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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The chef Episode 19 & 20

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💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍔Episode 19🍔

💋Semi finals episode💋



Kyra’s Pov:

I coughed slightly as I rolled from one side of the bed to another as I opened my weak eyes.

“Daddy!” I called as I sat up.

The room was so dark…

And I really wonder where I am…

“Where is this?” I asked aloud to no-one.

I started crying…

“Help me!” I yelled with my very tiny voice.

“Don’t worry darling.. Am right here! Mommy’s here” A familiar voice said.

“Momma!” I called in shock as she burst into laughter.

The light was switched on.

I saw momma sitting right beside me smirking.

“Baby Kyra!” she laughed

“I thought you went back to abroad? Where am I? I went to school right?” I cried

“Oh baby! I can’t never leave Manila Philippines without you” She said

“No! I don’t wanna come with you… Where is my aunt Clara?” I cried

“Shut up Kyra! You will never see her ever again.. Listen to me Kyra! I am your mother” She said as she stood up angrily.

She always gets annoyed whenever I talk about aunt Clara.

“You’re only my mother by birth and nothing more” I said as she burst into laughter again.

But this time, she walked closer to me and gave me a dirty slap.

She held me tightly by my arm and yelled at me.

“The earlier you keep that mouth of yours shut, the better for you” she screamed as she pushed me

roughly to the bed.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

She opened her handbag on the table and brought out some papers.

She fling them at me.

It was a passport…

“We are leaving that?” She said angrily as I slumped on the bed and sulked.

Patrick’s Pov:

I kicked the table with annoyance.

“Damn it! Just find my daughter” I screamed

“Sir! We’ve searched the airport… The bus stop and…” The officer said.

“That’s not enough!” I cut in half yelling at him.

Vanessa have got some nerve.

She went to our daughter’s school and kidnapped her.

What the heck is wrong with that lunatic wife of mine?

“Mr Argus… You really need to calm down” the officer said

“Am sorry but I can’t be… How do you expect me to calm down when my only child is missing?” I said as I placed my head on the desk.

“Sir Patrick! What happened?” I heard a shrieking scream from outside.

I raised my head and saw Clara and her friend Fiona rushing in.

“Vanessa kidnapped Kyra!” I said depressed.


They slumped on the couch helplessly.

“Oh my Kyra!” Clara cried bitterly

We continued sobbing.

Vanessa’s Pov:

I walked into the room where Kyra was kept.

I turned on the light.

To my greatest surprise, Kyra wasn’t there…

She was not on the bed…

Neither was she in the bathroom.

“Kyra! Kyra!!” I called but I got no reply

“I hope this is not what am thinking?” I screamed crazily as the door opened violently.

“Let me go! Let go of me… I want to go back to my aunt Clara” Kyra yelled as the hoodlums working for me

carried her into the room.

“Let go of my child” I said as they left her.

She fell on the ground crying.

“Ma’am Nessa! She tried to escape but we caught her” one of them said as I grinned at Kyra.

“It’s OK! You can leave!!” I said as they left.

I gnashed my teeth in annoyance.

“You stubborn little girl!” I said as she cried out.

“Momma! Please take me back to my dad and aunt Clara” She said as I got furious the more.

I quickly dragged her straight to the bathroom.

I pushed her to the ground.

I picked up the hand shower 🚿 and started pouring the water on her face.

“Momma! Please stop it!! ” she cried as I kept pouring the water on her face.

She became drenched and cold.

But I have to teach her a lesson.

She was shivering and could barely breathe but I didn’t stop.

“Good! Next time I don’t want to hear you talk of that hoer” I said as I threw the hand shower on the ground and walked away.

Leaving Kyra to shiver in cold.

Kyra’s Pov:

I laid on the bed shivering.

One of her girls helped change my clothes…

I hate that momma of mine so much.

I wish I can escape from here…

Momma walked in smoking a cigarette.

I coughed slightly

She eyed me dangerously…..

“We are leaving for the states tomorrow” She said before walking out of the room.

I was still sulking when I sighted her cell phone on the table.

An idea came into my head and I smiled broadly….


🍔Episode 20🍔




Kyra’s Pov:

I silently got up from the bed…

I picked up the cell phone and smiled.

And thank goodness! I have aunt Clara’s phone number in heart.

I quickly dialed the number…

And luckily for me, it began to ring and was picked up.

📲Hello! Who is this please?… Aunt Clara said politely.

📲Aunt Clara! I really have no time so I’ll talk fast… I said

📲Kyra? Where are you baby? I’ll come pick you up… Aunt Clara said crying

📲Momma took me a way! I saw the hotel receipt… I can’t pronounce it so I’ll spell it out… I said

📲Go on baby… She said anxiously

📲G… A… R… D… E… N… C… I.. T… Y… D…. O… W… N… T… O…. W… N…. S… T… R.. E… E… T.. I said shivering in fear.

📲Garden city? Along downtown street? Which address particularly… She asked

📲I think it’s number…. I said as momma snatched the phone from me.

