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The chef Episode 11 & 12

💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🍔Episode 11🍔
Clara’s Pov:
I walked into the kitchen and suddenly, I saw ma’am Vanessa walked in furiously.
Before I could say a word, she dragged me by my hair and I screamed in pain.
I quic-kly pushed her r0ûghly…
I was in pain cos my head was alre-ady aching due to how badly she held my hair.
“What have I done ma’am Vanessa? Why are you hurting me?” I cried
“You flir-t! What were you doing with my husband?” She asked with a hoarse voice.
“Your husband?” I asked in shock
“You heard me! I had no water in my mouth when I said that?” She roared angrily
“I wasn’t doing anything with your husband… Besides what are you insinuating ma’am?” I said in tears
“Shut that gutter of yours and let me warn you Clara Jones… I only let you work here because my daughter likes you [email protected] from that, I would have thrown you out of my house” She said angrily.
“But what have I done wrong ma’am?” I asked as tears flooded down my face.
“I hate you Clara… Bear that in mind” She said as she pushed me to the ground.
I fell on my bu-ttocks as she walked away.
I bur-st into tears.
💭 Whatever have I done to this woman? What does she despise me? 💭 I thought in tears
Can I even bear this? 😭
If not for the fact that I really need the money for my dreams to come true then I wouldn’t want to work here😢
She hates me alot….
I struggled up as I wiped off my tears.
I have to prepare breakfast for the witch.
I quic-kly picked up the meal timetable which was specially for her.
I wonder why she has a special meal timetable when she can’t even cook😒
“Oatmeal cooked with milk not water?” I re-ad and smiled.
She’s really one of a kind 😅
She even knows what it’s cooked with but she can’t prepare it herself.
I exhaled de-eply as I continued cooking.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I walked up and down restlessly in the room.
I don’t trust that girl at all.
I mean my husband regards her so much.
Why should he be complimenting her like that?
That witch! Am so prepared for anything and I won’t spare any fool that will try to get in my way.
Just then, my cell phone rang aloud and I picked up my phone.
It was friend Helena…
She’s my only friend here in this good for nothing country.
And Camille is my friend in the states.
📲Hello Nessa! Are you re-ady for today’s club? It’s gonna be fun…. Helena said excitedly.
I sighed loudly.
📲I don’t think I can make it today… I said sadly.
📲Why girl? Today is gonna be h0t! 🔥… She asked
📲He hired her… I have to keep an eye on them.. I said as I sat down and lighted my stick of cigarette.
📲You mean the Clara?.. Helena asked
📲Yes Helena! I said as I smoked de-eply.
📲What? Why did you let that happen? You have to make that girl leave your matrimonial home…. Helena said
📲But how Helena? My daughter likes her… I said
📲I have an idea… Helena laughed
📲What’s your idea?… I asked as ba-lls of smoke gushed out of my mouth.
📲You have to frustrate her life until she leaves the house by herself…. Helena said as I smiled.
📲You are right Helena! Thank you so much for this idea…i skrie-ked in excitement
📲Don’t let that girl destroy your life… Make her leave the house… Helena said as we laughed happily.
And I hung up.
Smiles escaped myl-ips.
💭 She’s going to be so miserable that she will pack her stupid luggage and fvck off my house 💭 I thought in happiness.
I was still engrossed in my thoughts when the land telephone rang.
☎ Hello ma’am! Breakfast is re-ady… Clara said
☎ whatever! I rolled my eyes as I hung up.
Now her suffering has just began 😲
I walked downstairs and sat on the dinning.
As Clara served the food on the dinning and believe me the aroma was quite appetizing 😋
But I can’t compliment her… NEVER! 🙃
Am not like that silly Patrick and his daughter😬😬
She dished the appetizing oatmeal for me.
I was so busy with my cell phone.
🗨You’re so beautiful Miss Vanessa 🗨 I re-ad a comment from my instagram post.
I laughed excitedly.
Of course I know am very beautiful just that my stupid husband Patrick just doesn’t seem to know it.
He has eyes but can’t see 😒
“Ma’am! Food is re-ady” Clara’s voice sma-cked me back to consciousness.
I rolled my eyes at her as I picked up the cutlery.
I spooned the oatmeal into my mouth and my goodness! I just realized why she was complimented.
Very perfect 👌
But I can’t let her feel special 😣
I quic-kly picked up the plate of oatmeal and poured it on her face.
😱 😱
“What’s this supposed to mean?” I flared up in a pretentious anger.
Her face was covered with the oatmeal and she looked so stupid.
Am so excited 😀😀
Clara gently wiped off her face as tears streamed down her cheeks.
Who cares? 🙄
“But that’s what you ordered for ma’am?” She asked in tears.
