The cursed child episode 26 & 27

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📒📘📗 : Chapter 26
{Next Day}
Unknown POV
The whole kingdom is in great fear as the news of Amelia’s terror filled thel-ips of the people.
Everyone locked themselves in their rooms and prayed to their gods to save them from her.
The whole kingdom is in intense fear as they are scared of the what will become of them when she arrives.
Klaus and his new wedded wife were in their chamber having a ro-mantic discussion unaware of the news.
They were both talking and laughing out blithely when a knock c@m£ on the door and Klaus answered.
” The door is open ” he said then a guard entered and bowed before him.
” My King ”
” What is it ?” Klaus asked.
” Your highness, The councilmen awaits you in the throne room for an urgent matter ” the guard replied.
” Councilmen? ” He said confusedly.
” Yes, your grace ”
” I don’t recall requesting a meeting with anyone especially not the council members ” he added.
” Let’s hear them out……it might be so urgent for them to show up this early ” His wife Kira replied.
” We just got married we should be allowed few days rest……we are human after all ” he replied and Kira smiled.
” My King, sometimes these are the sacrifice the King has to make for the sake of the people ” Kira said.
” Spoke Just like a wise Queen ” Klaus replied smiling agreeing with her then turned to the guard.
” Leave Now, I will join them shortly ” he replied.
” Yes My King ” the guard replied then he left.
Klaus and his wife got dressed and on their way to the throne room they met with Princess Aurora.
” Good Morning sister ” Klaus greeted.
” Good Morning ”
” Good Morning Princess ” Kira also greeted.
” Good Morning ” she replied smiling warmly at her.
” Are you heading to the throne hall? ” Klaus asked as they go together.
” Yes, have you heard the news? ” She asked.
” what news? ” Klaus asked looking at her confusedly.
” The news of what happened to the kingdom of Bashan is circulating around the kingdom ” Aurora answered and he st©pped walking.
” Bashan kingdom?……what Happened? ” He asked.
” The kingdom of Bashan has fallen, the kingdom flowing with blood of the citizens ” she informed.
” Whatt!! ”
” The king and all the members of the Royal family are reported dead” she concluded.
” What!!….. what happened?, Who did this? ” Kira asked.
” Answer me sister, Who committed this evil deed? ” Klaus asked.
” I know not, I was hoping I could find more answers from the councilmen when I heard they are here ”
” The whole kingdom are terrified by the unplea-sant news and we have to do something really fast ” she replied.
” I don’t like the sound of this ” Klaus replied then they head to the throne room together.
They arrived at the throne room and all the councilmen stood up and bowed before them as they entered.
” plea-se be seated ” he replied as they took their seat.
” What’s this horrible news that going around……how true is this? ” Klaus asked.
” Your highness, The news are all true……the kingdom of Bashan has fallen and their king is dead ” one of the councilmen said.
” Who caused this?…….who attacked them? ”
” Who did this? ” Klaus asked.
” We don’t know your grace, i believe they were taken unware because we received no words from them ”
” Commander, I want you to dispatch some soldier over there and find some answers ”
” Whoever did this should be punished ” Klaus added.
” Yes My Lord ” the commander replied and was about to leave when two guards rushed into the room.
” Guards, what is the meaning of this? ” The commander rebuked angrily.
” Forgive us commander, Forgive us your highness, But the news we brou-ght is the reason for our unsettled mind” one of them replied.
” What News?” Klaus asked.
” Your Grace, Two more kingdoms has fallen overnight” the guard replied.
” Whaatt!!!” They all shouted.
” Tell me, Which kingdoms?” Aurora asked curiously.
” The kingdom of Gibron was the first to be attacked and everyone was killed including Royal members”
” The kingdom of Jeba has fallen as well, they’ve just been attacked” the guard said and they were shocked.
” No, that’s not true…..that can’t be, it’s a lie…. My family” Kira said crying alre-ady.
” Forgive me your highness” the guards apologized.
” What about the king, any survivors from the Royal family?” Klaus asked.
” I’m afraid not, Your highness…….the whole kingdom is in ruins and dead bodies litres everywhere” he replied.
” No!” Kira cried ha-rder which only got Klaus angry and scared of what to expect.
” At Least someone must’ve seen something…..all these can’t happen without someone seeing something” Klaus said.
” A handful of those who were able to flee the city on time said they were attacked by a woman” the guard said.
” A woman or an army?” Aurora interjected.
” They saw no army but a woman with a Red eyes” he said again then Klaus and Aurora were both shocked.
