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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 23 & 24

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Chapter 23
[Exclusively His]


Writer’s POV
Pink blinked repeatedly, still staring at the prince who has just shocked her with his words. His words sounded so strange, she couldn’t easily break them down.

“What…what?” She forced her mouth open after a while.

The prince relaxed his back on the office desk.
“You are in shock, I should give you time to calm down and think over it” he said before leaning up from the table and walking back to sit down on his sit.
The office door opened three seconds later revealing a man in his late twenties.
The man looked at the prince before taking his eyes to Pink. His eyes widened and for few seconds, he stopped walking.

Pink wasn’t looking his way, she was already lost in her own world. When the man realized that the prince was now bringing his eyes up to stare at him. He regained his posture and walked bravery to the prince.
“Sir, you sent for me me” the man said.
“I need a new secretary immediately” the prince says in a order.

“Yes sir” the man bowed slightly in reply, cocking his eyes towards Pink in the process.
“Edward!” He heard the prince snap at him. He took his concentration back to the prince.
“Yes sir… I’ll be on my way, permit me” he stutters a bit before turning back and taking the door. He got to the door and opened it, as he was about to go out, he looked at Pink again and that was the time Pink noticed someone’s eyes on her.
She looked back at him wondering why he was staring at her intensely before he finally shuts the door.

She snaps her head towards Prince Reagan’s side and watched him as he orders for coffee.
His words filled her mind again.
“Be my mistress”

“Seriously?” Pink didn’t know when she gasped out.
A mistress?
I have never imagined myself being a mistress to anyone. And why on earth will I even become a mistress?
No! Never! I can’t, even if he is a prince and there is some part of me that feels excited by his offer. I can’t still take it.
What will Derek think of me again? Well, it won’t hurt him much considering the fact that I will only belong to one person and not a lot of men but I wanna get married too. I wanna get married and flaunt my husband. I won’t have any claim to him once I agree to becoming his mistress, his wife will be the one getting all those roles.

And I hate sharing. I don’t want to share my man with anyone, Pink shakes her head in thought.
But once you agree Pink, you and your brother will never get hurt or suffer. You two will be protected by the prince, Pink thought again.
She sighs knowing the second fact is true.
Gosh! A mistress? I’m not up for this at all.
Pink snaps out of her trance when she saw someone placing a cup of coffee in front of her.
She looked up to see a pretty lady, neatly dressed standing there. After placing the coffee carefully in front of her, the lady turned back and left.
“You should drink up” she heard the prince say. She turned her head towards his direction to see him staring at her intensely.
” And if you decide to leave now, I’ll call someone to come take you to your brother. I won’t be leaving the company until night fall, plans changed, we’ll be flying to Thailand tomorrow” the prince narrated.
Pink just kept staring at him, dazed. He finished his sentence, he took his eyes back to his work and Pink kept staring at him.

“Why?” She suddenly blurts out in question but the prince bearly heard her.

Why do you ask me to be your mistress? You can just simply ask me to be your girlfriend if at least you wanted me close or something. Or you probably like some part of me or you probably feel indebted to me but why a mistress? Why that? Pink asked him the remaining part of question in her head.
Four hours later.

The prince stood up from his chair, he walked to the sofa Pink is waiting on. He watched as she sleeps peacefully with her eyes closed.

You probably might be wondering why I made such a request of you. Let’s say it’s probably because of a lot of reasons, but the most important one of them is to protect you, I hope you’ll say yes to my request, the prince said in his mind while staring at her sleeping face.

*Fast forward*

Pink sat opposite the prince in a jet ready to leave for Thailand. She has been keeping mute, not speaking much lately. She hasn’t also replied to his request of being his mistress.

Derek also noticed the awkward silence but never said anything. He and the prince started off on a wrong footing.

He doesn’t wanna piss the prince off again after finding out that the prince actually knows them from way back. Probably the reason he acted that way.

