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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 1 & 2

12 min read

🍷[Exclusively His)🍷

⚒️CONTRACTED story –
Story is written and owned by: Blessing D Writes.

Strictly for matured minds 18+



She was out of options, she needed something, she needed to do something – she needed money so she agreed to work in a sêx house, as a sêx worker.

She joined the house and started her first training on how to be a perfect sexy girl, how to make a man go crazy with just a touch.

But then, something happened along the line in the sex club house, she met the most powerful, cold,never smiling CEO last prince.

She didn’t just meet him because she wanted to, but, because he ordered for her service, for her to serve him, pleasure him whenever he needed her.

She didn’t have a choice, she had to do it. The pay was too high, no normal lady would ever refuse him, no one at all. So, she started her job on how to pleasure and please the prince until he was no longer in need of her service.

Her name is pink……!


Chapter 1

(The sêx club)

Writer’s POV
The last teacher for the day walked out of the class, immediately the students started packing up.

Pink, packed her notes into her bag with a grumpy look on, a look she plastered on all day. Hung her bag across her shoulder, she went out from the class to the hallway.


went after her, she has noticed her dull face and has made up her mind to talk to Pink after class.

She ran after Pink and met up with her on the hallway.

“Pink” she touched her shoulder.

“Yeah” Pink replied her so grumpily not stopping to spare her a glance.

“Pink, what is it? You have been so dull. Why are you like this?” Tess asked following Pink out from the school hallway and into the school field.

“Nothing” Pink lied trying to get away from Tess.

“Seriously Pink, it’s financial problem, isn’t it?” Tess asked stopped in front of Pink to stop her from moving forward.

Pink stopped to face Tess. She had no other option but just to reply her with the truth.

“Yes, it is. So, will you let me go now?” Pink hushed brushing past her.

“I can help you” Tess stopped Pink again.

“Tess?” Pink called pissed that she wasn’t letting her go.

“I can really help you, I promise. I have this new job offer for you”
Tess proposed.

“Is it another part time job? I already have dozen of them. Even if I get one more, it can’t still solve my problems” Pink stated as a matter of fact.

“Why don’t you trust me? This isn’t a part time job? This job pays you in millons Pink, it pays” Tess said.

“Really?” Pink’s brow joined together.

“Yeah, let me introduce you to the job. You can get paid within two weeks in millons too. I am an orphan like you are, how do you think I pay

my fees? My apartment money? It’s not magic ok? It’s hard work” Tess convinced.

“Ok, where can I get this job? What will I do….” Pink tried asking.

“Let’s just go, Pink, follow me to my car” Tess said.

Pink nodded, she followed Tess to her supposed car, her mouth fell open on seeing the type of car Tess owns.

“You….you are sure you own this car?” Pink asked in doubt as she pointed at the black flashy lexus car.

Tess opened the car with it’s keys, smiles on, she beckoned on Pink to get in through the other side and she did.

Tess ignited the engine and drove out from the school compound.

“Can you be faster Tess? Drive faster, my first part time job starts in 40 minutes” Pink said.

Tess shook her head.

“You shouldn’t bother yourself with those part time jobs again, Pink. You are way too beautiful for those part time shit, a girl like you shouldn’t be seen during those jobs” Tess said to Pink but Pink ignored her.

They arrived mama Cassy X2 bar then came down.

Pink followed Tess into the bar, wondering if working as a bartender can earn her millions in two weeks. She doubted it.

Tess said some things to the bartender there in low tone before going inner into the bar through a door that is kind of hidden.

They walked through a passage for a bit before going through another door and that was when Pink’s mouth fell open.

She started seeing numerous girls, her age and more inside. It was like ladies crew in there.

What is this place? She asked herself.

“Follow me” Tess said to Pink as she walked to an inner door there.

She got into the room there,she talked with some people there, a middle age woman to be precise.

The woman followed Tess outside to where Pink stood.

Pink kept watching the girls in surprise. The thing really surprising her was the fact that most of them are only on bra and panties. Some weren’t putting on anything and there was no single guy in there.

The presence of the lady made Pink to look her way.

The middle aged lady examined her like she was some kind of exam paper, a cigarette stick fixed in between her lips.

She pulled the cigarette out from her mouth and extended her hand to Pink.

“Hi, I am mama Cassy, welcome to Cassy X2 club house” the woman introduced.

“Hello, I am Pink” Pink also introduced.

“So, I heard you wanna join us?” Mama Cassy asked.

“Yes ma’am, but I don’t know what you guys do here” Pink replied her.