” That’s not possible……That can’t be possible” Aurora said then turned to Klaus.
” This is what I’m scared of……The prophesy still stands” Klaus said.
” That’s not possible, it can’t be her……… that’s not my Amelia” Aurora said.
” My King, do you know this woman?” Kira asked amidst tears.
” I’m afraid so, She’s my sister and I watched her die right in front of me, how is she still alive?” Klaus said.
” What did she want?…..and why is she doing this?” Kira asked.
” According to the prophesy she will bring death upon the kingdoms and now she’s coming for us” Klaus replied.
” She’s back for us” he added.
” That’s not Amelia, she’s not this evil…..she wouldn’t do this” Aurora defended.
” Are you still defending her sister?, she killed our parents, she killed those people, how can you still be defending her?” Klaus said then turned to the guards.
” Where is she now?” Klaus asked.
” No one knows, No one have seen her” the guards replied.
” Get me the Oracle, NOW” He ordered.
” Yes My King” they replied and they left.
” How is she still alive?”
” She died, I watched her die”
” How can she still be alive?” he asked anxiously.
The Oracle was just completing her last rites on the mountains and she was happy as she sees a sign from the gods.
When she was throu-gh she left the mountains and started her journey back to the kingdom.
After walking for a mile she heard a sound from behind and she turned but was surprised to see nothing.
She found it strange because she was sure she heard something but she ignored it and continue walking.
She heard the sound around again and this time it was louder and she turned and was surprised to see nothing.
She st©pped walking and turned looking around as she was convinced that she was being followed.
” Whoever you are come out Now or I’ll curse you for all eternity” she said but no one c@m£ out.
She turned to keep walking then suddenly Amelia appear right on front of her and she was shocked.
” Oh god” she uttered breathing heavily.
” How is this possible?…… died” she stuttered.
” You deserve to die ” Amelia said gr-abbing her by the n£¢k then raising her sword to her n£¢k.
” Yo-you can’t kill me” she said.
” And why is that?” Amelia asked.
” I’m…a servant of the gods, if you kill me you will be Cursed for the rest of your life” the Oracle said.
” Why should I care?, Afterall I’m a cursed child” Amelia said then drove the sword throu-gh her.
” Aaaaahhhh.” She screamed out in agony.
” plea-se, plea-se….Don…t…” She said then Amelia cut off her head then head towards the kingdom of Malmoe.
The king and the rest of the council are waiting anxiously for the Oracle to explain what went wrong.
Soon after the guards returned to the room with the oracle’s apprentice which got them confused.
” What is this?” Klaus asked angrily.
” Your highness, the Oracle cannot be found in the temple, so we brou-ght her apprentice” they replied.
” You, where’s your Master?” Klaus asked pointing at the apprentice.
” Your Grace, Mother went to the mountains to make some sacrifice, she should be back by now” Maya replied.
” How can she leave in times like this?….when the whole kingdom is in danger” Klaus said.
” Go, immediately she returns have her come to me” Klaus said.
” Yes, your Grace” she replied then turned to leave then suddenly she started convulsing which startled the others.
” What’s wrong with it?” Aurora asked.
” I think the gods is speaking with her” one of the councilmen replied.
” How is that possible?……I thought only the Oracle was granted such power” Klaus asked.
” Let’s here what they have to say” Aurora said as they wait and watch.
The convulsion lasted for five(5) minutes before she was relieved and she looked surprised as well.
” What happened?” Klaus asked her.
” The..the gods just spoke to me” she replied breathing heavily.
” They did?”
” Yes, your Grace and that’s not possible because I haven’t make the necessary rites and ceremony”
” This can only happened when ……..oh” she said crying.
” When what?” Klaus demanded.
” My King, it means the Oracle is dead” she replied.
” Whaat!!” They all shouted.
” This is bad, this is not good” Klaus said nervously.
” The gods, what did they say?” Aurora asked.
” Our Mistakes” she replied and they were all confused.
” Our Mistakes?…..what are you talking about?” Klaus asked.
” When the gods gave the prophesy two decades ago, the child wasn’t meant to be killed”
” The gods gave the Prophesy so they can be aware of her powers and do nothing to trigger it”
” The child wasn’t meant to be sacrificed which brings this danger upon our land” she explained.
” Our parents made the wrong decision” Aurora said.
” The gods should be blamed for this, they gave the prophesy in riddles”
” This is all their fault” Klaus shouted.
