The cursed child episode 22 & 23

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📒📘📗 : Chapter 22
Unknown POV
“ if you are having any funny ideas in your head I’d suggest don’t bother because everywhere is crawling with soldiers”
” You’ve killed many of my soldiers but fortunately for us and unfortunately for you, the neighboring kingdoms are willing to help”
” They s£nt thousands of soldiers to help take down the witch who killed my parents” Klaus said.
” Klaus, why are you doing this?”
” plea-se st©p, you don’t un-derstand everything fully, Father and Mother are at fault as well”
” She’s our sister and what they did to her was wrong, plea-se Klaus….. don’t make the same mistake” Aurora said.
” She’s not my sister and she will never be, Everything father did was for the sake of the kingdom ”
” She’s a living testimony that they did the right thing, she’s a monster and her kind aren’t supposed to be on the land of the living” Klaus said.
” Guards, Secure her……. let’s finish this once and for all” Klaus said to the guards and they were afraid to draw closer.
” You don’t nee-d to fear her, her cu-p has been laced with a very dangerous poison”
” As of now the poison is eating her up from inside, so she’s useless and powerless” Klaus informed.
” I’m so sorry Amelia” Leo said as he stare at Amelia coughing out blood.
” Leo, why did you do this to her?……I thought you loved her” Aurora said trying to help her.
” How could you do?” Aurora shouted at him as she cudd-leclose to her.
” I’m so sorry but they got to me first” Leo said also crying.
” He did what every good citizen would do for their kingdom and he will be rewarded handsomely” Klaus said grinning evilly then signalled to his guards.
Amelia was still gro-an ing on the ground in intense pain as the guards draw closer to her then she turned to Leo.
” W-why?….Leo, why?” She said staring at him with tears dripping down her eyes.
{FLASHBACK—-Few Hours Ago}
The king was sitting on the throne in a meeting with few of the councilmen when the Oracle emerge.
Immediately when the king saw her he noticed she was bothered with something hopefully what he was expecting.
” Thank you gentlemen, we will have this discussion some other day” Klaus said dismissing the councilmen and they all went out.
” Oracle, I see you’re troubled and the last time we discussed I deliberately asked you to stay at the temple unless the gods responded”
” I hope and wish they did which is why you’re here because if otherwise, things might get ugly” Klaus said.
” Your Grace, The gods indeed responded” the Oracle replied and Klaus smiled.
” Good, what was their response?” He asked.
” They showed me how Amelia can be killed” she replied.
” The god said she can only be killed in the hand of the one she love most” the Oracle replied and Klaus smiled.
” That’s great, that’s good news…….I know exactly how we can achieve this” Klaus said excitedly.
” Perhaps your gods are real afterwards…….that’s great” Klaus said.
” Y-ye..yes…. My King” she replied in a strange manner which the king noticed.
” This is a great news, why are you troubled?” Klaus asked.
” My King, Whenever the gods speak it was always in plain language, though it might be in riddles but it’s always plain” The Oracle replied.
” I’m not following”
” What are you taking about?” Klaus asked confusedly.
” After the gods gave response to how to kill the witch, they also showed me a vision”
” Only this time around, it was confusing and I have no way to interpret it” the Oracle replied.
” What did you see?” Klaus asked.
” I saw myself in a dark room which was suddenly lit up by a thousand candles around the room which brightened the room”
” In the center of the room was a big black candle and I saw myself moving closer to it then snuff it out”
” Immediately I did that all the thousand candles blew out as well” the Oracle narrated.
” What does it mean?” He asked.
” That I do not know” she replied.
” You can enquire about that later but now we have a murderous witch to kill” Klaus said then went out.
Klaus visit the dungeon where Leo was being held captive and when Leo saw him he quic-kly stood up.
” This is unjust, you can’t hold me here forever……I didn’t do anything, you have to let me go” Leo said to him.
” Is that so?”
” I know you must’ve heard about the death of the king and queen and for all I know you’re an accomplice to the witch who killed my parents”
” You committed treason for conspiring with a witch who is terrorising the kingdom and your punishment is death” Klaus stated.
