the charcoal seller’s son episode 2

The Author
p@rt 1 coninues
Verse 6
When they were on vacations, he would wait with bated breath for Ofeibea to sl!pfrom home and meet him secretly in the bush where they would spend about an hour just holding hands and being happy!
Young love!
So, so, sweet!
Just like me and my baby girl!
We were so happy together as teenagers!
Thank God we stayed together and got married eventually!
Anyway, anyway, anyway!
Where was I?
Hmm, wait a sec, wait a sec!
Lemme sludge a little palmey… ahaaaaa!
Sweetest liquid… aaaashh!
Yes, sweet love in the trees!
That was where the two young lovebirds shared their first, sweet, innocent k!ss… mwaaaaah!
That k!ssseared throu-gh them, shattering their innocence, and made them aware of their budding attra-ction, and face the fact that yes, they were in love! Oh, they made a lot of promises to each other in those trees!
They carved heart-shapes on the backs of the trees with their names inser-ted!
They walked hand in hand, k!$$£d, l@ydown on the gras-s, explored their bodies tentatively! Ahh, sweet, sweet, young love!
Love was sweet!
Ahhh, odo ye dewdeeedew atse!
Ama, Ofeibea’s best friend, was so happy for them.
Now, let me say that, as much as Ofeibea was so beautiful, Ama was much, much more glorious!
She grew to become such a flaming beauty, fair and incredibly appealing, with curves that would have woken up even a corpse!
But, hey, wait a second, wait a second!
There was an unhealthy rivalry brewing in that little group!
Oh, no, not between Ama and Ofeibea, no.
Verse 6
Rather, Joojo was so much in love with Ama, his sister’s best friend!
Sunsum was also so much in love with Ofeibea!
But, these two lovelies only loved to hang out with the poor boy, Paa Kweku!
Although Joojo kept asking his sister if it was her or Ama who was d@t!ngPaa Kweku, Ofeibea remained secretive!
Eventually, both Joojo and Sunsum grew to dislike Paa Kweku fiercely.
Not that the poor boy cared, no, he didn’t!
He was just happy to have the sweet love of Ofeibea, a girl he loved with all his heart!
But then, the agenda was set for calamity!
Oh, boy!
As they bec@m£ more matured, Sunsum intensified his attentions on Ofeibea.
You see, the Atobr@hs and Amankwas were friends, rich friends, with business interests. Their fortunes began to dwindle, and they had to take loans from a new company that had suddenly sprung up, a company called Orphan Inc.
This company was an internet s-en-sation!
It had combined search engines, social platforms, game consoles and professional platform into one powerful website, and so many people and companies joined this Orphan Inc platform, and it bec@m£ one of the wealthiest companies in the world.
Orphan Inc gave out loans to the Atobr@h and Amankwa companies to make them stay afloat, but they decided it would be better if their two companies merged to become a powerful mover!
So, both families approved of a relationsh!pbetween Ofeibea and Sunsum!
But this girl was so much in love with poor Paa Kweku!
And yet, the pressure from the families was great!
Her family chastised her constantly to leave Paa Kweku and be with Sunsum, who had grown up to become a nice, handsome man too. Sunsum took Ofeibea to lunches and dinners, showing her the money, the affluence, and the incredible circle he moved in!
Ofeibea bec@m£ more and more interested in the flash of wealth, the life of the affluent, and slowly began to distance herself from Paa Kweku.
Ama tried to warn her, telling her best friend that Paa Kweku was poor, yes, but his heart was filled with divine love for her!
Ofeibea was torn, in a way!
Verse 7
She loved Paa Kweku very much, but she was also attra-cted to the money, to the power, to the respect of moving in the circles of the rich! Paa Kweku was now a university graduate, just like them, and was going to have his national service soon.
How long would it take for him to give her this sweet life?
And then, on her twentieth birthday, Sunsum bought an incredible Lexus four runner for her! It was a beauty! It was everything she had ever wished to possess!
Ah, what a beauty, what a clas-s!
And it finally dawned on Ofeibea that love was not everything!
Real life, real power, real joy, c@m£ from money… or so she thought!
And so, finally, she broke Paa Kweku’s heart totally!
She agreed to marry Sunsum!
Paa Kweku cried!
He went to see Ofeibea’s family and begged them to allow him to marry her!
Ofeibea’s mother and grandmother rained the most horrible insults on him and pushed him out of their house!
Frantic and heartbroken, Paa Kweku finally sought out the help of his father and grandfather to prevent his cousin, Sunsum, from taking his love, his woman, the only woman that mattered to him!
Again, he was insulted and thrown out.
Kuuku, who had seen how handsome and mature his son had become, was a little bit sorry and pained by how his family treated Paa Kweku, but he was too scared of his own father to stand up for his son!
And so, Paa Kweku was all alone!
Joojo, who now knew that Paa Kweku was in love with Ofeibea, now tried to woo Ama, offering her the promise of money too.
But, although Ama’s parents were not p@rticularly rich, and she nee-ded the money too, she did not agree to Joojo’s proposals because, simply, she did not love him.
She was not the kind of girl to be influenced by the allure of money as her best friend had done!
She was so broken up by the way Ofeibea had treated Paa Kweku!
Ama had a bitter fight with her best friend, telling her how wicked she was to break the heart of a poor angel like Paa Kweku simply because of a car and the promise of wealth!
Ofeibea told Ama that her parents’ money was almost gone, and now they depended on Orphan Inc loans to survive! She could simply not see herself living the life of a poor wife if she married Paa Kweku!
Life is always like that!
Verse 8
And so, poor Aso saw her only son heartbroken just as she had been heartbroken!
Paa Kweku could not eat, he could not sleep, and he could not even go to work!
He was a teaching as-sistant at the university as p@rt of his national service programme.
But he could not do anything!
He cried.
He was tortured.
And he simply wanted to die!
But, throu-gh it all, his mother stood by his side!
And yes, Ama offered a shoulder of friendsh!p!
She was appalled at what her friend had done, and so she stayed beside Paa Kweku, keeping him company and encouraging him to live on, to hang on to hope that Ofeibea would come to her s-en-ses soon and return to him!
Oh, Yehowa!
Look at the time!
Oh, there goes the visitors too!
Hmm, sorry, my friends!
I have to turn in now… heheheeee!
I have to ru-b that white place tonight, oh yes, it is very necessary even though we’re old! It is always fun, and the love, she loves those moments too, oh yes, we have done well!
I thank God she was never swayed by the power of money, and she stayed with me!
Anyway, anyway, anyway!
I have to turn in now!
Ha, don’t worry!
Come back again, and I will conclude the whole saga  about the happenings between Ofeibea and Paa Kweku.
We will see if, indeed, one day the charcoal seller’s son will also wear a white shi-t!
Ah, my name is Adams Abdallah!
And you’ve just heard one of my narrator’s verses!
Time for some jiggy-jiggy-jiggy!
Verse 9
The night will be sweet!
Oluman and abrewa ho ye omo deedeedew!
Bayi-bayi till next time!
‘The narrator’s verses, Charcoal seller’s son,