I burst into tears…

Momma landed a dirty slap on my cheeks…

And my cheeks became reddish…

“You stubborn little girl…. Come here! We can’t wait till tomorrow. We are leaving right now” She screamed at me.

Clara’s Pov:

Kyra was still talking to me when I heard her crying.

I heard ma’am Vanessa’s voice.

She said that they will be leaving today…

The phone haven’t disconnected yet so I heard all she said.

My heart skipped 💓

I have to save my little girl.

Though I don’t know the exact place but I know the street at least.

I quickly called Mr Patrick. .

He carried me with his car and off we went to downtown street.

“I just hope we find them before ma’am Vanessa leaves with her” I worried

“Me too! You know Vanessa… We don’t know the particular country she will be going to” Mr Patrick said

“Oh poor Kyra! What has she done to deserve all this” I shook my head.

“I hate Vanessa so much… This is all her fault” Mr Patrick said angrily.

Vanessa’s Pov:

I quickly applied some makeups on Lyra’s face as I wore a hood on her.

“Good! Now nobody will recognize her not even the police” I smiled

“Momma! Please take me back to my dad and aunt Clara” Kyra cried.

I pecked her cheek and smiled.

“No baby! I can’t let Patrick take you away from me” I said

She continued sobbing…

I wore my own hood and a pair of jeans trouser and blouse.

I quickly dragged our luggage with us and we headed out of the hotel using the elevator.

🚗 🚗

We entered the car and I drove off.

“Be a good girl Kyra! Don’t you dare try anything silly” I warned her.

She was still crying.

Clara’s Pov:

We continued driving and asking people to Kyra with her picture.

We kept hoping to see her.

“Am so tired” Mr Patrick yawned

“No! We really need to find Kyra first” I said.

“Thank you so much Clara for being here for us” Mr Patrick said and I smiled.

Kyra’s Pov:

I lost all hopes of seeing dad and aunt Clara.

Tears kept running down my face.

Momma continued driving.

Suddenly, the car stopped and momma became very furious.

She angrily hit her hands on the car’s steering.

“Dammit!” She screamed as she got down from the car.

I looked out from the louvers…

To my greatest surprise, I saw dad’s car coming.

My face beamed with smiles.

I quickly opened the car’s door and rushed out.

I waved at the car and it stopped.

“Daddy! Aunt Clara!!” I called aloud as they got down from the car.

“Kyra! You stupid girl” Momma yelled at me running to hold me but I ran across the busy road.

“BABY!” Dad and aunt Clara screamed as a lorry knocked me down.

I was in the pool of my own blood 😭


I gently opened my weak eyes…

“Daddy! Where am I?” that was all I could say

I saw aunt Clara sitting beside my bed in tears.

“Baby Kyra! ” Aunt Clara called with a smile as I opened my weak eyes.

She quickly embraced me happily.

“Oh my little baby is awake” She said

“Where’s daddy?” I asked giving her a lovely smile.

“Actually he is…” she said as the door opened and dad walked in with excitement.

“Baby Kyra!” Dad called and pecked me.

I was so happy…

Seeing both of them made me so excited.

Just then, the door throw open and momma walked in quietly.

“No! Stay away from me… I don’t like you” I said as I jerked up from the bed.

Aunt Clara held me tightly.

But momma never reacted.

She walked to me and kissed my forehead 💋

And she went on her knees right in front of aunt Clara.

We gasped…. 😲😲

“Clara am really sorry for everything I did to you… Please find a place in your heart to forgive me” She cried.

I became stunned.

“And you Patrick… Am sorry for being a bad wife to you..” She said.

She turned to me and forced a smile.

“Baby! Momma is really very sorry for being a bad mom to you… But now I will leave you guys to be happy. There’s nothing I can do about it!” Momma cried

Dad quickly helped her up.

“It’s OK!” we said in unison and laughed

“Patrick you can go ahead and marry Clara I know she’s the one that makes you happy and she also makes our daughter happy..Now I realize that am only making my child hate me! I know she will be the good mother I never was…I’ll be going back to the states alone but I will always come to see my little girl and don’t forget to invite me to your wedding” Momma said as we smiled. This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.

We group hugged each other.

Momma kissed me and hugged me as she walked out of the ward.

“Bye momma!” I said as she waved at me.

Daddy quickly went on his knees in front of aunt Clara with a box of ring 💍.

“Will you marry me Clara?” Dad asked as I giggled.

Tears rolled down aunt Clara’s cheek.

Tears of joy perhaps 😇😇

“Say yes aunt please” I whispered

“Yes! Yes I will marry you” She nodded as dad slipped the ring through her fingers.

They hugged each other tightly as I clapped my hands in happiness.

Their lips drew closer and locked up in a hot kiss 💋 💋

I quickly closed my eyes with my palms.

😘 😘

They are so cute together!

I can’t wait to have a sibling 😂




Aww… 😍😍

This is so lovely…

A very happy ending 😘😘😘

Don’t I deserve kudos?

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