The fall of a drama queen episode 22




Emerald’s POV

Later in the afternoon, I was able to sneak out of the house, pretending to be one of the security guards. There were some media reporters outside waiting to interview me. But it was not the right time to face them. It was better off saying nothing at all about Regina Stone’s case, until the court hearing would be over.
I went to the office to check the progress of the Queen’s crown in the production dep@rtment. Harry gave me an idea last night to change the exhibit’s theme to royals and crowns, since the Queen’s crown would be the highlight of the event. I discussed it to my master jewellery designers and they loved the idea. I showed them all the designs I made while I was in the royal palace and we started working on it double time in preparation for our first Jewellery exhibit.


🎉🎉🎉Harry’s POV 💄

I looked at the ring on my hand, my grandmother’s engagement ring. My che-st felt so heavy that Emerald’s dad would not allow me to propose to her.

“Why he could not like me?” I looked at Archie whose ears immediately stood up, watching me. “I love his daughter so much, I’ll take care of her and make her happy.”
Archie wagged his tail and put his front feet on my knee, looking at me.

“What should I do?” I exhaled heavily, half lying on the couch. “I should talk to him, right?”
Archie growled, probably agreeing then jumped on the couch with me.

A week past so quic-kly as I was busy attending government meetings and conferences. New projects were agreed between America and England in trade and industries, and discussed matters concerning the two countries cemented special agreement.

Emerald was also very busy in her business, especially that her Jewellery exhibit was coming up. She also faced this problem about her business competitor stealing her designs. She got too many stresses in life alre-ady and I was trying my best to help her relieved of all of that.

Despite our busy schedules, I made sure that we would see each other everyday. Mostly, we had lunch together and after work, I fetched her in her office. At the end of the week, the court hearing started and I joined her together with her family. Kevin Hill pleaded guilty ma-king the hearing like a circus. Regina Stone freaked out and cursed her cousin. There was no doubt that the Petrakis Gems would win the case.

The Petrakis family gathered in the evening and Emerald invited me to join them in their mansion. It was awkward meeting her father again. I could still recall how he wanted to murder me in the sp©t. If his eyes could kill, I had been long dead.

It was wrong for me to provoke him. If he would be my future father in law, I would not want to have a clash with him. I respected him and I expected respect from him in return.

“Can I talk to you sir?” I asked when I saw Eros Petrakis alone in the balcony.

He looked at me with stony eyes and suggested. “I’ve been planning to talk to you. We can have privacy in the entertainment room.”

I followed him, taking my drink with me. The room was hvge with big TV screen and black sofa set. There were selections of packed snacks at the side – ch!ps, chocolates, popcorn, biscuits, cookies in a cabinet divider and a glas-s door fridge full of bottled sodas, jui-ces, beers and water.

The moment we were alone, Eros Petrakis faced me squarely, trying to intimid@t£ me.

I cleared my throat and found the courage to say what I wanted to say to him.

“I apologized for what happened the last time, sir. It was so wrong of me to do that. I have big respect in you, your family and your home… nothing happened between me and Emerald.” I said in my very apologetic voice. I continued when he just sat there on the couch watching me in this very awkward situation of my life. It was more terrifying than facing the whole united nations. “I was desperate. I love your daughter so much and I want to ask for your blessing for her hand in marriage. I’ll commit that I’ll always honor, respect and cherish her.”
His expression changed. “I love my children, Harry and I’m very protective of them. Emerald just graduated university and started her own business. Let her do her thing first, make her grow the best that she could be. It has been her dream to start a jewellery business, she could not even wait. When she was a teenager, she pretended to work in the company. Coming in the office with me early in the morning, wearing business suits and carrying attache case.”

That opened my mind. He had a point. Emerald is a very smart and strong woman. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed competition and always at the t©p of her clas-s.
Yeah, I don’t want to deprive her of the things she worked ha-rd for her dream. I love her so much and I don’t want to be selfish. But…

Eros Petrakis stood up and continued. “If you’ll propose to her, I know she will accept it. She loves you, ever since she was very young. I saw how her eyes sparkle and bec@m£ so excited every time you arrive in the house.”

“I un-derstand sir, I got your point and I respect that. But I don’t want to be unfair too Emerald. I love her and I think it’s very selfish of us to decide on her behalf. She’s a matured woman and she knows what she wants. If her dream really concerns you, she can be the best that she could be if she’d marry me. She would be my queen and help me rule England. It would be a more challenging experience for her. She doesn’t have to give up her Jewellery business, instead, have it expanded in the UK.”
Mr. Petrakis heaved a de-ep sigh and said. “You won’t ever give up, right?”

“Sorry sir, but I won’t.”

He exhaled heavily and nodded. “Okay. Do what you must.” The tone of his voice so low like being defeated.

