The chef Episode 13 & 14

💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍔 Episode 13🍔
Kyra’s Pov:
Aunt Clara and I spat out the food immediately….
“Aah….pepper 🌶….” I screamed as I quic-kly gulped down the glas-s of water beside me.
So did aunt Clara.
We used our hands to b!ow air into our mouth.
“What happened? Did you guys just screamed in delight?” Dad asked as my eyes wi-de-ned.
“What? Delight?” I yelled
“My goodness! This is so….” Aunt Clara said as she picked up a glas-s of jui-ce and gulped down.
“What are you guys saying?” Dad asked confused
“Daddy did you taste the food?” I asked
“I didn’t…” He replied as aunt Clara and I nodded.
“Why not have a taste of it?” I said and dad smiled as he spooned the pasta into his mouth.
“Gosh!” He shouted pouring some water from the jug to his glas-s.
“How does it taste daddy?” I giggled
“Horrible! Clara remains the best cook” Dad said as we roared in laughter.
I walked out of the bathroom as aunt Clara dried my b©dy and hair with a towel.
“Good! Now you have to go to be-d early” Aunt Clara said as she opened my wardrobe and brou-ght out some clothes.
“Aunt Clara you promised to tell me a be-dtime story right?” I said
“Oh Kyra! Not today baby… I’ll tell you a story but that will be on Friday night” Aunt Clara said helping me wear my clothes.
“plea-se aunt Clara….” I pleaded
“Alright…. I’ll tell only one story then you’ll sleep ok” Aunt Clara said as I jumped for joy.
“Yeaaaaa…. ” I laughed as I jumped on my be-d.
Aunt Clara smiled broadly.
She sat on my be-d.
“Okay… Long! Long ago in the land of the antelopes….” She started
Mr Patrick’s Pov:
I la-id on the be-d staring at the ceiling.
“What kind of wife is Vanessa? She careless about her own daughter” I said to myself.
The worst mistake I have ever made was to love Vanessa and marrying her too.
I got up from the be-d and took the bottle of whiskey on the dressing table.
I drank from it and belched.
💭 Vanessa is a worthless mother…. 💭 I thought and drank again.
Just because she wants to p@rty, she left her four years old daughter.
And if Clara wasn’t here, what would be my little Kyra’s fate.
I know you want to know how I ended up with Vanessa right? 😉
I’ll tell you now ☺😊
Vanessa and I met in the college abroad….
And she c@m£ from a very wealthy family and happened to the only child.
So she was given every single thing she wanted.
That’s why she lives an extravagant lifestyle…. Getting whatever she de-sires.
She was a spoilt br@t.
But we loved each other dearly…
Though my parents were also rich but Vanessa’s parents were richer.
We made our relationsh!pknown to our families.
But Vanessa was never serious with us.
I wanted to withdraw but her parents were alre-ady fond of me.
When I told her that we have to go back to the Phili-ppines Quezon City to be precise, she bec@m£ very angry.
That wouldn’t give her the chance to p@rty.
She broke up with me…
Two days later, she found out that she was pregnant and I was responsible.
She wanted to ab-ort the baby but I didn’t let her.
She hated the fact that she had to go with me to Phili-ppines.
That was how I ended up with Vanessa.
That was the worst mistake of my life. 😪😪
I heaved a sigh of depression as I drank from the bottle again.
I kept drinking and drinking.
“Life with Vanessa is so miserable” I said again as I shook my head.
I drank more of it again.
I was alre-ady dead drun!kand reeked of alcohol.
I staggered out of the room with the bottle of whiskey.
I walked downstairs and thank goodness I didn’t trip.
I managed to sit on the dinning chair.
Clara’s Pov:
“So the antelope gave the tortoise a tuber of yam to…..” I said but I saw Kyra alre-ady nodding.
“She’s asleep alre-ady” I laughed as I la-id her on the be-d properly and covered her with a duvet.
“Good night baby” I said as I pe-cked her forehead.
I quic-kly turned off the table lamp and then shut the door.
I yawned tiredly….
I walked to my room and opened the door.
I was about to enter the room when I heard the sound of a broken glas-s.
💭 Who could that be? 💭 I thought as I closed the door and walked downstairs.
I was trembling in fear.
I quic-kly turned on the light and to my greatest surprise, I saw Mr Patrick.
I saw the pieces of broken glas-s beside him.
he was sitting on the ba-re ground.
“Sir… Are you OK?” I asked walking to him.
He belched loudly…
“You are drun!ksir!” I said as I walked closer to him.
He laughed crazily to my amusement.
“Vanessa is my worst mistake” He coughed
I shook my head…
Of course she should be, she’s so rude!
“Get up sir” I said as I tried helping him up.
I helped him up and took the bottle of whiskey from him.
Suddenly, we fell again and I fell on t©p him.
He stared into my eyes directly.
“I LOVE YOU CLARA.. plea-sE DON’T LEAVE” He said and I g@sped….
