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The ceo’s secret finale

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kaleb POV 🔥
“We searched the entire room and found nothing,” Denlian spoke from my side while we both stared at Kimberly sleeping on the bed.
“What! That can’t be possible! She clearly saw something or rather someone there. So how can you say you found nothing!”
Denlian remained quite for a while before the finally spoke up. “Do you think mum has a hand in this? Maybe she’s just trying to scare Kimberly.”
“No. This isn’t her doing. Kimberly saw something she wasn’t supposed to see. I’m going back to the store, maybe I can find something you guys missed out.”
“I’m coming with you”, Denlian said.
“Okay. I’ll tell the doctor to watch over Kim”. We both walked out of the room and shut the door behind after I made sure was safe.
At the store…………..
“Now tell me everything that happened in that room”, I commanded the manager standing before me.
“Sir, we both went to the dressing room to try some clothes and while she was inside trying one of the dresses a lady came and informed me that my pres£nce was needed at the front desk. But when I got there, the receptionist said that information was false, I tried looking for the lady but couldn’t find her anymore it was like she disappeared. And then when I was heading back to the room I heard Miss Brown screaming and ran here”.
From her explanation she clearly was hypnotized. That means whoever Kimberly saw and the mysterious lady were both working together.
“You can leave”. I told the manager.
I took long strides to the dressing room and draw the curtains open to enter accompanied by Denlian. I stood at the spot where Kim had collapsed. My reflection was what I could see at the dressing mirror before me. Why was Kim looking at the mirror when she was trying to speak?
“Denlian are you sure this room was searched thoroughly?”
“Yes, Kaleb”, he replied looking around.
I stepped closer to the mirror and examined it. The 80″ inches mirror was attached to the wall, so I would need help to bring it down.
“Dan, I need your help over here”, I beckoned to him.
We both held the opposite side of the mirror and brought it down.
Shocked was an understatement of what I saw. A large p@ssage had been bore through the wall. It was big enough to fit one person. Dan and I exchanged looks, suprised clearly written on our faces. Whoever Kimberly saw must have used this p@ssed to get in and out without being noticed. I climbed inside the p@ssage with Denlian tagging behind. We walked silently through the long p@ssage and got to a door that was locked. I then used my shoulders to bump the door open with force and there we stood face to face with the side wall of the Hunters council. Well this is interesting!
“I’m guessing someone in the hunters council clearly doesn’t like me” I turned facing Denlian.
We made our way into the council and marched to the office of the head of the division. Bursting in, we meet her and other members in a meeting.
“Prince Kaleb! Prince Denlian, what a surprise!” Came then quivering voice of Tiara Patrick.
Of course she must be scared. Coming to meet her in person and not just me Denlian as well means that she’s in deep trouble.
“Save the pleasantries to yourself,” Denlian said furiously. “Everyone out!” The rest of the members hurriedly ran out of the room leaving just us and Tiara in the room.
The temperature of the room dropped as I strode to where she stood. The anger in me was at the peak and at this stage I could burn down the entire building.
“You have two seconds to provide the name of the shooter that attacked me at my office, Now!” I spat out.
“S-sir….p.. please…. we’re still looking into the case”.
“It seems like you don’t like your life anymore”, I gripped her by the neck and raised her from the ground as she began choking.
I’ve given her enough time to find out who’s behind all this but now my patience has ran out and she had better provide answers now.
“Kaleb that’s enough!” Denlian roared. “Strangling her won’t get the answers you’re looking for. Now put her down!” This second time was more of a warning than a request.
Fumbling I dropped her and she began g@sping for breath.
“Now speak!”
After she regained her composure she began. “For the past week, I’ve been monitoring the movement of all the hunters under my jurisdiction, none of them seemed suspicious at first but just last week, I found a certain hunter was having secret meetings with someone outside the town. So I hired a secret investigator to monitor his every movement and found out he was meeting with Lady Melinda of the Valentino clan.” She paused and looked up at us waiting for us to give her the go ahead to continue. We nodded notifying her to continue.
“He found out for some months, that they’ve both been having secret meetings at the restaurant . Apparently she approached him first and due to his greed he accepted the job and followed her plan hence leading to your attack at your office”.