There was a rattling at the door, followed by Emerald calling my name. “Harry? Are you there?”

I looked at Mr. Petrakis and he immediately instructed me.
“Don’t tell her what we talked about, she’ll hate me.”

“Okay.” I nodded and opened the door.

“Hi!” I greeted Emerald, hvgging her at the same time. I was trying to coax her outside the room but she was pushing me inside.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, flinging her arms around my n£¢k.

“I…” I looked at Mr. Petrakis who was hiding behind the fridge. “I was a bit sleepy and I c@m£ here to relax.”

“Ah–” She sighed and pressed herl-ips against mine. We k!$$£d a little until she st©pped and locked the door.

“No, not here. We’ll go somewhere.” I said to her and glanced at the person looking at us with angry eyes behind the fridge. He signalled me to go outside. “Let’s go. I’m sure they’ll miss us.”
“They won’t. They’re busy eating the dessert right now.” She pushed me to the couch and I la-id there mesmerized by her beauty, then she straddled on t©p of me. “Let’s do it, now Harry.”
“Here?” I was alarmed, pretty concern of his father watching us.
“Yeah, here.” She insisted, pressing her soft mound on mine and k!ss!ngmy n£¢k. I wondered if she’d drank too much wine, normally she was not this aggressive… but I like it.

“Emerald… I swear, not here.” I stood up, carrying her. But she was clinging on me and it was so ha-rd to resist her.

“Why not? This is the perfect place Harry. Trust me.”

“Baby, I love you so much, and there’s nothing I would like to do at the moment, but…” My words were lost as she captured my mouth again and k!$$£d me pas-sionately. I forgot that Mr. Petrakis was there for a minute and k!$$£d her with equal fervour, I felt so h0t and greedy for her k!sses.
I noticed Mr. Petrakis headed to the door. I turned Emerald so her back was on him who was rushing towards the door. Finally he was out.

“What’s that?” Emerald asked when she heard the ban-ging of the door.

“What?” I asked her, drawing her towards me again for a k!ss.
“You did not hear that? Someone opened the door and closed it.” She looked really confused.

“Just ignore it.” I k!$$£d her cheek, running myl-ips on her jaw.

“I’m sure I heard someone. Come on, let’s go outside. I want you to try mom’s dessert.”

I gro-an ed and followed her outside. I was disappointed. I thought I had my dessert alre-ady.

💞 Emerald’s POV 🎉

I miss Harry.

It had been two weeks since he left for England. He could not leave the country because his grandfather decided to take a two weeks off from the palace and went to the countryside to enjoy the nature and some fresh air.

Harry had to do and take care of the king’s engagement. He attended meetings in the monarchy, talked to different British government dep@rtments, travelling to other cities, doing endless paperworks and many more.

Thanks to the powerful world of social media, we got to talk and video call everyday. It eased the loneliness of missing each other, but just a bit. It could not compare being with each other, where we could talk and express our love personally.
After our company won the case against the Stone Jewellery Company, I was able to include in my Jewellery exhibit my original designs. Because of what Regina did, people got very excited to get into my exhibit and see the original designs.
The Stone’s company paid two hundred million dollars for all the damages they’d cause in our company – design theft, plagiarism including threats, libel and moral damages.
I was still very busy preparing for our first Jewellery exhibit. The Queen’s Crown was nearly done and it would be the highlight of the exhibit. The new jewellery designs we made were inspired in the Royal Palace. Harry suggested it and it was indeed a brilliant idea.

We made royal crown rings, earrings, br@celet and pendants. Little tiaras, cli-ps and brooches with varied designs and gems used. It was exquisite and elegant, much beautiful than our original designs stole by the Stone’s company.

“What the hell! Why is this dog inside the house!” I heard someone yelled downstairs.

My goodness. Is that dad? He’s home early too?
I was home early and in my room to change. A maid told me that Crystal took Archie for a walk. I wondered what happened.
I was at the hall upstairs when I saw Archie in the living room ma-king a low rumble growl at dad.

“Archie!” I shouted. Both Dad and Archie looked at me. Archie wagged his tail happily while dad glared at me. Harry left Archie to me when he went back to England.

“He’s going to attack me!”

“He won’t. Archie is a good dog, dad.” I ran downstairs and took Archie’s leash, holding him closed to me.

“How sure are you? I don’t trust that beast.” He looked at the floor and his face turned into a mask of anger.

Oh my goodness. There were many paw prints of mud in the newly cleaned carpet. When I arrived home, the staff just finished having a general cleaning.

I heaved a sigh and apologized to dad. “I’m so sorry dad.”

“Get that dog out of here and tell the staff to clean the carpet right away.” He muttered and looked around. “Where’s your mom?”

“She’s upstairs. I heard she’s taking a bath.”

“Good.” He nodded and ran upstairs. He st©pped and his mood suddenly brightened. “Oops, Emmie! We have guests tonight, wear a very nice dress.”

