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June 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 38 & 39

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Chapter 38



[Exclusively His]

Written and owned by: Blessing D writes



(Anger. Pain.)

Writer’s P O V

“So, what you wanna talk about?” Pink asked, narrowing her eyes at Derek.

“Um…Tess called, said she’s sick and dying. Asked me for help,” Derek said.

“Huh, Tessy? Dying?” Pink asked with confusion written all over her face.

Then she scoffed.

“She might be lying. Do you believe her?” Pink looked at Derek in question.

“Sis I don’t know. I feel she is saying the truth, I mean she sounded kinda sincere and all.” Derek answered truthfully.

Pink rolled her eyes at him.

“It might be one of her plans to get you again, Derek. Don’t fall for her lame tricks,” Pink said in a serious tone.

“You made us get close yunno. Its your fault,” Derek sighed, sitting down on the bed.

“So, you are gonna be leaving?” Pink asked.

“Yeah. I will, exams are upper week, Tess or not I still have to leave,” Derek mouthed palming his temple.

Pink sat down beside him.

“Don’t let her use you,” Pink advised.

“Hold on, I’m not in this alone. Aren’t you coming with me?” Derek asked.

Pink bite her lower lips in thought.

“I..I don’t think so,” she replied with a weird smile on.

“Why? You’re still schooling, you are gonna abandon your school for a prince or a palace.

Anyways, I’ve been hearing this rumours that you are prince Reagan’s mistress but I don’t believe it. I trust my sis, you won’t become a second choice,” Derek asked and said.

Pink let out a sad smile. She doesn’t know how she will start explaining to Derek about her findings, surely Derek will be very heartbroken. Tho the both of them has survived without a mom or a dad but still it will hurt to learn the truth behind the reason why it happened that way.

“So, you still have a lot of things to say sis. Why did you run off that way? What’s up?” Derek asked breaking her out of her thoughts.

“Derek,” Pink called facing him and sounding more serious.

“Yes?” Derek replied cocking an eyebrow at the way she called him.

“Our parents, all our relatives died. We don’t have families or relatives anywhere in this world, we are all alone, l” Pink blurted out in a painful way. Derek stared at her with a blank face for a while before speaking out.

“How did you know that? Its not possible,” Derek asked taking his eyes away from Pink.

“Listen Sweetheart, I won’t lie to you. I think you should forget everything about

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finding mom and dad. It will never happened, not even sure they have graves we can visit,” Pink explained sadly.

“How? How did you know all those?” Derek turned to face her, asking.

“I..I investigated, I mean…that guy and his sis, the one at the ranch house the other day? It’s his

job, he helped me look into it Derek.” She explained.

“How are you sure it’s our parents? That guy doesn’t even know anything about us to begin with. Wait, I thought prince Reagan was supposed to help us find our parents since he brought us here,” Derek questioned.

Pink sighed at his questions.

“The king, his father was the one who was responsible for our family and all our relative’s death,” Pink revealed.

“What?” Derek asked, his voice coming out low.

“Yes. I… He confirmed it, his father made us orphans,” Pink said feeling so bitter. Recalling the truth again hurts.

Derek remained muted for a long time, trying to process all what Pink said from the very beginning. Then be abruptly stood up making Pink stand with him.

“I need to hear it from him, and possibly from the king himself,” Derek announced and started matching to the door.

“Derek hold on, I’ve spoken to him already. He.. doesn’t know the reason either,” Pink half yelled running to stand in front of the door to prevent him from going out and causing havoc.

“No! I need him to say it to my face.” Derek insisted trying to get Pink out of the way.

“No Derek. Look at me, you have to leave. I only revealed this to you because we only have each other, I don’t know how to keep things from you but you really have to move on. You have to forget mom and Dad, they don’t exist. We can never have one, you have to accept that for it to be easier for us both,” Pink cried trying to get into his head.

“No! A fuckïng king can’t just kill our parents and go scot free. Its not possible,” Derek shook his head in refusal.

“So what do you intend to do? What?” Pink half yelled.

“I say I go kill him for killing our parents,” Derek retorted feeling so hot, hurt and angry.

His outbursts made Pink’s mouth open widely.

“Kill…kill him, Derek?” Pink gasped in a whisper.

“No! You don’t know what you are saying, you wanna become a murderer?” Pink asked lowly.

“I don’t mind. I swear I don’t mind, he should join them in hell,” Derek replied shocking Pink the more.

“Derek,” Pink rasped out his name. She moved closer to touch him but Derek moved back, away from her.

“You don’t want it because he is prince Reagan’s father right? You don’t want him getting hurt. Or he has probably brainwashed you into forgiving him. Hell! I can’t believe I became so comfortable around him, I became so comfortable in my enemies house.”

“Goodness! I’m so stupid, mom and dad must be very angry at me right now,” Derek said to himself.

“No Derek. You aren’t stupid, you are smart. We just didn’t find out on time, it’s neither of our faults either, you can’t blame yourself,” Pink shook her head at him.

“And that’s the reason why that murderer of a king needs to join them in hell.” Derek stated.

“Derek you can’t…I won’t let you kill. Never! I won’t stay alive and watch you do that…instead…instead I’ll do it myself, whatever revenge. I’ll do it myself,” Pink murmured not really sure of what she is saying.

Derek let out a long painful sigh before palming his mouth in effort to keep himself from breaking down.

“I’m sorry, Derek. I remember how you always talked about finding mom and dad after you’ve gotten a lot of money. How you always described how you’ll yell at them for abandoning us and hug them afterwards, I’m sorry that your dreams can’t come true again. I’m sorry,” Pink said with a cracked up voice. Watching as Derek remained still, just staring blinding at the door.

“I can’t get my mind off them, Amanda. I even see them in my dreams, I can’t..I can’t believe it….I don’t want to believe it.”

