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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 40 & 41

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Chapter 40
[Exclusively His]
(Your mistress)


Writer’s P O V
**Three days later **

“So, what exactly are you looking for, Ethan? What do you wanna do with the information you gain?” Lilian asked her brother curiously.

“Nothing much. It might make the headlines or may not. I noticed that everything on the net wasn’t all. There is something I wanna know. The king killed Amanda’s family obviously but Amanda left with his son.”

“There is something that is not clear and I want to find out everything I can about this case,” Ethan replied her.

“Should I tell Pink about this then?” Lilian asked.

“No, you shouldn’t. It’s just my thing, there is no need for her to know,” Ethan shook his head in reply. A knock suddenly came at the door.
Ethan and Lilian stared at themselves, confused.

“You expecting anyone today?” Ethan asked Lilian.
“No,” Lilian shook her head in reply. Another heavy knock came at the door again.
“Seriously, Derek. You should behave well and focus on your exams. I want you to also forget about everything that happened here temporary,” Lilian said into the phone.

“Yeah, I’ll try,” Derek mumbled to her in reply.

“So, have you seen Tess since you arrived?” Pink asked.

Derek huffed out a little before answering.

“No, I have been in doors since I got here. Be fast with whatever you’re doing there so you can join me here. It’s boring without you.”

“Um…sure. we’ll speak later then. Bye,” Pink said and cut the line.

She sighed and relaxed back on the bed, wondering how she was gonna meet the ‘supposed king’ who murdered all her family, even extended family members.

But just then, the door opened and Prince Reagan entered her room.
She kept staring at him as he closed the door, after that, he relaxed his back against the door with a stick of cigarette on the brim of his lips.

“Has your brother arrived your apartment there yet?” Prince Reagan asked staring back at Pink.

“Yes, just finished speaking with him now.” Pink answered standing up from the bed. She started approaching him.

“Have you asked him yet?”

Prince Reagan’s brows cocked up at Pink’s question.

“Who? Asked what?” He questioned clearly confused.

“Your father. The king,” Pink supplied.
“Do you know the reason he did that?”

Prince Reagan sighed already knowing where the conversation was heading to.

“No, I couldn’t. I don’t even know how to bring the topic up without making him suspect much,” Prince Reagan cringed in reply.

“You need to do that. I need to know my family’s offense, aside the fact that the internet said my mother committed adultery. What other sin did my family commit for the king to kill them off that way. Why wasn’t Derek and I killed off too but ended up in America? Why can’t I or Derek remember anything from our past?” Pink asked, her voice becoming louder.

“I don’t know. I’m also curious,” Prince Reagan huffed out, he left the door then strode to the bed to sit. Pink turned back to face him.

“Well, if you can’t ask him. Take me to him, I’ll ask him,” Pink stated.

“No, you’ll be risking your own life. I don’t want that,” Prince Reagan refused.
Pink walked to the bed to meet him again.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as I get something out of him,” Pink said bobbing her head sideways.

“What makes you think he’ll even answer you?” Prince Reagan questioned.
A mischievous grin appeared on Pink’s face.

“I want to be your mistress. A real one, make me one,” Pink demanded. Her request shocked Prince Reagan. He remained still and continued staring at her without uttering a word.

“Why? You don’t want me anymore?” Pink asked, sitting down beside him.

“I..I’m surprised. What are you planning to do? You have something in mind,” prince Reagan mouthed, briefly puffing out smoke from his mouth.

“I have nothing bad in mind. Just to be able to meet him. If he hears that his son’s mistress wants an audience with him. I’m sure he’ll create time to meet me. And also speak with me,”Pink uttered.

“I don’t want you meeting him,” Prince Reagan shook his head in refusal. It annoyed Pink a lot.

“Why?” She half yelled.

“You might also bump into his wife. I don’t want them picking new interest in you or going further with investigation concerning you, Prince Reagan responded.

“So, is that a no? You aren’t making me your mistress anymore?” Pink inquired fisting her hand tight.

Prince Reagan stared at her fisted hands and without warning, pulled her close and planted his lips on hers.

His sudden behaviour was unexpected at all. It made Pink’s body become rigid. She didn’t respond to his kiss nor did she push him away. She just remained in a position as prince Reagan sucked and bite on her lower lip.

