The DNA test episode 3

The DNA Test (episode 3)
There’s a popular saying that bad company corrupts good manners. When you linger too long in the pres£nce of negative influence, it’s just a matter of time before you get negatively influenced. Just so you know, conducting a DNA Test to determine the paternity of your child with your spouse isn’t bad at all; especially when there’s nothing for either of you to hide, but the problem is that these kind of tests are usually conducted secretly by one p@rty of the union and the motive for doing the test is most often tied to lack of trust for the other p@rty. Now, do you know how sad it is for your spouse to doubt the paternity of his child with you? How sad it is for your spouse to go behind your back to conduct a test that screams “I don’t trust you”? I know majority might find nothing wrong for one p@rty of a marriage union to conduct a DNA Test and it’s perfectly OK to think such way, but one question remains unanswered in cases such as this and that question is no other than “Why marry someone you don’t trust?”.
This question has remained unanswered for so many decades now. Why go down the road of ‘Forever’ with someone you can’t trust the paternity of your children to? There were so many chances to detect dishonesty in that person while you were still courting; that was the perfect time to evaluate your p@rtner’s character or attitude to know if they were worth your commitment and love. Why marry the person you don’t trust only to stress yourself after getting married by conducting a DNA Test after every birth of your child? The thought of how stressful and emotional draining such practices bring is devastating to imagine. Too bad Belinda was caught up in such triangle.
One sad thing about this test is that it is usually conducted by one p@rty of the union and not both p@rties. What happened to having an open conversation with your spouse about conducting the test so the both of you can p@rtake in it? If there’s any skeleton in anyone’s cu-pboard, it will definitely get expo-sed after the test but if there isn’t any shady thing to hide, then both p@rties will be vindicated evenly. If things were done this way, then I guess the hurt and pain of the pres£nce of distrust will be on a minimal level, than if one p@rty conducted the test in secret.
Moving on, things weren’t looking too beautiful again in the marriage union of the once loving couple. Ace had started nurturing a secret intention of conducting a DNA Test on his child to confirm if his son ‘Junior’ was truly his. He was immediately linked to a doctor in another town that did such test. The doctor was contacted and an appointment was booked for the following week.
Ace was instructed by the doctor to get some hair samples of his son for the test. The test cost a lot of money but that wasn’t going to st©p the desperate man from getting some answers.
At this point, we could call it fate because God might have orche-strated everything to happen the way it did so the hidden revelation about the switched babies would come to light. It’s been over 6 years since Belinda had been nurturing someone else’s child while hers was far away in an unfortunate state and condition. Despite the fact that things might not go in favour of either of them once the DNA result comes out, but at least it would come to Belinda’s knowledge that something was wrong somewhere and hopefully, they would find out what went wrong.
After a long day at work that evening, Ace returned home and was welcomed by his lovely wife and son. “Welcome babe, how was work today?” Belinda asked, “It was stressful, I’m just tired” he replied as he gently ru-bbe-d his son’s head. “How was school today?” Ace inquired, “Fine daddy!” Junior hurriedly replied as they made their way inside the house.
If only Belinda knew the thoughts that ran throu-gh her husband’s mind as he starred at her and Junior that fateful evening, her heart would have shattered. Belinda had no clue that while she sle-pt that very night, Ace made his way to their son’s room to cut a small portion of the little boy’s alre-ady low hair-cut.
The sight of Ace creeping and ti-ptoeing into Junior’s room that night was enough to bring tears to the eyes of any faithful wife. It might look or feel like nothing to some people and might feel like the height of betrayal to others. Not everyone is unfaithful and there’s nothing as devastating as being perceived as something you are far from. Poor Belinda!
Days slowly pas-sed by as Ace waited for his doctor’s appointment. Those few days were the most traumatising days of his life and it gave him goose-bu-mps and intense tension. He couldn’t just wait to get everything over with and know the truth once and for all. After waiting for few days, the D-day finally c@m£ for the DNA Test to be conducted.
Before Ace went out of town that very day, Belinda woke up early and made him the best breakfast he have had in a while. Everything he was about to do felt very wrong but his mind was alre-ady made up and also, God’s will had to be done regardless. It was time for the hidden truth about the switched babies to come to light for the first time in 6 years. Things might not go smoothly or well, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
“Good day sir” the nurse at the hospital reception greeted, “Good afternoon, my name is Ace and I have an appointment with Doctor Mark” he said. The nurse immediately processed the information and told him to wait a little. After waiting for about 20 minutes, he was called into the Doctor’s office.
It was a swift visit; the hair samples were collected and the test fee was paid after a brief counselling. Ace was informed on when the results will be out. He thanked the doctor for being of good service and took his leave.
As problem and crisis drew nearer to the couple’s marriage, Belinda started having strange nightmares about things that weren’t clear to her un-derstanding. She started s-en-sing the danger ahead and her peace of mind gradually diminished. On the other hand, Ace pretended as though he was up to nothing and went about his normal life, with his f!ngerscrossed as he anticipated the DNA Test result.
On the fateful day that broke the c@m£l’s back, Belinda woke up that morning with cold feets. She didn’t know why she was so scared and worried. The first place she went to that morning was her son’s room. The sight of Junior slee-ping peacefully was to die for. They love struck mother couldn’t get her eyes off her handsome son; she was smitten. If only she knew what was ahead of her that fateful day. Sad!
Later that morning, Belinda made breakfast and everyone c@m£ downstairs to eat as a family. It was a quic-k breakfast because Junior had to go to school afterwards and both parents also nee-ded to head out to their various businesses.
As everyone ate happily, Ace phone rang. He looked to see the caller and it was his doctor from the DNA test venture. In order not to expo-se his little secret, he refused to pick up the call. Belinda noticed what happened but waived it off as nothing significant. Few minutes later, everyone ate finish and headed to their various destination.
Immediately Ace drove far away from his house, he parked the car at the side walk of the road and dialed the doctor’s number. The phone rang briefly before he picked up. “Hello doctor, trust you sle-pt well? I was busy when you called” Ace said, Good morning, It’s fine; I wanted to call yesterday evening but was busy too. I just want to inform you that the result is out” the doctor said.
That piece of information s£nt chills down Ace’s spine. He was now close to finding out the truth that had tortured him for quite a long time. “Do I nee-d to come to the hospital? or you can tell me now what the result says and I will appreciate it” he said, “You want to know right now? Throu-gh the phone?” the doctor inquired and he replied ‘Yes plea-se!”.
The moment of truth had finally come. The reply that would make or break Belinda’s marriage was about to be let loose. Ace heart raced and his palms suddenly bec@m£ sweaty as he desperately anticipated the doctor’s reply.
After a moment of silence, the doctor finally said; “The paternity result c@m£ out Negative; You are the Father of your Son”.
End of episode 3 😉