The fall of a drama queen episode 17

🌹 The Fall of a DRAMA QUEEN

🔑 Emerald’s POV ✔ #Episode_17



I just finished drying my hair when there was a knock on the door. Probably, the household staff to return Archie. But I told her that I’d be going out with Harry tonight. Archie could stay at the dogs quarter together with the king’s corgis and poodles. I was informed that Archie was enjoying so much with them.
I opened the door and I was surprised, it was Harry.

“Hi.” I greeted him but all I got was a cold shoulder.
Oh no… he knew.

“We nee-d to talk.” He entered and shut the door. The cl!çk!ng sound of the lock made my heart leaped nervously.
He stood in the middle of the room. His eyes were cold as ice and his face was a glowering mask of anger. All I could do was wait for him to speak first.

“Who is that guy.” His voice was quiet, yet held an un-dertone of cold contempt.
“Kevin is… ”

“fv¢k. Don’t you even utter his name.” He said it with a warning, ma-king a sweat ran down at the back of my spine.

“He’s… he’s just a friend.”

He chuckled nastily. “A friend? Do you lockl-ips with all your male friends like that?”

My temper flared at the tone of his voice and asking me like I was a cheap girl who k!sses every guy I met. As if he did not know me so well.

“You know me better than that, Harry.” I controlled my anger. I did not want to fight with him as much as possible. We could settle this. Every relationsh!phas ups and downs, it’s just how the couple handles it. What is important is absolute trust.
“Really? I don’t think I know you better, Emerald Petrakis .” He said with cold emphasis on my name.
ban-g! I felt sh0t right throu-gh my che-st. How dare he?

“So, you believed that gossip rather than me? I thought you trust me.”

“Don’t speak about trust. You certainly know nothing about it.” He said icily.

“What? How could you say that? I trusted you. I thought you trust me too.”

“That’s what I thought too. But you lied to me, you said you don’t have a b©yfri£nd.” His accusing voice stabbe-d the air.
“I was telling the truth.”

“I saw the pictures and it was crystal clear. The holding hands and the k!ssing…”

“What is wrong with you, Harry. Why don’t you believe me. Kevin is not my b©yfri£nd!” My voice raised in octave. Much as I would like to hold my anger, I could not any longer.
“Damn you. I said, don’t utter his name.”

“Damn you too! I will say his name if I want to.” My rebellious emotions got out of hand. “We were just hanging out as friends. I don’t know what c@m£ into him, why he k!$$£d me all of a sudden.”

“HA! You don’t know?” He gave me an odd look like I committed a mortal sin. He was over reacting.

“Yeah. I was even caught of guard. It showed in the picture.”
“Really.” He shook his head and let out a bitter grin. “Why is he here? What is he doing in England?”

“Okay, he c@m£ to see me. He was concern about the scandal. He called me… texted me. He wanted to see me.”
“Why you haven’t mention him to me? You’re obviously sneaking behind my back.”

“What are you talking about? You’re accusing me of lying to you?”

“Because you are.”

“You know what? I have enough. It’s better that this thing happened, anyway. I don’t think I could stand your attitude. You’re like a child. You turn every statement I made to you, like I was the only one wrong here. You don’t want to listen to my explanations. You prefer to listen to the paparazzi who keep on hovering outside the palace gates. You’re just like them. Very judgmental, accusing and arrogant!”

“I have enough of your drama too, Emerald. I thought you’ve changed.” He said, his eyes were dark and dazzling with fury.
The pain and disappointment was too much. Like a torn so fierce stabbing my che-st into pieces. But I was trying my best to hold back my tears. I did not want to cry and show my weakness in front of him.

I lifted my chin and showed him my bit-ch face. “I changed, Harry. But you just refused to see it.”


🎉🎉Harry’s POV ✔

📝One week later. 🔑🔑

I was in my room, staring blankly at the TV monitor, watching the news. There was another rally this morning. I should be interested on it, since it concerned the government and monarchy.