Denlian and I were surprised with all that we we’re hearing. We both know how menacingly evil Melinda was but with this, she’s Crossed the line. No one comes at me and goes Scott free. But who was the man she was meeting?
“What’s the name of the man she was meeting?,” I asked impatiently
“He’s name is John Smith. He’s been working with us for a long time now. I never believed he would do something like that so we’ve been observing him closely to get concrete evidence against him”
“You had better”, with that I stood up from the chair and walked out of her office.
“Kaleb you have to be very careful, who knows what move Melinda has up her sleeves” Denlian finally spoke up halfway back to the hotel.
I gripped the wheel tightly at the mentioned of that viper’s name. “Don’t worry brother, I’ll keep her under my watch”. That bitch is going to pay dearly for what she’s done.
Kimberly POV 😘
“No! No Dad come back!” I screamed and opened my eyes. Turns out it was a dream.
“Kimberly are you alright”, kaleb’s asked in a concerned tone.
I turned to my side to meet a pair of golden eyes staring at me curiously. The same eyes I feel in love with.
“Yeah, I’m fine” I croaked out.
I was feeling dizzy and my throat felt dry. Kaleb hugged me tightly and whispered in my ears “you had me scared, babe”. He unlocked his hands and immediately klzzed me tenderly.
“Ummmmm, guys I’m still here” Denlian cleared his throat indicating his pres£nce.
I didn’t even know he was in the room, all my attention was on Kaleb. And now that Denlian saw us klzzing I felt kind of shy and hid my face in his chest.
Both Denlian and Kaleb chuckled at my reaction.
“Wait you’re not going to ask any question?” Kaleb said.
“Well, I figured out that you two were going to become an item sooner or later but I never really thought it would be this quick. So what did I miss,” he said wriggling his eyebrows mischievously.
“Oh really, what are you now? A love expert of some kind?” Kaleb asked amused.
I chuckled at kaleb’s reaction and faced Denlian.
“Hi, Dan”.
“Aah now you’ve finally noticed me, now that your mouth isn’t in Kaleb’s”
“Dan!” Kaleb called exasperatingly.
“So how are you feeling, kim” Dan asked in a more serious tone.
“I’m fine now, just a bit dizzy”.
“So kim, can you tell us what or who you saw at the dressing room”.
My hands began trembling as I recalled the incident.
“I saw my dad”.
“Your dad!” They both exclaimed.
“You’ve never talked about your father, so I thought he was dead” Dan said
“So did I. My mum told me that when I was five, my dad left for work and since that day he never returned back. It’s been more than 18 years since I last saw him and yesterday I saw him in the dressing room while I was trying a dress.”
I closed my eyes to recall what happened. “I had just wore one of the dress but my phone fell from my hand, I bent down to pick it and when I looked back I saw my dad standing by the mirror. He called my name and said I looked beautiful just like my mother. I thought I had seen a ghost and screamed. I really don’t know he left the room” I began crying.
“Sssshh, it’s okay babe”, Kaleb hugged me and try soothing me.
“We’ll get to the bottom of this, Kim” Dan said.
After some time they both left me to rest and went to the living area to discuss.
‘Why was dad back? Had he really been alive all these years? If he had has he been watching me?’
Questions kept flooding my head, I placed my head on the headrest and fell asleep.

Kaleb POV 🔥
Things has been hectic for the past days. Everyone has been busy preparing for the opening night. After the incident I’ve been quite uneasy, Denlian had gone back to the city to investigate more but will be pres£nt at the event, Kimberly surprisingly had been doing better than expected, she’s been handling the arrangements perfectly fine although I know it’s all a sham to evade everything she’s going through.
Melinda has not done anything suspicious yet, but I’ve kept her in arms reach. I know she’s definitely planning something stupid hence I tightened up the security. No one uninvited can come into the hotel without proper clearance.
I watched Kim from where i stood by the bar as she directed some of the workers. She looked fiesty and s£×y at the same time. She turned to my direction and acknowledged my pres£nce as she waved at me.
