The fall of a drama queen episode 2







🎉🎉Emerald’s POV🎉🎉

Harry left and finally I had a chance to change my clothes. Thanks God!

I called my dad, Eros Petrakis, to tell him the good news and he was so ecstatic about it.
“Wow, that’s great news! You should be thankful to Harry for recommending your jewelry business.”
“Of course!” Did I thank him? Oops, I think not. No worries. I’ll give him a good commission.
“I’m so proud of you, Emmie. Just tell me if you nee-d help, okay?”

“Thanks, dad, I will.”

“By the way, are you going alone?”

“Yeah. I don’t think the King’s invitation extended to anyone. I’ll be staying in the Royal Palace for a week and it’s very safe.”
“Nah– I’m not worried. I know Harry will take care of you.” Dad said reas-suringly, before he hung up the phone.
I was preparing the things I nee-ded to bring tomorrow in the UK, p@rticularly my portfolio – so I could show it to the King, when my phone rang.

“Hi, Blossom.”

The endearment made me cringe, but I learned not mind.

“Hello, Kevin.”

Kevin Hill was the sweetest guy I had ever met. Caring and very un-derstanding. The only guy who could listen to my ranting for hours without any complain. He was also very patience in going shopping with me, for hours. He offered to carry the shopping bags without any sign of annoyance.

Kevin and I met four months ago, when I was outside the mall waiting for my driver. I was surprised when someone knocked at me and stole my bag. Kevin saw the incident and ran after the guy. He got my bag and returned it to me. I was very grateful to him. All my important stuff were there – my phone, my planner, keys, I.D.s, credit/debit cards, etc.

He asked me to have coffee with him and I could not say no. He was my hero that day. I owed him a lot for what he did. But no regrets though. I found out that he was a really nice guy and enjoyable to talk with. He was smart, a good listener and a good adviser. He worked as an independent financial consultant. He just started his business, but I was confident he’d make it big someday.
We continued going out from time to time. For me, it was just a friendly d@t£. No intim-acy or whatsoever. Besides, I did not feel any chemistry between us.

“I miss you. Can I see you tonight?”

“Aww… I can’t. I promised my mom to be home for dinner. Zion and Claire will be dining with us.”
I heard him sighed with disappointment. “How about tomorrow?”

“I’m leaving for UK early morning. I’ll be gone for a week.”

“A week? Are you vacationing?”

“Nope. I’m meeting the King!” I could not contain my excitement. I was overwhelmed with happiness. I have to tell him the great news.

“You mean the king of England?”

“Yeah!” I told him about my appointment with Harry and being offered to make the queen’s crown. “I have to be there to discuss the details with the king. I’m so excited… I haven’t been to the Royal Palace before.”

“You’re a very lucky girl.”

“I know… Thank you, Kevin.” I still could not believe that I got the offer. I felt like I was dreaming.
“How about coffee? Can we meet even for an hour?” Kevin queried. “It’s my birthday today.”
Oops. I did not know that.

“Really? Oh, Kevin… Happy Birthday!” He should have told me earlier. I could have prepared something special for him. “Of course, we can meet.” I continued.

Later, he fetched me in the office. We had coffee and continued talking about the queen’s crown and my coming jewelry exhibit. He was very excited for me and promised to give me all the support that I would nee-d. After an hour, he drove me home, in time for my family dinner.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

I woke up at six thirty in the morning. Scrambling out of be-d. I did not wake up with the annoying buzz of my alarm clock and Shawn Mendes song. I was totally knocked down last night after Zion gave me a sh0t of that native wine called Arak, he brou-ght from Indonesia. I was not actually an alcohol drinker. I learned my lesson during university days. I embarras-sed myself when I had enough of alcohol. I bec@m£ a different person. I behaved in a way that was quite different from my usual personality.
I ran to the bathroom and took a quic-k shower. Harry would pick me up at seven sharp so we could catch the eight o’clock flight.
Oh $h!t! It was six forty five when I left the bathroom. I gr@bb£d the first dress I saw in my closet and put it on. I was applying makeup on my face – done with the foundation, concealer and my eyebrows when our household help knocked, informing me that Harry was waiting downstairs.

Double $h!t! It’s still six fifty five!

I put some makeup in my bag and gr@bb£d the first shoes I saw on the rack. A five inch black stiletto shoes. I was hurrying down the stairs when I saw my reflection in the big decorative mirror.
Triple $h!t! I forgot to comb my hair.

Harry was looking so freshly clean… suave… okay … handsome, in his khaki colored p@n-ts and long sleeves bu-tton up shi-t. He was tall, rawboned and beardless with a very appealing face. The muscles rippling un-der his white shi-t quic-kened my pulse.
Darn it!
His eyes met mine the moment I went outside our house, where he was waiting, standing beside my luggages. I gave him my sweetest brightest smile.
“Good morning.” I greeted him.
“Why are you bringing your whole closet? You’re staying for a week, not a whole year.” He immediately snapped at me. His eyes directed at my five big luggages.

