The fall of a drama queen episode 18





Harry’s POV

“I’ve just arrived here in England and now, you’re going away?” My twin sister, London complained when I met her at my parents’ home at Kensington. She travelled often, working as a fashion consultant in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Milan for famous celebrities and socialites.

“It’s because you seldom come home.” I gr@bb£d an apple in the fruit tray, placed on t©p of the kitchen counter, then I took a big bite.

“I was so busy with several fashion shows. But I’m here now for our family bonding.” She continued, stirring the soup she was ma-king.

“I’ll catch up when I get home. I have to go to New York tomorrow to settle an important thing.”

“What thing? Your job is here to help grandpa rule England. Does this thing concern with Emerald?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

She would not st©p, unless I gave her the details. But I would not give her the satisfaction of knowing what was going on between me and Emerald.

“You and Izzy are getting serious, huh?” I shifted the t©pic, I knew it was her turn to be uncomfortable. “She was invited by Izzy to Dubai and they were getting so comfortable with each other in her Instagram posts.”

“We’re just friends.” She waved her hand in dismissal.

“Really? Why I find it ha-rd to believe that statement.”
She shrugged her shoulders. “We’re just enjoying each other’s company, that’s all.”

“If you say so.” I did not want to elaborate any further. Growing up as twins, London and I knew each other so well. Our habits, patience, temper, strength and weaknesses. We also shared a special psychic connection between us. I knew she had a great crush on Izzy, but unfortunate for her, Izzy liked Claire.

That evening, I had dinner with my family. It was fun as usual, the same as we used to have in the US when London and I were younger.

“I’m going to talk to her tomorrow. If she won’t listen, then I have to make her. This could not go on any longer, she’d given me too many sleepless nights alre-ady.” I put on my black jacket and straightened it by pu-lling the edges down. “What do you think?”

Archie’s ears perched up as he stared at me. His tail was wagging and he settled circled me. I petted his ears and ru-bbe-d his back. “Be a good boy, okay? I’ll be back as soon as I talk to her.”

On my way to the pri-vate jet airport, I called Zion to inform him that I was on my way to New York. I also wanted to make sure that Emerald was there. She was the reason for this travel.
“She’s not feeling well and I heard that she ba-rely leaves her room.” Zion informed me.

I was alarmed by the news that I started to worry about her. “Is she sick? What happened?”

“It’s about that guy Kevin Hill. All along he was faking himself as a good guy by going out with Emerald just to steal her jewellery designs. He took a picture of her portfolio and gave it to his half sister, Emerald’s business rival, Regina Stone. The worst thing that the Stones used it during their recent jewellery exhibit, leaving Emmie so devastated.”

“Bloody hell! That guy is a bastard!” I bur-sted angrily.

“Exactly. The scandal was also p@rt of their plan to ruin Emmie.” Zion continued, telling me about the details and the actions that they were planning against the Stones Company.

“How is she coping with it now? What did she say about this?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t talk to her yet. I got so busy with the airlines lately, some problems c@m£ up, but nothing that we could not handle.”
She must be very miserable. She wouldn’t be staying in her room if it did not affect her too much. I wished I was there to comfort her.

“Join us tomorrow night on our family dinner. We would love to have you with us, bro. You know that you’re like a family to us alre-ady.” Zion chuckled.

The Petrakis were like a family to me. I used to hang out with Zion every weekend in their house, got me so attached with them. He had a cool dad and very kind mom. They always welcomed me in their home.

“Sure, I will.” I replied, before I hung up the phone.

I arrived in New York the following day. The weather was really bad and I could not sleep well because of the turbulence. It was a real jumpy ride.

Walter and five of the securities were with me. We went to our house in New York directly, located across the Petrakis mansion. It bec@m£ a vacation house of our family now, since all of us lived in England. Well, except for London who often traveled around the globe.
I set the alarm at six before I went to be-d. I nee-ded to catch some sleep, even just a few hours. My head was full of cobwebs from lack of sleep.

At seven I was re-ady to go, wearing a gray three piece suit with my we-t hair slightly plastered on my head. Walter offered to accompany me, but I told him that I would not nee-d a b©dyguard that evening since I’d be just across the house.
I drove my Bentley to the Petrakis mansion and parked near the main entrance. I always enjoyed hanging out with the Petrakis, they always made me feel welcome.

The door immediately opened when I stepped on the main entrance. It was unusual for the Petrakis house to be so solemn. Maybe they were in the balcony. The butler greeted me as I walked at the foyer and approached the living room. I was surprised that everyone was there, staring at Emerald. They did not noticed me entering the house.