” No, you can’t…..I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything” Leo said in his defense.
” Perhaps there’s a way you can make up for crime you committed, preferably you willing to do just about anything” Klaus said.
” What do I have to do?” Leo asked.
” I nee-d you to kill Amelia for us” Klaus said.
” What!!, No, you can’t just ask me to do that…..I can’t” Leo refused.
” Are you trying to punish me for not giving her to you?” Leo asked.
” I know you two shared a love and if anyone can kill her it’s you, so pleading you to do this for your kingdom” Klaus said.
” I can’t, why would you ask me to do this?… have your soldiers why can’t you s£nd them” Leo said.
” Unfortunately, the gods have spoken only the one she love most can kill her”
” For what I know, both her parents are dead which makes you the right person to do this” Klaus replied.
” If you do this you will be rewarded and will be given a quarter of the royal property, everything will be yours” Klaus added.
” I’m sorry I can’t……I won’t, I love her and no matter what you say will make me betray my love for her”
” perhaps I’m not been straight forward enough, I tried to give you a choice but now I’m taking the choice”
Klaus said then signalled to the guards standing at the entrance.
” What are you talking about?” Leo asked.
” I know that’s what your response will be so I asked them to bring her” Klaus said and Laura was brou-ght in.
” What are you trying to do?”
” Leave her out of this……she’s innocent” Leo said.
” After everything my father sacrificed for this kingdom to remain at peace, you’re asked to do just one thing and you refused”
” You will be considered an enemy to the kingdom and not only will I kill you but the rest of your family as well” Klaus threatened.
” And I’m willing to do just about anything to make sure my father’s legacy lives on” he added.
” No, you can’t do this…… plea-se don’t make me” Leo begged.
” Leo, plea-se do what they ask…….. plea-se brother just do it…….I don’t want to die” Laura begged her brother.
” Now you only have one choice, so what’s it going to be?”
” Your family or your Love?” Klaus asked and Leo fell down crying.
” I’ll do it…. I’ll do it……just let her go” Leo said and Klaus smiled.
” I think I’ll hold onto her in case you decided to change your mind” Klaus replied.
” I won’t…….I promise” leo said.
” Don’t bother yourself, She will be fine with me……now tell me, do you know where to find her?” Klaus asked.
” There’s only one place I can think of” Leo said.
” Where?”
” It’s a cave in her village, she told me she go there whenever she’s going throu-gh some things” Leo answered.
” Good, Now let’s get started”
” Y-you did t-this?” Amelia said weakly.
” I’m sorry” Leo replied then the guards went to gr@bb£d her.
” Get away from her” Aurora yelled as they gr@bb£d her.
” Take my sister out of here…….she shouldn’t witness this” Klaus said then two guards gr@bb£d Aurora and dragged her out.
” No…..No…no…..let me go….let me go”
” Klaus, plea-se don’t…… plea-se don’t do this” Aurora begged as they dragged her out then klaus turned to Leo.
” Finish what you started” klaus said then leo pu-ll-ed out a dagger.
Amelia stare at him angrily and which she could summon her alter ego but she was having no luck.
” I’m so sorry about all this” Leo said as he got close to stab her.
” No, you’re not” Amelia said then used what’s left of her strength to punch him to the ground.
” If… I’m going to….d-die, I might as well die…… fighting” she breathing heavily and she stood up.
Amelia charged at them fighting them but they are too much for her as they strike her down with their swords.
She managed to stand up again then two guards sh0t an arrow throu-gh her and she fell down.
She was now covered in blood and too weak to get back on her feet then klaus picked up a sword.
” This is for my Father and Mother, Sister” he said then drive the sword throu-gh her as she cough out more blood.
She was now breathing slowly as her spirit was dep@rting from her then klaus turned to Leo.
” Finish this now” he said then Leo picked up the dagger and draw closer to her.
” I hope you can forgive me” he said then drive it throu-gh her heart and she died and Klaus smiled.
” Now, the kingdom is safe” Klaus said then suddenly Amelia’s corpse started disintegrating.
” What’s happening?” Leo asked.
