The DNA test episode 1

The DNA Test (episode 1)
From the author of The Halo Effect
Trust is very delicate and might never be gotten back once lost. In a marriage union between two people, trust is one ess£ntial trait they have to possess for one another. It isn’t a child’s pl@yfor someone to leave their father and mother to unite with another person for the rest of their life. For you to effectively live happily in your matrimonial home, you have to trust your spouse more than you have ever trusted anyone else; except God.
Can you eat, sleep and relax in the company of another person except there’s a pres£nce of Trust? For you to openly confess “I do” to your spouse; thereby vouching to spend the rest of your life with him/her, simply means that you trust that person with a large p@rt of your heart. Now, what if that trust was broken? What if something happened along the line that shattered your heart and made that trust questionable? What if your marriage encountered a serious challenge that posed as a Big threat to the trust you once had for your p@rtner? What if the reason you doubted your p@rtner was false and you ended up looking like a fool for not trusting him/her and seeing throu-gh the circu-mtance to detect the slightest clue that your spouse was innocent of the accusation levied against him/her? Also, in the midst of all these questions, there’s another silent one that asks; “How would you handle a case of tampered trust?”. Well, buckle up because this tale is going to be one of a kind.
Few years back, Belinda was heavily pregnant for the love of her life ‘Ace’. The expectant couple were extremely happy and had a smile on their faces every single time they counted down to the delivery d@t£ of their little angel. During the course of Belinda’s pregnancy, Ace didn’t let her t©uçh a pin; talk more of letting her do domestic household chores. The expectant mummy-to-be was pampered beyond what you could ever imagine and she effortlessly glowed throu-gh her pregnancy.
Despite the fact that Ace was a busy business man, he never compromised family time. He made sure to visit the hospital with his expectant wife whenever he could, he made sure to return home on time to ru-b her back or feet, he made sure to bath her every night even when she had the strength to bath herself, and he made sure to be the best husband he could be to his wife.
Life looked very beautiful for the two love birds that one could blus-h at the thought of how beautiful their new born would be. The future looked extremely promising for them but it’s sad that things took a drastic turn somewhere along the line.
Turns out that long before Belinda got married nor pregnant, she had always been afraid of giving birth in the hospital for some reasons unknown. This lady dre-aded hospitals and told her husband a couple of times that she would love to have her baby at home, but he laughed and waived the t©pic whenever she brou-ght it up. Ace felt it was p@rt of the pregnancy Fever and didn’t take his wife’s words seriously at that point.
If only Ace knew that God was trying to communicate with him throu-gh Belinda, maybe he would have listened and honoured his wife’s de-sire of birthing their child at home with a midwife and doctor pres£nt. He had the money to pu-ll such power and make his wife’s wish come true but felt she was just ma-king up weird things in her head due to the baby in her tummy. God saw a catastrophe ahead and tried to protect these lovely couple but they weren’t attentive enough to catch God’s signals. Too bad!
Life continued as nothing was heard or communicated and as Belinda’s delivery d@t£ drew nearer, her fear wors£ned. She searched her heart over again to get even the slightest clue of why she kept having cold feet about delivering her baby in the hospital but no clarity was in sight. With Belinda’s mother being a good support system, the elderly woman encouraged her daughter to be fearless and was always there to boost her faith whenever it was wavering. After a little while, the fear gradually disappeared and was no where to be found. it’s too sad that they succeeded in shutting a voice that tried to prevent them from a future disaster. If only they knew? Too bad they didn’t.
Finally, the highly anticipated day c@m£. On the day Belinda’s water broke, Ace was out of town and couldn’t make it to his wife’s delivery. The only closest person to Belinda at that moment was their house helper, gate man and driver. They all carried her inside the car and the driver zoomed off to the hospital she was scheduled to give birth in.
Immediately they left the house to the hospital, the house help called Belinda’s mother and told her about the new development. Without letting the lady finish pas-sing the information across, Belinda’s mum hanged the call and immediately headed to the hospital to be there for her daughter.
Everything happened so fast that day and before the driver even reached the hospital, labour pains began. As they arrived at the hospital, Belinda was rushed to the labour room and after a little while, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy but something unfortunate happened that day.
It happened that immediately Belinda gave birth, she bec@m£ very tired and dozed off without consciously looking at her baby very well to at least know his face. At that time, her mum was still on her way to the hospital and hadn’t arrived yet. It happened that the nurses in charged of the delivery took the baby out of the room to clean him up, but they forgot to tag him for easy identification.
After the nurses were done cleaning the baby, one of them la-id him on a large baby court that contained 3 other babies. The 3 babies there were tagged on their hands expect Belinda’s child. Everything happened so fast and before the nurses could tag the child, another baby boy without a tag was immediately brou-ght in for cleaning too.
The babies looked almost the same that it was a bit difficult to differentiate them without a tag. After they were done cleaning the new baby that arrived, Belinda’s mum arrived at the hospital and immediately requested to see her grandchild. Belinda was still asleep at the time and wasn’t aware of what was happening. Due to the swift manner at which her mum demanded to see her grandchild, the nurse who just c@m£ in as-sumed that the baby that currently un-derwent cleaning belonged to Belinda, so she carried that one to meet the excited granny. The fact that it was a boy and there wasn’t a tag on the baby’s wrist, made it convincing that he belonged to Belinda; as it was apparent to the nurse that the birth just happened a few minutes ago. If only they all knew that the right baby was still lying on the baby’s court at the cleaning room. Quite unfortunate!
As the nurse made a majestic entrance to Belinda’s hospital room with a wrong baby, another nurse was ma-king a majestic entrance to another woman’s hospital room with Belinda’s son. What a heartbreaking and careless situation. At that point, there was nothing anyone could do to reverse the mistake because no one was aware of the error that had happened.
Immediately the nurse entered the room, Belinda regained consciousness and her baby boy was handed over to her. Smiles filled everyone’s face as they looked at the little bundle of joy staring them in the face. He was so peaceful to behold and it s£nt chills down Belinda’s spine.
The happy mother looked at her switched baby boy with a smile on her face and gently said; “Welcome to the World my Prince”.
End of episode 1