The fault in our r0m@nç£episode 13 & 14

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 13
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(Sir Griffin’s mansion)
(In the kitchen)

Silvania: (excitedly) Stephen… It’s you (she t©uçhes him)

Stephen: (puzzled) Uhhh, Do I know you?

Silvania: It’s me….

Stephen: (he stares at her face, trying to recognize her ) I can’t recollect, Have we met before?

Silvania: (she stares at him, devastated that he can’t recognize her) But…

(Just then, The driver, Richa-rd , enters the kitchen)

Stephen: (To Richa-rd ) Who are they? (He points at Lucas and Silvania) And how did they get in here?

Richa-rd : Umm, Sir. They actually c@m£ here to apply for the cleaning job. They probably saw the vacancy outside.

Silvania & Lucas: (confused) We did?

Richa-rd : Yes. (He looks at them, giving them a sign to cooperate)

Lucas: Oh yeah, We did. We’re here for the job as cleaners. When we c@m£ into the house we didn’t see anyone so we were just looking around. Right, Silvania? (He looks at her)

Silvania: (she tries to fake a smile despite being devastated) Yeah….

Lucas: I’m Lucas. And this is Silvania.

Silvania: (despondently) Hi.

Stephen: (thinks) Silvania…. That name sounds familiar. (To Lucas & Silvania) Alright, In that case, You two are hired. I’ll let my Dad know when he returns.

Lucas: Aren’t you going to test us?

Stephen: No nee-d, It’s cleaning… Anyb©dy can do it (To Richa-rd ) Just direct them to their stations and give them their uniforms.

Lucas: Wait… How much is our pay?

Stephen: $500 monthly. If that’s okay.

Lucas: That’s so much money compared to how much I earn walking Mr Felix’s dogs (grins) That’s VERY okay, Sir.

Stephen: Alright then. You both will start work tomorrow.

(Stephen takes a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator)

Stephen: (to his German shepherd dog) Come on, Max….

(Stephen and the dog leaves the kitchen)

Lucas: (To Richa-rd ) Thanks for saving us. I’m Lucas and this is Silvania.

Silvania: (sadly) Hey.

Richa-rd : Hey. I’m Richa-rd by the way, This house’s official driver. Anyways, Follow me.

(Richa-rd takes Silvania and Lucas to the room with all the cleaning materials)

Richa-rd : Here’s where all the materials you both will be using are. I’ll be back with your uniforms.

(He leaves them)

Silvania: (she sits on a bucket) I don’t why Stephen couldn’t remember me….

Lucas: You said you rescued him from drowning while you were a mermaid right?

Silvania: Yeah?

Lucas: That’s why he couldn’t remember you. Because when you bec@m£ human, You had a completely different face because your magical amulet altered your real face…

Silvania: (she t©uçhes her face) Ohhh, Yes! That’s true, No wonder he was staring at me strangely… So the only way I can prove to Stephen that I’m the one who saved him is by revea-ling myself to him as a mermaid… (She t©uçhes her amulet) And I will.

(Later that night)
(Sir Griffin and Veronica return home)

Stephen: Welcome home, Dad. How was your d@t£?

Sir Griffin: It went well.

(Silvania and Lucas come out of the sto-reroom)

Silvania & Lucas: Good evening Sir. Good evening ma’am.

Sir Griffin: Who are you people?

Stephen: They’re the new cleaners.

Sir Griffin: You hired them without my permission?

Stephen: We put a vacancy outside, They saw it and c@m£ in here for the job. Why wouldn’t I have hired them?

Sir Griffin: You should’ve informed me first. (To Veronica) What do you think sweetheart?

Veronica: Well, As far as they’re ma-king this house better… I’m fine with them.

Sir Griffin: Alright then. (To Silvania and Lucas) You can stay.

Silvania & Lucas: Thank you sir.

Sir Griffin: When did you start working?

Lucas: Oh, We haven’t started yet. We’ll start tomorrow.

Sir Griffin: Ok then. You both can stay in the quarters, To make things easier for you. (To Richa-rd ) Show them their quarters.

Richa-rd : Yes sir.

(Richa-rd takes Silvania and Lucas to their quarters)

Silvania: (amazed) Wow. This room is ginormous. (She sits on the be-d) And this feels so comfortable.

Richa-rd : This is where you’ll be staying. You can relax in here, rest after cleaning, while away time…. You can do just anything you want in here, Just don’t spoil any object.

Lucas: We won’t.

Richa-rd : Work starts tomorrow.

(He leaves the room)

Lucas: This is so amazing. (He checks the clock on the wall) Its 7:56pm, It’s almost time to light the fireworks (To Silvania) Do you wanna come with with me?

Silvania: No, Don’t worry about me. I’ll just stay here and fantasize about Stephen (she lays on the be-d, smiling)

Lucas: Alright then. See you later. (He leaves the room)

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle)

King Jerod: How are you sweetheart?

Princess Marianna: Tired! Ever since that s¢v-mmy mermaid left, I’ve been doing everything by myself. I nee-d another handmaid, Daddy.