My mind was still on Emerald, disturbing my thoughts and the decisions I made. I bec@m£ irrational and sometimes, dysfunctional. This had been going on since she left England. We haven’t talk and said our goodbyes well. We were both stubborn and our prides created a thick wall between us.
I realized I made a mistake by being so harsh to her. My jealousy overpowered me. Seeing her k!$$£d another guy made me lose my mind. All my self control went instantly to the trash bin… I was insanely angry.

I’ve never been like this before. I did not know why I bec@m£ very possessive of her. Her sweetl-ips and k!sses should be mine alone. No other guy have the right to k!ssher like that.
The dog la-id down on the floor, near my feet, whimpering. He stayed with me since Emerald left. He was so noisy whimpering every night at the dog h0tel, he only st©pped when he saw me. Right now, he still whimpered, but very seldom.
“Come here, Archie.” I tapped the space on the couch and he jumped up, then sprawled across my l@p.

I petted his head and back. “You miss her?”

Archie looked at me in response, then li-cked my hand.
I leaned back, resting my head at the back of the chair. “So do I. But she doesn’t want to talk to me. What am I gonna do?”
The dog whimpered and rested his head on my arm.
I should have listened to her explanations and never doubted her feelings. I kept on talking about trust, and all the while, I did not trust her.

Emerald left the night we argued. She requested to transfer in a h0tel and I was so stupid to comply on her wish. We were both like fire, flaming wildly every time we started talking. It was impossible to patch up things. Our discussion ended in a heated argument. No one accepts being wrong.
I realized my mistake when I woke up the following day. I felt a sudden lost, like a piece of me was missing. My pride got in the way. Being trained as a king, I bec@m£ perfectionist, commanding, solid and grounded. I made decisions based on what was right and wrong. I saw the evidence and it was enough to judge her right away.

I went to the h0tel to talk to her but she alre-ady checked out. Walter informed me that she was on her way back home, flying on the Petrakis pri-vate jet.

Many times, I called her, but she would not answer. Instead, I called her brother, Zion. He could help me get throu-gh her.
“Where’s Emerald? She’s not answering my calls. Did she arrive alre-ady?”

“She headed to Australia. She wanted to choose the gems for the crown and other jewelries included in her upcoming exhibit. Just call her again later, she’s probably in a meeting.”
“Did she tell you anything about us?”
“You mean you and Emerald?” Zion asked.
I was silent. I shouldn’t ask. What is wrong with me… What am I thinking?

“What about it? Did something happen between you two?” Zion continued asking. I knew he wouldn’t st©p asking me now.
“No. It’s about the scandal, I apologized for that. Everything is not true.”

“Yeah, Emerald told me.” Zion heaved a long sigh. “I always told her to be careful with her actions, but she could not prevent it. She just got lucky that you cleared the issues to the press right away, saving her reputation.”

“She was with me and it’s my duty to protect her.”
And love her. I even wanted to ask him, ‘What if I love her. Do you have any objection on that?’

“Thank you, bro. I really appreciate it a lot, for treating her like your younger sister.” Zion replied.
Sister? The fudge!

Archie whimpered again, made my mind back to the pres£nt. I ru-bbe-d his head. “St©p crying, will you? You’re ma-king me more sad. I’ll see her in New York after I’ll settle the problem here.”


🌹Emerald’s POV ✔

I just arrived from Australia, meeting our company’s gems supplier. I was there for a week, in business and mending my broken heart. I was very disappointed of Harry. I thought he trusted me.

Everything happened so fast between us. In ba-rely two weeks, we bec@m£ very inti-mate – S-xual , and open up our feelings, saying I love you .

I mean it when I said it to him, but I doubted now if he means it too. Love is absolute trust for me. If he can’t trust me, then he doesn’t love me enough.

I would rather be alone, rather than being with a judgmental arrogant prince. I was delusional to think that ours was like a fairy tale, as simple as meeting each other again, then lived happily ever after.
I headed to my office, when my personal as-sistant, Cathy followed me.

“You should see the jewelries that Regina Stone’s company exhibit last night.” She gave me the morning paper that she was holding.