She looks quite pretty when she’s crying 🙁
I hope Patrick will never see her when she’s crying 😕
“Shut up! You are so stupid!! Who asked you to use milk in cooking the oatmeal? I said water not milk” I lied
“That’s not true ma’am! I saw it noted that it should be cooked with milk not water” She cried.
Her hair was messed up with the oatmeal 😔
Serves her right 😇
“Are you calling me a liar?” I screamed at her.
“No ma’am but you’re mistaking…” She said as I [email protected] her [email protected] on the cheek.
“How dare you? bit-ch! Clean this up” I yelled at her as I picked up my cell phone and headed upstairs.
Myl-ips curved to a smile as I walked into my room.
Good for her😂
I have to make her suffer more 😎
A thought popped into my head and I smiled broadly.
💭 The garden? 💭 I smiled
I walked outside and Clara followed me as I ordered her to.
“You see this garden? I want you to clear it” I said holding an umbrella cos the sun was too much.
“What? Am a cook ma’am not a gardener” She said
“Oh really now? So you mean you won’t do it?” I said in annoyance
“Ma’am with all due respect, I have been working upstairs and the sun is too h0t… I can’t work un-der it” Clara said
“Shut up Clara! You wanna loose your job right?” I yelled
“Uhm… Err… Ma’am I….” She stammered
“If you don’t want to clear the garden then..” I said
“I’ll do it ma’am” She said and I smiled within me.
“Good! Weed it properly after that, you water it then you will wash the clothes and not with the washing machine but with your hands” I said as I walked into the mansion with my umbrella.
Clara started working.
I walked upstairs and sat at the corridor upstairs sipping my [email protected] of orange squash and cookies as I watched her suffer downstairs.
“Hey! weed that sp©t properly” I ordered as I crossed my legs and sipped my jui-ce.
Clara’s Pov:
I was sweating profusely as the sun kept getting h0tter and h0tter.
I was so exhausted.
The garden was so bushy and my b©dy was alre-ady scratching.
4 hrs later 🕒
I was done weeding and watering the large garden.
Ma’am Vanessa showed me a heap of clothes in her bathroom including her undies.
I was almost [email protected]
I started washing while she lie down on her be-d.
I glanced at the wall clock.
it was past seven.
I was so weak and dizzy but I continued.
Just then, I heard the door bell, I dragged myself downstairs.
I managed to open the door.
I felt dizzy and [email protected]……..
🍔Episode 12
Clara’s Pov:
I gently opened my weak eyes….
I could feel my head ban-ging really badly.
I saw Kyra right beside me!
“What happened?” I managed to say as I saw a doctor standing in front of me.
“You fainted a while ago… Aunt Clara! Are you OK” Kyra asked anxiously
I f0rç£d a smile at her.
“Am fine now Kyra” I said
“How are you feeling now Clara? Here is a [email protected] of water” Mr Patrick said as I managed to sit up and took the water.
“Thank you so much sir!” I said politely
“Uhmm… Miss Jones! You are really stressed out and exhausted so I advise you take enough rest for the meantime” The doctor said
“Of course she will doctor!” Mr Patrick said
“What do you mean by she will Patrick?” A mean voice yelled from behind and we turned around.
No other than the witch you know VANESSA.
“She will take some rest just as the doctor says that’s what I meant” Mr Patrick said
I gulped nervously.
“Oh plea-se Patrick! She [email protected]£ here to work as a house help not other way round” Vanessa said rudely
“For God sake Vanessa try being human for once” Mr Patrick said and she scoffed.
“Oh really? I don’t care!! She’s here to work as a maid not as a patient and besides I didn’t even ask for a patient as a house help” Vanessa sighed.
“But momma aunt Clara is really not OK” Kyra said as Vanessa raised her hand to [email protected] her.
But Mr Patrick st©pped her.
“Uhmm… Excuse me Mr Patrick! I have to go and don’t forget that she needs a lot of rest to recover fully” The doctor said
“Shut up you animal! Now get out of my house now!” Vanessa screamed at the doctor and she flin-ched.
“Alright ma’am” the doctor said as she picked up her handbag.
“Never you show your ugly face here ever again bastard” Vanessa said as she ban-ged the door.
“Momma why are you being so mean?” Kyra said with a teary voice.
“Keep quiet [email protected]!” Vanessa rolled her eyes.
I wonder the kind of mother she is… 🙄
“Hey! You pathetic being… Better get your rotten self up from that couch and go into the kitchen and make some dinner” Vanessa said as she pushed me aside and walked upstairs.
Tears circulated in my eyes and poured down my cheeks.
“It’s OK Clara! Don’t let her words get to you” Mr Patrick said as he held my wrist.
I felt my heart beating really fast.