Mama Cassy looked at Tess with questions in her eyes.

“Um..I am so sorry, I wanted to explain things to her here” Tess apologized to Mama Cassy then took over.

“What we do here is quite simple, Pink,vwe pleasure the big rich men and get paid in millions, top class X2 girls gets up to billions weekly tho” Tess explained making Pink’s mouth open again in shock.

That explains it all. This is a sêx house, Pink thought.

“A sêx club?” Pink asked.

“Yeah” Tess replied.

“Can we talk?” Pink suddenly asked Tess.

Tess looked at Mama Cassy for permission and she was granted one.

She took Pink to the hallway. When they were alone Pink started.

“What?? You brought me here to turn me into a slut Tess? A slut?” Pink asked wide eyes.

“Keep your voice down” Tess hushed at her.

“What? I can’t believe this. No! I can’t even do this, I’m out of here” Pink rasped at Tess and before Tess could utter any other word, Pink, followed the door they followed in out. Then out of the bar.

She checked the time to see that she was already running late for her first part time job, she took a cab instead of a bus and left.

“Derek,why can’t you introduce your sister to us? Why can’t you? We can pay you any amount for a night with her?” One of Derek’s classmate asked.

Derek scoffed, he packed his books into his bag and tried going out from the class but the group of three boys talking to him blocked his way.

But, when they saw a teacher approaching their way, they let Derek go, but still secretly followed him into the streets.

They appeared to him again when he was already lost in thought.

“Derek! Just a night with your sister Pink. Your sister is so amazing, just a night with her won’t hurt, we’ll pay honestly” the first said.

“Stay away from me and my sister, it’s been long I fought. I don’t wanna fight again kelvin, stay away from us” Derek warned.

“Or what? Is your sister a gold? We said we’ll pay, didn’t we?” The second guy rasped at him.

“Leave him, I bet his sister’s p*ssy stinks. Her hole is also really wide” the third one amongst them said making the rest laugh.

Derek turned and glared at the third one, forgetting himself, he punched the guy on his nose.


Chapter 2

(Wads of money)

Writer’s POV
Pink got a call from the cops after working her last part time job. She rushed to the police station immediately.

She bailed out Derek who was busy glaring at his classmates.

“Why did you get into a fight, Derek?” Pink questioned in annoyance.

Derek didn’t reply her, he started going out from the police station.

Kelvin who has also been bailed out by his elder sister followed them outside.

“Derek?” Pink called again.

“Come on, Derek, your pretty sister is calling you” Kelvin said making Derek turn to look at him.

“You know I don’t mind getting into a fight with you here, Kelvin, if I hear one more word from you about my sister, then I’m gonna deal with you” Derek threatened.

“Really?” Kelvin laughed.

“Well now that she is already here, why don’t I go shoot my shot at her?” Kelvin asked trying to move pass Derek and get to Pink that was ahead of them.

“You won’t try that if I were you. My sister is not a bïtch that you can fück, alright? She is not a cocksucker like your mother and sisters at home, so leave her alone” Derek insulted.

“What did you just say you poor orphan?” Kelvin spat out angry words wanting to attack Derek but Pink walked back to them.

She started pulling Derek away with her.

“What is your problem, Derek? I try correcting things but you end up scattering them. You haven’t told me why you got into a fight with them,” Pink asked angrily.

“Well, they were insulting you. I couldn’t leave them to continue” Derek answered.

“I’ve always told you to ignore them. Don’t you understand the word ignore, Derek? I’ve been looking for a way to gather money for our rent now you’ve made me threw the little I have away. I bet we are gonna start leaving in the street from now on” Pink said angrily to him.

“I want to see you at home when I get back” she added those words before leaving him there.

Pink got home really late because she was waiting for the last bus. And the bus stop was far from the apartment too.

She got into the building of their apartment, went up to the third floor then to their apartment room. She imputed the pins then got in.

She entered but couldn’t sense any life there. Everywhere was silent. It was obvious Derek didn’t come straight after her.

She sighed, dropped her bags then went into the kitchen, her worries doubling. She found one pack of spaghetti, some ingredients to cook with and started preparing dinner.

After preparing dinner, she went into the bathroom to shower then came back out to still see that Derek hasn’t gotten back.

She picked up her assignments from the school and started solving them while still waiting for Derek so they could have dinner together.

She didn’t know when and how she slept off but only woke up when she heard the door closing. She sat on properly on the sofa.

Soon Derek appeared in the sitting room.

