The cursed child episode 24 & 25

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☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 24
{Nine Months Later}
Unknown pov
The kingdom was at peace for quite some Months without any trouble and everyone was living happily.
Klaus and Aurora took it upon themselves to reshape the kingdom in a great way different from their parents.
As a law and custom in the land, A king without a Queen won’t be recognized by the other kings.
This gave Klaus no other choice but to choose a wife for himself.
King Aaron of the neighborhood kingdom give to him one of his daughters Kira as wife.
The Royal family started ma-king the necessary arrangements for the marriage.
Today is the day for the union of the two kingdoms and people are coming in from everywhere to celebr@te with them.
Klaus was dressed and was waiting for the ceremony to commence so he went to his sister’s chamber.
He entered her chamber and saw her dressed which means she’s re-ady as well then he saw her moody face.
He Disturbe-d to see his sister moody on his wedding day and was curious to know the reason.
” Aurora, are you alright?…… what’s happening?” He asked as he got to her and she turned to him.
” I’m sorry Niklaus, I don’t think I can attend this ceremony…..I don’t think I can” Aurora said.
” What!, But why?” He asked.
” I don’t f…I..I.”
” Is this about Amelia, again?” He implied and she nodded affirmative.
” It just doesn’t feel right to be doing this?….. I still haven’t gotten over her death yet” she replied and ru-bbe-d his hair frustratedly.
” Oh c’mon sister, it’s been almost a year since she died, do you want to keep broofing for the rest of your life?” Klaus said.
” I just can’t bring myself to be celebr@ting or rejoicing to this, that’s why I don’t want to kill the mood of your celebr@tion with my pres£nce ” she said.
” Seriously?, You’re going to do this to me…… Today of all day?”
” I thought you said you’ve forgiven me for what I did and everything was okay between us”
” I apologized to you and you accepted, it even took you three months before you could fully accept me back”
” I did everything you asked of me, you made me apologized to everyone that I hurt throu-gh my S-xual act”
” I st©pped my previous behavior just for you Sister, tell me isn’t that enough?”
” I’m your brother and we’ve been living together for all our lives and you’re doing this for the sister you ba-rely know?”
” I get the fact that both of you are twins and maybe you have a certain connection but you’re over doing things” he said.
” That’s not it Niklaus…… just don’t get it” She said.
” Look Sister, I won’t f0rç£ you to attend the ceremony, Stay here all you want… I’ll do this without you” he said then turned to leave.
” Wait, Fine I’m sorry and of course I’ll attend the wedding” she replied then he smiled then went to hvg her.
” Thank you Sister” he said.
” You should cheer up, you don’t want to be the only ugly one at my wedding” he joked.
” I will”
” Good, Because I just received word that King Jakan and his family are on their way alre-ady” he said then moved his mouth closer to her hear.
” And their handsome son Prince Jethro is coming as well, I heard he have eyes on you for a some times now” he added.
” What are you doing?” She asked pretending to be ignorant of what he was doing.
” Nothing, Just ma-king sure my sister never feels lonely, perhaps she could use a man in her life” he replied.
” I don’t nee-d a man Niklaus, when I’m re-ady I’ll let you know” she replied.
” I hope it is soon because you’re not getting any younger” he said.
” Be re-ady and Don’t be late” he added then he went out.
Laura claimed the reward from the King and she and her brother are staying in their new house.
They were given a new house and lots of money just like they’ve both ever wanted but Leo was still guilty for what he did.
He hasn’t been the same man since the day he killed Amelia and there are time he’d went back to the cave.
His sister Laura tried to cheer him up by s£nding some women to his way but he ignored them all.
Laura tried lots of way to make her brother happy again but she realized it was all pointless.
Laura was in her room just getting re-ady for the ceremony she was attending in few minutes later.
She put on an elegant dress with a flowering design and was re-ady to leave when her brother c@m£ in.
She turned and was surprised to see her brother still in his casual clothes.
” Leo?…. you’re not dressed?” She asked.
” I don’t think I can attend the ceremony” he replied then she turned to him.
” What are you talking about?”
” We’ve talked about this and you agreed to come…….you can’t keep doing this to yourself”
” It’s been nine months Leo, You can’t get tied down by that girl, you have to live your life” she said.
” That’s just it Laura, I can’t…….I just can’t” he replied.
