The fall of a drama queen episode 16





💄 Emerald’s POV

I was informed by the household staff that they took Archie in the vet clinic. He nee-ded to get some sh0ts. They found a few scabs on him that nee-ded to be treated immediately. They would also pamper him today, by giving bath, good grooming and mas-sage.

Harry called me at ten in the morning. He informed me that he was alre-ady in the countryside for a medical mission. He would be back in the palace at around six and we could have dinner together.

“I miss you alre-ady, I can’t wait.”

“I miss you more, my sweet angel.” His voice was so de-ep and s-en-sual. “Have fun today and explore the palace. Tomorrow, I’m going to take you around the city. There are a lot of places I want you to see. And different food I want you to taste. You will love England, it’s a beautiful country.

“I’m learning to love it alre-ady, Harry.” It bec@m£ easier because you’re here. I wanted to add.

Then I heard a woman’s voice, with a familiar accent calling him. ‘Prince Phili-p, you said you’ll show me the vineyard.’ Then she giggled.

“I have to go.” He remarked with a gloomy sigh.

“Harry, wait…”

“I really have to go. We’ll talk later, Emerald. Bye.” He said abruptly and put down the phone. He never even waited for me to say I love you to him. He was in a hurry to take Princess Camila to the vineyard.

I could not help remembering what happened when we were in a vineyard, and that was ba-rely a week ago. It started with a de-ep searching k!ss, and ended up getting n-ked in the shower.
I knew how my relationsh!pwith Harry progressing quic-kly, like a whirlwind r0m@nç£. In my opinion, it did not really matter how slow or quic-k the new r0m@nç£escalated, as long as we felt that we were soulmates. The connection was there and the r0m@nç£was great. He swept me off my feet and I knew that what we have is perfect.

I love Harry and I trust him. No matter how many Princesses out there who would flir-t on him, they could never take him away from me. We love each other. And love means, absolute trust.

I went to the Royal Gift Shop after lunch. I joined the crowd of excited tourists. I got fascinated looking at their new stocks. Cute palace guardsman teddy bears that I would definitely buy for Crystal, new designs of China wares that I knew mom would love, mugs for dad, and baby stuff – soon for Zion and Claire’s baby. I also bought some items for grandma Nina, grandpa Markos, and for aunt Chloe and her family. I asked that in-charged in the shop to have the items delivered to our address in New York.

Afterwards, I decided to gr-ab some cake at the snack bar. I was on my way there when I caught a man took a picture of me. I looked directly at him, but he just ignored me and took pictures of the flowers and monuments behind me. I was wrong. I thought he was a paparazzi. They were banned inside the palace.

I ordered a red velvet cake with mint tea, and took a table outside the bar. I took my phone and opened my Facebook account. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of my friends and re-ading the comments. I scanned the posts and pictures, until I saw pictures of Harry and Princess Camila. They were having lunch together, laughing together like they shared a joke. There was another picture of them with their hands clasped together. What?! I felt a sudden squee-zing pain in my che-st. And the last picture was inti-mate. Harry’s arm was around Princess Camila’s shoulders.

What’s going on?

I could not believe that Harry did this. Why is he tou-ching her- like this! I glared at the picture. Jealousy and anger mixed together, made me want to scream.

I took a big bite of my cake angrily, when I heard a familiar voice said behind me.

“Finally, I found you.”

Oh God. Wrong timing. I was affected about Harry and Princess Camila and seeing a friend was not very appealing at that moment.

“Hi, Kevin.” I greeted him as he sat down on an empty chair beside me. “What are you doing here in England?”
He chuckled. “From the tone of your voice, I can feel that you’re not excited to see me.”

“plea-se, don’t be too s-en-sitive. I’m just surprised to see you.”

He gave me his sweetest boyish smile and said. “I’m sorry.”
I felt guilty for being mean to him. Kevin was always so nice and caring to me. He was very patient and listened whenever I have problems. He never complained.

“I called you several times, texted you but you could not be reached. I’m worried about that scandal with the prince. I’m here to check if you’re okay. What’s going on? Is that true?”

“That’s not true.”

He heaved a sigh of relief. “I know you can’t do that, Emerald. You won’t do a scandal like that.” He clasped my hand ti-ghtly, raising it to hisl-ips. I pu-ll-ed my hand when he k!$$£d my knuckles.

“Thank you, Kevin for your concern, I really appreciate it.” I put my hands on my l@p, keeping it away from him. “But it’s not really necessary for you to travel all the way here for that. Everything was handled well by the palace.”

“Ah- I love you so much, Emerald. I wouldn’t have any peace of mind until I’d see you safe. Besides, I don’t trust these English people, especially that guy, Harry. He lied his identity to you. He should have told you that he’s the prince!” Kevin looked suddenly angry. It was so weird that he was acting like a protective b©yfri£ndall of a sudden.

“Kevin… plea-se. You don’t love me.”

He laughed a little, then t©uçhed my cheek. “You know I love you, from the very start. I wouldn’t have invested my time with you if I don’t. I know you feel the same way too.”
“No… of course not.” I inhaled de-eply, trying to remain calm. “I told you ever since that we’re just hanging out as friends. I made it clear to you.”
“Well, you were not showing it in your actions. Technically, we were exclusively d@t!ng. You’re my girlfriend in every s-en-se of the word.”