I put down my handbag on my desk and scanned the whole page of the paper. It was the highlight of the Stone Jewels exhibit last night. There were pictures of their exclusive jewelry designs.
My heart sank immediately when I saw the ph0tos.
“Oh my God! Their designs are all similar to ours. How could this happen?” My master designer and I worked ha-rd on it to make it unique, perfect and flawless.

“They obviously stole it.” Cathy said disgustingly.

“How come?”

I felt like crying. All the ha-rd work – time, energy and money, I invested with my staff were all gone to waste. We could not exhibit the jewelries we made anymore. It would be like we were the one copying their designs.

Ugh! I gro-an ed in frustration. All the jewelries were worth billions! How could we dispose it now? The shame that we would be facing, since the grand exhibit would take place in three weeks time.

I looked at Regina’s picture, smiling proudly in a ph0to beside her family. One guy looked familiar, and I stared at him. I re-ad the caption, and instantly, I was breathless with rage. He was Regina’s half brother. Kevin Hill .


I stayed home for days feeling so depressed. I did not want to face anyone. I just wanted to be alone and li-cked my own wound.

First, the scandal. Though Harry clarified the issue to the press, it was not enough. Reporters kept on pestering me in public and my social media accounts, asking me questions about my involvement with Prince Phil!pand Princess Camila. They were like hungry wolves. Some asked if I was pregnant and as-sumed that I was when I did not answer them. Then they asked who the father was, whether Prince Phil!por Kevin. What the hell! Others called me a bit-ch, snob, man snatcher, a spoiled br@t, a drama queen and an opportunist who wanted to marry the future king of England. They said all hurtful things that they could think of about me, just to crush me down, and they succeeded in dropping my confidence, from 100 to 0 real quic-k. I’ve never been hurt or attacked by media ever before.

Being heartbroken, made me feel more miserable. I tried to hate Harry, cursing him until I ran out of negative personality adjectives on him. I missed him, terribly. His t©uçh, his k!sses, his warm delicious male scent, his tantalising eyes… darn it.
I explored Australia, hopping from one city to another, going to beaches and working out with my tan, meeting new and old friends and boy hunting – to get over my heartache, but I failed. I compared every guy I met with Harry.

I diverted myself in going shopping, but, not for me anymore. Some souvenirs for my family, friends and employees. Why would I shop for myself when I have too many dresses, bags and shoes that I haven’t wear yet in my big closet? Reminded me to get rid of all those clothes that I wouldn’t use and to donate it to the Women Shelter. I did not nee-d all those material things to be happy. It just took too much of my time deciding on my OOTDs and what image to project in a day. Jealous people would always make a negative comment no matter what I’d wear anyway. There were more important things to think about.

Another of my diversion was trying the street foods of Australia. Yeah, it fascinated me since Harry brou-ght me in the night market in England. I realized there were too many foods that I haven’t tried yet. Some street foods were even more delicious than the food served in fancy restaurants. I paid less than twenty dollars in a meal compared to five hundred dollars in an exclusive fine dining restaurant. Meeting the locals and some tourists also made me feel a better and well-rounded person.
I felt a lot better when I arrived in New York. My confidence was back. The news that greeted me about my stolen ideas made all of me crumbled on the ground. My feet and knees were pulverized that it was ha-rd to get up. I went home so devastated. All the misery I experienced from the scandal and heartaches… c@m£ back again.

How could all these people be so mean to me? What have I done? I could not help but wonder, if I was really such a bad person that I deserved this? There were times when I was young that I bec@m£ so spoiled and selfless. But I was so immature, and as I grew older, I learned from my mistakes.

There was a knock on my be-droom door, followed by a slight opening.

“Can I come in?” I heard my sister, Crystal said. Her face was hidden behind the door. Her wavy black hair was showing at the side.

“Yeah.” I sat up on be-d, wra-pping my legs together in front of me.

