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August 1, 2021


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The exclusive sex worker Episode 17 & 18

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Chapter 17


[Exclusively His]




Writer’s P O V

“Seriously? Have you been stalking us or what?” Derek fumed in anger when prince Reagan refused telling him the truth.

“I’ll speak to your sister first” was all Prince Reagan said.

“But, I have every right to know how you got hold of my picture. My sister couldn’t have left the apartment with the picture, could she have done that?” Derek asked, thinking of every possible way the picture could have gotten into Prince Reagan’s hand.

“You are too immatured. As soon as your sister gets back on her feet, I wanna see her” Reagan says standing up to his feet.

“Hold on, you can’t just leave. You can’t leave without telling me what I wanna know, you invited me here anyways. I still have questions to ask aside this” Derek said as he tried stopping Reagan from stepping out from the room.

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Simon blocked Derek’s way as he made to touch Prince Reagan.

“You can finish up the drink” Simon saids referring to the wine before joining Reagan.

Simon followed Reagan to his room. Prince Reagan turned to look at Simon.

“What is the DNA test results? Gotten the results?” Prince Reagan questioned.

“No, the results is gonna be coming out the day after tomorrow” Simon replied him.

“I still need that DNA results to be 100 percent sure. ”

“Yes my prince. I’ll ask the doctor to have to results ready soon” Simon says.

Prince Reagan nodded at him, he made go into his room before he suddenly paused.

“Have the maids prepare the house, I’ll be returning to work as soon as I’ve solved this” Prince Reagan informs before finally going into his room.


Derek got back to their apartment pissed off by prince Reagan and Simon’s attitude. He kept sucking all the way.

He got to the apartment, imputed the password to the door and it opened to see Tess standing there.

Derek pulled a puzzled look on.

“Immediately I heard the door opening, I figured it that you were the one. I mean, it can’t be someone else right?” Tess says she asks as she looks down to the floor shyly.

“What about my sister?” Derek asks.

“Just fell back to sleep after using the restroom” she replied him.

Derek still was not in a good mood.

He made to walk pass her to check up on Pink but Tess stopped him.

“What is bothering you, Derek? The meeting with the Prince didn’t go well?” Tess inquired.

“That guy is just a jerk! He is so annoying, him alongside his big bodyguard” Derek said through gritted teeth. He so wanted to know how the prince got his younger days picture, he can’t even remember when he took that picture, but that picture points out a lot about his forgotten past to him and that particular picture only has a copy. How the hell did he got hold of it? The thought kept making him angry.

He decided to go check his picture albums to see if he could see another copy, probably the one the Prince is holding is a different copy.

He went into his room, Tess followed after him. He brought out his picture album and started searching for that particular picture and he soon found it.

He got more confused.

Which one is that shitty Prince holding? That one looks new, untouched. How did he got hold of it? He became more curious and at the same time furious that he got nothing out of the Prince.

He angrily threw the pictures away.

Tess started picking up the pictures as she has been watching him. She arranged the pictures back and then placed it on his reading table.

“You should calm down. I don’t know what is angering you this much but anger doesn’t look good on you” Tess cooed pulling unto Derek’s shirt.

“You are way more handsome, more sweet when you smile, probably reasons why I fell for you” she said getting more closer to the angry Derek who wasn’t even looking at her.

Derek only noticed her closeness when he felt her hot breathe on his neck region.

Tess was on her fours so she could be able to at least do what she has in mind.

“What are you doing?” Derek was forced to ask her, he tilted his head backwards so not to kiss her but Tess kept bringing her face closer, she gripped his shirt more tightly.

“I’m trying to calm you down here, Derek. You look so pissed, I suppose a good kiss will do” Tess says with a very seductive tone.

She made sure she folded his shirt up so her bare hand could touch his skin. She wanted him to get in the mood for her, she knows Derek won’t easily let her in but she kept trying her best.

“Tessy? Stop!” Derek hushed out pushing her away slightly.

Tess didn’t answer him, instead she kept targeting his lips.

“I have to check on my sister” Derek tried yelling but his tone only came out soft.