It took them more than 8 hours to get to Thailand and when they finally got there. Pink’s heart skipped, not only Pink but Derek’s heart also skipped a beat.

So, this is where it all started? Pink thought looking around at the dazzling airport.

The prince who was the first to get off the jet started walking towards two black jeeps few meters ahead of them, four men on black stood around the jeeps looking so serious.

Pink and Derek again, followed the prince behind like little kids till they got to the jeeps and entered.

The prince sat in the second jeep while the men in black guarded Pink and Derek to the first jeep.

Everything looks so amazing. The car started off and drove out from the airport and into the road.

Pink and Derek’s eyes couldn’t leave the window. They kept staring at everyone. Excitement, nervousness filled their hearts.

By the time they arrived their destination, it was already so late in the night.

The door of the Jeep got opened for Pink and Derek, they stepped down to see the Prince waiting for them.

Pink smuggled herself up to the prince suddenly feeling so scared of her environment.

Something like a smirk formed on the prince’s face when he noticed her state.

Pink started looking around the big compound, not just a house, different big beautiful houses spread out inside the large compound. About six houses.

Pink and Derek followed the prince to one. When they entered, Pink and Derek’s mouth fell open.

This is a real palace, Pink thought her eyes running around the sitting room.

“Reagan” someone called to Prince Reagan. A guy, a guy older than him.

“I have been waiting for you” the guy said walking up to them with a champagne glass cup in his hand.

“Hey brother” Prince Reagan greeted the guy.

“Yeah, how was your trip?” The guy asks, his eyes coming to settle down on Pink and Derek.

A female walked to join the guy.

“My prince” the lady greeted, holding unto the guy’s hand firmly.

“You are back” she added, smiling.

“Yes” Reagan nodded at her before he started walking away.

“Reagan?” The guy called.

Prince Reagan turned to look at him.

“Who are they?” The guy asked, referring to Pink and Derek.

Prince Reagan gave the guy a weird smile and a look which the guy understood before walking away with Pink and Derek.


Chapter 24


(A mistress)

Writer’s POV

Pink kept rolling and rolling on the bed until it was morning. She sat up from the bed feeling so anxious and nervous about the day’s activities.

I’m I gonna be meeting my parents today? Or my relatives? Or someone that knows Derek and I? Pink kept thinking.

How is it gonna be? Do I perhaps have other siblings aside Derek? Her heart unexpectedly started beating faster as she started heading to the bathroom.

The room Prince Reagan had given to her last night. She paused on her way to look around the beautiful princess room. She has never been in any room more beautiful than the one Prince Reagan had given to her last night.

Her nervousness washed off a bit, replaced by happiness, satisfaction.

She continued on her way to the bathroom, after bathing and brushing her teeth. She came out to the bag she brought along with her, which contained few of her clothing. She doesn’t plan on spending more than two weeks there as she also have her studies to face.

After putting on her clothes, she heard a loud bang on her door, followed by another loud bang on her door.

Pink’s heart flipped, fear engulfed her at the energy the person outside the door is using.

Does the person intend on breaking down the door? Pink wondered taking little petrified steps to the door. She got to the door and unlocked it, the person banging on her door pushed the door almost hitting Pink with the door.

Pink’s eyes widened at the action.

The animal must really hate me, she thought fuming silently. Her eyes finally fell on someone you could call a perfect beauty.

A lady. She is fuming out fire.

“Hey!!! Who the fuck are you? I heard prince Reagan came back with you last night. I understand he is a prince and he is very handsome but must you always throw your dirty disgusting self at him. As a lady shouldn’t you have some sort of dignity? Well, he is mine! I don’t want to hear any excuse from you, I’m here to show you this” the lady hissed showing Pink her fingers which has a ring to it.

“So bitch! Get lost! Get lost before the prince comes back from his morning ride! I don’t want to see you now!” She hissed again, leaving Pink’s mouth hanging in the air.

All her life, she has never been this insulted.

Pink’s eyes remained on the lady’s fingers.