Crystal c@m£ in, wearing a ruffled satin blue dress and flat silver shoes. She was alre-ady fourteen but still she dressed like a kid. I remembered when I was a year younger than her, I alre-ady wore makeups, S-xy clothes and skimpy shorts. I cringed at the thought. Yeah, I was always in a hurry to grow up back then. I did not know, why I was like that. I guessed, it was just my personality.

She sat on my be-d and I knew she was looking at me, even her other eye went to another direction. She had strabismus. One of her eyes turned inward toward her nose, a temporarily loss control of focus whenever she stared at something very close. She was wearing eyeglas-ses since she was a kid to correct the visual impairment. As she grew older, her condition was improving. But all the same, she was very beautiful. She got the looks of grandma Nina, and her resemblance with Zion and dad was prominent.

“You’re not getting dress yet for dinner. Grandpa and grandma are alre-ady downstairs.” Crystal said.

It was our family dinner, and I could not escape it. I have to face everyone and answer their questions – p@rticularly about the scandal and about the Stones. It was quite a while since I last attended the family dinner.
“I won’t take long to get dress.” I smiled at her. “I learned to be fast.”

“Going to England changed you. You bec@m£ like me.” Herl-ips twisted a little.

“Like you? In what way?”

Crystal and I were opposites, especially when I was her age. I was loud, she was soft spoken. I cursed, she wouldn’t say any mean words. I would wrestle anyone who would hurt me, while she wouldn’t hurt an ant. I would plot a revenge to my enemies, while Crystal would kill her enemies with kindness.


I smiled at her and clasped her hand. “You’re not boring, Crystal. You’re just being you. Kind, sweet and beautiful. Believe me, I love your personality even better.”

She half hvgged me, resting her head on my shoulder. “When are you going to be okay? I’m not used seeing you this way, I missed your laughter. The house seemed so sad.”
I ca-ressed her back, comforting her. “I’ll be okay, just give me time. People nee-d time to recover in sadness or misery. Just like you did when your hamster died.”
She straightened but never let go of my hand. “Did you talk to Harry?”

I heaved a sigh and ru-bbe-d my temple. The mention of Harry’s name brou-ght an ache in my heart. I told Crystal about Harry, well… not everything though, I saved the x-rated information to save her innocent mind. If anyone who could keep a secret, it would be her. She wouldn’t tell a soul.
“Not yet.”

“Do you think you should answer his calls? It’s still better to talk things over.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We’ll definitely talk and settle our problem. I just nee-d some time to think about what happened.” I smiled at her, then stood up to change.

I was re-ady in ten minutes. A world record for me. I thought it was impossible before, but now, it was a very simple task. No nee-d to waste time thinking on what to wear.
I was seated in the living room with my family and grandparents, while waiting for the Monteiros to come. We were listening to Crystal who was pla-ying the piano. They were drinking the white wine that Zion brou-ght.

They were talking about Zion’s airline business in California and I was listening to them, nervous as hell at the thought that the t©pic would shift on me, the scandal and Harry.
It did not take too long for dad to open the t©pic. I bit myl-ips as I pretended not to be affected.

“The fact that he did not want to meet us, made me very suspicious of that guy. This wouldn’t happen if I had his background investigated.” Dad said, with his tone evident of anger.

It bec@m£ an argument between us before when he had all the men who wanted to d@t£ me investigated first. His overprotectiveness was so annoying that I told him to st©p and let me live my own life. I was not a kid anymore. True to his word, he really did st©p. And now, this thing happened with that… j£rk.

“Who would ever think that Kevin Hill could do that. Emerald said that he looked like a saint.” My mom defended me.
“That’s what devils do, pretend to act like a saint.” My grandpa, Markos bu-tted in.

“Look who’s talking.” Grandma scolded grandpa. “You were not nice to me when I met you, Finn.”

“That was different, hon. You know why I pretended to be a bad guy.” Grandpa straightened on his seat. I knew what was coming, we have to hear their love story again. “It started in the closet, we had this game called seven minutes in heaven. But we did it for fifteen minutes…”
“Dad, plea-se spare us with the story. I know it’s the best love story ever but we heard it too many times alre-ady.” Dad interrupted grandpa, and grandpa just twisted hisl-ips. “Don’t worry, Emmie, our lawyer will make sure that the Stones will pay for what they’ve done.”