“Derek, come to the table, let’s eat dinner” she said.

“I’m not hungry” Derek replied walking pass her.

“Well,I am not hungry too. What is wrong with you, Derek? Look at the time you are even getting home, it’s past midnight. Geez!” Pink yelled at him, walked to the dinner. Took the meal and dropped it back at the kitchen then went to lie down.

The next morning she woke up to the sound of the alarm. She started preparing for college immediately.

She reheated the dinner of last night, eat hers and left Derek’s.

She was about leaving the apartment when a call came into her phone. Fear overwhelmed her on seeing the name of the caller, she thought on ignoring the call but knew it would be more dangerous so she picked the call.

“Hello?” She said fearfully into the phone.

“Hello baby Pink, you know the deadline I gave you has expired. Why aren’t you paying up?” The owner of the apartment they are living in asked.

“Um..sir, give me until next weekend. I promise to pay or…I’ll move out, please?” She pleaded.

“Well, baby Pink I’ve given you a choice already, why don’t you pay me with your sweet body, you are so….”

Pink brought the phone down then disconnected the call. Every time she doesn’t pay early, the man rants nonsense like this.

“Who was that?” Derek’s voice came from behind her.

She turned to look at him.

“None of your business. Just stay out of trouble” Pink eyed him before leaving the building.

She got to school before lectures could begin. She got to class an hour earlier.

She settled down in a class, her mind occupied with thoughts. She thought on how she is gonna get the money to pay for their apartment but doesn’t know any other fast way.

She lifted her head when she noticed someone sitting and facing her.

She looked to see Tess.

She dropped her head back on the desk after seeing her.

“I am not interested” Pink said even before Tess could open her mouth.

“Look Pink, I’ve talked to Mama Cassy and she has promised to pay you some money as a source of encouragement. You’ll be able to pay for your rent and eat more delicious meal, why are you throwing such opportunity away Pink. You wanna live in the street?” Tess explained then asked.

Pink’s ears remained standing when she heard the part that she will be paid before she even starts working. And that could mean that she’ll be able to pay for their apartment money.

“How much is the money?” How much? Pink asked.

“Enough to cover your apartment fee, we live in the same building, don’t we?” Tess replied.

Pink brought down her head again. “But…I can’t just become a sêx worker. What…what will people think of me?” Pink worried.

“They won’t know, I told you we deal with only big wealthy men. Only the high class men knows about us, those worthless guys looking for who to stick their diçk into doesn’t know about us” Tess explained.

“But…” Pink try saying.

“No buts ok? We leave to get you fully registrated immediately after today’s lectures” Tess cut her off. She stood up and left.

Throughout the lectures Pink kept sighing and sighing.

She kept thinking about how she was gonna break the news to her brother. Of course derek won’t support her on this. Derek will never support her, her brother thinks too highly of her. What is he even gonna say when he finds out she joined a sex house.

“What are you thinking of now? Your financial problems are about to be solved” Tess asked.

“My brother, I don’t know how he’ll take this” Pink gave away her thoughts.

“Then you don’t have to tell him about it.”

“I can’t keep it from him, Tess, I have never kept anything from him before” Pink said.

“You’ll have to learn” Tess replied her. She parked inside the bar’s garage and stepped down from the car.

Pink stepped down with her. They got into the non lively bar and went straight to through the hidden door at the wall, behind the bartender’s stand.

The bartender winked at her as she followed Tess through the door but she ignored his eyes.

They walked through the passage and then into the door like yesterday. Pink started seeing the girls and they much larger, like they were larger in number.

She followed Tess to the door to see mama Cassy sited on a sofa there, smoking.

“I see you’ve come back” Mama Cassy said.

Pink nodded.

“Give her the book to sign on” Mama said to the red haired girl with her. The red haired girl walked to the table, picked up a book and showed Pink where to sign on.

Pink signed on the paper after repeatedly staring at Tess who kept giving her a go ahead.

“Welcome to the club, baby” Mama said standing up from the sofa.

She extended her hand for a handshake and Pink took it but got suprised when mama Cassy hugged her.

“Every girl here is my family. You are part of them now. And just looking at you, you are gonna do wonders. Probably I’ll let you go after four years, it depends on how fast you learn tho” mama Cassy said.

Mama Cassy then brought out wads of dollars from the locker built with the table there. Six wads of dollars, she gave it to her.

Pink’s eyes dilated as she watched the money doubtfully.

All these for me? She asked.

Tess laughed.

“That is just the beginning babe.”



TBC Pink

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