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The ceo’s secret episode 23 & 24

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kaleb POV 🔥
It was an hour later, when I was in the shower, that I felt it, that familiar tug on my mind that always told me when she was nearby.
Shit! I cursed as I turned the shower off and started drying up so I could this meeting over with. Why was she here?
I dressed in a pair of dark p@nts and white shirt before running my hands through my dark hair. Once I was ready, I checked on Kim, to find her still asleep. I locked the door to our suite on my way out and went downstairs, to the waiting area where I knew she would be and I was right.
“Ah! There he is, I’ll leave you two alone to catch up” Melinda gave me a wicked smile before she went in the direction of her suite.
After the viper had left I turned to the other woman in the room. Tall, slender and sharp face features, and hip length hair, she emitted power no matter what skin she wore. Just because she decided to wear a white jacket on a blue knee length pencil skirt, doesn’t mean she was harmless. Incubus Queen Jaylan Eustis was a force to reckon with and it was proven when she became the Queen by marrying our king very soon after the death if her first husband, Denlian father, Vivian Turner.
“Mother” I greeted her with a klzz on her cheeks.
“This way” I guided her to one of the office rooms on the second floor. It’d be fitting giving her rank but it would also imply that I don’t want her to stay long.
“My son, it’s been a long time” she said as she settled in one of the couches.
I don’t visit her or my father until it was absolutely necessary and this time I’d managed to stay away from the both of them for five years.
“Melinda says you’ve gotten yourself a new scribt”.
Of course Melinda said so, why else would my mother find a sudden interest in visiting me at my workplace. “That doesn’t concern you”.
“Of course it does, she’s my son’s scribt after all, she has even bigger responsibility than others of her kind.” Her smile was intact but her eyes were ice cold.
“I’ll remind you again mother, she’s none of your concern. What’s the real purpose of your visit?” If I don’t get this over with now, my mother will make sure she had her way with Kim. She loved to cause people discomfort, she enjoys seeing others suffer.
“I have a proposition for you” she said crossing one leg on the other.
“Which is?” I was pretty sure this was heading in a direction that would involve me and Melinda getting back together.
“Marry, Miaka Weller”.
I felt my shoulders relax as all the tension evaporate from me and then I burst into laughter.
My mother watched me with a flabberg@sted expression on her face, before she settled for a frown.
“What on earth is so funny?” She asked in a rigid manner. She was one of those women that don’t take no for an answer.
“I’m quite surprised at your audacity mother, even though i know I shouldn’t be” I answered her.
“How dare you! I’m your mother! The Queen of-”
“And right now you are not speaking to your son but a member of the Dark council” I reminded her calmly. “As of now my position exceeds that of the king or queen of any realm. That was an interesting suggestion mother, maybe I should call Miaka here so we could discuss all the advantages of this marriage”.
“It’s your duty to woo her!” She snapped.
“You want me to woo a child I raised?” This time my eyes had already changed colour and I don’t care “I held her in my arms when she was only an infact! She’s learned how to walk holding my hands! How can you even think that I would touch her with those hands with any other intention than to protect her?”
“But then again, you use your beauty to sleep your way through the racks until you became queen” I cut her off. “I think it’s time for you to leave now mother, you’ve done enough damage today”.
But my mother gave me a cunning smile. “I can’t do that unfortunately. You see, I’ve been invited to the Grand Opening Ball the day after tomorrow, and since the invite was s£nt by my son, how can I refuse”.
Dan? How could he do that? And why didn’t she warn me when I called?
I stood up from the couch. “Fine you can stay. But if you cause any trouble for Kimberly, I’ll immediately have you thrown out”.
With that I walked out of the room and headed to meet Kimberly. She’d probably still be asleep but I want to be near her for as long as I can.
Melinda POV 😈
“You did a splendid job, Kieth.” I told my little puppy as he stared blankly at me.
The kieth Simon that had come to work for me two years ago had been energetic, h@rdworking and easy to please and I’d using that energy to turn him into my little puppet. Not many Incubus had the power to manipulate emotions, it’s a rare gift p@ssed down in the Valentino family line and very few knew about this.
Keith had done exactly what i had wanted him to do and kaleb’s little secretary had run into his arms. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror as I brushed my hair.
It was common belief that hunters could see the energy of a person who had feed an Incubus. But usually they work under a steiy code of honor but I happened to stumble into one who was open to corruption.
“The opening night ball is the day after tomorrow. Be sure to inform everyone about their correct entry time” I told Kieth who was still standing there.
He nodded his head once and went out the door. His puppet-like state will be over within a second and no one will be able to tell the difference not even himself.
Kaleb has rejected me in front of the entire court and I’d never forget the humiliation. But then he brought me back again into his life to keep me away from Dan. In doing so, he’d given me the perfect revenge. He had no idea what was coming his way.
Kaleb POV 🔥
I opened my room door and found Kim snuggling underneath the blanket. I went close to her and took note of her face. There was strand of hair on her baby face, I used my middle f!ng£r to tuck some of the hair behind her ear and got a clearer view of her face. She looked like an angel. An angel that’s not supposed to be @ssociated with the devil himself. She’s just too innocent to be thrown into this life and now that we’ve consummate this relationship she was going nowhere and I want her to stay with me. But I’ve been having this feeling that this is just the calm before the storm.