Why does this always happen to me when am around Mr Patrick? 🤔
What kind of sign is it? 😉
Kyra quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“Err… Sir Patrick! What about dinner?” I asked softly.
“I’ll do the cooking” He said as Kyra and I bur-st into laughter.
“Really daddy? Can you even do that?” Kyra laughed
“Yes! Kyra is right… Can you cook?” I smiled
“Oh my gosh! You ladies are ma-king fun of me huh? I’ll show you guys that am a chef” Mr Patrick said
“We’ll see daddy” Kyra said chuckling.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I stormed into the room angrily.
💭 Why is everyone siding with that bit-ch? 💭 I thought angrily
Well this is just a ti-p of ice berg…
The next time she tries to cross my path, I will make sure she lands in a hospital or maybe a morgue.
I was still fuming with anger when my cell phone beeped.
“Who could that be?” I rolled my eyes as I picked up the phone.
It was a message from Helena.
I just hope it’s something important or something that’s gonna light up my mood.
🗨 Girl… I just found a new club! believe me when I say it’s so much fun… Wanna check it out?🗨 I re-ad as smiles escaped myl-ips.
That’s my girl! 😉
This is perfect timing…
It’s gonna help me clear my mind and get hell outta this damn house.
I quic-kly replied the message.
🗨Sure girl… I’ll be there soon🗨 I replied and grinned.
Some seconds later, a message popped in again.
🗨Alright Nessa! Meet me at our usual sp©t 🗨 I re-ad aloud and smiled.
I glanced at the wall clock 🕒
It was past eleven pm alre-ady.
I quic-kly rushed into the bathroom.
I took a quic-k shower 🚿
And wore my very revea-ling singlet and a short….
it was ex-posing my S-xy sp©tless [email protected] and I looked really h0t.
I combe-d my black shiny hair and packed it in a pony tail.
I applied my make up and put on my expensive heel.
🔥 🔥 😍😍
“Wow.. S-xy Nessa!” I smiled as I twerk in front of the dressing mirror.
I opened the wardrobe and brou-ght out some clothes.
I put the clothes into a small designer bag.
Of course am not coming back anytime soon but I’ll definitely come up with an idea on how to get that stupid Clara out of my house.
I picked up my handbag and walked downstairs.
I saw Patrick downstairs and he was wearing an cooking apron.
He looks like a frog in that 😂
I rolled my eyes.
Patrick’s Pov:
I quic-kly put on the cooking apron and laughed.
“Jeez! Am so uncomfortable in this but I have to prove to Kyra that her daddy can cook” I smiled.
I was about to walk to the kitchen when I saw Vanessa walking downstairs.
She was wearing a [email protected] dress and she has a big bag with her.
Wait oo 🙃
Is she leaving the house this night? 🤔
“Vanessa! Are you going somewhere?” I asked
“Isn’t it obvious Patrick? Am going to have fun” She sm-irked walking towards the door.
“What? Can’t you see it’s late?” I screamed
“Am not blind like you and it’s none of your business” She fired back
“Have some pity on yourself Vanessa! You are a mother for crying out loud” I said
“Oh plea-se! That doesn’t st©p me from having fun… Besides am not a mother” She shrugged
“Vanessa I don’t un-derstand you! Do you even know what the time is?” I said
“I don’t care! By the way, do you care to take a picture with me so I can post on instagram?” She laughed
“No thanks!” I said angrily
“Suit yourself then! Am gonna have fun” She said as she walked away ban-ging the door.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
💭 Back to work! 💭 I thought as I walked into the kitchen.
I walked into the kitchen…
I stared at the timetable on the wall.
“Chicken stew and pasta…? How is that even prepared?” I scratched my head in confusion.
And I started cooking.
With the little or no experience I have 😂
I served the food on the dinning and smiled excitedly.
I picked up the bell and rang it aloud.
🔔 Dinner time 🔔 I rang noisily
Some minutes later..
Clara and Kyra walked downstairs.
Am going to show them that am a good cook
We sat on the dinning with smiles in everyone’s faces. This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
“Daddy are you sure you’re the one that cooked this? I mean mere looking at the food, my mouth is watering” Kyra said happily
“Of course I did” I smiled
“Let’s taste it first” Clara said as I rolled my eyes.
“Someone is jealous of my cooking” I said and we laughed.
I watched Kyra and Clara spooned the food into their mouth.
OMG! 😱
They spatted it coughing…..
To be continued…
😂😂I can’t st©p laughing 😂😂
Mr Patrick have finally succeeded in cooking nons-en-se 😁😁
Aww 😍😍
I just love it now there is no Vanessa 😘😘
But Vanessa na really odee shaa 😉
How can she leave her husband with Clara because of [email protected]? 🙄
Something might happen o
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