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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The chef Episode 17 & 18

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💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍔Episode 17🍔



Patrick’s Pov:

I yawned hungrily as I walked into the toilet…

My eyes caught with the window.

I looked out of the window and to my greatest surprise, I saw a figure of Kyra going down the street.

“Kyra….” I said as I quickly rushed out of the bathroom straight to her room.

I threw the door open and turned on the light

The bed was empty…

Kyra wasn’t there…

I stormed out of the room and rushed down stairs and outside the house.

I ran along the road…

I saw Kyra from afar.

A lorry was coming in front of her with high speed.

My heart skipped 💓

Oh no! My little daughter 👶

“Kyra…..!!” I screamed as she turned around.

The lorry almost hit her but I was able to push her away from the car.

She was in tears.

“Get the hell outta the road… Do you wanna die?” The driver said angrily as he drove off.

“Daddy… I don’t want to go home, I need to look for aunt Clara” She cried

“My goodness Kyra! Do you want me to get a heart attack? Why did you leave the house” I said as I hugged her and carried her up.

“I just wanted to go bring back aunt Clara” She cried.

I pecked her cheek as I carried

back to the house.

Clara’s Pov:

I sat absentmindedly on the couch starring at nothing in particular.

Fiona walked into the house but I didn’t notice that.

“Clara… You never told me you are back girl! It was sister that told me ” Fiona said but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Clara! Are you OK?” She asked and got no response.

“Clara! Clara!! CLARA…” She screamed smacking me back to consciousness.

“Ye…ye… Yes! What is it?” I asked startled

“Oh really? I should be asking you” She said as tears poured down my cheeks.

“I love him” I said in tears

“You love him? Who’s ‘him”?” Fiona asked anxiously

“Fiona this is crazy I know but I really don’t know why it turned out like this” I cried

“What do you mean Clara? I don’t get it!” Fiona scratched her hair.

“Fiona I love Mr Patrick” I said crying

“What? I thought you said he’s married?” Fiona asked

“Yes Fiona! His wife actually saw us together so she threw me out” I wailed

“Gosh! You did it?” Fiona asked

“No! We didn’t do it… We never had s*x” I said sharply as Fiona exhaled slowly.

“My goodness! This is really awful” Fiona said as she sighted a box of parcel beside me.

“What’s that?” She asked

“It’s a 🎁 present” I managed to say

“Who’s own is it?” Fiona asked

“It’s for my little Kyra… Tomorrow is her birthday, she will turn 5 tomorrow! I promised her a gift and I bought this for a long time” I cried

“How are you going to give her the present?” Fiona worried

“I have no idea” I


“I have an idea” Fiona smirked

“What is it?” I asked anxiously as Fiona smiled.

Vanessa’s Pov:

I watched the makeup artist apply makeup on my little cute daughter.

She’s so beautiful 😘

Just like her momma 😊

“Happy birthday Kyra!” I said as I handed a box of present to her.

She took it with a frown.

“Thank you” She said as she kept it on the table.

“Why don’t you open it?” I asked as she sighed.

“Is aunt Clara attending my party?” She asked and anger filled my mind.

What has that witch done to my daughter and husband?

I hate her….

“What for Kyra?” I said

“She told me she was gonna give me a present” Kyra cried

“Kyra! Don’t you dare drop a tear… It will ruin in your makeover” I said angrily

“Momma please call aunt Clara” She said

“Damn you! Shut up Kyra… There’s no way that gold digger! That flirt will come here.. Your friends are waiting” I said as I walked out of the room.

“Don’t cry Kyra! It’s your day!” the makeup artist said.

Patrick’s Pov:

I dialed the number severally but the calls were ignored.

“Oh Clara! Please pick up!” I said as the door was opened and my little princess walked in.

She was wearing a sad face.

“Baby! What’s the matter?” I asked trying to hide my worry.

“Daddy! Is aunt Clara coming with the present?” She cried

“Come on Kyra! You’re 5 already and you’re a big girl so you shouldn’t cry” I said

“Dad.. please phone her” she cried

I quickly hugged her.

Tears rushed down my cheeks…

💭 I miss her so much too….💭 I thought

I wish she would just pick up her phone.

What a sad birthday party for my little Kyra! 😭


🎶 Happy birthday 🎶

🎶 Happy…. Happy birthday 🎶

🎶 Happy birthday to you 🎶

Her friends sang clapping their hands as Kyra blew the candles on her cake.

“Make a wish Kyra!” Vanessa screamed in delight

“Yes Kyra!” Her friends clapped.

She closed her eyes and muttered under her breath.

