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The chef Episode 1 & 2

💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
It is said that whatever God join together, no man can put asun-der 😁
This tale made me believe that saying…. ☺☺
Her name is Clara Jones…
And cooking is her hobby and her [email protected]
Though they were poor, she never st©pped dreaming of being a popular chef someday.
She had ambitions of becoming a great chef, little did she know that she will be led to her happiness.
His name is Mr Patrick Argus….
Married… 💍 but life for him was hell.
His wife Vanessa was nothing but a spoilt [email protected]
She made life hell for him 🔥
Mr Patrick was left with no choice than to always stay away from home.
And on this wonderful night, he went to eat out….
He met the most beautiful and humble lady 😘
Who could that be? 🤔
She’s gonna change his life….
He employed her as a cook in his house and now… 😆
Let the [email protected]ç£begin 😂😂
🍔Episode 01🍔
Patrick’s Pov:
I picked up my suitcase and headed downstairs.
I saw my wife Vanessa watching TV.
“My goodness! Isn’t it too early for a responsible married woman to watch TV” I thought within myself.
“Good morning love” I said as she glanced at me.
“Good morning Patrick” She said with her eyes fixed on the television.
I headed straight to the dinning table.
“Isn’t it too early to watch TV love? It’s just 6:30…” I smiled as I sat on the dinning.
“And how is that your business? Am watching with my eyes not yours so fvck off!” She said rudely as I gulped.
Am used to her rudeness alre-ady.
She’s really very saucy and am left with no choice than to bear it.
“She even cooked breakfast for me? She has really changed a little” I thought as I smiled.
I quic-kly opened the covered plates on the dinning and got the shock of my life.
“WTF” I screamed in displea-se
“Oh plea-se keep your voice down Patrick! Am watching my favorite show” Vanessa said from the sitting room.
I fumed in anger as I stormed into the sitting room.
“Vanessa! What is that supposed to mean?” I asked angrily as I turned off the television and she flared up.
“What the heck is wrong with you Mr Patrick Argus? Why are you displa-ying your stupid cranky characters this morning?” She snorted.
“You are my wife for crying out loud Vanessa…. So you can’t prepare breakfast for me?” I asked furiously as she bur-st into laughter.
“Oh my God! Are you serious? Should I do that?” She mocked as I burned up in annoyance
“What kind of a wife are you Vanessa? I can’t believe this… You served pop corn in the dinning as my breakfast” I blurted
“And so what? You should be grateful that I even had to stress myself serving you pop corn as breakfast” She scoffed as she sat on the couch with her legs crossed.
“I mean what do I possibly do with the pop corn? While you sit here watching TV and going to [email protected] all day” I said
“St©p barking around Patrick! What do you expect me to do? Walk into the kitchen and prepare you a cup of coffee or cereals? No damn way!” She said
“Why won’t you? Are you not my wife and the mother of my daughter?” I asked angrily as she roared in laughter ma-king me more annoyed.
“Shut the fvck up Patrick! Like ever wanted to be a mother…. Listen up boy! I am not your cook neither am I your slave, I can’t even cook…. Ew! That’s filthy” She exclaimed as I shook my head in anger.
“Vanessa you are ma-king a terrible mistake… Now look at it! You don’t care if your child will go to school…. You don’t even prepare her for school! I had to wake up every morning and do that yet I go to work on an empty stomach” I asked
“That’s your business! You know when I was pregnant of that baby, I told you I wasn’t re-ady to be a mom and that I wanted to abort her but you refused so carry your cross” She furrowed her brows.
“It’s been four years since we got married and our daughter is four yet you still regret her existence?” I said in annoyance
“Of course Patrick! Can’t you see it? I almost lost my b©dy shape and lovely stature when I gave birth to her… I’ve always told you I want us to go back to the states” She said as she opened a packet of chewing gum and started chewing.
“I have no time for this right now!” I heaved a sigh as I picked up my suitcase and walked out.
“Whatever! Like I care” She said b!owing and ma-king noisy sounds with the gum.
“Kyra! Kyra!! Where are you baby? Come downstairs… Am leaving” I said loudly as Kyra walked down stairs.
“Am here daddy” her tiny voice said as I helped her down.
“That’s my princess” I pe-cked her.
“Let’s go?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.
“Daddy! My stomach is grumbling… Am so famished, can’t we at least eat at home for once…. That’s how my [email protected] do dad?” Little Kyra asked.