Tess succeeded in getting hold of his lips, she placed her lips on his and started kissing him immediately, her hand on his shirt tightened the more as she does not want him to get of her grip.

Still standing on her toes, she kept kissing Derek who at the end gave in to her.

It didn’t take much time for Tess to be on top of Derek, they laid on his bed and she kissed him senseless.

She made for his shirt button already very horny. She caressed his chest at intervals to put him in the mood as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Derek soon got back his senses, he tried pushing her away but Tess resisted.

“Derek??” Derek thought he heard the voice of his sister in his head but was proved wrong when he heard a loud bang on the door.

He gathered up more strength and pushed Tess away before standing up, more like jumping down from the bed, his breathing erratic.

He looked towards the door to see Pink. Truly, he wasn’t hearing her voice in his head.

Pink folded her arms as she kept staring at both Derek and Tess.

Derek remained tongue tied as he stared at his sister back.

Even Tess couldn’t say a word.

“Derek meet me inside my room. Now!” Pink finally broke the akward silence between the three of them before leaving his room.

Derek turned to look at Tess.

“I’m sorry” Tess quickly apologized.

“I was.. I’m so sorry, I just wanted you to stop being angry, I guess my stupid feelings got the best of me. I’ll get going now” Tess apologized again before walking out of his room and out of their apartment.

“Shit!!” She screamed into the air in annoyance.

“I almost got him! Now I’ll have to look for another means to just satisfy myself” she gritted her teeth in anger before matching to her apartment.

Derek stood in his room for another five minutes, stupidly looking for nothing.

Maybe he was looking for a way to delay meeting his sister.

“Derek!!!_ He heard Pink yell.

“I’m coming. Ah shit” he yelled and mumbled as he left his room to Pink’s room.

He took his eyes to the floor immediately he saw his sister, the feeling of guilt overwhelmed him.

He kept staring at the floor.

“Derek, when did that start between you two? How many times have you had sex with her behind my back?” Pink asked, her arms folded.

Derek lifted his eyes to stare at Pink, but, he quickly took it to the floor after seeing the way she was glaring at him.

T B C Pink

How many of you behave like that when you feel guilty or when you get caught doing something bad?

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Chapter 18


(Old friends)

Writer’s POV

Pink stared at the mute Derek for a while before sighing, she went back to the bed to lie down since she feels slight headache.

Derek saw that Pink has given up on her question, he became relieved. He went to sit by her bedside.

He watched her slid her eye lid shut, but he knows that she wasn’t going back to sleep, so he decided to start up a conversation with her about the stuff happening with Prince Reagan.

“Um…sis? I wanna ask, that guy, you know him from somewhere before?” Derek asked, his voice coming out all cracked.

“What guy, Derek?” Pink reluctantly replies.

“That Prince guy” Derek replied emphasizing on the word ‘Prince.’

On hearing the word Prince, Pink immediately slid her eye lid open, she sat up right on the bed.

Guess she has temporarily forgotten about him.

“Oh shit! You met him? Reagan?” Pink asks.

“Yeah, I did. I met him at the hospital, he was the one who settled your medical bills…”

“I need to see him” Pink tried jumping down from the bed but Derek held her.

“You aren’t recovered fully yet, that will be taking a great risk. The doctor instructs that you shouldn’t stress yourself for two weeks” Derek said.

“No Derek, I have to see him. It’s important, I should have just gone to him the moment I’d woken up, I still need to apologise to him” Pink cooed.

“No, he doesn’t know that you are already awake. He stills thinks you to be asleep, what if you collapse on the way? I just got back from seeing him anyways” Derek insisted.

“You went to see him?” Pink asked calming down a bit to hear what Derek has to say.

“I’ll tell you only if you promise not to see him today. I’m scared for you, you shouldn’t be exposed to heavy wind, your injury is still very fresh” Derek said.

Pink finally listened to Derek after touching her head slightly to feel the heavy bandage still wrapped around her head.

She fell back to the bed in defeat. Derek quickly took that chance in fixing back her drips, which she removed earlier.

“So, tell me, why did you go to him?” Pink asked.