The opening night is the day after tomorrow and all the preparations have been taken care of but now that mother is here I can’t help but feel anxious about everything. I know that she wouldn’t hurt me but she’ll definitely want to aggrevate me by trying to mess with Kimberly. I’ll need to be close to Kim for the time being for her own safety.
Denlian had said my attacker was a hunter and I’m sure he would be at the opening since he would want to finish what he started. I’d need to be prepared.
I took my phone and dialed the head of the hotel security.
“Sir?” He answered at the first ring
“Mr Mattias, how are the preparations going?”
“Everything is moving according to plan, sir”.
“Good, I’ll s£nd you the lists of dignitaries and personnels that has been invited for the event, so make you sure you go through them immediately, understood”.
“Yes sir”.
“Good”, I finalized and hang the call.
“Hmmmm”, I heard Kim m0@n and turned to watch her as she turned and finally sat upright on the bed.
“Good morning, babe” I klzzed her forehead and sat besides her on the bed.
She blushed and hid her face in her hands.
“And care to explain the blush that’s creeping up your face”, I asked teasingly.
“You called me,.babe”, she answered shyly.
“Of course, that’s what you are or would you rather I call you another cause I have a whole bunch of names to call you”, I said as I tickled her.
“K-kaleb, stop it”, she said giggling.
“How are you feeling?” I asked concerned.
“Well I feel better now, I guess the 24hours sleep did go a long way”.
“Good now let’s get you cleaned up”, I said trying to pull the blanket down.
“W..what are you doing?” She asked stopping me from pulling the blanket further down.
“Are you really serious right now?” I asked amused. “We had s£× already, which means I’ve already seen every part of you so what are you hiding?”
“Kaleb!” She called. “You still need to give me some privacy”
“But I don’t want to”, I said pouting.
“Gosh, who knew the almighty Kaleb Eustis could behave like this?”
“Anything for you babe,” I said winking before stepping out of the room.
I headed to my office to get some paperwork done while waiting for Kim to dress up. I plan on taking her shopping, she would need a dress for the event and even though I know she brought one along, I still want her to look the best.
A knock on the door diverted my attention from the papers on my desk.
“Come in” I said in a grumpy voice.
Kim walked in dressed in a black leather p@nts and a white top with a blue jacket that brought out out her blue eyes. She was dressed casually but still looked amazing.
“Are you busy?” She asked.
“No, I think I’m done with these”, I said standing up from my office chair and arranged the files at one side of the table.
“Come here” I stretched my hands out to her.
She came close and I picked her up and placed her on the desk leaning forward to the point that our nose were touching. She stared at me waiting for my next move.
I hungrily klzzed her as she m0@ned in my mouth, her l!ps tasted like strawberry and I just couldn’t get enough of her. My hands trailed to her br£@sts as I fondled them roughly, she arched her back in estacy clearing enjoying what I was doing to her. Her m0@ns were like music to my ears and I was beginning to get a h@rd on. If I don’t stop right now I might just take her here on the desk.
I pulled my l!ps from hers and stared into her eyes once more. She looked confused.
“Why did you stop?” She asked in between breathe.
“Cause I need to take you somewhere. Come on let’s go”. I took my keys and held her hand as we made our way to the parking lot.
I opened the door for her and she got in. I sit the door and turned to make my way to the driver’s seat when I felt a pres£nce around. I turned and looked around the lot but found no traces of anyone. Probably just a hunch.
I took my seat and brought the car to life. I drove out of the parking lot and entered into the main road.
“Where are we going?” Kimberly asked
“I was wondering when you were going to ask”, I took a glance at her before focusing back on the road.
“So where?”
“Relax, babe”, I rubbed her laps in a soothing manner with one hand while my other remained on the steering.
The boutique was a ten minutes drive from the hotel. I built it so that guests could easily access it during their stay at the hotel.
I parked at the entrance and turned to face her.
“What are we doing here, Kaleb?”
“Well, I want you to look the best at the opening, so we’re here for shopping and after that we’re going to the saloon too. So come on let the fun begin”.
“But Kaleb I don’t think all this is necessary, I-“.
“No buts Kim, were going in.”
We both stepped down and walked into the fashion store.
My workers bowed to greet me the moment I stepped in.
“Welcome Mr Eustis”, the manager spoke. “We’ve been expecting you, right this way please”. She took the lead and took us to the VIP section at the second floor.
“Miss Brown, please follow me”. Kimberly followed her while I sat on one of the couches occupying my time with the magazines placed at the table.
It’s been more than twenty minutes and she still hasn’t come out from the dressing room. Gosh! How long is this going to take?
This was the first time I took a lady shopping. Melinda and I never got to do these kind of things together. She was always bossy, so the least I did was to give her my card to make payments with.
My phone began ringing. I took it out from my pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was Denlian calling.
“Denlian”, I answered in a monotone.
“Kaleb, I just found out something”, he sounded rough.
“Tell me about it”, he was about speaking when I heard Kimberly scream from the dressing room.
I ran towards to the room and found her on the floor hyperventilating and the manager was no where to be found. I rushed to her and hugged her.
“Sshhh, it’s okay, I’m here now” I kept on trying to calm her down but she kept on shivering.
The manager ran in immediately.
“Where the hell were you!” My eyes were already turning red. And I didn’t care at this moment if someone sees me like this.
“I….I..I’m sorry sir”.
I held onto Kimberly tightly as I surveyed the room for possible threat but found nothing.
“I..I..…saw..him…he’s here” Kim managed to speak out while staring at the dressing mirror and then she p@ssed out.


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