I gulped nervously.
“Well you see baby, we can’t! I’ll buy you food in a restaurant OK?” I pretended
“Good morning mommy! Did you cook breakfast?” Kyra asked as Vanessa scoffed.
“Just go to school Kyra…. Your mom is not a cook and do as your daddy says” Vanessa said turning on the TV.
“Let’s go then daddy” Kyra said feeling bad as she walked out of the house.
“You’ll regret your actions Nessa” I said as she sighed loudly.
“In your dreams Patrick” She said as I walked out.
I drove silently with my little Kyra beside me.
“Dad! Why don’t you employ a housemaid?” Kyra asked breaking the silence.
“Why do you say that?” I asked
“It’s because of mommy” She said as her mood changes.
“What about your mom?” I asked anxiously
“Daddy! Does mommy really love you and I?” Kyra asked as I looked at her gobsma-cked.
Why would my little daughter think that way.
“Of course she does baby, why do you ask?” I asked
“Because I feel she doesn’t…. She just wants to go back to the states where she [email protected] come home everyday” Kyra said
“Uhmm… Kyra! Er…Do you want ice cream?” I asked changing the t©pic.
“Ice cream? This early morning? I thought you said its bad to take sugary things in the morning when we haven’t had breakfast?” Kyra said as I nodded smiling.
“That’s right I forgot” I lied as she smiled broadly.
She’s so smart…..
Clara’s Pov:
“Mmhhh…. Yummy Clara” my younger sister Marie said as she spooned a large amount of noddles into her mouth.
“Really?” I smiled excitedly
“Of course Clara… You are such a good cook and someday you will be a great chef” Marie said
“That’s what am hoping Marie… And that time, I will own a very big restaurant of my own and I will make a lot of money so that we can move into a better and bigger [email protected]” I said happily
“It will definitely come true Clara…” Marie said as she picked up the [email protected] of water and drank.
“That reminds me, guess what? I got a job at the restaurant as a cook” I announced excitedly.
“Oh my! Am so happy!!” Marie jumped for joy as we hvgged each other.
“Aah….. Aah” Mother cleared her throat noisily as walked in.
“Oh mother! You startled us” we said in unison
“Sorry girls” mother said as she sat down dishing her food.
“You know what Clara, talking about getting…. There are lots of things you need to get [email protected] from a job”” Mother said as I fluttered my eyes.
“Like what mother?” Marie asked
“Like getting a b©yfri£nd..” Mother said as I choked…..
🍔Episode 02🍔
Clara’s Pov:
I choked and coughed slightly.
“Mother plea-se I have to go to the restaurant” I said.
“Give it a thought Clara, mother is very right!” Marie said as I gulped nervously.
Just then, my cell phone beeped…
it was a message from my friend Fiona.
“Clara… You don’t want to be late do you?” I re-ad aloud
“I have to go” I said as Marie cut in.
“Yes Clara… It’s very important you get yourself or b©yfri£ndor better still a husband cos you are not getting any younger” Mother said as I coughed.
“We’ll talk about this later mother… ” I said as I quic-kly sprang up and ran along.
“Think about Clara!” Mother yelled.
“Bye mother… Bye Marie” I said from outside.
Gosh! Mother is really something
Vanessa’s Pov:
I yawned hungrily as my stomach grumbled noisily.
“Am so hungry… It’s noon alre-ady” I said as I got up from the couch.
I walked into the kitchen and looked around as I sighed loudly.
“Gosh! I can’t see myself going close to that cooker… Never!” I snorted as I walked to the refrigerator.
I opened it and brou-ght out a can of fruit jui-ce and a pack of crunchy cookies.
I smiled broadly as I walked back to the sitting room and sat on the sofa.
I quic-kly turned on the TV as I poured out the fruit jui-ce in a [email protected]
I gulped it and ate the cookies.
Some minutes later 🕒
I was alre-ady fast asleep when I heard a thri-lling voice.
It was Kyra… The school bus brou-ght her home.
I just wished it didn’t… She’s just gonna ruin in my beauty sleep for sure.
She could be a pest you know.
“Momma!” Kyra screamed as she rushed to me and hvgged me as I gently opened my eyes.
“Kyra… Can’t you see that momma is fast asleep” I asked furiously
“Am sorry momma!” She said and yawned hungrily.
“Just go upstairs and pu-ll off your uniform” I said trying to make her go away.