” That’s because you refused to be with any other woman….there are lots of beautiful young woman out there”
” And I’m very certain none of them will think twice before jumping on you” she added.
” The women in this city are cursed and Bewitched by the King, They are all his who-re” he said.
” You’re wrong, that’s just what you believe beside the king has apologized to everyone for that” she said.
” And you really believe he’s Just going to st©p out of the blue?….. he’s just saying all that so the people can like him” he said.
” That’s not true, Today is an evidence that he’s telling the truth and he stood by his word like a true King”
” So enough of all this bull$h!t and put on some damn clothes or else I’ll drag your a** with me” she said authoritatively.
Everyone was pres£nt at the palace to join in celebr@tion for the Union of these two kingdoms.
Kings and queens are pres£nt greeting and welcoming each other for the ceremony.
Shortly after, A trumpet sounded signifying the pres£nce of a Royal member as everyone turned to the entrance.
” Behold, Princess Aurora of the kingdom of Malmoe” The commander announce and Aurora emerged.
Aurora entered walking majestically as her beauty captivate the eyes of everyone at the palace.
Her pres£nce wowed everyone as she smiled warmly and waved at them as she walked towards the throne.
She managed to remain calm and keep the smile on her face as the ascend the throne and sat beside the king’s seat.
Shortly after, Another trumpet sounded and this time around the King entered and they all bowed as a sign of respect.
Klaus was dressed in their customary costume and waved at them as he ascend the throne.
He stood right in front of the Oracle who will be acting as the officiant for the ceremony.
The trumpet sounded for the third time welcoming King Aaron and his daughter Kira and they walked in together.
Klaus smiled when he saw his wife-to-be as he was plea-sed with her beauty and happy for her being his Queen.
Klaus Aaron got in front of the throne and handed his daughter over to Klaus then he left.
ORACLE: plea-se, be seated.
[The guests all sit back in their chairs]
ORACLE: We gather together as a community seeking peace, inspired by this couple standing before you.
[Across the balcony on the other side of the courtyard, Leo stands and watches the ceremony.]
Laura turned to him and smiles at him, but his face remains blank then turned back to the couples.
ORACLE: plea-se join your hands
[The Oracle performs a hand-fasting by binding Klaus and Kira’s wrists with baby’s breath flowers]
[The Oracle places a long lit match into Klaus and Kira’s linked hands to light their ceremonial candle]
ORACLE: And now, your vows.
KLAUS: [takes a de-ep breath] I pledge to honor you and defend you and yours above all others.
KIRA: To share in blessings and burdens. To be your advocate, your champion.
KLAUS: To be your comfort, your sanctuary, and for as long as we both shall live.
KIRA: To be your family.
KLAUS: To be your family.
[They smile at each other and light their candle together and the Oracle smiles at them]
ORACLE: You two have endured all the traditional rituals and trials. There is only one remaining–
ORACLE: My King, you may k!ssyour bride.
[ He stares at her for a long moment before he cu-ps her face in his hand and k!sses her and everyone cl@pped]
The Oracle haven’t completed her s£ntence when they all heard a loud thun-dercl@p.
‘ Mmmbmm ‘ They all mumbled when they heard it then something strange started happening.
At first they believed it to be a normal atmospheric condition only to be surprised as the sun was nowhere to be seen.
It was still daytime and suddenly everywhere started turning dark till they ba-rely even see each other.
” What kind of weather is this?” Klaus muttered and shortly the guard brou-ght in t©uçh to brighten the place.
” What is happening?” Aurora asked as everyone wondered to what was happening.
Then Klaus remembered the prophesy the Oracle told him ” Your highness, According to the prophesy the day will turn dark as an omen to this prophesy”.
He turned to looked at the Oracle who appears to be shocked as well.
” Could this be the……. Prophesy?” He asked.
” I really hope not My King, I pray not” she replied and there c@m£ a loud earth shaking thun-dercl@p.
Some people started leaving the palace as a heavy rainfall and a violent wind started.
In the middle of nowhere a lightening from above struck the ground and suddenly fire emerges.
The fire was burning and created a sign on the ground and suddenly substance out of nowhere started forming together.
The substance formed together and bec@m£ a n-ked woman laying on the ground.
The woman stood up and turned out to be Amelia with her eyes turned red.
” Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh” she screamed.
.☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 25
Unknown POV
There was darkness over the whole land, the violent wind and thun-derstorm seems not to be ceasing.