King Jerod: I’ll make sure to get you one, Okay?

Princess Marianna: Yes Daddy. (smiles)

(A guard brings in a merman)

King Jerod: What has this merman done?

Guard: He was caught stealing.

Merman: Forgive me my King, I promise, I’ll never do it again! plea-se!

(King Jerod turns to his daughter, Marianna)

King Jerod: What do you think I should do to him sweetheart?

(The merman looks at Princess Marianna in fear)

Princess Marianna: The most befitting punishment would be to cut off one of his hands, stra-p him to a rock and let your strongest guards wh!phim 60 stro-kes day and night and also re-lease the piranhas so they can have a taste of his flesh. Do this to him for a week and he’ll never ever think of stealing again! (She smiles menacingly at the merman)

King Jerod: (to the guard) You heard what your princess said?

Guard: Yes my King.

King Jerod: Then do just that.

Merman: (screams) NO!!! MY KING, plea-sE!!!

(The guards drag the merman away to face his punishment)

King Jerod: (sm-irks) You are sinister.

Princess Marianna: Oh plea-se, I was even nice to have said they should cut off just ONE of his hands. This is how you should handle your subjects and anyone who goes against your laws. (with sincerity) It’s better to be feared than to be loved.

King Jerod: I’m very happy you took after me, My daughter.

Princess Marianna: (she smiles with content)

(Later that night)
(In Stephen’s room)
(He stares at the sketch he made of Silvania)

Stephen: (thinks) Why is it that the Silvania I employed and the Silvania that rescued me talks similar and have the same name? But they can’t be the same person, I mean, They don’t even have the same face. (He stares ha-rder at the sketch) Why do I feel that she’s so close…

(Just then, Someone knocks on the door and Stephen puts away the sketch)

Stephen: Come in.

(The person enters his room – It’s Silvania)

Stephen: Silvania? What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at your quarters?

Silvania: Sir Stephen, There’s something I have to tell you.

Stephen: What is it?

Silvania: (sighs) I’m the girl who rescued you from drowning, I may look different because of this amulet I’m wearing which changed my appearance physically but this isn’t my true face.

Stephen: (confused) I don’t un-derstand… How do you mean?

Silvania: (sings) ?? Upon one summer’s morning, I carefully did stray down by the Walls of Wapping, Where I met a sailor g@y. Conversing with a young las-s, Who seemed to be in pain, Saying, William, when you go, I fear you’ll ne’er return again…..My heart is pierced by cu-pid, I disdain all glittering gold, There is nothing can console me, But my jolly sailor bold ??

Stephen: (suprised) Your voice….

(Silvania takes off her amulet and sits on his be-d as her legs fuses back into a golden-orange tail, regaining her original face as well)

Silvania: (smiles) I’m Silvania.

Stephen: (horrified) You’re a mermaid…. You’re disgusting….

Silvania: (surprised by his reaction) What? Stephen, Its me, Silvania. Remember my face…

Stephen: (fearfully) I don’t care about your face! You’re a monster!

(Stephen backs away from her in horror)

Silvania: I’m not dangerous, I won’t harm you!

Stephen: I have to call the security, To get rid of this monstrosity. (He takes her amulet, to prevent her to turning back to a human)

Silvania: (scared) Stephen what are you doing? STEPHEN!

(Stephen runs out of the room and locks the door, tra-pping her inside)

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 14
(He’s a human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
plea-se don’t comment next or next plea-se
(At the quarters)
(Silvania wakes up from her sleep with a scream)

Silvania: Ahhh! (She holds her che-st as she sighs in relief) Thank God. It was just a dream.

(Lucas wakes up as well)

Lucas: Uhhh, What’s the matter this time?

Silvania: I had a very bad dream, A nightmare! I dreamt that I revealed myself to Stephen and he was horrified that I was a mermaid…

Lucas: Really? That happened?

Silvania: Yes. I’m so happy it wasn’t real.

Lucas: Maybe It’ll be wise if don’t let him know what you really are.

Silvania: (she nods her head and t©uçhes her amulet) I won’t.

(Next Morning)
(In Sir Griffin’s room)

Sir Griffin: Good morning sweetheart.

Veronica: Morning darling.

(She attempts to k!sshim but he puts his hand on her mouth)

Sir Griffin: Morning breath.

Veronica: (chuckles) Oh yeah.

Sir Griffin: Did you sleep well?

(Just then, Veronica holds her hand over mouth as if she wants to puke)

Sir Griffin: What’s the matter honey?

Veronica: (mumbles) I’ll be back

(Veronica runs to the toilet to vomit and Sir Griffin follows her)

Sir Griffin: Are you ok?

Veronica: I don’t think so, I feel weak and nauseous.

Sir Griffin: It’s probably Malaria. I should take you to the hospital

Veronica: There’s no nee-d for that, I’m….

(She quic-kly puts her face back in the toilet bowl and keeps on vomiting)

Sir Griffin: (pats her) I have to get you to the hospital quic-kly.

