The cursed child Finale

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📒📘📗 : Chapter 28 {FINAL CHAPTER}
Unknown pov
The throne room was filled with guards who are guarding the King.
Klaus stool before the throne pacing around restlessly then the door to the room opened and a guard entered.
one of the guards he s£nt to fetch the Oracle entered along with the Oracle and they bow before the throne.
” What took you so long?”
” You know the danger we face and you decided to dawdle at your job, in times like this” he growled at her and she fell before him.
” Forgive me, your majesty”
” I would never do something like that, I was praying to the gods for a way out, for a way get past this horrible experience” she said apologetically.
” Forget it, we don’t have much time ”
” The kingdom has fallen and she won’t st©p until she kills everyone and I’m certain she’s coming for me”
” Just tell me what the gods say about this and what we should do to save the kingdom” Klaus said.
” My King, The gods have spoken and they told me how to save the kingdom, there’s just one way” she replied.
” Tell me, what do we nee-d to do?” He asked.
” The girl have to die ” she answered.
” What!!”
” What are you talking about?” Klaus asked.
” That’s the answer the gods gave” she replied.
” The reason we are in this pres£nt predic@m£nt was because we made an attem-pted to kill her twice”
” And now the gods are suggesting we do it again?……..are you sure the gods don’t wish evil to befall the kingdom?” He asked.
” Your highness, the gods would never want that….. that’s exactly what they said” she replied.
” aaahhhhhh” Klaus gr-unted frustratedly.
” Why would they want her dead?… just said they never wanted her dead in the first place” Klaus queried.
” That was before she trigger her curse, and now that she did, she will st©p at nothing to kill everyone” she answered.
” Killing her is impossible, no one can get close enough to kill her, she is too powerful” Klaus said.
” Only the one who she love most can kill her” she said.
” Tell your gods that we tried that alre-ady and she somehow managed to survive ” klaus replied.
” My Lord, that’s not the one she love most” she said.
” It’s of no Importance….. there’s nothing we can do” he replied then turned to the guards.
” I should’ve known……. Guards, prepare the horse we are leaving immediately” he ordered then one of the guards rushed in.
” My King, she’s coming”
” She’s coming this way” the guard reported breathing heavily.
” Guards, take the Oracle and leave” Klaus said and they at stared at him confusingly.
” My King, what are you saying?”
” We are here to protect you and we swore an oath to do so even if it cost us our lives” one of the guards replied.
” I’ve made so many mistakes and lots of people have suffered for it”
” Too many people have died trying to protect me and I can’t take it anymore……so take her and leave” he said.
” But….My King..w….”
” That’s an order” he snapped at them.
” As you wish My King” they replied then left with the Oracle.
About a minute later the door to the room c@m£ down and Amelia appears.
Klaus was shocked by this and scared looking at her dripping of blood then she entered.
” Just the man I’ve been waiting for” she said talking a step after the other.
” Looks like there’s no one to protect you now” she said looking around the room.
” Amelia, plea-se you have to st©p this…..I know I’m the cause of this and I’m so sorry” he begged.
” plea-se, You have to st©p this……this Killing is too much…… plea-se Sister, have Mercy” he begged then fell on his knees.
” Isn’t this surprising?, The arrogant Klaus kneeling before me but unfortunately I have no Mercy” she said.
She stretched out her arm and draw him closer with her mind then push him against the pillar.
” Aaaaaaahhhhhh” he screamed in agony.
” Your death will be spectacular ” she said sweeping him up again and smash him against the pillar.
” plea-se st©p….. plea-se” he cried.
” Maybe, Maybe not” she replied then draw him closer then controlled a sword with her on the ground.
She drove the sword into his che-st closer to his shoulder then stuck it against the pillar ma-king him scream louder.
” STOOOOP” Amelia turned hearing a scream behind her as she saw Aurora running to her.
” Aurora, Run…Run” Klaus said as he gr0@nin pain.
” plea-se St©p this……enough of this ” Aurora said as she get to her.
” I told you never to come back here, I warned you so this is on you” Amelia said then gr@bb£d her n£¢k ti-ghtly.
She re-moved the sword from klaus’s che-st then attem-pted to drive the sword throu-gh her but she find it impossible.
She tried ha-rder but couldn’t then she started gr-unting.
” What is….No” She said then re-lease her grip on her and started convulsing.
Aurora stood before her as she watched confused as her eye color start changing then it st©pped.
” Amelia?……is that you?” Aurora asked and she looked up.
” Aurora, oh god……what have I done?” Amelia said as she started crying.
” What have I done?”
” It’s you” Aurora said then draw closer to her.
” I’m so sorry for everything, I didn’t mean to do it……..this isn’t me” Amelia cried.
” I know…..I know” she replied hvgging her.
”….rra” Klaus said weakly and she sprang up.
