped and tortured just like she did to me.” I replied cruelly.
” Woohoo!” Irene laughed. ” That was wicked. Come on let’s move it. I don’t want that hot tempered guy screaming at us.” Irene added and we both walked out of the room.
We walked down the hallway and came out into an open.
Tan was sitting on his high chair smoking as usual. “I like what I see. Come over here baby.” He smiled at me.
I gritted my teeth and walked up to him. He pulled me into his laps and grabbed one of my br£@sts.
My chest tightened as I fought back desires.
Irene looked away with a cough as Tan bent to lick my exposed n!pp!e.
I shuddered and finally let out a soft sigh. All my twenty two years, I’ve never had anything to do with a guy.
Not that they weren’t after me but I just find it h@rd to warm up to a guy.
I’ve asked myself constantly why but I knew the reason and refused to acknowledge it.
Who would believe I was still a v!rg!n?
Tan would be more eager and persistent if he knew so I tried my possible best to keep it a secret.
His hand now travelled into my garter belt. I stood up when the desires inside of me started bubbling over the surface.
I stood up and rearranged myself. “I guess we’re late.” I whispered and he laughed.
” Wise. Yeah. I think so. There is a secret map on the table. This man is our next heavy target and dad says we’ve been payed handsomely to take him down the drain.
Tomorrow night, he’s gonna be in Singapore for a business trip and that’s where you are gonna do your first job.
You know the rules if you fail Irene. I’m not gonna punish my baby here if she fails. You will have to be punished for the both of you if anything goes wrong.” Tan said with authority.
” Sure boss .” Irene replied and I looked at her. I took the map on the table and glared into it. The details needed were all there.
I looked at Tan and tapped my side . This signal means I’m gonna go and come back successfully.
Tan gave me a cool smile. ” I know you are gonna make us proud. Show no mercy and take the motherfv¢ker down.”
” Where are we headed?” I finally asked.
” Singapore. You heard me said that. The name of the hotel is there and that’s the route on the map.
The ship is ready to take you guys. I wish you good luck.” Tan said and Irene and I stormed out of the house ready for business.
It’s been two weeks since I got back and was yet to find a reasonable action to take on looking for Sarah.
I was in my room operating my system when dad’s call came through.
I picked up the call knowing fully well it would be something important.
“Vicker come into my study now. I’ve got @ssignment for you.” He said and cut the line.
I stood up and wore my casual foot wear before heading out of my room.
Minutes letter I opened the door and walked into Dad’s room.
He was sitting down on his desk, surveying a large file. It was good to have him at home for once.
“Dad,you called.” I said to him.
“Yes,son. Sit.” Dad told me and I obeyed.
“I’m proud to have you as my son, Vicker. Really proud cos you made me proud with your outstanding result as a graduate.
So today…you are no longer the little boy but you are gradually becoming a man.
Having seen you potentials and great s£nse of responsibilities,you will be made CEO in my company at Heathrow street.
Work starts immediately son…time waits for no one.” Dad said smiling.
I excited at first but on the other hand I knew I wouldn’t have the time to look for Sarah anymore.
Am I still gonna see her? It got to a point that I had to finally let go and pursue my career.
I went round the table and hugged dad. “Thanks Dad. I’m so happy about this.” I said happily.
” Well,” dad continued as I sat back down.
“As the new CEO of McDonald trading company in Heathrow, you will be meeting with someone tommorow night for a business transaction. ” Dad said.
I looked at him. Meeting with someone already? Wow… I was suddenly anxious. This would be my first business trip. I just hope I don’t mess things up.
“I will do my best dad.” I only said, hiding my fears.
” Good. I already told him about your coming.
I will forward you all the details and first thing tomorrow morning you will go with the private jet. ” Dad said.
I nodded and looked at him. ” So, dad… Where am I going to for my first time business trip?” I asked with a smile.
” Tommorow morning, you are traveling to Singapore.” Dad said and I nodded with a smile.
I stood up and walked back to my room. I need to get ready for my first time business trip to Singapore.


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