His hand started running up her back, to her bare back. Pink came back to life when she felt prince Reagan unhook her bra.

She gasped into the kiss and tried pushing him away but his hold on her was very tight. Pink didn’t resist much again, she gave herself into the kiss.

Due to the fact that she was on just a singlet and a bra made it easier for prince Reagan to continue undressing her.

“Oh…you don’t know how long I’ve planned on doing this,” Prince Reagan murmured into the kiss that was now becoming hot.

In seconds, Prince Reagan was on top of Pink, her bra out, her top and shorts out.

Prince Reagan was trying to bury himself inside her when Pink abruptly stopped him.

“Are you making me your mistress or not?” Pink questioned.
Prince Reagan grumbled, unhappy with her actions. But then he mouthed a ‘yes’ to her.

Pink relaxed back on the bed, happy that her plan will soon be achieved. She let out a long throaty moan when she felt prince Reagan push his already hardened c**k into her.
**America. London.**
Just as Derek dropped a dish he recently used into the sink. A light knock came at the door.
He dried his hand on his body before reaching for the door.

He unlocked the door and opened it to see Tess there. Derek stared at her from head to toe to notice that she has lost a lot of weight, her skin colour has also changed and she is wearing a pink hoodie that is hiding her hair.

His eyes met back with hers.

“Derek,” she smiled at him before hugging him.


Chapter 41

Writer’s P O V
“Tessy, come in,” Derek shifted back a bit, out from the hug to allow Tess in. She nodded before walking in.

Derek shut the door then turned back to stare at her again.
Is she really sick? She looks sick, Derek thought before going in to the sitting room with her.

“It’s been so long.” Tess said looking around the sitting room.

“Yeah,” Derek mumbled still staring at her.
After looking around the room, Tess’s eyes fell back on him.

“Thanks for coming back. I needed someone so badly and I’m glad you came,” Tess cooed lowly.

“Yeah.” Derek mumbled again.

“So, how was your stay over there? In Thailand right?” Tess asked, smiling.

“Yeah,” Derek mumbled again in reply. Tess didn’t find it offensive. She was damn happy to see him.

“So, how was your stay there?” She asked him again.

“Good,” he answered.

“I always wondered what other countries will look like. I wish I have the opportunity to travel to everywhere. But I don’t,” she sighs at the end.

“How is your sister? She didn’t return with you?” She kept asking.

“No,” Derek replied.

“Do you wanna take something? Anything?” Derek asked after a pause between them.

“Yeah, I will like to drink water. Warm water if you don’t really mind,” Tess laughed a little while answering.

“No, I don’t mind. I’ll go get it,” he responded standing up. He went into the kitchen to boil water for her.
After boiling the water, he decanted it into a glass cup. He turned to return back to her but found her standing behind him.

“Oh sorry, you didn’t hear me coming,” Tess smiled at him. She collected the glass cup from him and gulped down the content. She returned the cup back to him and started leaving. Derek followed her out to the sitting room again. They both sat down.

“Are you really sick?” Derek interrupted her and asked.

Sadness spread across Tess’s face but she was quick to smile again. A sad smile.

“Yeah, I am. I didn’t lie to you this time,” although I wanted you to come back badly, Tess sighed in reply.

“Cancer?” Derek asked to be sure.

Tess nodded twice, with her eyes fixed on the floor. Then she removed her hoodie, revealing the wig she was wearing. After that, she removed the wig revealing her shaved hair.

“Oh fück,” Derek muttered silently.

“H…how many months left?” Derek asked.

“I..I just found out that I have only three months left,” Tess answered trying to hold back the tears that threatened spilling out from her eyes.
Derek remained silent after that. He just kept watching her.

**Thailand. Bangkok**
Pink’s cell phone rang and she picked the call. Prince Reagan watched as her facial expression changed, then she stood up after that.

“Where are you going?” Prince Reagan questioned.

“Somewhere, can you ask one of your guards to drive me?” Pink answered and asked.

“Yeah. Simon will take you,” Prince Reagan said, a smile lighting his face.

Pink knew exactly what he was thinking. She dressed up and went out through the door in hope to find simon, she didn’t even have to look for him.

He was standing few feet from the door.

“Um, I need you to take me somewhere. The prince already gave his permission,” Pink said.

The prince appeared behind her.