” It’s not My King, The reason Mother went to the mountain was to renounce her position as the Oracle”
” She could no longer un-derstand the message of the gods because of her old age” she replied.
” Let’s not worry about this right now,….what is the solution?” Aurora asked.
” I will have to go to the temple and make more enquiry” Maya replied.
” Go now and be fast” Klaus said.
” Yes My King” she replied then went out and then suddenly they heard the warning bell.
” Oh god…. she’s here” Kira said nervously.
” My King….we have to our family Now” the councilmen said as they left together.
” What do we do sister?” Klaus asked turning to Aurora.
” Stay here…..let me talk to her ” Aurora said.
” It’s dangerous……she can kill you, you said it yourself ,” Klaus said.
” That’s not Amelia ” he added.
” Let’s hope some p@rt of her is still there somewhere…….but I have to try ” she replied.
” plea-se be careful ” he replied then Aurora went out.
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☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 27
Unknown pov
Immediately the people heard the warning bell, each and every one of them along with their families started running off.
The street was filled with people screaming and shouting for helping as they tried to leave the city.
Amelia arrived at the kingdom entrance and found the gate locked then she stretched her towards it and the gate fell.
She entered but found no one around and head towards the market which is as vacant as the graveyard.
She remembered Leo’s house wasn’t that far so she continue walking and she turned towards Leo’s house.
On her way there she saw some people who were just leaving their house and she wasted no time to kill them.
She met with few more people and killed them as well ignoring their incessant plea as she drove the sword throu-gh them.
She arrived at Leo’s place and the brou-ght down the door as she enter but was disappointed not to see him.
She c@m£ out of the house then she saw Aurora coming to her.
” Amelia, Amelia, plea-se…”
” You have to st©p” Aurora said as she draw closer.
” I should kill you right now” Amelia said pointing her sword at her.
” Go away from here and never come back” she warned.
” No, I won’t… have to listen to me” Aurora said.
” All this people are innocent, they don’t deserve to die……. plea-se just st©p this Killing” she added.
” I DON’T CARE, I WANT THEM ALL DEAD AND I’LL KILL WHOEVER STAND IN MY WAY” Amelia said then gr@bb£d Aurora ti-ghtly on her arm then disappeared.
Immediately they appeared back at the cave and Aurora looked around and realized they were back in there cave.
” What are we doing back here?”
” Let’s just go and not come back again…. plea-se Amelia, you have to listen to me” Aurora pleaded.
” I am your sister…… plea-se let me talked to Amelia…..I nee-d to speak with her” she added.
” I have no sister and Amelia is dead, she was poisoned in the hands of your people, so I’m in control of her b©dy” Amelia said.
” No, I refused to believe that…..She has to be someplace somewhere inside… you’re locking her out” Aurora said.
” NO…. no….no….. don’t go” she said just as she varnished.
” Oh no…You can’t do this” she said then ran out of the cave.
She ran into the forest as fast as she could praying and hoping she could meet up before the kingdom fall.
She ran for more Miles and starting to get tired then she was some people ri-ding on a horses.
She ran to intersect them and they st©pped immediately they saw her and they were surprised.
” Princess” the older one among them said.
” plea-se, I nee-d a horse back to the kingdom” Aurora said breathing heavily.
” Princess, you can’t go back.. it’s very dangerous” then man advised.
” The kingdom is not the place to stay at the moment, She is everyone, anyone she la-id eyes on” the man added.
” Which is why I have to go back to st©p this, I nee-d one of your horse” Aurora replied and one of them got off the horse.
” As you wish princess, but I must warn you…….the kingdom is not safe, you nee-d to run” he said.
” Thank you, but I have to do this” she replied then mounted the horse and turned to the man.
” Where will you go?” She asked.
” I’m taking my family to a place far away from this place and I hope all these will be over” he replied.
” Be safe” Aurora said.
” And you too Princess” he replied and she ride off.
Klaus told his wife to pack few of her things and go someplace safe as he intended to stay.
” plea-se, come with me….. it’s dangerous here” Kira said.
” I can’t, I have a responsibility to take and I can’t leave just like that, I have to fight and make things right” Klaus replied then turned to one of the guards.
” You, take a dozen guard with you and get her to safety” he said.
” Yes My King” the guard replied.
” plea-se be safe” Kira said and she k!$$£d him and Klaus responded then pu-ll out.
” You have to go…..Go” he said and she left with the guards then Klaus turned to another guard.
” Have anyone seen my sister?” Klaus asked.
” The witch took her away with her, right now no one know where they are” The guard replied.