My temper flared immediately. Why it was so ha-rd to explain to him? “I don’t love you – not that way, Kevin.”

“You will learn.” He insisted.

“St©p it, will you? Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. I have a b©yfri£ndalre-ady. Harry… Prince Phil!pis my b©yfri£nd. We have this attra-ction between us, for too long alre-ady. A connection, so real and special… that turned to love.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not. I love him.”

“You mean, I wasted my time coming here in England?!” His face looked so upset. He stood up and pu-ll-ed me up.
“St©p it, you’re hurting me.” I pu-ll-ed my arm away from him, but he was so strong. He wouldn’t let me go.
“And what did you do to me, huh? You’ve hurt my feelings. You have no mercy, Emerald.”
I was surprised when he suddenly yanked me towards him. I was caught off guard when he suddenly k!$$£d me on myl-ips.
I swear, I saw a flash of a c@m£ra in front of us.


👑. Harry’s POV. ✔


“Your royal highness. You nee-d to see these.” My adviser and spoke person, Adrien Wood, gave me his phone, showing me pictures of me and Princess Camila in the internet.

I was surprised at how the pictures were exaggeratedly edited. We were holding hands and my arms went around her. It was all ph0toshopped images. We did not even have lunch alone together. The head of the medical mission joined us, as well as Princess Camila’s cousin.

“It seems like the paparazzi are all back again. They focus their attention on you and Princess Camila. These pictures are all over internet alre-ady. People are sh!pping on both of you.”

“That won’t happen.”

“I know, sir.” Adrien agreed and showed me another set of pictures. “You’re in all celebrity news, this morning. Too many articles and pictures of you. Your biogra-phy, student’s life and travels. You suddenly bec@m£ a s-en-sation all over the world, sir.”

“What the hell! Where did they get these old pictures? These are all personal.” I swiped the pictures, there were a bunch of them. With my family, my friends Zion and Izzy, with coach Garrett and the whole football team, with my prom d@t£ Betty Jones, and many other ph0tos during my university days.

“We’ll find out later, sir. The paparazzi interviewed people you know. There’s a big write up from your clas-smate in high school, c@m£ron Talbot, the principal’s son. He said you were very close like brothers and he knew you too well.”

“I did not hang out with that guy. He’s a user. He just want to ride the popularity for personal gain.”
“Obviously sir. He’s promoting his modeling agency at the end of the interview.”

I shook my head and dismissed any thought of that leech. I wanted to call Emerald, in case she saw the pictures. But I decided, it was better to tell her personally this evening.
The medical mission was too crowded with people. Not just with the patients but with curious people who just went there to see the royals. People kept on crowding around me, taking pictures, shaking my hands, hvgging me and even tried to k!ssme. I knew, I have to get use to this. People adored their future king, the head of the state and the sovereign. I would do my duties well so I would not disappoint them.

“Your royal highness. Can I talk to you for a minute?” Princess Camila interrupted an important conversation with the Secretary of State for Health, giving her trained megawatt smile and sparkled eyes.

“Yes, Princess Camila?”

Her eyes signaled me to follow her to the air conditioned tent. There were a bunch of doctors and medics resting inside when we entered. I was surprised when she ordered everyone to leave the tent. The room emptied in seconds.
I twisted myl-ips, shaking my head. I wondered about the importance and confidentiality that she was about to discuss with me.
I waited for her to talk first. But she was taking her time. She sat on a padded chair and invited me to the seat beside her.

I complied and asked her immediately. “What is it?”

I could not waste time getting cozy inside the tent when there were plenty of people who wanted to talk to me outside. The medical mission bec@m£ an opportunity to reach out to the mas-ses. I listened to their concerns, problems and the as-sistance they nee-ded.

“I just want to ask you an important question.”

I leaned forward, putting my elbows on my knees. “I’m listening.”
“What are we?” Her hand pointing from me to her, back and forth.

I sat properly, surprised at her question. Then I leaned back on the chair. “What do you mean?”
“You’re ignoring me.”
She was really confusing me. What the hell is she implying?

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re supposed to show me the vineyard, as what the King suggested, but you did not.”
“I don’t obey all the king’s wishes, especially if it pertains to my personal life. I don’t want to be rude, but let me remind you that I am here for the medical mission, not to act as your tourist guide.”

“And I did not come here to be insulted by you.” Her chin lifted up. “You have an obligation to treat me with high respect. I am a royal princess, not a commoner.” Her eyes glared at me angrily.
“I respect people equally, not because of their social statues and credentials. If you want to be respected, treat others with respect also.”

Her nostrils flared as she clenched her teeth. “That’s unfair, your royal highness. You don’t know me better and you as-sumed that I’m like a low clas-s citizen with no breeding? The problem is, you’re not ma-king an effort to get to know me better.”
I heaved a long sigh and stood up. “This is a useless conversation, Princess Camila. Next time, if you want an important thing to say to me, address it to my spoke person, Adrien Wood.”