It was almost 6pm. The event was to begin soon, important dignitaries and personnels were already arriving. Miaka my sister was also on her way with Dan even though I told her there would be no need but stubborn as a mule she insisted.
I walked back to the suite to get ready. I had already made preparations for Kim to be primmed up, although she refused at first but after giving her puppy eyes she hesitantly agreed.
I took a quick warm shower. Came out and dressed in a Blue Armani suit, and a pair of brown Louis Vuitton. I combed my hair and observed myself in the mirror, I looked good. I took my phone and walked straight to Kimberly room. I was nervous to go in. I wondered if she’ll like the way I look.
“Kim are you ready?” I asked outside her door.
“Yeah, I’m coming. Just a second”.
I heard footsteps as she made her way to the door and opened it. She came out and stood at the door shyly.
She wore a blue gown that sweeped the floor, and her hair was packed up revealing her shoulder line. She looked like an angel, my angel.
“Are you going to say something?” She asked
I cleared my throat. “You look like an angel, for a second there I was loss for words” I took her hand and klzzed it.
“Now let’s go, they’re waiting for us”. I took her hands as we walked out of the room.
We got to the ballroom just in time. The reports and paparazzi were already pres£nt. I let go of Kimberley hand as we got into the hall to greet some business men and women. Whilst Kimberly went to attend to other guests.
I was speaking with some of the guests when someone tapped me.
“Hello brother”, I didn’t need anyone to tell me who that voice belonged to. I turned around and hugged my sister.
“I was wondering when you were going to come”, I said as I dis£ngaged from the hug.
“Oh really, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see you”, she said smiling brightly. “So where’s the woman who’s stolen my devilish brother heart?” She said nudging my hands.
“She’s attending to some guests right now, she’ll be here soon”. I looked to my side and saw Kimberly walking to my direction.
“Hey babe,” Kim said and gave me a short klzz.
“Kimberly meet my sister Miaka, Miaka meet Kimberly”.
Denlian walked in and we all keep ourselves occupied until I was called to give a speech on the stage.
I klzzed Kimberly before walking gracefully towards the stage.
Kimberly POV 😘
When Kaleb knocked on my door, I was nervous. What if he doesn’t like the way I look. I finally mustered up the courage and opened the door.
He stood at the door looking like a Greek God, he wore a blue Armani suit which matched with my blue gown, we looked like a couple. He kept on staring at me and I was beginning to feel anxious. Why was he staring at me that way? Don’t I look good?
I cleared my throat and spoke up.
“Don’t you have anything to say”, I asked
He jolted out of his hands and took my hands klzzing it.
“You look like an angel”,he said
I felt giddy. He took my hands and locked them in his as we made our way to the ball.
I needed to attend to some guests so I separated from Kaleb and went the opposite direction.
I was talking with some guests when some called my name.
“Kim!” I looked back and saw Kieth walking towards me.
Every since the argument we had at the pool he had kept his distance which I was grateful for, things would have been too awkward between us. So why does he want to talk now and in this event.
“Kieth, what are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be by Trevina?”
“I came to talk to you Kim”. He took my hand and held it tightly. “Let’s elope together now, I know you didn’t agree to be with me because Kaleb was on your shoulders at that time, but now he’s occupied so he won’t notice if you escape. Come with me please”.
I looked at him perplexed. Is he really serious right now! “Kieth for the last time, I’m not going anywhere with you!” I said angrily and walked away.
I walked back to where Kaleb was standing and saw him talking with another lady.
After exchanging pleasantries with the lady who i found out was his sister, Dan also came in and we all sat at the table.
Kaleb was called up the stage to give his speech. And just after he began all hell broke loose.
Shots rang in the air as pandemonium broke out. Everyone began running in all directions looking for safe place to hide. As foolish as it was I ran towards Kaleb screaming.
“Kaleb!” I yelled
“Kimberly, get down!” He ran to me and shoved me down behind a table. “Stay here, and don’t move until I say so!”, he commanded.
The security guards were all lying dead around the room, including some innocent men and women. The hall was deserted and only Miaka who was right beside me, Kaleb and Denlian were the only ones left.
Denlian came and stood side with Kaleb. The front door blew open and a group of men all masked and all on black marched in. The had guns in their hands as they aimed towards Kaleb and Denlian.