“I… um… ” I was caught off guard. My throat constricted, I could not speak.

“Just bring one luggage. That’s it.”

“Wha– I can’t!” Finally, I found my voice. “I don’t have time to shop when we get there. I’ll be very busy working the design.”
“Okay, choose two and that’s enough. You’re not going there for a fashion show, for Christ’s sake!” He cursed and looked at me like I was a spoiled br@t kid.
Oh God. Give me patience.
I was containing my anger. The last thing I wanted was getting a fight with him. I have to act so sweet, nice and friendly to him. For now. I nee-ded him for this project.
I picked two luggages and his driver put it inside the Mercedes SUV.

We were settled at the back of the car, when he asked.

“Did you have your breakfast?”

“Nope. I woke up late.” I answered curtly.
He nodded. “You can eat in the plane.”

“Thanks.” I answered and he was giving me a silent treatment again.

I did not un-derstand him. His rudeness was killing me. Like he was just being f0rç£ in my company. I should be the one mad at him for what he did before. He hurt me. And now, it seemed like it was the other way around!

The SUV entered a pri-vate airport. I was surprised the moment I saw the plane. I did not expect that we’d be taking the Royal Aircraft, so beautiful in red and white colors with the United Kingdom Flag printed on the vertical stabilizer.

“You mean… we’re taking the Royal plane, right?” I asked Harry.

“Yeah. It’s as sophisticated as the Petrakis planes. You’ll be very comfortable.”

I gave him a sideway glance. I hated that he always thought of me as a pampered girl. Wanting only the best, what was comfortable and easy. I’m not a kid that will throw tantrums whenever things aren’t in my liking.

“Is Prince Phil!pflying with us?”

I did not miss the astonishment on his face when I mentioned the prince. “Nope. He alre-ady left yesterday.” He answered curtly.

“Oh!” I felt a sudden disappointment. I was looking forward to meet the prince personally.

“Why are you asking about him?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Just curious.”
He smiled at me and I was mesmerized for a second. I remembered the cute teenage good looking boy with wavy brown hair and green eyes that I used to have a crush on.

I blinked my eyes several times, to erase the magnetism of his sultry eyes. “You met him?”

He nodded. “I work and live in the royal palace.”
The car st©pped in front of the plane stairway. A group of b©dyguards circled the SUV. I was surprised that we were treated like royalty . Well, Harry was not just an ordinary employee. He was the crown jeweler.

We went up the stairs and I could feel Harry’s hand tou-ching lightly on my back. I liked him better when he was not rude. I hoped he’d stay this way.

“Aaah!!!” I yelped when suddenly I missed a step. I was out of balance and almost fell off the stairs. But Harry was quic-k and caught my w@!st, pu-lling me ti-ghtly on his b©dy.
Darnnnnn… I could feel the S-xual magnetism between us. Our breath mingled as we were drowning in each other’s eyes. Hisl-ips slowly went down and I closed my eyes, opening myl-ips a little, re-ady to receive his k!ss.

“Bloody hell! Why are you wearing killer shoes? We’re traveling, not attending a wedding.”
I was shocked. I opened my eyes immediately, embarras-sed. He was back to being rude again!

What is wrong with this idiot?

He went ahead inside the plane, while I paused at the plane entrance, heaving a sigh of frustration. I turned to the b©dyguards who entered the plane and caught a glimpse of the man I saw at the mall yesterday. Prince Phili-p’s b©dyguard, who was responsible for staining my dress.
Darn it! The Prince is here!

I bit my lowerl-ip, getting mad at Harry for lying. He knew that the Prince was aboard with us. Why lie?
A flight steward ushered me inside the plane. It was very luxurious, with the prominent colors of maroon and gold. The interior and design exuded royalty and elegance.

Harry was alre-ady seated on a padded seat talking on the phone. The flight steward showed me to the seat beside him.

“The prince is flying with us.” I said to Harry when he put down his phone.
His brows rose questioningly.

“You lied to me. You said he left yesterday.”

“You’re not meeting him. You’re meeting the King to discuss the design of the crown.” He leaned forward, one elbow resting on his knee.

“I know. You don’t have to point it out on me. I just don’t un-derstand why you have to lie?”

“Okay, he’s aboard. We’re not allowed to tell the whereabouts of the prince to anyone. For safety reasons.”
I sighed heavily and said. “Okay. I un-derstand.”

“Good.” He raked his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair and leaned back on his seat.

He had a point though. Considering a lot of terrorisms going on right now, the Prince could be an easy target. Anyways, I wondered where the Prince was. Maybe resting in his room?
It was a seven and a half hours flight from New York to UK. We had a wonderful English breakfast once the plane settled on air. I got sleepy afterwards and took a nap on my seat.

I woke up enjoying the feel of warm solid nice smelling scent of… a man. Oh my God! I was hvgging Harry with my head pillowed on his shoulder. I instantly j£rked away from him.
Harry was unmoved. He was slee-ping peacefully on his seat. My eyes wi-de-ned when I saw the mark of my saliva, still we-t on the sleeve of his white shi-t.