Guests? Wear a very nice dress? So that’s the reason why the staff had a general cleaning in the mansion, and the chefs are now very busy in the kitchen.

Crystal c@m£ running from the kitchen, holding a glas-s of water. “I’m sorry, Emmie. I was so thirsty… ” Her eyes wi-de-ned in a panic when she saw the paw prints on the carpet. “Oh my God, mom will freak out if she’ll see these. She said we have important guests tonight.”


“I don’t know… ” She shrugged her shoulders and gr@bb£d Archie’s leash. “I heard mom and dad talking about a handsome gentleman. Someone they want you to marry.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Actually… I don’t really know. Forget what I’ve said. I’m sure I heard them wrong.”

“I hope so.” I heaved a long sigh. I did not know how I’d react if my parents would step so low in arranging a marriage for me.
We’re not in the medieval times anymore, arranged marriage is not a thing anymore. If still is, they could never f0rç£ me to marry a stranger.

After I called a household help to take care of the muddy carpet, Crystal and I went to the garden and pla-yed with Archie. It was still five in the afternoon, we had enough time to prepare for dinner.

“How does it feel to have a b©yfri£nd, Emmie?” Crystal asked when we were in the gazebo. “Is it true that your hands sweat crazily, your heart beats really fast and your knees buckle weakly when you stare at the man you love?”
I smiled at Crystal and curled my legs on the padded chair.
“Yeah, you’re right. How did you learn about these things?”

“From books and movies.” She giggled and petted Archie. She was alre-ady seventeen and soon she would experience being in love also.

“Getting in a relationsh!pis not always easy. There’s ups and downs. When you’re in one, you’ll realized that it’s not as grand as what you’ve re-ad in young adult novels or as amazing as what we saw in ro-mantic movies.”

“Really? I thought you’re always happy with Harry.” She looked at me with a confused expression.

“Of course I am. Being in a relationsh!pwith him is so sweet, delightful… and magical.”

“I can imagine alre-ady. He’s a real prince!”

I nodded and heaved a long sigh. “But every relationsh!pis not like a fairy tale. We also argue on something, have petty quarrels and misun-derstandings. But what is important is open communication. We talk about our differences, then learn to adjust to each other’s traits and accept our faults. Forgiveness and continue the journey of loving each other.”

“Love sounds so complicated.”

“No it’s not. Love is never complicated. It’s the situation, the circu-mtances that make it complicated. Just like now, it really bothers me that dad doesn’t like Harry.”
Crystal sat beside me and hvgged me. “I can’t believe that dad is turning into a bad wolf.”

I laughed and hvgged her back. “Maybe he’s going throu-gh a mid-life crisis.”

“Really?” She straightened and made Archie sat between us on the couch. “Mom said that dad was probably jealous of Harry. He can’t accept that you’re a grown up woman now and want to have a life of your own.”

“Yeah. Dad loves us and always very protective of his family.” I shrugged my shoulders and continued. “I just hope everything will be alright between dad and Harry. I love them both and I want them to get along.”

“Don’t worry, Emmie. Soon they will.”

“I know.”

I petted Archie and leaned my face on his head. I just hoped that it would be sooner. I could not bear the tension whenever they were in the same room. As what Crystal said, like a wolf re-ady to eat his prey.
“I’m scared of getting a b©yfri£ndnow. I don’t want dad to get mad.”

“No… don’t be scared. You deserve to experience being in a relationsh!pfor yourself.” I re-moved a strand of hair out of her face. “Be br@ve. Fight for your happiness and for the man deserving of your love.”

“I’ll remember that, Emmie.”

“Come on, let’s prepare for dinner. The visitors will be arriving soon.” I stood up, drawing her up.

“Yeah, we have to get dress. Do I have to wear a very nice dress too?” She looked puzzled, looking down at her jeans and white blouse.

“I guess so. That’s what dad said.”

“Hmm… but he said it to you only, Emmie. Do you think I’m right? The visitor is a man he wants you to marry?”

My heart immediately sank so de-ep in the pacific ocean. I hope Crystal is not right.

I wondered who the important visitors were, maybe some business colleagues of dad from abroad. I just hoped that Crystal heard wrong, not a man my parents wanted me to marry.

My parents could not enf0rç£ to choose a husband for me. They knew that it would only cause endless arguments and resulted humiliation and disappointment to the family circle.

Well, dad would insist, but mom… I know mom too well. She showed warmth and responsiveness to the nee-ds of her children. She wanted our happiness and satisfaction for the rest of our lives. She would not suggest an arranged marriage.

“Wear a nice formal dress.” Mom reminded me and Crystal when we went back inside the house.

“Who’s the visitor?”

“You’ll find out later.” Mom win-ked at me then went to the kitchen.