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July 30, 2021


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The exclusive sex worker Episode 4 & 5

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Chapter 5
[Exclusively His]

CONTRACTED story – Reposting not allowed
Written and owned by; Blessing D writes.

Strictly for matured minds 18+



Writer’s POV
“Make love to me, I’ve been dying for a touch from you” she whispered.

Derek took a step back making her hand fall off his body.

“What??” He half yelled.

“If you really wanna know what she is doing, what she has been up to, Derek. I’ll tell you because sooner or later you might regret finding out late” Tess said with a devilish smile on.

“But…” Derek whispered.

“I can’t do what you asked, change the condition” Derek groaned lowly eyeing her.

“Why can’t you?” Tess asked.

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“Because, I have a girlfriend, I can’t cheat on her” Derek replied him.

“Is your girlfriend more important to you then your sister. If yes, I’ll take my leave now” Tess said fuming inwardly, at the knowledge that he actually has a girlfriend.

Derek looked at her for a while, a cold expression covered his feature, but, it was clear that he was in deep thoughts.

“Ok, but you’ll have to take me to wherever place she’s working. Don’t just tell me” Derek gave in.

Tess smiled. She made to hug him but he moved back again.

“Don’t touch me, I asked to be taken there. Not to be romanced” Derek spat.

“Ok, but we’ll…”

“No, until you’ve taken me there. I give you my word, I’ll do whatever you want after then” Derek interrupted knowing where she was driving at.

Tess thought for a while.

If I insist then I’ll likely miss this opposite forever.

“Ok then, let’s go. I’ll show you and immediately after that, you’ll do whatever I ask you to do” Tess agreed.

“I’ll be back” Derek eyed her again before going in to his room to grab a t-shirt.

He came back and they went down the building.

“We’ll go with my car, Derek, it’ll be faster that way” Tess winked at him happyily.

Tess parked in front of Mama Cassy X2 bar, she lowered the window.

“This is a bar, there is nothing to see here. If she works as a bar girl then it’s ok” Derek said.

“Then why do you think she’s hiding it from you?” Tess asked.

“Hold on, you see that car over there?” Tess pointed at the Mercedes Benz parked just ahead of them.

“See that man and that girl there, in the dark. What do you think is happening?”

“Well, let me tell you the secret you can’t tell a soul. Behind that bar, there is a bigger bar, more like a club. It’s a sex club – a sêx house” Tess explained.

Realization dawned on Derek at what Tess was driving it.

“What? A sëx club?” Derek farrowed his brows.

Before Tess knew it, he opened the door and stepped down, he started going into the bar.

Tess immediately came down and ran after him.

Derek was just at the entrance, about to enter when Tess caught him.

“What are you doing?” She hushed at him.

“Well, I’m going to confirm if what you are saying is true” Derek replied trying to free his hand from Tess’s grip.

“You can’t go in there, Derek. Do you have money? Millions to spend in there?” Tess hushed at him again.

“Well, I don’t care. I just wanna go find my sister”:Derek was about yelling it out but Tess placed her palm on his mouth.

“I didn’t bring you here to get killed ok?” Tess said, she started dragging him away to her car.

The bouncer standing around the entrance kept glaring at Derek, so he had no choice but to follow Tess back into her car.

“This is a secret club, the public doesn’t know that club exit. If they realize you know of it – someone like you then….I don’t know what they will do to you. Derek please don’t ever come back here, you might get beaten to death” Tess pleaded.

“Then let me report it, I’ll do just that, so my sister won’t ever go there again” Derek fumed.

“Your sister will get arrested, I’ll get arrested too, a lot of people will get affected” She muttered the last part.

“Wait, you are one of them?” Derek sniggered.

“I should have known, you acted just like a bïtch, then it only means you were the one who introduced her to the damn club” Derek asked.

“Yes, I did. Your sister worried herself too much, she was about worrying herself to death on how to get money, do you know that the building owner wanted to have sêx with her to clear the bills? I bet she won’t tell you that part” Tess folded her arms.

“But still, you should have just lended her some money or something. Why introducing to that shit of a club?” Derek frowned.

“I know where to take you so you can cool down a bit, you look so pissed” Tess smiled at him, driving out into the road.


Pink panicked at the knowledge of what was gonna be happening to her. Kara was leading her out from the makeup room to the club room so the interested men could see her.

She wished and prayed silently, praying that no man should find interest in her but she herself doubted it.

She knows that she is beautiful. Aside that, the makeup applied on her and the sexy revealing dress she was putting on could make men definitely look her way.

Her hands started shaking but she joined them together to prevent them from shaking too much, she doesn’t want kara knowing or Kara might get annoyed or disappointed at her.

They got to the blooming club, different colours of flashing lights were everywhere. The men was sited watching some of the girls dance around a poll on what seems like a stage.

Different men the age of her father were there. Some were sited at a corner already down to business.

She saw the red haired girl she saw on her first day at a side with a man around 40. The man’s cöck was already hard and standing, she was riding him to which ever place he wanted to be.

The man held onto his sit, his mouth slightly parted, moaning loudly without any shame.

Pink removed her eyes from them. Kara walked her up to Mama Cassy who was conversing with a man there.

Kara bent down and whispered something to Mama Cassy and Mama Cassy gave her a go ahead.

Kara turned towards Pink, she grabbed her hand and started approaching the stage.

Pink shook a little, she tried withdrawing her hand from kara but kara didn’t give her a chance.

The dancers seeing Kara and pink approaching, stopped dancing, they left the podium.

Kara held onto Pink as she started.

“Gentleman I’m sorry to interrupt your enjoyment but…” she looked at Pink and lifted her hand a little.