“Momma! I can’t pu-ll off my shoes… Help me” She said smiling
This daughter of mine is nothing but trouble.
“pu-ll off your shoes? Am sorry sweetheart but I can’t” I said rolling my eyes and she frowned.
“Why not momma?” she said moody.
“Can’t you see my nails Kyra? I just don’t want them to break? I spend a lot of money on the manicure and pedicure” I said.
She bowed her head in annoyance.
I don’t care though!
I can’t ruin my beautiful nails just to pu-ll her shoe.
She can just wear it till her crazy father comes home in the evening.
“Am really hungry momma” She yawned climbing upstairs.
“Don’t worry there are packets of chocolate and milk candies in the kitchen so you can have that” I said as she shook her head.
“Candies? Chocolate? But momma I want chicken salad for lunch” she cried.
“Shut the fvck up you annoying little [email protected]! You can go to the God forsaken kitchen and do the cooking if you want… St©p pestering me” I yelled at her as she shivered and tears rushed down her cheeks.
“Why are you still there? Will you get your crazy self upstairs right now” I screamed as walked upstairs slowly still in tears.
“Scram Kyra! Get out of my sight!” I yelped as she bur-st into tears and ran upstairs.
“That little [email protected]… She’s so stupid just like her useless father” I said aloud as my cell phone rang aloud.
“Who is it?” I asked no-one in [email protected] as I picked up the phone.
It was my friend in the states Camille.
📲What’s up girl! 📲 Camille’s voice echoed from my cell phone’s speaker.
📲Everything is just so annoying here in this stupid country📲 I sighed
📲Come on girlfriend! Convince Patrick so that you can come back here📲 Camille said
📲I wish it was as easy as you say it… And that Patrick and his little trouble will let me📲 I said angrily
📲Little trouble? You mean your daughter?📲 Camille scoffed
📲Oh plea-se…. Am not a mother, am not done enjoying my youthful age… Tch! 📲 I said
📲By the way, am here in the club… Am having fun, drinking and [email protected] with Jack and Ken 📲 She said happily and I yelled.
📲Arrrgghhh… I want to get the hell outta this damn country 📲 I shouted as I throw my phone on the ground and it broke into pieces.
Life here is so boring.
I quic-kly picked up my packet of cigarette and brou-ght out a stick of cigarette.
I lighted the cigarette and smoked de-eply and angrily.
Patrick’s Pov:
I drove into the mansion and parked my car at the garage.
I walked into the house.
I just hate the thought of coming back to this hell hole of a house.
“This is just because of my daughter else I won’t even mind slee-ping at the office” I thought.
I walked straight to her room and knocked severally without any response.
I quic-kly throw the door and saw Kyra sulking.
“Baby! What’s the matter?” I asked anxiously as I kept my suitcase on the sofa close to her be-d.
“Daddy!” she called and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I cu-mddled her as she wept.
“Why are you still putting on your school shoes?” I asked stunned
“I couldn’t pu-ll it off and momma refused to help me cos she said its gonna ruin in her nails” Kyra cried and I fumed in anger.
“What?” I said
“Daddy… I haven’t even had lunch.. Momma said if I can’t take candies and chocolate for lunch that I shouldn’t bother her” She cried
I k!$$£d her forehead.
“Don’t worry baby! I’ll go buy some food for us OK” I said and she nodded.
“Why don’t you do the cooking dad?” She sniffed
“I can’t baby… It’s alre-ady late so I can’t go to the grocery store this night” I said and she nodded.
I opened the door angrily very re-ady to confront Vanessa and to my greatest surprise…
I saw her sniffing cocaine sitting in front of her dressing mirror.
“Vanessa! WTF! ” I yelled in surprise.
“What is it Patrick? You are ruining in the moment” She said scratching her hair.
I shook my head in annoyance as I rushed out of the room.
“How the hell did I end up marrying that spoilt [email protected]?” I said as I drove angrily.
All I want now is to get some food for my little starving daughter.
I walked into the restaurant abs£ntminded.
I headed straight to buy some takeaway food.
Suddenly, I bu-mped into a very beautiful lady.
She was about to fall and I caught her in my arms…..
To be continued…
Aww… 😍😍
And now Vanessa is pushing Patrick into meeting our amiable chef 😁😁
How are we even sure she’s the one 😂😂
I reserve my comments 😅

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