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The devil’s sweetheart episode 1

👺The Devil’s👺
[ 😡I HATE BOYS!😡 ]
✝Rated 🔞🔞
🎙Written By🎙
📌Author Nuella.
Who is a male? 🤔
Who is a man? 🤔
Who is a boy?🤔
• They are the other gender who are known for their masculinity and production of sperms and chromosomes.
• But do you also know that 90% of them are players, backstabbers, cheats and don’t love you because of your looks or characters? They only love or should I term it ‘lvst’ after the sweetness and pleasure a lady has between her thighs.
Apart from that, they only speak four languages which are;
👉🏻Lies 👹
👉🏻Deciet 👺
👉🏻Rubbish 👿
👉🏻Bullshit 👽
And that’s why I HATE BOYS!
• I wasn’t born with the mentality of hating boys, not at all! I loved boys and all male humans I had come in contact with who had a good heart. But one male in particular stood out, and that was my then boyfriend Aaron.
• Aaron had everything a girl would want in a boy. He had gorgeous hair and perfect skin. Not to mention his dreamy blue eyes one could get lost in or his handsome face and smiles that could bright up the darkest hearts. His appropriate and decent attitude was his sell point! You can never have a bad day with him around.
• I was so lucky to be his girlfriend because not only was he handsome and morally upright but he was also rich and influential at such a young age.
• We loved each other to the fullest…or so I thought.
Everything was going smoothly until one day, on our 150th date, (which was supposed to be a happy day for me because our total number of dates had just clocked a round number) It became the worst day of my life because that was the day I confirmed painfully and tearfully that all that glitters is definitely not gold!
• I got tired of waiting for him to come pick me up for the date, so I decided to go to his house and check whether he was there. Lo and behold, what befell my very eyes the moment I walked into that two faced motherf*cker house was him on the couch having a fiery romance with a half-n@k£d slut.
• That was the worst day of my life! I ran out of his house and that same way I ran out of his black ,deceitful heart!
• After that day, I called Aaron countless of times, I texted him day and night asking him why he broke me so bad by cheating on me. But up till date, he never replied and never even apologized.
• Since that very moment nearly five years ago, I saw every male as one who speaks lies and preys on every being in a skirt. I hated them from that day onward and I swore that I’ll never have any relationship with them ever again and so it has been till date.
• Crystal DeMarquez, a sweet and kind hearted nineteen year old girl had everything any girl of her age would dream of. Loving parents, lovable siblings, all her wants and needs satisfied and a perfect boyfriend!
What more could she ask for!?!
• Crystal was living the life of her dreams until one day, her perfect boyfriend ruined her by cheating on her. Since that day, Crystal has sworn not to have any business with boys. Two years later, their house was demolished…with her parents and two siblings inside. The four of them died due to this cruel act of a construction company who claimed not to know that the in occup@nts of the apartment were inside the house at that moment.
• Crystal didn’t have enough money to sue the company and she just had to let it go. Officially an orphan left with her sister who could barely survive in society alone, Candice picked up a job in a nearby restaurant as a waitress and life has been quite ever since….
• Suddenly, Her only surviving sister becomes ill and currently needs to undergo a surgery and she has no other means to get enough money to get her treated except turning to Miguel Nicholas.
• Miguel Nicholas is a big billionaire and a business mogul. The city adores and worships him, especially the ladies who’ll do anything to have a one night stand with him or be his baby mama! He’s a big time player and is the type who uses and dumps girls….the type who Crystal fears.
• He has tried his best have Crystal in his bed but it’s to no avail because she hates boys and she isn’t a cheap commodity like some girls.
• Miguel soon discovers Crystal’s weak point which is her dying sister and offers to help if she has a one night stand with him.
Will Crystal agree??
What about her hate for boys? Will it help her make the right decision?
Will she choose between her sister’s life and her sworn enmity with all males?
Will she find love at the end?
Is there gonna be some untold secrets between Miguel and Crystal?
Find out in this hate-love, suspense filled and romantic story!
🐾Chapter ONE🐾
[ The Beginnings ]
🎙Written By🎙
📌Author Nuella.
Crystal’s POV:
• Finally! It’s 6:00pm and that means my shift at this dumb excuse for a restaurant is over. I served the last batch of hamburgers to the cute couple by the counter and officially, I’m done for the day. Loos£ning the knot of my apron, I went to the break-room to change and get out of this stink-hole.