“The highest price on her will take her for the whole night” Kara said.

Pink could see the men staring at her, tho they weren’t all old men. There were young and handsome men there too.

Pink kept swallowing her saliva as Kara continued.

“She’s our best as of now. And she is well trained, she’s very obedient too so the….” Kara didn’t finish her speech before men started saying the amount of money they could pay to have her for the night.

The way and manner which they spilled the millons they could pay to have her terrified Pink a lot.

What if they end of eating me after paying such huge amount of money? She wondered.


Chapter 6

(Anger, Pain)

Writer’s POV
Pink’s eyes flushed open, she turned to look at the person holding her. She gasped on recognizing the man’s face.

He was the one that paid the highest amount of money last night and he had taken her away to a hotel.

She slowly removed the man’s hold on her body, then jumped out from the bed.

She started putting on her clothes, quickly but quietly. After that, she picked up the small purse which contained her phone, she was able to pick it with her.

Her eyes widened on seeing the time. 5:30 in the morning.

“Oh shit! Shit shit!” She cussed lowly. She made for the door but stopped to look at the man who she had her first night with as a sêx worker, he wasn’t that old but he was around 38, 40.

She just closed her eyes throughout her time with him, she was grateful he didn’t really complain and just did what he wanted to do with her.

She thought on informing the man that she was already leaving but decided against it in the last minute.

She opened the hotel door slowly, tiptoed out, then closed the door again.

Immediately, she ran to the elevator which it took her down. She was grateful that she also had few cash left inside her small purse.

She waited there for long before seeing a cab to board.

Pink rushed out of the cab after paying the cab man off.

She has been thinking on what to tell Derek, she has planned to just leave the same night after the man must have finished with her but she fell asleep.

She gulped down repeatedly wondering if she should just go ahead and reveal everything to Derek or tell him that she slept off at one of her part time working place due to excess stress. She got into the building, took the elevator which took her to the floor her apartment is built on.

She got to her apartment, imputed the password, still thinking.

She opened the door and started walking in after closing the door.

She got to the sitting room, she dropped her purse then walked to Derek’s room. She opened the door but found the room empty, the bedsheets were still neatly spread meaning he didn’t sleep there.

She closed the door, her palm finding her temples. She rubbed her temples in thought.

“Derek?” She called out but didn’t get a respond. She walked back to her purse, took out her phone and dialed Derek’s line.

She called him up to five times but he didn’t pick. She went into her room to change into a more decent dress, she came back and started calling him again.

She started hearing Derek’s ringing tone outside the door, she walked to the door and opened it to see Derek standing there. His phone in his hand.

“Derek?” She called.

“You’re back” he said walking in.

Pink closed the door then turned to follow Derek.

“Where have you been to?” Pink asked.

“No! Where have you been to? The question is for you, not me” Derek answered.

Pink perceived the smell of alcohol from him.

“Have you been drinking?” She asked.

“That isn’t even a problem, the problem here is you. Why didn’t you tell me you joined a sëx club?” Derek asked. His questions took Pink by surprise.

Her fell open, it fell close back.

“Why?” He asked again.


“Don’t Derek me, ok? I asked you a question, I deserve an answer. A good one at that, because I actually don’t recognize you anymore” Derek snapped.

Pink took her eyes to the floor wondering how he found out about it.

“How did you find out?” She asked without replying his questions.

“Tess told me. Will you answer me now? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because, I know you wouldn’t support me. You’ll get mad, the way you are now” Pink replied.

“Were you hoping your secret was gonna remain hidden forever then? I clearly told you to stay away from that bïtch but you didn’t listen, she has now made you to be like one of them. You sell your body for money now” Derek said.

“Look, I did it for us, I did…”

“Don’t say that. Amanda, no matter the shit we are into, no matter the amount of money we need, selling your body to get money isn’t an option. It’s never an option, being a slut is not a way to get money. You’re doing it for yourself, not us, not me” Derek snapped interrupting her.

Pink lowered her head.

“I’m sorry for not telling you this. I didn’t want you to get angry at me” Pink apologized.

“Its too late. I did something I shouldn’t do in other to find out what you were hiding, if you had just trusted and told me, things couldn’t have taken this turn.”

“What do you mean, Derek? What did you do?” Pink asked curiously.

Pink matched angrily to Tess’s apartment.

That bïtch! How dare she? How could she? Pink thought angrily.

She got to Tess’s apartment, knocked on it and waited. Few minutes later, the door opened revealing Tess.

Pink didn’t let her say a word before landing a heavy slap on her face. Without sparing her another second, she grabbed Tess’s hair and started pulling her down to the floor.

Tess who wasn’t expecting that action from Pink didn’t know what else to do when Pink overpowered her.

Pink sat on Tess’s body, she started dealing her blows, particularly her face. She wanted to ruin Tess’s face and make sure no man ever looks her way again.

Tess kept screaming at her to stop but it was as if something had possessed Pink, she kept punching her face not minding that blood already stained Tess’s whole face.

A neighbor ran out, he grabbed Pink away from Tess, but while moving away from Tess, Pink held the door, she used the door to hit Tess’s head so hard that Tess fell unconscious on the floor.

“For heaven’s sake! What is wrong with you girls?” The man asked running to Tess on the floor.

“I swear I’ll kill her the next time she fùcks my brother. I’ll kill her, tell that to her when she wakes up” Pink yelled before taking the elevator to her floor.

She got into her apartment, her hair was messy and all over the place.

She kicked the couch repeatedly in anger. Derek left few minutes ago with some clothes because of what happened.

She doesn’t know when he will come back, she is very scared of losing her only brother.

“Oh shit!” She cried out squatted down on the floor.



TBC Pink

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