“Good evening, everyone.” I said to them, and immediately, all eyes focused on me. I stood still waiting for them to acknowledge my pres£nce. “Hi.” I said again.
Emerald’s eyes shone brightly as it met mine. She was flushing and looked real happy – contrary to Zion’s statement that she was miserable.

I saw Eros Petrakis’ eyes shifted to anger. His eyes narrowed into black slits as he stared at me. I was taken aback. Did I do anything wrong? I wondered. It seemed like his anger was directed at me.

“fv¢k you! You stupid mother fv¢king bastard! I trusted you.” Eros Petrakis stood up and moved towards me, re-ady to attack.

“What?” I was confused. What did I do wrong to him, or to them? I could not think of any. I stepped back, getting re-ady to get out of his way, but he was so quic-k. My shi-t was pushed up to my chin as I received a ha-rd b!ow on my face. Dammit!

“Dad!” I heard Emerald screamed as I fell on the floor, face down. A follow up kick on my stomach made me gr0@nin pain.
“$h!t! What is wrong with you old man?” I gro-an ed aloud.
Another kick, and he growled at me. “That is for calling me old man.”

“Argh!” That hurt as hell. I gathered myself as I struggled to get up.

“St©p it, dad.” Zion appeared in front of me, shielding me from his dad.

Emerald was moving towards me staggering. I yelped in pain when she fell on t©p of me. What is wrong with her? Is she drun!k?

I managed to stand up and helping Emerald to stand still beside me. I was right, she was ti-psy.

“I don’t know what’s going on here. Will you care to explain what’s happening here?” I asked Zion, tou-ching my jaw, moving it side to side to check if nothing was broken.
“You have the nerve to ask? You know why, you as-s-hole!” Zion’s eyes blazed like molten rock. I knew what was coming and I was too late to prevent it. Another b!ow t©uçhed my jaw and I fell down on the floor again.

.”What is wrong with you!” Emerald shouted angrily. “Are you trying to kill him?”

“Hey! Both of you are acting like kids!” A familiar voice shrilled, Emerald’s mom.

I was lying with my back flat on the floor. Markos Petrakis stood straight and tall in front of me.

“Are you going to show me also your kickboxing stunt?” I asked him and he just laughed aloud. He shook his head and said.

“Welcome to the family, son.”


🌹Emerald’s POV ✔

The dinner haven’t started and yet I created a chaos alre-ady drinking that wine. When should I learn that I should stay away from alcohol, ever!
I went down at Harry’s side on the floor. Seeing his nose bleeding and a cut on his lower l!pmade me sober.
Dad and Zion’s reaction went overboard. I loved them but their very protective attitude was very annoying sometimes. Like what happened now. They did not give Harry and I a chance to explain first.

But who would want an explanation. I spelled the beans! What I said was enough to upset them.

Darn it, I was so stupid, asking them about silly question – without filter. I gave them too much information on what was going on between me and Harry. I cringed at the thought.
My goodness! What is wrong with me. What I did was so embarras-sing.
Harry gro-an ed and t©uçhed his arm.

.”Are you okay?” I asked him, but when hisl-ips twisted, I realized I asked him a very silly question.

“I nee-d an explanation on this.” He sat up slowly, looking really upset. I un-derstood him being in a situation where he was suddenly br@wled by two men whom he considered as family, without any idea why.

“I’m so sorry. Um, I told them about us.”

“They disagree on us together?” He looked so disappointed, pressing hisl-ips together and muttered. “I was right. They don’t approve of me.”

“No, I don’t think so. They were just surprised when they found out about us. It’s my fault too that I said it so wrong.”

“What did you say?”

I scratched my temple, b!tt!g my lowerl-ip. “I’ll tell you.” I gestured my head towards the balcony and he nodded. I nee-ded a lot of courage to tell him now cause it would be so awkward.

“You told them that?” Harry’s eyes went round and dropped the ice pack on the table.

I nodded slowly, feeling so embarras-sed telling him. “I mess up again drinking that wine.”

“Oh God, Emerald. No wonder they hit me so ha-rd .” He said, ru-bbing his jaw.

“I’m sorry. I can’t blame you if you hate me now.”

He looked at me for a moment, then shook his head. “No. I can never hate you. It’s just that, I’m still trying to process what you’ve said. I don’t know if I have to laugh or be embarras-sed about it.” He ran his hand throu-gh his wavy hair. “I don’t think I can face your family right now.”