“Yeah, take her wherever she wanna go and make sure you return with her.” Prince Reagan instructed.

“Yes my prince,” Simon nodded in understanding, but just then prince Reagan gave him a sign which he understood.

He took Pink out from the palace, he followed her description and arrived somewhere that looked like a deserted area.

“Wait for me here, I won’t run away. I promise,” Pink said then started leaving.

Simon waited for her to go far before coming out from the car and trailing behind her.

Pink kept walking, she got to the house. The house looks so old and worn out.

She knocked on the door and the door got opened by Lilian.

“Come on,” Lilian beckoned on her to enter and she did.

“Ok, what is happening?” Pink asked looking around the small sitting room.

“We are being tracked. I think we are in trouble, those palace guards came looking for us to probably take us, or kill us but we escaped,” Ethan explained to her.

“What? Kill you?” Pink asked with her brows furrowed.

“Yes. They broke into our house, they were about six in number, all came with one weapon or the other. You think prince Reagan sent them to come kill us for what we did?” Lillian answered and asked worriedly.

“No, prince Reagan won’t do that. He won’t try to kill you. No!” Pink shook her head.

“How do you know that? Those prince pricks are all spoiled. If he is not the one then who else from the royal family will send the guards after us?” Ethan insisted.

“I don’t know. But…”

“You trust the prince,” Lilian cut her off.

“No, it’s not that I trust him 100 percent but I’m sure that he won’t do such a thing to you. What he did the last time, I believe it to be the end,” Pink answered.

Lilian sighed before throwing herself on the couch.

“This is our grandpa’s house before he died. This is our hiding place for now,” Lilian sighed in exhaustion.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry guys.” Pink cooed.

“You have to help us find out the particular royalty behind this Amanda. You are our only hope now to survive,” Ethan said looking at Pink.

Pink sighed and went to sit down beside Lilian.

“It might be because of me guys. I don’t really understand, I feel like I put you guys into trouble,” Pink said looking from Ethan to Lilian.

“I’ll try my best. I’ll find out the person that wants to hack my friends, it won’t happen,” Pink shook her head in determination before standing up.

“I need to go now. I’ll return back tomorrow if possible, I came with Simon. I don’t need him suspecting anything,” Pink announced heading for the door.

“Ok, bye. Bring a lot of groceries on your way back, we are running out of food,” Lilian said.

“Ok,” Pink nodded at her before opening the door and walking out. She got to the car to see Simon still sitted at the front sit waiting for her.

She got into the back sit and simon drove her back to the palace. Throughout the ride, she kept thinking, wondering who the person is, the person that wants to kill Ethan and Lilian.

Simon knocked softly on prince Reagan’s door.

“Come in,” Prince Reagan ushered him in.

He walked in to see Prince steven there too. He greeted him before turning his full attention back to prince Reagan.

“’s about Amanda,” Simon said wondering if he should go on with prince steven there.

Prince Reagan noticed his uneasiness.

“Go on, say it,” Prince Reagan gave him a go ahead.

Simon explained everything he heard while eves dropping on Pink and her friends.

“Woah, who could do that? I surely didn’t do such thing. I don’t even know those peps,” Prince steven was the first to comment.

“And… Michael won’t do such thing either. Does he even know people in this country aside his family? I doubt he’ll be the one,” prince Steven added.

“Yeah, that leaves us with the king, his wife and the crown prince. They didn’t describe what the guards looked like?” Prince Reagan looked up to Simon, asking.

“From their little description, I think..I don’t know but I think, they are the crown prince men,” Simon stated.

“Hmm, so what connection do they have?” Prince Steven asked out.

Prince Reagan was about to say something when they all heard loud voices outside the door.

Simon quickly opened the door wide and there stood Pink with Prince Micheal.

‘Hey, why are you listening to someone else conversation?” Prince Michael asked, clearly not pleased.

“I wasn’t,” Pink shook her head. She turned towards the door to see different set of eyes watching her.

“I wasn’t,” she said again.

“I’ll leave now,” she added before leaving them all staring at her.

“She was, trust me. She didn’t even know when I got behind her, she flinched,” Prince Michael pointed at her accusedly.

“Yeah, I believe you.”

“Simon, from now on, don’t leave her side, follow her everywhere she goes to. Her life might be in danger,” Prince Reagan ordered.



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