” Where’s the commander?” He asked again.
” He took some soldiers with him searching the entire kingdom for the witch” he replied.
” We nee-d to do something, we nee-d to do something” he muttered restlessly.
” Call me the Oracle, Right Now”
” Get her for me” he ordered then the guard left
Leo ran to their house to search for his sister and he entered he saw her packing their things.
” Laura, here you are” Leo said as he entered.
” Leo, where have you been?…. I’ve been expecting you” she replied.
” We nee-d to go Right Now” Leo started with a fact.
” I know let me finish packing then we will leave” Laura said.
” No! Laura, Amelia is coming for me for what I did…….we nee-d to leave before she get to me” Leo said.
” She can’t possibly hurt you, she should un-derstand you were given no choice” Laura said.
” She is coming for me, someone saw her entering our old house just before she disappeared with the princess ” he added.
” Which bought us this little time…..we can’t stay here, it’s only a matter of time before she found us” leo said.
” Okay, Okay…..but we nee-d to take our money….we are going to nee-d it wherever we are going” she said.
” Fine……meet me at the Ranch in five minutes, I’ll saddle the horses……don’t be late” he said.
” Okay….. I’ll meet you there” she replied and Leo went out then she hurried to their closer to gather their treasures.
She was just finishing and was about to leave when Amelia appear right in front of her which shocked her.
” A-a-me-lia…..Ame-lia” she stuttered shaking intensively..
Leo saddled the horses and was waiting for his sister to turn up she never did as he bec@m£ more restless.
He waited for few more minutes and he grew impatiently and went back to the house to look for her.
Leo arrived at the house and he barged in angrily with intention to blast his sister with words but got ton-gue tied when he saw the situation on ground.
Laura was kneeling on the ground as Amelia place a sword on her shoulder all covered in sweat and tears.
” Amelia, plea-se don’t do this”
” I’m the one that you want but plea-se let my sister go…… plea-se she had nothing to do with this” Leo said.
” She trusted you, she loved you with her whole heart and you shattered it all to pieces” Amelia said.
” She trusted you and you betrayed her trust” she added glaring at him angrily.
” plea-se, I didn’t want to…….I was f0rç£d to do it, you have to believe me” Leo said.
” I was given no choice, plea-se don’t do this” he pleaded as he fell on his knees.
” We hate you all” she said then thrû-st the sword down her shoulder.
” NOOO!!” Leo screamed out as he watched her bleed out on the ground then moved closer to cower over her.
” The debt must be paid in ten fold” she said then slit his throat as well and he also fell down and she disappear.
At the kingdom while everyone was running to safety Amelia appear a few distance away from the palace.
She appear right in the midst of people who are running and they were all shocked when they saw her.
They all pick up the pace and started running but those who are closer to her were killed instantly.
Just as she was about to take a step suddenly something very heavy hit her on the head and she fell down.
Just as she fell to the ground three soldiers c@m£ forward and drove their spear throu-gh her.
She gr0@nin discomfort then turned to her as-saulter who turned out to be the mighty Edgar. Former champion of Malmoe.
” Remember me?, You and I still have some unfinished business” Edgar said.
” You, You’re still alive” she replied.
” I’m not that easy to kill”
” I won’t let you ruin my city”
” I knew nothing good will come throu-gh you, You are an abomination to this land”
” I should have killed you when I had the chance” Edgar said then he was joined by hundred soldiers.
She used her to re-moved the spear then turned it back to the soldiers and s£nt it back which kill them.
” You think this can subdue me?” Amelia said standing up to her feet.
” None of you stand a chance against me and I’m so going to enjoy Killing every last one of you, especially you” she added turning to Edgar then charged at them.
The soldiers also charged at her and she attacked with full f0rç£ killing them one after the other.
Edgar also attacked her trying to smash her with his weapon but she carried him up with her mind and fling him away.
She turned to the soldiers and started killing them, Edgar tried to hit her from behind but she was quic-k enough to duck.
She gr@bb£d his hand then thrû-st the sword into his arm and he screamed in pain and she grin evilly.
” You’re not that ha-rd to kill” she mocked.
She pu-ll-ed out the sword and drove the sword throu-gh his jaw to his head then an arrow hit her from behind.
She turned then saw the commander with the bow and arrow then he sh0t another one and Amelia st©pped it and the arrow fell.
She stretched out her arm and controlled the swords on the ground and aim it at them then started striking them to they are all dead.
She looked around for a minute looking at the dead bodies laying around then turned towards the palace.