“Me too.” I gave him my sad guilt look.

We both looked at each other then bur-st out a controlled laugh.
“You’re a very funny girl, Emerald. You always amused me.” He took my hand and pu-ll-ed me closer to him. His expression immediately changed, giving me a serious look. “I should be the one apologising. I doubted your feelings for me. I was so jealous of that guy and accused you of lying. I’m so sorry, my sweet angel.”

I gave him a smile, to show that I forgave him. “I’m not the same self centered spoiled br@t that you used to know, Harry. I grew up and still trying to change my negative ways.”

“I realized that when we were in the cottage. But the jealousy I felt seeing you with another man drove me crazy. I bec@m£ very possessive of you that it brou-ght out the worse in me. I know it’s a great turn off on you that I showed this bad side of me, but I’ll change that, I promise. Just give me another chance. We can work this out. I love you so much, Emerald. I regretted what I said to you and I wished I could turn back the clock to change it. I suffered, I bec@m£ miserable, missing you terribly, everyday.” His voice was shaking and his expression looked so sad.
“I feel the same way, Harry.”

I could see the fire in his eyes as it brightened.


The glow died and replaced with worry. “But what?” He asked.
“We started a relationsh!pso fast, like a whirlwind r0m@nç£. We did not have time to get to know each other well – not as friends, but in a relationsh!p.”
“We can get to know better in the process or we can take things easy if you want. Just don’t push me away. I don’t think I can handle that.”

“Even if you have to keep up with my dad and brother?”

He looked heavenward then smiled at me. “Even that. I would rather get punches than being miserable all my life.”
I melted knowing that he would fight to keep our relationsh!p. I loved him so much and I was miserable about what happened between us. Something inside me died that drained off my energy to pursue my dreams, be happy and live life to the fullest. Being with Harry was my happiness. It brou-ght more meaning in my life.

“Oh Harry.” I went to his arms as he gathered me so close to him. I missed the feel of his warm b©dy, his arms around me and his male scent that I inhaled de-eply. “I love you too.”

“I thought you’re not going to say that.” He sighed with relief as he ran his hand on my hair, his other hand skimming my w@!st and my h!ps. He planted a k!sson myl-ips and he yelped with pain.

I rained k!sses on his face, loving the feel of him. His hand tracing the column of my spine downwards s£nding delicious s-en-sations all over my insides. I j£rked when I felt his other hand went un-der the hem of my dress, skimming my th!gh. “Harry, we have to take things easy.”
His hand instantly st©pped and dropped on my side. “It was just a suggestion.”

“But it’s right.” I k!$$£d his cheek again and invited him inside the house to join the others.

He hesitated at first, but I as-sured him that he’d be fine. “I’ll protect you, my prince.”

💄Harry’s POV👑

Emerald and I went inside the house, and saw her father, Eros Petrakis at the minibar. My heart immediately pounded as he glared at me with murderous eyes. Oh no… I don’t nee-d another punch, my jaw hurt alre-ady.

“Take care of her.” He said, offering me a drink when Emerald left my side to greet her cousins.

“I will Mr. Petrakis. I have good intentions with your daughter. I love her.” I took a sip of the drink he offered, it was a neat and dry whiskey. The ha-rd liquor almost choke me.

He nodded as the corner of hisl-ips twisted in a brief smile. “Make sure you know what you’re getting into, Harry. Emerald could be very unpredictable sometimes.” He poured himself a drink and sat at the bar’s stool.

I was relieved that his expression turned friendly, back to his normal treatment on me. I sat on the stool beside him and continued with a polite smile. I remembered him calling me ‘British boy’ before, he was annoyed that I was leading Emerald on. It was just for fun, and yeah, I was guilty of provoking him.
“I know, but that’s what I love about her. There’s no dull moments with her.”

“I agree on that.” He lifted his drink in a toast.

We talked about my family, the crown Emerald was commissioned to make, the palace and England. He asked about my duties as a prince and my advocacies. Everything seemed fine until he dropped the warning bomb.

“We treat you as a family, Harry. If you’ll mess up with Emerald, you’ll be messing up with me, right? I’m a terrible enemy, I’m sure you know that.” He chuckled and sipped his wine.

That was a threat and supposed to make my feet shook. But my love for Emerald overpowered. I had nothing to be afraid of since I have good intentions on her. No one could drive me away from her, even thousands of millions of her father or brother. I could handle that.