“How dare you! Spain will pu-ll out in financing this medical mission. I will make sure of that.” She stood up also, putting her hands on her w@!st.

“You’re welcome to do that right now. We don’t nee-d your financial as-sistance. England is very much capable in financing our projects. We know that your father is only doing this so we can return the favor to your bigger project.”
That silence her. I excused myself to leave the tent, when she apologized.

“I’m sorry for being so s-en-sitive. I’m not usually like this. I hope you forgive me, your royal highness.”

I turned around and saw her curtsied, her expression was apologetic.

I nodded. It was the best that I could do at the moment. Knowing her real personality was a big disappointment.

At exactly five in the afternoon, I was on my way home. I was with Adrien at the back of car.
“Your royal highness. There are pictures that the paparazzi posted in the internet this afternoon that concern you.”
Not again. This is the reason why I wanted my privacy. I hate publicity. These paparazzi earn money ex-posing the personal lives and skeletons in the closets of famous people. They could have got a much better job.
“What is it this time?” I get curious. I hope not a picture of me n-ked.

Adrien showed me the pictures on his phone.

Cold sweat formed on my n£¢k as I saw the picture of Emerald with a guy. He was k!ss!ngher knuckles.

“Who is this guy?” I spat out the words with contempt. Fury flared up to my head, like demons hungry for a kill.

“Kevin Hill. The article said that he is the b©yfri£ndof Miss Petrakis.”

b©yfri£nd, huh?

The next picture made my eyes darkened and my rebellious emotions got out of hand.

What the fv¢k! She’s k!ss!ngthe guy!

“This is ph0toshopped, right?” I asked Adrien.

“I’m afraid not, your royal highness.”


👑 Emerald’s POV 💄

I just went out of the shower, preparing for my d@t£ with Harry when my best friend, Athena Niarchos called.
“Have you seen the nas-ty article in the internet?”
“About what?” I sat down at the vanity table inside the bathroom and reached for the b!ow dryer.

“About you! You messed up with another scandal again.”
My heart st©pped. Oh God. I knew this is going to happen.
I almost ran out of the bathroom and to the be-d where my l@pt©p was lying,

“Kevin Hill told the paparazzi that he’s your b©yfri£ndand you’re cheating on him by slee-ping with the future King of England.” Athena continued.

How could Kevin do this to me. I felt bad that he k!$$£d me in front of the paparazzi. I was so mad that I left him before I could say anything harsh that I would regret later. And now, I found out that he allowed himself to be interviewed by them?

“That j£rk! He’s lying.” I bur-st angrily.

“There’s a picture of you two k!ss!ngoutside a cafe.”
“He stole that k!ss, I was caught off guard! I don’t know what’s up with him, coming here in England and suddenly acting like a protective b©yfri£nd.”

“He as-sumes that there’s something more in your friendsh!pwith him. The first time I met him, my instinct told me that he could not be trusted.” Athena rasped.

“I always made it clear to him that we were just going out as friends.”

“I know. That guy nee-ds a poke on the head, he could not take rejection.”

I googled my name and instantly, I saw the article. Darn it.
I was called a spoiled br@t bit-ch , a cheater to Kevin Hill and a snake to Prince Phil!pand Princess Camila’s r0m@nç£. The two royals were due to get married next year and now the relationsh!pbec@m£ shaky because of me!
Heat rose up to my face as anger veered to rage.

How could they write things like this. They were destroying me with these false allegations.

I grind my teeth as I continued re-ading, while Athena was ranting and cursing Kevin Hill.

There was a mention of my company, the Petrakis Gems. I was offered by the king to make the queen’s crown and stay in the royal palace for a week. But I took the opportunity to f0rç£ myself into Prince Phili-p.

$h!t! Kevin told them about the crown. That as-s-hole! It was not supposed to be known to the public.

I re-ad on and felt more disgusted when I was labeled as the spoiled heiress of the Petrakis fortune who is itching to be the next queen of England.


My family would be furious, once they’d hear about this. Dad and Zion would hunt the paparazzi for publishing such article, ruining me as a person, my reputation and my company.
Everything was lies and extremely embarras-sing on my p@rt.
I could not imagine the king’s reaction when he’d find out about this. He would be very disappointed of this new scandal I brou-ght in the palace. I was like a jinx to them.

My biggest concern was Harry…

“So, what are you going to do now?” Athena asked.

“I’m going to talk to Harry. What he’s going to say on this.”

“Yeah, he can clear the issue with the press. This article affects his reputation too as the next king.” Athena let out a bitter laugh. “If only they knew that you and Harry treat each other like siblings.”

Oh-oh. I haven’t told Athena about my relationsh!pwith Harry. But I guessed it was not the right time yet, with this new scandal. She would un-derstand if I’d tell her soon. She always did.

“Um… right. I’m sure he’ll help me. He won’t tolerate malicious gossips like this one.”

“I have to go, Emerald. Carter will take me to this new Malaysian restaurant for lunch.” Athena was about five months pregnant and she was always craving for food.

“Okay, bye. Thanks for telling me about this. Enjoy your lunch.”