The leader stepped forward and removed his mask. I g@sped. “Dad?”
It was my father who I had seen at the boutique, he was here very much alive in flesh and blood. He took another step closer to Kaleb and stopped.
“Where is my daughter! Bring her out now!” He roared.
“Your daughter?”, Kaleb asked. “So all this commotion was just to see your daughter?”
My father took his gun and brought it to Kaleb’s head. ” If you don’t bring my daughter out in the next second I’m going to pull the trigger, and don’t think this bullet can’t kill you, cause it will” he said in a dreadful tone.
‘I need to do something” I thought to myself, or else dad might really kill Kaleb. Without hesitation I came out of of my hiding place.
“Dad?” I called out in a petty voice.
He turned towards my direction and I saw sympathy flash before his eyes. He walked to me and engulfed me in a hug.
“Oh my pumpkin! I’ve missed you so much”.
I was still in shock trying to process what’s happening until he took my hands and began dragging me along.
“Let go of me!”
“You’re coming with me, Kimberly. I’m taking you home to your mother where you will be safe and away from these blood s√¢king demons”.
“What do you mean by that, Dad!. You can’t just come into my life after 18, years and force me to do something!” I said still trying to let go of his grip.
“I’ve been in your life, Kim. I’ve been watching you from the side and watched you grow. I was at all your graduations and birthdays parties, I was there, Kimberly. I saw you the day you got the job to work at Bluebird and when you began working at Reefwood for these demons.” He let go of my hands and looked at me in the eyes.
“Pumpkin, do you even know who these people are? They’re demons for goodness sake! And one day they’re also going to drain your energy and leave you to die too! They’re evil!”
“Enough dad! They’re not as bad as you think they are. It’s not their fault they were mad that way. And I’m not going anywhere with you. I need to stay by kaleb’s side, he needs me”.
My father scoffed in disgust. “What have they done to you, they don’t need you. You’re just human, what could you possibly gave to them? And what do you mean by Kaleb needs you? What’s your relationship with him?”
“I’m his girlfriend, dad. We both love each other. And I’m not going to leave him”. I went and took Kaleb’s hand and placed it in mine.
Dad looked at me surprised. “You mean to tell me you love someone like him?”
“Yes Dad, and if you claim you love me, you won’t take away what makes me happy” I said crying.
“Oh pumpkin, I love you with all my heart. If this is what you want, then so be it”. He gave another hug but this time I reciprocated back and cried on his shoulders.
“Okay that’s enough!” We all turned and looked at the direction in which the voice came from.
Melinda walked in with anger evident on her face.
“What is the meaning of this? This is not what I planned for!” She spat out angrily.
She turned towards my father “you were supposed to kill him” she said referring to Kaleb. “And you, you’re supposed to have ran away with your dear and loving Kieth”, she said with mimickry in her voice.
“So what the hell is happening here!” She thundered.
“So it was all your plan, Melinda. I knew you had hands in my shooting, but this is far more than I expected” Kaleb said enraged.
“Oh yes, you humiliated me Kaleb in front of the entire council. I had to come down to earth to escape the mockery I was receiving. While you kept on living your life as the mighty Prince. You have to pay for what you did to me. So when I found out that John here was Kimberly’s father, the idea struck me. What better way is it to kill you than by a father who was convinced that he’s loving daughter is in the hands of a monster like you. I didn’t do much all I did was put the pieces where the belong. So why isn’t everything going according to plan!”
She faced me and screamed. “It’s all because of you!”
Balls of fire started shooting out from her hands in my direction. Denlian ran to hold her down while Kaleb tried securing me from the attack.
Melinda kept on shooting fire from her hands and in a swift minute Kaleb was shot down by one. He gr0@ned and fell to the ground, my hand began spinning and the last thing I heard was “Kimberly no!” as Melinda shot me with a light that s£nt me into darkness.

Kimberly POV 😘
Darkness. That was all I could see. I was awake but I couldn’t seem to move my body. I heard muffled screams but couldn’t recognize where they were coming from.
Just then a bright light shone into my eyes.
“Kimberly! Kimberly!”