Oh God! I drooled on him while slee-ping.

I have to do something. I inhaled de-eply, to calm myself. Then I opened my bag and took my makeup out.

I started applying my makeup.

Putting liquid foundation on my face, my
concealer.. . and it was time for baking . My favorite p@rt. Using a beauty blender, I stamped the translucent loose powder un-der my eyes, as thick as possible. I looked at Harry… he was slee-ping like a baby. I stamped a thick amount of loose powder on his shi-t to re-move my saliva.

“What is that?” He woke up coughing, and accidentally knocked my hand. The powder went directly on his sleeve – where I had my saliva on.

His eyes went round when he saw my face, half covered with white powder. “What the hell happened to you?”

I smiled at him and said. “I’m baking my face.”

He frowned, giving me an odd expression.


It was alre-ady past eight in the evening when the plane landed in England. Considering that New York is five hours behind.
Harry left his seat the moment the plane settled on the ground. He talked to Walter, the guy who shove me at the mall the other day. I found out that Walter was the head security of the prince. The other b©dyguards took orders from him.
I looked at the window and saw a black Cadillac limousine with flags of United Kingdom at the upfront sides, moving towards the tarmac. It slowed down and parked below the plane’s stairway.

I was excited, that my heart palpated. I would see the prince when he’d come out of his cabin.
The plane’s door opened and I could hear the commotion outside. I looked ahead at the airport and noticed the bunch of people waving flags. They were excited to see the prince!
“Your Royal Highness, we’re re-ady to get out.” Someone said.
Oh my God! Prince Phil!pis out of his room.

I stood up and ti-ptoed, trying to take a glimpse of the prince, but his b©dyguards were crowding him.

“Go-go-go. Make it fast guys.” I heard Walter instructed the others.

The prince shielded by his b©dyguards was going down. I almost ran to the window to take a good look of him.
Wow. He looks so handsome. Just as I expected. But I wished he was not wearing dark shades and a hat. I could not see clearly his face.

He waved at the crowd and the people cheered, raising their flags. Then he immediately entered the Cadillac, in an instant, the car left. Everything happened in ba-rely two minutes. He was gone in a flash.

I’ve googled him the other night. But except for his twenty seven years of age and description of his good looks, there was not much information about him. The monarchy had kept his life very pri-vate and Prince Phil!prequested it too. There were pictures of him, BUT, in dark shadows, or his back view or he was looking down. His face was always hidden from the c@m£ra. There was a write up that he was second in line to the throne of England, but there was another that said, he’d be the next king.

“Hey.” I heard Harry said behind me.

“The prince…” I pointed at the window.


I turned to him and I was surprised that he changed his clothes to dark blue shi-t and denim p@n-ts with a maroon sports cap on his head. I was suddenly loss for words at the sight of him. It was like facing the teenage Harry again. I totally forgot how gorgeously handsome he was.

“I… he left.”

His eyebrows rose in a fraction. “You’ll meet him in the palace. Come on, it’s time to go.”

“My bags.”

“Don’t worry. They’ll take care of it.”

I followed Harry out of the plane. We walked directly to the red Bentley sports car waiting for us at the side of the airport.

“You’re not so tired, right?” Harry asked when he switched on the engine.

“Nope. It’s still four in the afternoon in New York. Too early to sleep.”

He gave me a distracting smile that would make me wi-de awake later. “Wanna gr-ab some burgers?”

“Sure.” I smiled back at him.


Later, we were in a park, sitting on a bench eating burgers and drinking sodas, while watching the flowing water fountain.
“You like it here in England?”

He nodded and stretched his legs casually before him. “I used to hate my grandfather for forcing us to move here. But now, I un-derstand why.” He heaved a long sigh and continued. ” I will always miss New York, my friends are there. But I learned to love England. This is my home now.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I’m happy for you. You studied history and politics here, right?”

“Yeah. It helps me un-derstand the country more.” He said and had a sip of his soda. “What about you? What’s going on with your life, aside from your jewelry business.”

“Well… I always wanted to go to Harvard, but dad didn’t want me to. You know how over protective he is.” I smiled a little. “I went to Columbia University in New York and finished Business Administration. I graduated six months ago and immediately, I started my jewelry business. Anyways… I’m going to have my first jewelry exhibit soon.”

“That’s great!”

“Thanks. Actually, I’m hoping that I can showcase the crown in the exhibit. May I?” I asked him, then I took the last bite of my burger.

“Of course. I’m sure the King will allow that.” He as-sured me.
Harry and I talked for almost an hour. It was like getting to know each other again. I was enjoying talking to him and our conversations just flowed naturally. Mostly he asked about me and my family.

“I heard you have a b©yfri£nd?” His dark eyebrows slanted in a frown.

“Oh! You mean Kevin?”

He nodded. “You’re in a serious relationsh!pnow?”

“No! Of course not.” I denied intensely. ” I mean… we’re just d@t!ng. I swear, he’s not my b©yfri£nd.”

An easy smile suddenly pla-yed at the corners of his mouth.