” That’s a sign that she’s no human, it’s what happen to a dead witch ”
“she’s gone back to where she c@m£ from” Klaus replied as her b©dy completely disintegerated into dust.
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 23
Unknown POV
Klaus and all his guards travelled back to the kingdom singing a song of victory as they went.
Leo stay back in the cave with a saddened and broken heart with what he did not to Amelia.
He was heart broken because he couldn’t protect the woman he loved infact he was made to kill her.
He stayed in cave hoping and wishing for a miracle to happen but he was disappointed.
Aurora was in the Carriage crying dolourously immediately they informed her what happened to Amelia.
She was angry for being powerless and helpless to save her only sister.
‘ I hate myself’
‘ I hate being weak my whole life’
‘ I’m so sorry Amelia, I made a promise to you and I couldn’t keep it”
‘ I fail to save my sister and can’t even avenge her death, there’s nothing I can do’
She keeps mourning till they arrived at the kingdom and the whole city rejoices when they heard the news of her death.
This news made the people loved him more believing he would carry on his father’s legacy.
Even after the king’s death, they have a br@ve King who put his kingdom first in all things.
Klaus stood in the middle of the city to address the people concerning the recent threat they faced.
” Citizens of Malmoe, I know these past few days has been a very terrifying one for all of us”
” I’m certain you’re all aware of the threat we faced, which took lives of so many of our valiant soldiers”
” I was very saddened when I heard of this and I took it upon myself to put an end to this witch”
” I’m so happy and glad to inform you all that the witch, the sorcerer who took the life of your king and queen”
” The murderer who killed your husbands or Father or Son is no more” he announced and they roared loudly in Joy.
” The witch who gave us all a sleepless nights has finally been exterminated” he added ma-king them roar louder.
” Time for mourning has pas-sed, Time for sorrow has pas-sed, It’s time to rejoice and celebr@te of our Victory”
” This is call for celebr@tion” he said then went to the palace.
Klaus c@m£ down from the carriage and went to the throne room and Aurora followed him immediately.
As Klaus entered he turned and saw his sister still in tears and he st©pped.
” Look, you can’t be seen walking around in tears……that only makes you look weak” Klaus said to her then Aurora went to him angrily and sl@pped him.
‘ sma-ck ‘
” What the hell is that for?”
” Are you crazy?” Klaus shouted at her.
” I wish I could do more than that to you for what you did……..You killed her” Aurora said angrily.
” Oh… sl@pped me because of that?”
” You sl@pped me for keeping the kingdom safe”
” I did what I had to do just like father would have” he said back.
” You’re crazy…. you’re delusional” Aurora spatted.
” You are the delusional one, sister…….you acting this way is an act of stupidity” he said back.
” You killed our sister……She is our sister, your sister” Aurora shouted.
” NO!!”
” That witch is not and will never be my sister”
” Get a grip of yourself sister, she killed our parents” Klaus said.
” Because she’s a witch” Klaus said.
” SHE IS NOT A WITCH” she shouted.
” She’s not a witch, she’s my sister, my twin sister”
” What happened to her was caused by our parents, none of it were are fault, she was innocent”
” They made her that way” Aurora said crying.
” The gods sees her as a threat, Father and Mother sees her as a threat and they did what they had to do for the sake of the kingdom”
” I also see her as a threat and I did what I had to do for sake of the kingdom, I only have one sister and that’s you Aurora” Klaus said.
” Since when did you start believing in what the gods says, I thought you don’t believe in them” she quarried.
” At first I don’t but now I do and everything they says always come true” he replied.
” She’s evil Aurora, she have a darkness in her, so have to die” he added.
” No, you don’t know her like I do……she is innocent and have a pure heart”
” nee-d I remind you that all that happened was also your fault?”
” The death of our parent was caused by you, none of this was her fault….. It’s all your fault” Aurora said.
” How so?” Klaus asked.
” When she arrived in this city she knew nothing about her past and was going well”
” She was a kind person before you c@m£ to her with your illicit S-xual add!çtion and tried to R@p£d her”
” None of these would’ve happened in the first place if not for you…….You caused everything” she shouted.