“Who’s speaking?” I asked looking around but couldn’t find anyone just the voice.
“It’s me Miaka. You need to wake up okay, we all need you to wake up. Kaleb is losing it every second and he might do something he’s going to regret later.”
“But I can’t.” I tried moving but I still couldn’t. “I can’t move Miaka”.
“Relax, take a deep breath and channel your thoughts towards the one person you want to see the most. The energy from that person will make you able to wake”.
“Okay”. I took a deep breath and thought about one person, Kaleb. The more I thought about him I felt my body lifting up and finally I opened my eyes.
“Kimberly! Oh my gosh, you scared me!” Miaka exclaimed as she hugged me tightly.
“Maika what’s happening?” I asked still trying to grasp the situation at hand.
“Melinda shot you with her magical light, you should have been dead by now but I used my healing powers to save you”. She paused and observed me “are you feeling any discomfort?”
“No I’m fine”.
Just then I heard Kaleb growl loudly. “Melinda!!”
The temperature dropped more than it has ever done. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was really angry.
Melinda screamed and fell on the ground.
“Aaaaaah, please stop.” She pleaded.
“I’ve given you more than enough chances to change your ways but you refused, remember I told you I’m going to deal with you for all you’ve done to me and my brother, well your punishment begins now” Kaleb said
Just then Melinda’s body started swelling and turning red. She kept on screaming and begging him to stop but he turned deaf ear to her plead, everyone stood by the sideline and watched as Kaleb dealt with Melinda. No one would dare to stand between Kaleb right now.
Melinda body kept swelling and when her body couldn’t expand further she burst into pieces, he blood splashing on the walls and floor of the room.
I was horrified. I haven’t seen Kaleb this angry once. “Kaleb?” I called out his name hoping he would listen.
He turned swiftly and ran to me. He hugged me tightly and gave me klzzes all over my face.
“Kimberly don’t you scare me like that again” he said and hugged me again this time tighter than before.
“Ummm, Kaleb I think you’re squeezing too h@rd”.
He released his hands and chuckled. He carried me bridal style as we walked out of the room.
Three months later………
“Will you Kimberly Brown take Kaleb Eustis to be your lawful wedded husband till death do you part?” The priest said reciting the marriage vows
I looked up to the Man I loved and answered “yes I do”.
“You may now klzz the bride”.
Kaleb wasted no time as he cupped my face with his hands and took my l!ps in his. This felt amazing. Everything was perfect.
At the reception I walked towards dad and mum and gave them a m@ssive hug.
“Congratulations pumpkin” dad said
“Yes baby, congratulations” mum chipped in.
So after the incident at the ball that almost took my life. Kaleb’s mum although grudgingly accepted me as her daughter-in-law. Dad explained what happened to him.
On his way back from work, he decided to take the alley and there he had seen an Incubus drain the life of an innocent lady. The Incubus attacked him and left him at the point of death but he was saved by some hunters who were also out looking for that incubus. They treated him and offered him the position to become a hunter else his memory would be wiped and that would include the memory of his family too. He didn’t want to forget his family, so he decided to become a hunter but still watched me and mum from afar.
Melinda had approached him and compelled him to thinking that I was held hostage by Kaleb and that explains the shoot out at his office and him trying to get rid of Kaleb at the ball too.
It turns out that Melinda was also the one attacking and killing those vampires in order to set Kaleb up and make him loose his title making everyone think that an ancient had ris£n.
Now everything was back to normal and dad and mum had got back together although mum still doesn’t know about Incubus. We decided to keep it that way else she would freak out.
I never heard from Kieth but Maria said he had travelled back and wasn’t planning on coming back.
“Hey babe” my husband came and gave me a peck on my cheeks. “Why don’t we ditch the reception and go do something fun”, he said s√¢king my earlobes.
Ever since I became immortal. Yes I did. A ritual was carried out and Kaleb converted me through his blood. So now I was an Incubus too and would stay by kaleb’s side forever.
“Hmmm, I like the sound of that”, I giggled as I took his hands and ran out of the hall.
The car was waiting for us already. We bade everyone goodbye as we drove away to start a new chapter of our life.

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