All the guest in the palace have all went back to their place and the ceremony was cut short.
Just after the ceremony after everyone has left to their destinations, Klaus had few guards lead his new wife to their chamber.
The darkness filled the whole land for an hour before it subsided and it was back to the way it was.
The thun-derstorm st©pped, also the mighty wind and rain, they all st©pped and everywhere was calm.
” Oracle, what was that?” Klaus asked.
” What just happened?” He added.
” I don’t know My King,….I believe it’s just a bad weather” she replied.
” I don’t believe you….. everything you said about the omen c@m£ to pas-s and you tell me this is nothing?” He said.
” I’ll consult the gods immediately” she replied.
” You better do, and I hope they are straightforward this time around”
” I can’t let this happen because things are just getting better, let the dead stays dead” he added.
” I’ll take my leave now” she said then went out.
The Oracle arrived at the temple to begin and few minutes later she was joined by her apprentice Maya.
” Mother, did you see what happened few moments ago?” Maya asked.
” Yes I did, No one can miss it” she replied.
” Mother, it does correlate with the prophesy the gods gave, do you think this relate with the prophesy?” Maya asked.
” I really hope not, which is the reason I’m trying to consult the gods” She replied.
She went up on the alter and started ma-king some enchantment consulting the gods.
She did this for several hours for reply but the gods gave no response but she never st©ps.
When she was fed up of their silence she st©pped and sat on the ground.
” Mother, has the gods spoken?” Her apprentice asked.
” I’m afraid the gods are holding out on us, I don’t un-derstand why they won’t respond” the Oracle.
” They are ignoring us” she added.
” why?…..Are the gods angry at us?” Her apprentice asked.
” I can’t tell, they don’t speak to me anymore even if they did it will be in strange ways which I don’t un-derstand” Oracle replied.
” Let me try this” she said then took a bowl of water and started stirring it and also ma-king some enchantment.
She tried for some more minutes but got nothing but silence which makes the Oracle more frustrated.
” Have this ever happened before?” Maya asked.
” No, The gods always find a way to communicate with the kingdom throu-gh the Oracle”
” They always speak throu-gh the Oracle no matter what and th……….Unless”
” Oh..oh..oh Heavens” she muttered after realizing where she was wrong.
” What is it Mother?” Maya asked.
” The only time they don’t speak to the Oracle Is when the Oracle nee-ds to be replaced”
” And the reason I don’t un-derstand their prophesy was because I’m getting older and only a younger vessel can un-derstand the gods” she said.
” This is all my fault” she added.
” Don’t beat yourself up, You didn’t know” Maya said.
” No, it’s my duty to be aware of all these, I shouldn’t be the one doing all these and now the gods are punishing us” she said.
” What should we do now Mother?” Maya asked.
” I nee-d to renounce my position as the Oracle and now this mantle fall on you ” she said.
” Me?….but I’m not re-ady ” Maya complained.
” I think you’re more than re-ady, I’ve thought you everything you have to know as my successor ” she as-sured.
” I don’t think I can do this…I still have a lot to learn” Maya said worriedly.
” Fear not, I’m not going anywhere…… I’ll be right by your side….okay” she said as-suring her.
” Before the gods can bestow the power on you, I nee-d to perform my last rite on the mountains”
” Then we will be back here to complete the remaining rituals and ceremony before you begin” she said.
” You’re going to the mountains?…..can I come with you?” Maya asked and the Oracle scoffed.
” No, I nee-d to do this alone” she replied then stood up to leave.
” You stay here……. I’ll be back soon” she said then went out of the temple.
Amelia was walking throu-gh the Badlands then she sp©tted a city up ahead which she head to Immediately.
She was pacing throu-gh the forest and then she c@m£ in contact with four hunters and stood before them stark n-ked.
The hunters are all male and they stood with there mouth wi-de open, they were more than shocked to what they see.
Amelia was just standing before them staring at them without saying a word just as the hunters are doing.
” What do we have here?” One of them manage to say.
” Isn’t she a pretty little thing” he said to his friends and they nodded without saying a word.
The guy moved towards her l!çk!ng hisl-ips admiring her n-ked b©dy then started ru-bbing her b©dy.
” What are you doing out here……pretty?”
” Do you like roaming around n-ked” he said moving around her.
” It’s very dangerous for you to walking around alone especially like this” he said then whispered in her ears.