” Going early today?” Kylie, my annoying co-worker asked as she wore her boots.
” I always go early.” I muttered sarcastically to serve as an insult to her dumb brain.
” You know? It’s high time you start being nice to me. We’re co-workers and we’re meant to be friends.” Kylie stated peevishly and I scoffed.
” Friends? Me and You? Kylie not even in your wildest dreams.” I said chortling while Kylie rolled her eyes.
” Just stay away from me and my stuff and then we can make this job bearable for the both of us.” I warned sternly then picked up my clothes and went to the back to change.
• I’m all in a bag of chips if you get to know me and be on my good side. I’m usually not harsh, but Kylie is a pain in the a** and being around her changes my personality completely. Thank Neptune my shift is over and I can get away from Kylie and this stupid restaurant.
Ugh! My life s√¢ks🤧
• I changed into my clothes and put my uniform into my bag then hung my apron on the holder. I picked up my bag and went out of the break room and behold, I saw Jezebel clothed in a black coloured long-sleeve top that was transparent showing her two bosoms but her n*pples were covered with two diamond black studs. Accompanied with a black leather mini skirt and black boots, you could term her a live p*rn movie!
” Kylie! what are you wearing.” I asked flabberg@sted by her seducing outfit. She paused combing her hair and looked at me.
” And since when did I have to answer to you for my dressings.” She replied s@ssily and I rolled my eyes then sighed.
” May God forgive Jezebels like you.” I said just before picking up my coat that lied beside her and I left.
What has this world turned into🤦🏻🤷🏻
• Away from that eyesore Kylie wore and that hell of a restaurant, I walked to the junction at the end of the street to get a cab. It was pretty chilly outside, so I wore my coat and placed the hoodie on my head.
” Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!” I called out in a bid to flag down one of the numerous taxis that blew past me blaring their ear deafening horns. But not even one stopped to know where I was going and time was not on my side.
Finally, one of the Taxis slowed down and stopped right in front of me.
” City Crown Hospital.” I stated my intended destination and the taxi driver nodded depicting he knew the place.
” How much is the fare?”
” Ten dollars.” He replied and I arched my brows in surprise.
” I’ll pay seven dollars, it’s not that far.” I negotiated with the driver.
” If it’s not that far, then why don’t you walk the distance?” The driver said rudely, started his ignition and drove off.
• I watched him drive away until he pulled over a small distance away from the junction and stuck his hand outside the window beckoning on someone to come over. I @ssumed it was me he was referring to. So as quickly as I could, I ran to where the taxi was parked.
” I’ll take eight dollars.” He said and I nodded.
” Eight dollars is fair.” I replied and entered into the taxi and off we went to the hospital.
• The taxi pulled over in front of the hospital and I alighted, paid him his fare then went into the hospital.
” Hello sweetheart.” I heard a familiar husky voice say and I turned back only to see Miguel smirking at me looking all handsome.
” How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not your sweetheart!” I said as I walked to Miguel menacingly.
” You look so cute when you’re angry.” He said grinning as he touched my cheeks.
” Don’t you ever touch me!” I half-yelled pointing at him.
” Touch you? You mean like this?” He said and grabbed my waist. Everyone in the waiting room just watched us like we were some telenovela.
” Get your hands of me!” I yelled at him and stepped on his foot h@rd and went my way.
” Agh!” He screamed in pain.
” I must have you Crystal.” I heard him mutter clutching to his foot just before I left the waiting room.
” Curse you Miguel!” I said beneath my breath as I went towards Angelica’s ward.
” Oh? Crystal? You’re here already.” Nurse Paula said to me as I entered the ward.
” Yes, evening Paula.” I greeted her with a smile.
” Evening Crystal, the doctor said you should come see him concerning Angelica.” Nurse Paula announced and I was a bit worried. What has happened now?
” Okay Paula. I’ll see you later.” I said and waved ‘bye’ to her then walked to Doctor Gareth the Paediatrician’s office.
• I walked briskly to Doctor Gareth’s office at the end of corridor. Walking there, my head spinned around with thoughts flying here and there on why the doctor wants to see me about Angelica. With fears and worries abounding in my heart, I nervously opened the door and went in.
” Crystal! Glad you’re here. Please take a seat.” The doctor said as I came in and pointed to one of the visitors chairs in front of his table. With a faint smile, I sat on the chair removing my purse from my arm and placing it on my laps.
” Good evening doctor. Uh, Nurse Paula said you wanted to see me.” I said and he removed his gl@sses.