“I’m sorry, I…I can’t help it either.” Pink cooed pulling Derek into a warm hug.



Chapter 39


(Kill. Furious)

Writer’s P O V

“I need to get out of here, I can’t stay here anymore,” Derek said walking to where his clothes are.

Pink followed him from behind.

“Derek, Derek calm down. You’ll leave tomorrow, don’t be in a haste,” Pink said trying to make him change his mind.


Simon arrived the palace and as instructed, Phillip was already waiting outside for them.

Prince Reagan has been so furious since he came out from the palace. It made Simon wonder what happened exactly.

Prince Reagan didn’t wait for Simon to come down and open the door for him, he came down by himself and walked to to Phillip who didn’t know what awaited him.

Phillip made to greet prince Reagan but was shut up with a slap which left him shocked.

“My… prince,” he stuttered after the slap, not sure why prince Reagan was angry at him.

“What did you tell the king?” Prince Reagan grunted out, burning hot.

Realization dawned on Phillip but he tried to plead innocent anyways.

“I..I.. nothing my prince…I just,” another slap greeted his right cheek.

“I swear I’ll kill you if you lie to me once more. What did you tell the king?” He demanded becoming more angry.

Phillip took his eyes to look at Simon. Simon urged him with his eyes to spill anything he is hiding.

“Don’t make me ask you again, Phillip,” Prince Reagan groaned his palm inching him.

“I…I only acted on his orders. I didn’t just do anything on my own,” Phillip said.

“What did you tell the king then?” Another voice coming from behind asked this time.

Prince Reagan looked at the first born of his mom. Prince Micheal, then took his eyes back to Phillip. Not in the mood for chit chat.

“He asked me about the pink haired lady who you came back with and I told him what I knew,” Phillip answered.

“You’re slow witted. Go straight to the point geez!” Prince Micheal shook his head at phillip somehow pitying him.

“I’m sorry my prince. I told him everything about the lady, starting from where you met her. And the picture you asked me to bring down to London, I’m sorry,” he revealed and apologized.

His revelation confirmed prince Reagan’s fears that the king already investigated Pink and at the same time angered him the more.

“Who do you serve between us both? The king or I?” Prince Reagan asked leaving Phillip a bit confused.

How was he gonna say he serve him when he is revealing every of his secrets to the king.

“I..I..” Phillip stammered lost for words.

“I don’t want to ever see you near this vicinity again. I’ll cut out your tongue and feed the dogs if I ever see you around here again,” Prince Reagan snarled at him before leaving Phillip close to tears.


Prince Marcus matched to his mother’s room in deep thoughts, anger still reverberating his system.

“Marcus? What is it?” The queen cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Shit! Can you believe that silly old man? I can’t believe the words he just vomited?” Prince Marcus hissed.

“Ok, what did he say that got you so pissed off, Mar?” The queen demanded walking to closer to him.

She made him sit down on the king sized bed there.

“The king, he..he just asked that silly old man who he thinks should ascend the throne and that man just counted me out. He said I am too desperate for the throne, he counted me out and counted that disrespectful brat in,” Prince Marcus hissed again.

“You mean the royal adviser?” The queen asked.

“Yes, that old man,” Prince Marcus confirmed.

“And who did he say is more fit for the throne?” The queen asked.

“Reagan. Its Reagan,” Prince Marcus answered. The queen hissed out loudly.

“He is not only old, he is also very foolish. When the king sent me out of his room, I knew it wasn’t gonna end well at all. I wonder what that brat said to him to make him ask that old man the question he asked him,” the queen huffed out.

“Well, not to worry tho. You are the crown prince, if he dies tomorrow, you are ascending the throne after him,” the queen assured.

“What if he changes everything mother? What if he makes Reagan the crown prince?” Prince Marcus asked worry written all over his face.

“No! It’s not possible. You are his first son afterall,_ the queen shook her head.

“Forget about first son shit. Micheal came out few minutes after I was born, the same day, so it won’t be judged that way.” Prince Marcus shook his head in refusal.

The queen remained silent.

“Mother, why on Earth did father marry those brat’s mother after you in the first place? Why on earth did you allow that happen?” Prince Marcus voiced out his thoughts.

The queen sighed.

“Your father originally wanted to marry Felicity in the first place. He wanted her and not me, but our father gave me out to him, he said in other to marry her, he has to marry me first since I was the first daughter. That was how it all happened, but then she died giving birth to her fourth child. I had no control over anything,” the queen explained.

“What? You and those brat’s mother are sisters. Why didn’t you tell me until now?” Prince Marcus demanded.

“Well, I didn’t like reoccurring how the king favoured her more. It was clear, he was in love with her and only married me because our father forced him to. Tho we look alike, I wonder why he cherished her more,” the queen explained bitterly.

“Well, thank goodness she’s no longer here. I wouldn’t have been the crown prince is she was still alive,” Prince Marcus voiced out feeling relieved.

“It doesn’t still really change anything. I see her in every corner of this palace, she will always remain the king’s ideal wife no matter how hard I try,” the queen huffed not happy.

“Argh, forget about all those. I was about telling the king today that someone was searching up that case that involved that pink haired little girl’s family but overhead that nonsense,” Prince Marcus said.

“What case?” The queen questioned.

“That one, the family got burnt to death and all those shit,” Prince Marcus explained further.

“You mean those little kid’s family. Those kids that often come to the palace years ago to visit Reagan?” The queen asked to be sure.

“Yes, that one.” Prince Marcus nodded.

“Who is searching up the case?” The questioned becoming furious.

“Haven’t gotten the information of the individual yet.” Prince Marcus replied.

“Get the information of the person, and then…kill that individual.” The queen ordered making prince Marcus’s eyes widen.




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