” None of these was her fault…..she only acted to you did”
” Father made the wrong judgment and now so do you” she said then ran out of the room.
Aurora went back to her chamber and started packing her things in a bag with intentions to leave the kingdom and go far away.
The maids saw her packing and decided to help her but she shouted at them and s£nt them away.
Two of them went to informed the king and he started running to her chamber and found her with bags.
” What are you doing?” Klaus asked.
” I’m leaving Klaus, and I’m not coming back” she replied.
” What do you mean leaving?”
” This is where you belong, you’re a Royalty”
” This is your home and your kingdom” Klaus said.
” That’s just it Klaus, It never feels like home”
” This is not where I belong, this is not my place and this is not my kingdom”
” It never is, no matter what I do, I feel like a stranger in this place”
” I feel like I’m invincible, no one cares what I do, I Don’t have friend and the only person who listen to me is Dead”
” So tell me brother, what am I still doing here?”
” I nee-d to go out there and live my life for once……. I’m going Niklaus, I wish you good luck ruling the kingdom” she said then made to leave then klaus hold her hand.
” Let me go Klaus” she said pu-lling her hand then klaus surprised her by kneeling before her.
” What are you doing?” She asked confusedly.
” I’m sorry Aurora, For everything I did, I’m sorry for ma-king you sad”
” Just don’t leave me alone here, plea-se, I don’t want to be alone” he pleaded.
” You won’t be alone Niklaus, You have your guards and numerous maid by your sides, you’re free to do as you plea-se” she replied.
” I don’t want them by my side, I want my family and now you’re the only family I have left”
” plea-se don’t leave me too…..stay here with me” he added emotionally.
” Stay and do what?……. there’s nothing for me to do” she said.
” You can help me, I know nothing about ruling a kingdom…..I thought I do but I don’t” he replied.
” I could really use your help, We can rule it together and I promise to follow everything you say” he added and she said nothing.
” plea-se Sister, I’m begging you…… Help me.
” Fine, I’ll stay but if I see you going off the rails…… I’m leaving” she said.
” I promise, I promise” he replied then she dropped her bag.
Leo arrived at his place very late in the evening and he saw his sister and they hvgged each other.
” They re-leased you” he said.
” Yes” she replied.
” Is she…….” Leo nodded affirmative before she could complete her question.
” I’m so sorry Leo” she said.
” They made me do it” he said regretfully.
” You did what you had to do, you were given no choice”
” Besides, she’s not innocent either….. she’s killed people Leo, she’s very dangerous” Laura said.
” Don’t say that Laura, she was not dangerous……she was a good person” Leo said crying.
” I know you loved her, But she pose a threat to the kingdom……. she’s dangerous” she said again.
” Don’t beat yourself up because of her……. you’ve tried for her… did everything you could” she added.
” We should be thinking about what we will do after this and what our next step will be” she said and he turned to her.
” What are you talking about?” He asked.
” The reward of course” she said.
” What reward?” He asked again.
” The King honoured his word and he wanted us to come to the palace tomorrow” she replied.
” How did you hear that?” He asked.
” When I was being re-leased, he told me he made a deal with you which you carried out, so he decided to honour his word”
” He said we should both come to the palace tomorrow to claim it” she said and he stared at her in disbelief.
” Are you serious?, Laura”
” I killed the woman that I loved and you’re talking about a reward”
” Are you that heartless?…… that’s inhumane, you should be ashamed of yourself” he said.
” Oh plea-se, Leo…….She is dangerous and she’s dead……the living should carry on” she replied.
” I took no joy in what happened to her but what is done is done……we should live our lives”
” She brou-ght this upon herself when she hurt the prince and killed her parents, This has nothing to do with us”
” She’s dead and we are still alive, so I no reason for us not to rejoice, the kingdom is safe”
” I don’t care what you think but what I know is that… tomorrow I’m going over to claim the prize money”
” This is our opportunity to live a better Live and I won’t let anyone ruin it for us, especially not a dead girl” she said then went out.
Leo was staring at her dumbfounded at her behavior and couldn’t believe it.
‘ Has my sister gone crazy?’