” Well Crystal, as you must know, it’s about your sister’s health. What about the money for the surgery?” The doctor inquired and I was speechless.
” Doctor, I don’t have any money. But you said that surgery can be delayed for up to six months.” I said hesitatingly with fears gripping my heart.
” Yes, Indeed I did say that. I went to check up on Angelica this evening and there’s a new development.” The doctor said with disappointment in his tone of speech.
” What happened doctor?” I asked solicitously as I rose up from my seat.
” If the surgery is not done within now and the next week, we may loose her.” The doctor announced and it felt like my world had just crumbled on hearing what the doctor said. What will become of me without my dear little sister?
” Doctor! You can’t let that happen. I can’t bear to loose Angelica!” I lamented as the tears expressing my sadness and fears rolled down my eyes.
” It’s up to you Crystal, the sooner you pay the bills, the sooner we start the treatment.” The doctor said and wore his gl@sses back then picked up some files.
” You’ll have to leave now. I have a patient to attend too.” He added as he stood up and went out of his office.
• Enclosed in my own cloud of despair and grief, I walked out of the doctor’s office and sat down on a chair few feet away from his office. Angelica fell sick a few months ago and I thought it was just a minor fever and didn’t pay much attention to it. Her health started deteriorating right before my very eyes. Something had to be done! I took her to the hospital two weeks ago and she was diagnosed of a killer child disease. Every morning before I go work, I’ll visit her in the hospital and when I close I’ll spend time with her before going home and life has been such ever since…until now.
• Angelica, the only pillar that still holds my life together in one piece. The only priced possession I still have is about to die? I can’t let that happen, she can’t die! If she dies, I’ll die with her.
• How in God’s name am I gonna get a whooping sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in less than seven days? Dear Lord, is this how I’ll end up? Loosing my whole family in a space of just two years?
Is this how my life is going to be?
” How did I get myself into this mess!” I cried out amidst my tears and buried my face into my palms and sulked.
” I can get you out of the mess.” I heard that same husky voice say and I stopped crying, raised my head up and saw Miguel with a smirk plastered on his face.
” Miguel, I’m not in the mood for jokes now okay?” I rebuked him cleaning my tears.
” Well, Miguel is no joker. I mean all my words.” He said and came over to sit beside me.
” What’s making my sweetheart cry huh?” Miguel asked concerned and cleaned off a drop of my tear.
” Take..Your…Hands…Off..Me.” I said harshly saying my words individually and he removed his hand from my face.
Should I tell him?
Of What help is he gonna be to me?
All he’s gonna do is laugh at me and try to lure me into his bed like he always does.
Typical Miguel🙄
Boys disgust me😝
” Common Sweetheart, tell me what’s happening.” He further inquired and something in me kept pushing me to tell him what happened.
” Fine! If you insist, I’ll tell you. But after I do, I need you to get out of my hair and leave me alone.” I forewarned him and he smiled in reply.
” Well, my little sister has been sick for a long time now and the doctor just told me that she has less than a week to live if she doesn’t undergo a surgery.” I explained to Miguel who keenly listened.
” So why hasn’t she undergone the surgery?” Miguel asked and I turned and looked him in the eye.
” I don’t have money to pay for the surgery.”
” How much is it?”
” Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” I replied and Miguel shook his head and laughed.
I knew it!
I knew that he was gonna laugh at me and my condition.
Such a demon! I hate him😡
” Here.” I heard Miguel say and I looked at him. In his hand was a check leaflet with my name on it and he stretched it to me.
” Take, this is three hundred thousand dollars. Use it for her treatment and any other medical bills.” Miguel said and my eyes nearly bulged out of it’s sockets and my mouth widened in shock.
” Seriously? You’ll help me?” I asked stammering and Miguel nodded in affirmation. With shaky hands, I collected the check from him and looked at it, to confirm what my ears heard.
Three Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars was boldly written on the body of the check. With my full name also written.
” I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Thanks Miguel.” I thanked him and he smiled then got up from his chair.
” Don’t smile too soon sweetheart, I haven’t signed the check yet.” He said smirking and I checked the signature space and it was blank.
” Then sign it!” I said to him and he shook his head.
” Not until you meet your own part of the bargain.” He stated.
” What bargain?” I asked a bit scared because I know Miguel, he may ask me for the most bizarre thing.
” I want you on my bed for the night.”
” WHAT!?”


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