“That was a serious offence, stealing others’ work.” Zion leaned back against the couch, his arm went around Claire’s shoulders. Claire responded by putting her arm on his th!gh. I envied them so much. The way they looked at each other, like their was a communication between them that they only un-derstood. Love sparked in their eyes and their actions. Same with my dad and mom… grandpa and grandma. I wished I could find true love.

“The Stones would be liable for damages and Hill, could possibly go into prison.” Grandpa continued before sipping the white wine.
I was not worried about Kevin after what he did. I trusted him and yet he betrayed me. It seemed like it was ha-rd to trust anyone anymore. Regina was driven with her obse-ssion to surpas-s me in anything. She took every measure, even by stealing. I felt bad that she felt like that when we were not kids anymore.

I was glad that the t©pic shifted to Claire’s pregnancy. She was almost four months pregnant. She was thankful that her ordeal of nausea and vomiting was over. But she was always sleepy, just like now. Mom and grandma went to the kitchen to check the food while Crystal continued practicing a new piece on the piano.

I took a sip of the white wine. Zion said it was only a 4% alcohol, a herbal and appetizer. It wouldn’t have any effect on me. He was right, it was like drinking a lemon jui-ce. Besides, I did not give a damn if I got drun!kthat evening. I was secured in our own home. Everyone would take care of me. The wine would help me ease my nerves and get me to sleep well tonight. Hmm.. I was having headaches from lack of sleep alre-ady. My depression was getting into me. The white wine would be my saviour.

I heaved a long sigh as I watched dad, ru-bbing Jordy’s ears.
I wonder how Archie is doing right now? I felt bad leaving him, but I had to do it, to save my sanity. I was confused, heartbroken and miserable. It took a lot of strength for me to leave with my head still held up high.

I thought of Harry again. I hated that he never left my mind. It was more than a week since I last saw him, and yet, I still felt the same empty feeling inside me. I missed him so badly…

“Did you talk to Harry?”

I j£rked up as I heard Zion asked me. Amazing, as if he could re-ad my mind. I swallowed a big sip of the wine before I answered.

“Um… not yet. Why?”

“He called asking about you. He said you were not answering his calls.”

Oh God, not now, Zion.

“Did something happen between the two of you?” Dad’s eyebrows rose, followed by a suspicious frown.

I could not utter a word. I found it ha-rd to lie to my family.

“What’s going on, Emerald? You have a misun-derstanding with Harry?” Zion asked again. Why wouldn’t he st©p? We can talk later, just the two of us. Not in front of everyone, especially dad. I looked at Claire, hoping she would un-derstand and scold her husband to st©p the t©pic, but it was not working. Her eyebrows rose in a question, she did not un-derstand me.

“No! I mean… yes.” I looked at Zion then shifted to dad. Both of them made me nervous, interrogating me like FBIs. “Just a… a little bit of disagreement about the scandal.”

“He settled it with the press alre-ady, right?” Dad gro-an ed and muttered nastily. “If that British boy mess up with you, I swear, I’m going to kick his as-s. I don’t give a damn if he’s going to be the king of England.”

I took a gulp of the wine again to st©p my hands from shaking. Why I felt so defensive of Harry all of a sudden? I would never ever want dad to kick Harry’s as-s!

“Harry mentioned about something going on between you two, and I was like…” Zion frowned, hisl-ips twisted, “I thought he was implying that he had S-x with you.” He roared with laughter.

“That’s a crazy idea, Zion. Emmie and Harry grew up like siblings.” Dad laughed richly. “It would never happen.”

“That means, Harry would not get a boner, if he’d sleep on a be-d with Emmie?” Grandpa asked innocently, and all men laughed.

I swallowed the remaining wine in my glas-s, then laughed with them so loud. I could not help myself from skrie-king with laughter. I felt so light and festive. I wanted to sing. They all st©pped laughing and looked at me.