“First, you have to answer my question, sis. You know him from somewhere before?” Derek questioned.

“No, I just met him. Just recently” Pink answered eager to learn more from him.

“Well, he called me and showed me the picture of my younger self. Ok, I think I need to show you that particular picture” Derek started. He stood up and left in search of the picture, he got to the place Tess kept the pictures for him. He picked out the exact one he is searching for, went back to show his sister.

“Sis, do you remember when this picture was taken?” Derek asked as he hands over the picture to her. Pink pulled a puzzled look on.

“It’s been so long Derek, this is one of the pictures the sisters found on us” Pink answered.

“You sure it was this one?” Pink asked to be sure.

“Come on, the other copy is still with him. I’m confused myself because there is just a single copy for this picture. All these is so confusion” Derek groaned out at the end. Pink kept staring at the picture in deep thoughts.

“So, what did he tell you? He told you how he came to own your pics?” Pink questioned.

“He wouldn’t tell me. That’s the problem, he says I’m still a kid” Derek mouthed so pissed at the fact prince Reagan still considers him a kid.

Pink breathed out heavily, trying to calm herself down.

“I’ll go see him tomorrow then since I can no longer see him today” Pink says after a long silence.


The bandage around Pink’s head got removed by the nurse who came to see how she was doing. She placed a plaster instead of a new bandage on her head before leaving.

The fact made Pink happy.

She bathed, eat her meals before taking her pills.

“Shouldn’t I escort you there, sis? You sure you can go by yourself?” Derek asked, concerned.

“I’m okay, you can just head to school or something. It’s better if I go alone” Pink replied him.

She took out one of her bags, but couldn’t find her phone.

That purse she went with the other day, alongside her phone must still be in prince Reagan’s room, she concluded in her mind before heading out to board a cab.

She was on heavy clothing so the wind won’t easily get into her body and affect her in anyway.

She got to the hotel after a hour before stepping down from the cab. She went straight to the elevator amid stares from people.

They are probably wondering why she is on heavy clothing during summer.

She went to the floor the prince room is located.

She pressed the door bell on getting to the door.

She waited for few minutes but got no reply so she pressed the door bell again wondering where simon might have gone to.

She got tired from standing for long minutes outside then decided to leave. She turned to leave but the elevator opened revealing Prince Reagan with his personal bodyguard.

Prince Reagan pulled on a surprise look on seeing her. He never expected to see her back on her feet so soon.

Prince Reagan with Simon walked out of the elevator to her. Prince Reagan stood facing her.

“How are you feeling now, Amanda?” Prince Reagan asked her.

“I’m better now, I guess. I heard you wanted to see me, that’s the reason why I came over immediately” Pink said.

“Yeah” Prince Reagan breathed out in reply before heading for the door. He opened it and entered, Pink followed him in.

Immediately she entered, her eyes went to the floor and the wall but she saw no sign of her blood there.

She walked to the balcony with him but stood at the door to avoid the wind.

Prince Reagan surprisedly turns to her, he took her hoodie off her head to examine her state. The fact surprised Pink a lot, it left her speechless.

“Are you sure you are ok? I wouldn’t want to be a murderer you know” his statement made Pink’s heart drop.

There she was thinking he cared for her but he was only trying to make sure he doesn’t get counted as a murderer.

“I’m ok. So, about the picture, can you please explain to me how you got hold of it?” Pink asked, her curiousity already eating her up.

Prince Reagan looked at her again.

“Amanda” he called. The tone he used sent zaps of electricity into Pink’s system.

“Will you believe me if I told you, we were once friends?” He asked.

“Your friend?” Pink chuckled out the question.

A smirk came up Prince Reagan’s face.

“See? You don’t believe me, do you?” Reagan asks.

“Its ridiculous. I’ve never met you before throughout my stay here, I remember all the memories and everyone I’ve met since I was brought down here, I have never met you before” Pink defended.

“Yes. This is our first time meeting here, I agree but this is not our first time actually meeting” Prince Reagan added confusing Pink the more.

She tried going down her memory lane to recall ever meeting him but all she got in reply was headache.



TBC Pink

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