” It’s very dangerous”
” C’mon guys, feel her up……it seems she not complaining, I like her she’s submissive” the guy said still c@r£ss!ngher b©dy.
The rest of his crew managed to break from their reverie and joined him in tou-ching her all over.
” What’s your name?”
” Where are you headed?”
” You don’t have to be afraid, we won’t hurt”
” This will be between us here, we can all have fun together”
” Hmm….so nice, what a b©dy”
” Why aren’t you saying anything?”
” Is she deaf?”
” Or dumb?”
” Or perhaps she’s enjoying this just as we are”
” She’s a perfect prize we can get for our ill-luck in the forest today”
” Yeah, the strange rain and the mysterious wind made things worse”
” Maybe we can use her to console ourselves”
” I think we should take this to the next level….what do you say?”
As they were all saying this Amelia gave no response, she put on a straight face and staring into Oblivion.
After they’ve had their feel of her b©dy they intend to l@yher on the ground to proceed.
The four of them tried to carry her and they couldn’t which got them more confused.
They tried again using their strength but they have no luck then the first guy went to pick up his machete.
” Don’t make me use this on you” he said putting the machete on her n£¢k.
She saw her reflection in the machete then suddenly she j£rk up and her eyes sparkle which shocked them.
She swiftly gr@bb£d the machete away from him then in one swing she cut off his head.
The other scared to death and they started running away, she swing the machete at them then control it with her mind which she used to strike them all and they died.
She went closer to one of them then took off his clothes then she put it on and continue her journey.
She continue walking towards the City and not very long after she was right in front of the city entrance.
The guards guarding the city gate were surprised to see covered in blood and they all turned to her.
” Who are you and what are you doing here?”
One of them asked but she gave no response then she stretched forth her hand and bring down the gate.
The shocked guards were dumbfounded with their mouth wi-de open to what they just witnessed.
” Soldiers, Attacked” he shouted and they all charged at her and she also ran after them.
One of them tried to strike at her but she caught his hand then broke before collect the sword from him.
She turned swiftly then cut off his head and charged at other striking them one after the other.
She killed them all remaining three soldiers who are running away then controlled three sword then s£nt it to them which drove throu-gh them.
The City gate was filled with blood and bodies of dead soldiers then she proceed towards the City.
One of the soldiers managed to sound the warning bell before Amelia killed him which made every soldier in the city coming together.
In few minutes Amelia was surrounded with soldiers who are pointing their weapons at her.
” Archers, Now” one of them shouted and the archers shoot their arrows at her but she st©pped it all before they reached her.
The soldiers were more than shocked to what they see what happened then Amelia turned the arrows and aim it at them then shoot.
The arrows hit the many of the soldiers which leads to death, some injured while others were quic-k enough to shield themselves.
” Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” Amelia shouted and charged at them all striking with swords angrily.
She strikes them all to the ground including those who made an attempt to escape, she killed them all.
The proceeded going from one house to another killing the people inside including children.
When people realised this they ran out of their house and started running away.
Some ran towards the palace while some ran elsewhere then Amelia headed to the palace.
On her way to the palace she met with a man and his pregnant wife who are also running but were tired.
” plea-se, plea-se have Mercy…….what did we do?”
” plea-se have Mercy for my child” both the man and his wife pleaded but Amelia ignored then spit the man’s throat.
” Aaaaaaahhhhh” the woman shouted then Amelia move closer to her then drove the sword throu-gh her protruding belly.
” Uhhhhhh” she gro-an ed in pain before Amelia slit her throat as well without showing remorse.
She went ahead to the palace Killing anyone she meet on the way till she reached the palace.
She saw few guard guarding the palace then she walked towards them then they charged at her.
She also ran towards them striking at them one after the other then suddenly she was hit with an arrow.
This took her by surprise then turned to see one of the soldiers holding the bow then she got angry.
She controlled every arrow he have with him then shoot two in both his eyes, two in his lungs, seven throu-gh his che-st and five in his head.
She turned back and entered the palace and walked into the throne room and saw the king and his family including some of the citizens.
” Who are you?”
” What do you want?”
” Who s£nt you?”
” Why are you doing this?” The King asked but she said nothing then she looked up and saw the building was held together by the pillars.
She stretch her hands and break the pillars in the palace and immediately the building fell on all of them Killing them all.
She walked out looking everywhere but found no one then she continue walking till she went out the city and went to the next.
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