“Aren’t you listening to me, you whore?!!” The lady thundered when Pink remained quite.

“Start packing your dirty disgusting clothes or do you want me to inform the king? Do you want me to call the guards to personally throw you out of here??” The lady screamed getting more angry at Pink’s silence.

“Oh gosh!” The lady fixed her hand on her waist.

“I’m coming back for you. You should learn to respect a princess, I’m not your average class” the lady eyed Pink repeatedly and started leaving. Taking elegant steps that showed her powerful she is.

She must be a princess, Pink concluded in her mind but couldn’t get her mind off the fact that the prince is already married.

The thought made tears well up Pink’s eyes.

She swallowed nothing as she closes the door. She walked to sit down on the bed forgetting the lady’s threat.

Tears gathered up her eyes the more but she held it in.

She doesn’t understand the reason for her tears at all.

I have no connection with him, why do I feel this way? Pink wondered drying a single drop of tear that managed to escape her eyes.

“Get the door! Threw her out! If not anything, I should be the one occupying that room. Not some worthless whore” Pink heard the lady’s voice again, she stood up. She walked to the door and opened it to see the lady coming with two guards like bouncers.

The guards made to enter inside the room and start picking whatever belonged to Pink but Prince Reagan came in time to save Pink.

“Celia” Pink heard Prince Reagan call.

She looked at the corridor to see him coming.

The lady started walking to him immediately.

“My prince” she called drying imaginary tears.

“Leave!” Reagan commanded the two guards to leave.

“But…!” The lady by the name Celia tried to intervene but Prince Reagan gave her a look that made her to keep quite immediately.

Pink kept standing, she kept watching as Prince Reagan walked up to her.

He is married! The thought kept ringing inside Pink’s head.

She kept staring at him with an unexplainable look, feeling kinda betrayed.

“Forgive her for acting that way” Prince Reagan apologized.

“She is my…”

“I am his princess, I’m celia” Celia interrupted Prince Reagan walking to stand beside him.

Hearing it again. Pink felt more down, her spirit lowered.

What was I expecting from a prince anyways? She thought holding the tears that has begin welling up her eyes again.

Everything happening right now is so shocking.

“Who is she, my prince? I’ve introduced myself” Celia looked at the prince, asking.

Prince Reagan looked at Celia and answered.

“She? She is my…”

He took his eyes back to Pink who couldn’t stop staring at him.

“My mistress” he completed, looking at Pink to see if she’ll object to it but she didn’t. Pink could only stare at the prince, her heart shattering into tiny pieces.

So that must be the reason. The very reason he asked me to be his mistress was because he already have a wife, Pink thought and chuckled to herself, inwardly.

“What???” Celia screamed in pure horror.

“My prince?” She gasped.

“A what? A mistress? How…how…” tears spilled from her eyes as she stared at the prince in shock.

“Yes celia” Prince Reagan replied in a calm voice.

“But…but…!” Celia shut her mouth as she tried speaking. She opened her mouth again.

“How could you do this to me? You are allowed to sleep with as many ladies, but why make one your permanent lady?” Celia asked, breaking down.

“Let’s talk somewhere else” Prince Reagan said. He looked at Pink again who hasn’t stopped looking at him before walking away, leaving Celia to trail behind him.

On the way, he met with Derek who was exploring the house on his own, at the same time heading to his sister’s assigned room.

Pink kept standing on the same spot unable to move.

“Married? Mistress?” She kept mumbling the words repeatedly.

So, it’s all makes sense now. No wonder he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend. It was because he was already married, a prince after getting married won’t just befriend any lady, he can just take the lady in as a second wife, a mistress, concubine and so on.

It all makes sense now.

To think he has married someone as perfect as her. Do I even stand a chance? She scoffed at her own thoughts.

What am I even thinking? I don’t belong here with him. I don’t. I will head back to where I belong and forget about him after finding out our origin. I won’t be a mistress to him.




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