the charcoal seller’s son episode 3

The Author
p@rt 2
Verse 1
Another Sunday is here, and we’re blessed.
Yes, the Almighty has blessed all of us, and we are infinitely grateful to Him.
I am kinda lonely today. Yes, you guessed right, my dear wife had to travel on Wednesday to the city to be with our youngest daughter who has just blessed us with a wonderful grandson.
The family is growing, yes, the family is growing. And at times like this I just give thanks to my Creator, you know, for letting me live in health to see my grandchildren falling from wo-mbs like rain from the sky.
Well, I know you’re dying to know what happened to Paa Kweku Anane and Ofeibea, so I have to curtail my ramblings and go on.
I would be going to the city myself tomorrow, yes, to hold the newest member of my family, pray for him, and bless him!
It is good to pray for our children and their children continuously, yes. The love and protec-tion of God is always key, I won’t lie to you!
Anyway, anyway, anyway…
My name is Adams Abdallah, the Narrator, and you’re once again welcome to my verses!
Now, where did I end the last time?
Verse 2
The br@in is old, you know, and I find it ha-rd nowadays. s£nility is a bit-ch…hahahaaa! But we’re blessed, and God helps us to keep our focus!
Yes, so back to Paa Kweku Anane and his broken heart!
Ama, that beautiful angel, stayed with Paa Kweku.
She saw how desperate the poor lad was, and there was a time she thought he might commit suicide! She did the best she could, you know! I even heard that she took Paa Kweku to the residence of the Amankwa’s to see Ofeibea who was busy planning her wedding to Sunsum.
Well, Ofeibea was with her family in the living-room when Ama arrived with Paa Kweku.
Her parents, her grandmother, and her brother Joojo were all pres£nt!
And yes, an elated Sunsum Atobr@h was pres£nt too!
Paa Kweku fell to his knees in front of this beautiful woman who was hurting him so much… and he begged her! He wept like a baby! He told her wealth and riches were distributed by God, and surely, even though he was the poor son of a charcoal seller, one day God would bless him too.
And he might not be as rich as her parents or the Atobr@h’s, but he would get a good job, and their children would never go hungry!
Ofeibea shook her head slowly and told him she was sorry!
She had come too far, and that he should try and move on because she was going to spend her life with Sunsum! Her mother and grandmother also gave it to Paa Kweku!
Verse 3
You know some witches and their pepper mouths!
Like my friend Has-sana Larry Ibr@him… heerh, she can give it to you like scorpion tails if you annoy her. Kolie-kolie mouth I call her.
And yes, Abena Nyantie too!
Another h0t pepper-mouth friend! Hahaha!
Let me keep quiet before they come and chew my head!
Anyway, anyway, anyway!
Yes, these two women blasted poor Paa Kweku and told him to ‘girrout of our house, yew dirty charcoal boy!’
Ama, weeping, held Paa Kweku’s arm and tried to get him out of the house.
Well, Ofeibea called Ama back, and begged her to be her bridesmaid, because she was her best friend.
Ama, bless her, looked at Ofeibea with disgust and told her she would never be her bridesmaid if she married Sunsum but she was ever re-ady to be her bridesmaid if she c@m£ to her s-en-ses and put Paa Kweku out of his misery!
Ofeibea shook her head sadly.
Her mother screamed that there were a million beautiful girls dying to be bridesmaid so they should ‘girrout of our house, yew dirty charcoal pipos.’
Yes, so that was the last significant meeting between Paa Kweku and Ofeibea before her marriage! Ha, she changed her social media profiles and upd@t£d pictures and did it all!
It was a big wedding because the two families involved were prominent! Sosket! Shege walati! Money dey talk aaah you say charcoal!
The whole country was in an uproar!
Verse 4
Paa Kweku continued to hurt but he had to resign himself to the fact that he had lost Ofeibea, the love of his life! But his mother was a good Christian, you know, and she was always on her knees praying to God to intervene in the life of her only son!
Ama, who was working, spent all her free time with Paa Kweku. She would go for him and take him to her single room self-contained ap@rtment to cook for him and spend the time with him before allowing him to go back home.
Ah well!
The more time Paa Kweku spent with her, the more his mother’s prayers worked, and slowly the unbearable pain of losing Ofeibea began to dim somewhat!
Finally, the day of the wedding c@m£!
Money swine!
What a wedding… what a wedding!
Sikafo wedding paa be this? Forkin!
Cars, food, celebrities, location, dressing… swine!
Come and see glitter and pomp! Heerh! I even heard their angels were hanging on drones in the air!
It was the wedding of the century, more than Ofeibea had ever dreamed of!
But wait… you can’t believe this!
Who were we seeing at the wedding? Yehowa! Surely, that couldn’t be Paa Kweku, could it?
Oh, yes!
That boy was there paaa!
The heartbroken Paa Kweku attended the wedding against the wishes of his mother and Ama! They thought he might be tem-pted to do something silly and embarras-s himself, you know, and get himself in de-ep trouble!
But he went, and to keep him safe, Ama went with him!
He was dressed in a local batakari with black trou-sers and a lovely cap.
Ahhh, Paa Kweku looked handsome that day!
Verse 5
He sat calmly.
Those who knew him pointed at him and secretly took pictures of him for gossiping later, hahahaaa! Oh, his father Kuuku was pres£nt, and he saw the son he had abandoned, and his heart beat with pain, but alas, because Agya Atobr@h was pres£nt, Kuuku did not dare to go near his son!
And yes, Ofeibea saw Paa Kweku with Ama sitting side-by-side.
However, it was after she had exchanged Vows with Sunsum and they were sitting on the amazing High Table at the reception that she saw how calm Paa Kweku looked and how he chatted with Ama and smiled occasionally… and that was when, for the very first time since her decision to break Paa Kweku’s heart, she felt a twinge of sudden jealousy!
She wondered why those two looked so cozy!
Surely, Ama could not betray her like this, could she?
Yes, it was true she had broken Paa Kweku’s heart, but Ama was her friend and she just could not d@t£ Paa Kweku, no! Ama should let another girl be with the boy, but not her!
Ofeibea was appalled at how uneasy she suddenly felt!
Ah, she had Sunsum and they had money, and they had a hvge house donated by Agya Atobr@h to begin their life in. So, why was she feeling uneasy about seeing Ama and Paa Kweku at her wedding?
Ah, well!
Matters of the heart had always been delicate!
Okay, let’s go on!
So, everything ended successfully, no drama biara!
Nkonkonsa people, you thought Paa Kweku was going to cause some trouble abi?
The two happy newlyweds entered their limousine and zoomed off with ‘piiipon-piiipon-piiipon’ sounds to go on their honeymoon at Shoshonino Resort, one of the luxurious new groovy places in the country!
Abooowa! Money swine ampa!
Okay, okay, yes, indeed, there was a little drama after the wedded couple left, yes.
p@rt 2 continues