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The ceo’s secret episode 21 & 22

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kaleb POV 🔥
They answered on the third ring.
“Prince Kaleb, what a pleasant surprise!” Came the hoarse voice of the woman who was in charge of the New York division of the Hunters council.
“To what do we owe this pleasure?”
“You remember there had been a public shooting outside my office last month?” I asked
“Yes. I remember you getting hurt. Why?”
“The bullet traces back to someone from your unit”.
“Impossible!” Her voice sounded rougher than usual “My squadron will never go against my orders!”
“Well someone has, and if you don’t want this to turn into a big issue, do something about it.” I told her. “I’ll have my people s£nd the image of the man responsible tomorrow morning”.
“I’ll be expecting”.
We hung up on the phone and I stared at the sea as several thoughts ran through my mind. Why would a hunter suddenly attack me without any cause or reason? It’s a good thing they didn’t hit of my vital organs or I would have taken Hell longer to heal.
Kimberly panicked voice reached me at the instance and I rushed inside my room to find her at the door looking disheveled and shaken.
Kimberly POV 😘
When I returned to our suite it was p@ssed midnight and Kaleb was nowhere to be found.
“Kaleb?” I called out before knocking on the door, but there was no response, I used my key to enter. Thankfully I hadn’t forgotten to take my key with me when I went out or I would have had to wake the management up to give me the extra key.
“Kaleb!” I called out again, once I entered the suite but there was still no response.
I began to panick. ‘I haven’t feed for three weeks’
What did that mean for an Incubus? Kaleb never told me anything. How long can they go without feeding? And what will happen when they don’t feed?
“Kaleb!” This time I ran towards his room and turned the doorknob. Locked.
I pressed my ear on the door to hear a y noice from the other side. There was nothing. Maybe he was in the bathroom and couldn’t hear me. I looked down at my hands at the key i was holding. “Shit! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” I cursed myself. I entered the pin for the digital key and the door unlocked.
“Kaleb” I called again louder and turned the lights of the room…..only to find the door of the balcony open.
“Kim?” Kaleb finally emerged from the balcony wearing a bathrobe with his cell phone in his hand, his dark hair drapped over his forehead , w€t from shower.
I sagged against the wall as relief crashed through me as I slid down the wall to sit on the floor.
“Kim are you alright?” Kaleb looked a bit worried as he came to stand before me. “Kim?”
Kaleb the waited patiently for me to calm down before asking me again “Kim, are you alright?”
“No” I shoke my head. “I’m just having a bad day”.
“What aren’t you telling me?”
I debated telling him the truth, but in the end I had nothing to lose. I told him about my encounter with Kieth at the pool and about his ridiculous suggestion.
Kaleb’s jaw clenched tight. “And what did you say?”
“I said I don’t want to live a lie, and…..”
I looked up to his eyes and found the courage to say what I had in mind “And for an instant when I imagined forgetting you an everything, I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore”.
As I watched the gold of his eyes turn bright red, as if his eyes were bleeding. The next thing I know I’m in Kaleb’s arms as he pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. “I was thinking about the time when I got shot and how close you were standing by me before the incident. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if you got hurt” he whispered into my ears.
I brought out my hands to wind around his neck “feed from me” I whispered. “You said you haven’t feed in three weeks and I don’t know what will happen if you don’t. So feed from me, I’m ready to give myself to you”.
Kaleb pushed me back so we could both look into each other eyes “I’m the Prince, Kim. I could go alot longer without feeding”.
“I know you’re strong, but I want this”.
“Then if we do this, it won’t be because you want to feed me. This has to mean something to you”.
“Bossy as usual, Mr Eustis”.
“Kaleb. I like it when you call me Kaleb”.
“Lance…..” I whispered against his l!ps, as we leaned towards each other.
And then we met halfway, Kaleb hands coming around me to hold me closer to his chest as I robbed my hand through his silky black hair. This time Kaleb wasn’t holding back and I got to experience what it felt like to klzz and Incubus.
Kaleb picked me from the floor and I wrapped my legs around his waist for support, all this while never breaking the klzz. Soon I felt him forward and I felt the soft sheets at my back. He kept his weight off me and I released my legs, Kaleb broke the klzz letting me get some hair. He stood at the foot of the bed and as I watched, he unlaced the belt at his waist and let the bathrobe fall to the fall.
My eyes widened as I took in his form. He was magnificent, like a Greek god. His muscles were at the right proportion making anyone to fall in love with him.
“Your perfect” I said as I traced my f!ng£rs down his chest and taunt abdomen.
I felt him take a deep breath as my hands lowered and I stopped midway down his abdomen when I realized he was standing n@k£d in front of me. I removed my hands immediately as I felt my cheeks blush with embarr@ssment. I heard him chuckle at my reaction and then he put his hand on my waist.
“Your turn”. He said and started to pull up the blouse. I wasn’t wearing a bra but Kaleb had already tugged the blouse up my arms and off.
I covered my chest as soon as my arms were free. To say that I was a bit self conscious in from of Kaleb was an understatement. He must have slept with thousands of women with perfect curves. I was a petite with a below average br£@st size.
“Having doubts? Don’t forget that I belong to a race that feeds on human through s£×. Physical perfection is part of our genetic makeup. I’m far from perfect as far as an Incubus standard goes.”
“Impossible!” I said immediately but Kaleb smiled.
“You’ll always be perfect to me”. And then I brought my l!ps to his In a tender klzz.
His hands wondered my body. I felt my n!pp!e bud under his touch and I clenched my thighs together as heat pooled between my legs. He broke the klzz and then trailed w€t klzzed down my neck, my collar and then took one n!pp!e into his mouth and s√¢ked h@rd.