“What did you wish for?” They asked

All these while, I was hoping Clara would show up.

“I wished that my aunt Clara will make it to my party” She said as they clapped.

While Vanessa became visibly furious.

“AM HERE BABY…YOUR WISH CAME TRUE” A voice said from behind and we turned around……


🍔Episode 18🍔


Vanessa’s Pov:

Anger burnt through me as I saw Clara standing behind us with a big box of present 🎁.

I felt like crushing her.

Kyra smiled broadly and ran to her…

She rushed into his arms in excitement.

Patrick’s face beamed with smiles 😊😊

I gulped angrily as I looked at her with so much hatred.

I couldn’t bear her sight anymore.

I rushed to her and pushed her roughly.

“You bitch! What the hell are you doing here?” I screamed angrily at her.

She fell on the hard floor weeping.

“Vanessa stop that!” Patrick said trying to stop me but I snatched my hand from him.

Kyra rushed to hold her but I dragged her away…

“Get inside the house right now” I ordered.

I held Clara by her hair and pulled her out of the gate.

Patrick rushed to me and gave me a resounding slap.

But that will never stop me.

I slapped him back…

Everyone gasped…

Parents kept rushing out of the compound with their children.

Kyra wept bitterly as she watched her friends leave with a squeezed face..

I pushed crying Clara out of my compound as I banged the door angrily.

“Slut! I don’t ever wanna see you anywhere close to my house” I screamed crazily.

Patrick glared hard at me as he quickly rushed out of gate.

“I hate you Vanessa! Just pray she’s not wounded” Patrick said as I kept walking about restlessly.

Kyra didn’t stop wailing.

“Shut the fvck up” I shouted

Clara’s Pov:

Tears kept running down my face. 😭

I was not only humiliated by ma’am Vanessa, I felt disgusting.

I kept running…

It was raining and I was drenched.

“Clara! Clara wait!!” I heard Patrick from afar.

But I didn’t stop running.

I quickly flagged down a cab and hopped in.

My heart was bittered and broken.

I think she’s right….

Am nothing but a mistress!

A good for nothing slut..

I moped my face with a handkerchief…

The cab pulled over in front of our house.

I handed some money to the driver.

And sluggishly walked into the house.

I knocked two consecutive times and Marie opened the door.

“How was it?” Marie and Fiona asked anxiously.

Tears rushed down my cheeks as I ran upstairs….




They kept calling me but I paid no attention to them.

I rushed into my room and banged the door.

I slumped on the bed in tears.

Patrick’s Pov:

I stormed into the compound…

I met my little daughter Kyra crying under the rain.

What kind of a mother is Vanessa?

How could she leave her very little daughter under the rain?

To get cold and sick…

I quickly cuddled Kyra as we walked into the house

“Daddy is aunt Clara coming back?” she cried

“No! No matter how hard you cry Kyra, that worthless woman will never come back here to this house” Vanessa screamed as she walked out of the sitting room.

“I don’t like you momma! You’re not my mother” Kyra cried

“Shut up!” Vanessa screamed as she rushed to slap Kyra.

I tried to stop her.

“No daddy! Let her hurt me…. She’s not my momma after all and Mrs Vanessa Argus go ahead and show us how worthless you are” Kyra said to my surprise.

Vanessa fumed in anger as she rushed upstairs.

“Baby why did you…” I said as I we heard a noise on the stairs.

Gosh! 😱

We saw Vanessa rushing downstairs with her luggage.

“Nessa! Where are you going?” I asked surprised

“Am going back to the states… You can have your good for nothing daughter” she yelled as she pushed Kyra aside and walked out.

“That’s lovely” I muttered as Kyra and I smiled broadly and high five.

Vanessa’s Pov:

I opened the car boot and packed the luggage into it as I started the car engine and drove off.

I scratched my head in confusion.

I can’t believe my little daughter said all that to me.

“Arrghhh….” I yelled as her words kept resounding in my mind and I halted the car immediately.

I placed my head on the car steering wheel crying.

🗣Mrs Vanessa Argus go ahead and show us how worthless you are 🗣 Her words kept echoing in my ears.

“No way! I can never let this happen” I screamed as I picked up my cell phone.

I dialed the number.

📱 Hello….. I said aloud.


I smiled happily as I sat on the hotel room’s chair.

I looked at my little Kyra sleeping peacefully on the bed.

I actually had her kidnapped from school.

I smirked wickedly….


To be continued….

😱 Vanessa……. 🙁

😈 Devil…. Ekwensu 😁😁

Is there anymore horrible names you can give her? 🙂

Oya! Start calling her names 🙃🙃

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