(At the foster home)
(Lucas goes there to pack some of his belongings)

Bobby: Lucas! Welcome home, We haven’t seen you since yesterday, Where were you?

Lucas: Well… I got a job at Sir Griffin’s mansion as a cleaner, I’m gonna be paid $500 per month.

Bobby: Woah… That’s so much money.

Lucas: Yup.

Bobby: Does Mr Blackwell know about this?

Lucas: Of course he does and he’s approved of me working there. I just c@m£ home to pack some of my things, I’ll be staying over there for a while.

Bobby: Wow, You’ll be living in his mansion?

Lucas: Actually, I’ll be staying at the quarters.

Thompson: It’s good you’re leaving for a while, There’ll be a lot of space in here.

Lucas: I know you’re gonna miss me too, Thompson. (He takes out candy bars and throws them to Bobby, Williams and Patrick)

Bobby, Williams & Patrick: Thanks.

Lucas: It’s just a little something to remember me buy. (He throws another candy bar to Thompson) That’s one for you too, Thompson.

Thompson: (looks at the candy bar) Chunky. (To Lucas) Thanks anyway.

Lucas: You’re welcome. Good bye guys.

Thompson, Bobby, Williams & Patrick: Bye Lucas.

(Hillwood Central Hospital)
(Sir Griffin takes Veronica to the hospital for some tests to be run on her)

Veronica: I’m so nervous. What’d you think the test results will say?

Sir Griffin: I have no idea, Let’s just hope for good news.

(Doctor Mike comes out from a ward)

Sir Griffin: So Doctor, What’d the results say?

Doctor Mike: Congratulations Sir Griffin, Your wife is two and a half weeks pregnant

Sir Griffin: (happily) Wow…

Veronica: (screams in excitement) Woah. I can’t believe it, This is great news!!!

Doctor Mike: Indeed Madam. You should start your antenatal care treatments in about a month

Sir Griffin: That’s not a problem, Doctor. Thank you so much.

Doctor Mike: My plea-sure. (He leaves the ER)

Sir Griffin: (To Veronica) We should start preparing. I should go buy baby items, diapers, baby wipes, formulas, uniS-x baby clothes, Since we don’t know the gender of our baby yet….

Veronica: Calm down honey, Isn’t it too early?

Sir Griffin: Its not. (cheerfully) We’re having a baby!

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle)

Suzanne: I wonder why you’re moody today, Marianna. (laughs) I’m sure you miss torturing Silvania.

Princess Marianna: I don’t give a heck about that useless mermaid. (smiles) My mind is on that gorgeous human, I’m dying to see him again.

Suzanne: You know, Silvania bec@m£ human by going to meet Anika, The mermaid who practices magic.

Princess Marianna: I know but I wouldn’t dare try that. My father would kill me! (She lays on her oyster be-d) But I know I’ll meet him one day.

(That afternoon)
(Hillwood City)
(At Sir Griffin’s mansion)

Silvania: I wonder how I’m gonna go this, I don’t know how to clean with a mop and a bucket.

Lucas: Leave it to me. You could just be helping me to get clean water.

Silvania: Okay. (She takes a bucket to use to fetch water)

(Bethany arrives at the house)

Bethany: I’m here.

Stephen: Hmm, You look glamorous. (He pe-cks her on the cheek)

Bethany: Thank you.

Stephen: We nee-d to get to the studio right away for your ph0to shoot.

Bethany: Yeah… (smiles) That’s why I spent four hours getting re-ady. I want to look perfect in every Silk Hair product.

Stephen: (chuckles) You alre-ady are perfect.

Bethany: (giggles) You’re flattery.

(At the balcony)

Lucas: Ok, I’m done cleaning. Silvania, Help me get rid of the dirty water.

Silvania: Okay. (She carries the dirty water to the balcony)

Lucas: Silvania wait…

(Silvania pours the dirty water downstairs from the balcony and it pours directly on Bethany)

Bethany: (screams) Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Stephen: What the heck… (He looks up) Silvania!

(Silvania and Lucas look downstairs and sees that the water poured on Bethany)

Lucas: Silvania, What have you done?

(Silvania and Lucas run downstairs to meet Bethany and Stephen)

Silvania: I’m so so sorry Miss, I didn’t know you were downstairs.

Bethany: (enraged) You did this?!

Silvania: It was an accident…

Bethany: (growls) Rah!

(Bethany tries to attack Silvania but Stephen holds her firmly)

Stephen: Calm down, calm down…

Bethany: I took four hours to get re-ady and this idiot ruined my dress, my hair, shoes and my make up and you’re asking me to calm down?!!!

Silvania: (remorsefully) I’m really sorry…

Bethany: (viciously) SHUT UP!!!

Stephen: Bethany, Let’s just go inside so you can have a shower. Then I’ll call someone to fix you up before the time for the ph0to shoot.

(Stephen stares at Silvania as he takes an enraged Bethany into the house)

Silvania: (scared) Oh no, What have I done? I don’t want to get fired…. (She looks on agitatedly)

To be Continued