” Oh Klaus, we have to help him…….plea-se” Aurora said facing Amelia as they draw closer to him.
” I’m so Klaus….. I’m so sorry” Amelia apologized.
” No, Whatever happens to me….I deserve it” he replied.
” Let’s help him up” Aurora said as they tried to pu-ll him up only for him to scream louder.
” Aaaaaaahhhhhh”
” What?” Aurora asked.
” I can’t, I can’t stand…….I think my back is broken……I can’t stand” he said in pain.
” I’ll carry him” Amelia offered.
” Okay, Okay” Aurora replied and as Amelia tried to reach out she felt a sharp pain in her head.
” Ahhh” she screamed.
” What” Aurora asked.
” I don’t know” she replied then she felt it again.
” Ahhhh” she screamed then she knew what it means.
” What’s happening?” Aurora asked staring at her.
” She’s coming back” she informed.
” No…no…that can’t happen”
” You have to st©p her” Aurora said.
” That’s the problem, I can’t…..I can’t st©p her”
” I lost the control when I died and soon she will take control again and there’s nothing I can do” she said.
” No, no there has to be something we can do……you can’t let this happen” Aurora said and she gave a little smile.
” There’s only one way to st©p her and you have to do it” Amelia replied and felt the feeling again.
” Aaahhhhh” she screamed.
” I’ll do anything….. I’ll do anything for you, I promise” Aurora replied eagerly.
” I know you will” Amelia said tou-ching her face tenderly.
” What do I nee-d to do?” She asked then Amelia picked up a knife on the ground and gave it to her.
” What do I do with this?” Aurora asked confusedly and she smiled warmly at her.
” Perhaps maybe the gods are right about one thing and I know it’s true” she said to her ma-king more confused.
” What are you talking about?” Aurora asked.
” She’s coming back, I can feel it and I can’t tell what she will do if I let her out, so you have to kill me” Amelia said and she was shocked.
” Whaatt!” She shouted.
” Are you crazy……I can’t, there has to be another way” Aurora said.
” You have to because there’s no other way, I can’t even imagine to live with the horrible things I’ve done”
” This breaks my heart more than you know and she is coming back, I know it”
” I can’t imagine what will do if she take control, I won’t forgive myself if I let her hurt you” Amelia said shedding tears.
” SHUT UP, I can’t…….I can’t do it” Aurora said as tears stream down her face.
” You have to, for the sake of everyone left, she won’t st©p until she kill them all, I can feel it”
” That is what she wants and will do it, only you can st©p this sister, plea-se you have to do this” Amelia said.
” Aaaaaaahhhhh, hurry up….I can’t hold her much longer” she added.
” You don’t deserve to die, this shouldn’t be happening to you” Aurora said.
” You have to sister, I never believe I could be so complete with someone, then I found you”
” Even before we knew we were sisters you’ve always had my back, you’ve always been there for me”
” I’m not evil sister, I’m not a bad person….. I’m not an evil person….. I’m not” she said.
” I know, I know…..I know that for sure” Aurora replied.
” Thank you for everything sister” Amelia said then take her hand with the knife and pointed it at her che-st.
” I LOVE YOU SISTER” she said smiling.
” plea-se don’t, don’t make me do this” aurora replied crying hysterically.
” Do it, She coming, so do it” Amelia said gro-an ing.
” NO”
” Do it sister”
” DO IT” she said then Aurora drove the knife into her heart.
” Th…ank Yo..u” she muttered as she g@sped for breathe then she gave up the ghost and this time around her b©dy remain the same.
” NOOOOOO” Aurora cried out sorrowfully as she died.
The people who were able to escape the kingdom returned to the kingdom days later when they heard the news of her death.
Those whose family falls victim for the mas-s mas-sacre from the hands of Amelia mourned their dead and buried them.
The Oracle performed a sacrifice to the gods enquiring it was safe to believe their horrible days are over.
The whole kingdom rejoiced as the Oracle made the announcement that the kingdom is now safe.
Word reach out to Kara from where she reside then she also returned back to the palace and be with her husband.
Klaus was treated by the healer after the surgery the healer announced the king can never walk again.
Everyone felt bad for him but he didn’t because he knew he was lucky to be alive and he deserved more than what happened to him.
Klaus felt he is unfit to rule the kingdom and was disappointed of his decision and his p@rt in the chaos.
He made an announcement to the people renouncing his position as king of Malmoe and handed the authority over to his sister.
Though the people were surprised by the news but the wholeheartedly accept Aurora as their Queen.
Aurora buried her sister is a secret place where no one would ever known and she mourned her for weeks.
Aurora was made the Queen and helped the people to rebuild their house and make the kingdom whole again.
Those who were able to escape from other villages c@m£ to settle in Malmoe and they were accepted.
It took some months for the kingdom to rebuild and everything started working out well and the kingdom was at peace at last.