A m0@n left my l!ps and I arched my back. But Kaleb didn’t stop he kept torturing me with his tongue as I withered in his bed feeling completely out of control. I’ve never felt like this in my whole life.
“Kaleb, I can’t take this anymore!” I m0@ned
He hooked his f!ng£rs into the waistband of my p@nts and looked directly into my eyes.
In one second both my p@nts and underwear were off.
He got on the bed properly and traced my folds with his f!ng£rs. “You’re w€t, good”. He whispered and lowered his head into my core.
I screamed. My org@sm rocking through me like a volcano as soon as he licked my cl!toris. My mind went completely blank for a second.
“Now…” I pleaded.
He settled between my thighs as j wrapped my legs around his hips and then he brought his head down to klzz me and buried himself into my w€t heat with one single thrust.
For an instant I felt a sharp pain while trying to adjust to his size, he thrust in and out steadily and at that moment I knew that I was in love with Kaleb Eustis, Prince of the Incubus and I didn’t want to stop myself even though I knew that this love will be the death of me.
Kimberly POV 😘
I stirred to the feeling of hands moving up and down my side.
“Mmmmm” I m0@ned, shifting into his touch, the warmth of his n@k£d body pressed to mine felt like heaven.
“How are you feeling?” His voice was rough and s£×y as well.
“Ready for round three” I whispered.
“Kimberly”. It was a warning, his eyes filled with concern.
“A bit tired but fine. I think the tiredness has more to do about our activities last night than you draining away my life force.”
“Some people are naturally stronger, able to hold onto their strength longer than most. They are also fewer in number” he explained, his hand continuing to stroke my sides.
I couldn’t help feel the pang of jealousy in my heart. This is how it’s going to be from now on. I know he’d had several women before me and there will certainly be several after. Soon enough, I’ll have to stand by and watch as he take another women to bed and another…..
“This is who I am, Kim” his hands had stilled when he’d predicted the direction of my thoughts, but I definitely realized the hurt in his voice.
“You think i don’t know that?” I asked trying to mask my own pain but failed miserably in doing that.
I turned into his arms, chest to chest, as I wrapped my hands around him and buried my face in his chest. I could feel the steady beat of his heart under my cheeks and it made me question how different we are. Why couldn’t there be a way for us to be together.
“Isn’t there any way we could keep on being together?” I asked him at last, unable to hold back my emotions.
Kaleb’s arms tighened around me. “None that I know of” he whispered. And I felt like he was hiding something from me.
“Then you’re willing to let go?”
“You won’t have any regrets after this ends?”
“You’ll be able to watch someone else come into my life? So you won’t be affected If I got a boyfriend? Or if I get married and have chil-”
With a grunt, Kaleb pushed my back against the bed and claimed my l!ps with a fury I’ve never experienced before. By the time he let me up for air, my l!ps were swollen and my legs were wrapped his waist with kaleb’s £r£¢tion rubbing at my lower abdomen.
He thrust in without warning, making me scream and then he was moving in and out of me with the fury of a wild beast. My back arched off the bed, my eyes rolling in my back as Kaleb drove in and out of me faster than I could keep up. So I simply kept go of myself and let him do as he wished with my body as I held onto him tightly, my head buried in his neck. I could hear him p@nting, as he tried to keep himself under control.
I could feel my org@sm build up and Kaleb too increased his pace more as if he too was close to his release. Finally, he stilled above me, his ¢0¢k throbbing hot and h@rd and pushed me over the edge with him.
I screamed out his name as he growled in my ears. I felt him release his seed inside me. It was so warm and it filled me to the brim making me feel complete. And then Kaleb collapsed on me.
“No one’s ever going to touch you! You’re mine!” Kaleb growled at my ear before pulling out of me and collapsed on the bed. The he hauled me to his chest and held onto me tightly.
“I’m yours just as you’re mine” I whispered.
Kaleb stroke his hand down my hair. “If I could I’d accept that claim with pride”.
“Will I get pregnant? We didn’t use protection this time….”
“No” he answered. “For an Incubus to get a woman pregnant, he has to be in a specific stage at a particular time of the year. And even then, immortals have a lower fertility rate.”
“Oh..” I answered feeling a bit disappointed.
“Sleep” he told me, his hand running up and down my spine “you’ll need at least twenty four hours to recover from the energy drain even though I tried to take as little as possible”.
Without answering I feel into sleep.
Kaleb POV 🔥
“When will we be able to do this again?”
I s√¢ked in a breath at her question, but she feel asleep afterwards so I didn’t have to answer her.
Her question kept running through my mind. I turned her over on the bed and pulled the covers over her body. I didn’t want to let her go, but I knew if I stayed any longer, I won’t be able to hold back.
I leaned in and press a klzz on her forehead before I got up from the bed. I came out of the bedroom and took a seat in the living area.
I felt trapped in my own skin. I felt like I had to do something, anything but I didn’t know what that was. I knew I couldn’t talk to Kim about this because she wouldn’t understand and Miaka was too young to be having this conversation with.
‘If you need anything at all don’t forget you have a older brother who is ready to do anything for you’.
Miaka voice rang through my hair and I knew exactly what to do. I picked up my phone and dialed his number.
“Kaleb?” He answered after the fifth ring.
“Hey big brother. I hope I didn’t disrupt anything?”
“That the fist time you’ve called me big brother, Kaleb. Tell me what’s wrong,”.
“I guess I just needed my big brother today”.
“Anything, Kaleb. You know I’m always here for you”
“It’s about kim” I told him
“I’m listening”.


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