🍔Episode 14
Clara’s Pov:
My jaw dropped… 😲😲
Did he just say that for real? 😳
Is he serious?
My heart skipped as he k!$$£d my n£¢k.
“Sir… plea-se get up” I said still on t©p of him.
I really want to get up but why can’t I?
I feel so whole whenever am beside him.
I shrugged it off.
I quic-kly sprang up.
“I love you Clara… I love you” He said as he managed to sit up.
“Uhmm… Mr Patrick you are drun!k” I said trying to cover up.
“Am not Clara… Am in love with you” He said and belched noisily.
He’s so stubborn 🙁
“C’mon Clara! Have some drink” He said handing the bottle of whiskey to me.
“No sir… I….” I stammered but he shook his head.
“Drink up Clara” He said as I took the bottle and gulped down the content.
It wasn’t really sweet but I felt happy since he’s the one giving me that.
“Forget all your sorrows Clara… This is the easiest way to feel happy” He coughed.
I smiled dryly at him as I drank more of the whisky.
I sneezed and continued drinking.
“You like it right?” He said as I nodded.
Some minutes later…
I felt my eyes turning and my head ached.
I was very drun!kalre-ady…
I belched loudly and reeked of alcohol.
“I love you Clara” He continued saying
“No… You can’t! You are married remember?” I said weakly
“I’ll file an annulment…” He said as ourl-ips drew closer.
We gluedl-ips and k!$$£d hungrily 💋 💋
Ourl-ips p@rted….
We looked into each others eyes and laughed crazily.
😂Alcohol working…. 😂
Vanessa’s Pov:
I hopped into my car angrily.
“What nons-en-se? That guy is super annoying….” I gro-an ed in annoyance.
I glanced at my wrist watch….
“5:00am…. He just ruined in the fun we were having” I said as I drove off.
Now I have to go back to that hell called a home.
I just wished Patrick will let me go back abroad with my daughter.
I blew my car horn several times but there was no reply.
“Dammit! Where could that stupid gateman be?” I yelled angrily as I hit the steering wheel.
I kept b!owing the horn until the stupid good for nothing fool opened the gate.
I drove in and parked my car at the garage.
I picked up my handbag and got down from my car.
I quic-kly walked to the gateman and landed a dirty sl@p on his face.
“You moron! are you deaf or something? How dare you keep me waiting?” I yelled at him.
“Am sorry Ma! I was still asleep… It’s dark” He said as I held him by his ear twisting them mercilessly.
“Ouch ma’am” He screamed in pain.
“Keep your stupid mouth shut! Next time you keep me waiting again, I will make sure I cut off those bent twisted ears of yours” I said as I pushed him away r0ûghly and he fell on his bu-ttocks.
“Imbecile!” I said as I walked into the mansion.
I brou-ght out my spare key and opened the door and walked in.
My jaw dropped…..
Drops of tears ran down my cheeks 😭
I felt my heart breaking into pieces 💔
My breathing increa-sed.
As I saw that foolish chef slee-ping right beside my husband.
And they cu-mddled each other as Patrick held her w@!st.
“CLARA!” I shouted as they jumped up.
Clara trembled in fear as Patrick still held her ti-ghtly.
“How dare you both?” I cried as i rushed to sl@p her but Patrick held my hand.
“Don’t you dare hurt her Vanessa” Patrick said as he pushed my hand away.
“You cheat!” I yelled
“We weren’t doing anything wrong… You don’t know what really happened” Patrick said not feeling any remorse.
“Shut up! You are cheating on me with that slut” I screamed in tears
Clara turned to leave but Patrick held her back.
“You don’t have to be afraid… Am right here” Patrick said
“I hate you both… Damn you!” I cried as I ran upstairs.
😭💔 🕒
I scratched my hair angrily as tears flooded down my face.
I sat on the be-d heavily.
I’ve been indoor since that early morning.
The bit-ch alre-ady prepared breakfast and Patrick and Kyra left the house for work and school.
I quic-kly brou-ght out my cocaine and sniffed it in anger.
“That who-re” I screamed as I threw the dressing mirror down and it broke into pieces.
I quic-kly stormed out of the room.
Am gonna tear that good for nothing pr©st!tût£into two.
I threw her bags outside the gate r0ûghly.
“Get out of my house right now… I don’t wanna see you anywhere close to this mansion” I screamed as Clara knelt down in front of me.
“Am so sorry ma’am! It’s not what you think… We weren’t doing anything wrong” She cried.
I dragged her by her hair and threw her out of my house.
“who-re! I’ll never let you succeed in your adulterous plans” I said as I kicked her.
Clara kept pleading but I paid a deaf ear to her.
I sl@pped and pushed her r0ûghly as I quic-kly closed the gate……
To be continued….
😭Poor Clara 😭
Vanessa is such a witch 😥
But believe me… the battle line has just been drawn 🙁🙁
Am I right guys? 🙂