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The ceo’s secret Episode 17 & 18

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kaleb POV 🔥
The call came just as I was about to head to work. A mental knock asking for permission to enter my mind. Since we were dimensions apart it was the only way to communicate. So I locked the door, sat down on my bed and closed my eyes concentrating on the fine fabric that was linked to the other didn’t take long to reach the other end.
I opened my eyes to the darkness of the void. The darkness was everywhere spread in all directions but that didn’t bother me. The darkness was claustrophobic as it was know to be in shadowland, it was said to be never complete because the makers died while creating it. The inhabitants of this space were illuminated from within so we could see other.
“Miaka” I smiled at my little sister, the one who had brought us together. The sister with whom I am bound by blood.
“How are you?” She asked with a voice filled with concern “I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you at the hospital, I wanted to come but Jay wouldn’t let me”
“It’s okay dear” I soothed her with my word since one of the biggest advantage of this place was that no one could touch each other. It prevented us from attacking one another no matter how angry one partner made the other. “I’m fine now but we never got to discuss what you wanted to talk to me about”
“Oh that!” She looked at me through her lashes a guilty blush covering her cheeks. “Dan wanted me to convince you about your new scribt…..”
I sighed. “Of course he did. Are you sure you’re supposed to know what a scribt is?”
Miaka gave me a wide eyed stare “I’m the demon king, I’m supposed to know about every creature that inhabits the other dimensions”.
I noticed that she didn’t mention shadowland, the so called half dimension. The reason is that no one knew a thing about shadowland. Those who had dared to venture into it never came back.
“Is that all you want to talk to me about?” I asked feeling anxious. I needed to get back to Kim. I don’t trust Melinda one bit and now that Kim’s ex is here, she could easily put thoughts into Kim head that might cause Kim damage.
“Actually there’s something I need to talk to you about” the seriousness In her tone made me remember that she was not my little sister but also the woman who rules over millions of demons. “It’s about Ancient artifices”.
“Ancient artifices? Like the Artic Blade?” I asked frowning. It was use to destroy the ancient that had woken up after thousands of years of sleep and almost killed my brother Erick’s wife.
Miaka nodded her head. “We all know that there were five ancients in total and now with Tuhin taken care of, we still have four more to go and no idea which dimension they might appear”
“But have you considered he possibility that the artifice that is hidden in one dimension might not even be related to an ancient?” I asked.
“There are millions of possibilities out there Kaleb, but we need to start from somewhere. Maybe if I could get the list of all the artifices…..”
“And what do you plan on doing with that information? You’re certainly not discussing it with the rest of us, are you? That could be catastrophic!”
“It’s alright kaleb. I won’t share the details with anyone. I have a repository as a mind, I’ll store it in there where no one can get to it. Moreover I can’t be compelled by anyone, so that information is safe with me”.
“Alright. I’ll let you know once I find anything” I said re@ssuring her.
“Oh and Kaleb” she said just as I was about to end the connection “if you need anything at all just remember that you have an older brother who is ready to do anything for you”.
With that the darkness fade away and I opened my eyes. After I was able to adjust to the light , I rushed to the door and nearly bumped into Kim who was standing outside the door about to knock.
“Kim” I asked frowning as I took in her appearance, she wasn’t putting on gl@sses so I could see her face clearly. She looked amazing.
“Sorry” she lowered her head with a blush creeping up her face. It made me wonder how far it went , did it cover her br£@st or did it go further down. I felt my little man get excited. I need to stop thinking about that now.
“What are you doing here? I thought you’ll be downstairs getting the crew ready for work”
“I was. That was until your bitchiness s£nt me to find you since she needed to discuss some arrangements with you.”
“Your bitchiness?” I asked raising an eyebrow and watched as her cheeks reddened further. Her beauty will be the death of me!
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to call her that she’s just so annoying.” She looked up and found me smirking. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”
“Very much. Now let’s go face her ‘bitchiness’
Unknown POV
“Where is he?” I gritted out as the hooligans who call themselves hunters stood before me with their head bowed down.
“We don’t know boss. He left this morning with his secretary”. One of them answered with his head still down.
“Then find that son of a bitch!” I said punching my fist into the wooden table “I don’t care if you fly your way to heaven or dig your way to hell, I want Kaleb Eustis by all means!”
“Yes sir” they saluted me and ran off. They better do their jobs right this time.
Hunters operate with a strict code of conduct but all that will be nothing if I can’t find her! All these years I’ve stayed away from her for her own safety, but everything will be in vain if I can’t protect her. They will kill her, I can already see that happening but I won’t let that happen.
If it comes to worst which I pray not to occur I will make sure I burn their little world on fire and watch them burn with uttermost agony.
A bullet mixed with those herbs wasn’t able to kill him but fire? No immortal could ever survive fire, and this time, I’m willing to let them all burn to ashes.
Kaleb POV 🔥
I watched Kieth help Kim lift a heat box and place it in the middle of the conference table and I curled my hands into fists.
Did he think I didn’t see how his hands stayed longer on Kim’s hand more than normal or did he think I didn’t notice the eye contact he made with Melinda just before the act? Melinda had a way of brainwashing people that they wouldn’t know they were used up to the very last moment and Kieth Simons here was clearly under her spell.
Maybe this was the right thing. Kieth was human and so was Kim and they’ve once been together for more than three years. They looked like the perfect match, but I still want to rip his heat into tiny pieces.
“How do you like the progression?” Melinda voice made me snap my attention from Kim.
“It’s progressing as it should. I paid you extra so you complete the work early.”
“Oh come on now. Is there any need to sound like a brooding boyfriend?” She folded her arms under her chest so that her br£@st nearly spill out of the catsuit she was wearing. “We both know I don’t need the extra cash. This is just a side job”.
“Melinda you keep forgetting that not only am I the future king, but I’m also a member of the Dark Council.” I reminded her. “If I wouldn’t know the condition of your poor family then who would? After all that’s why you’re working as a human as the last resort. You even changed your name and compelled one of your former lovers to treat you as his daughter. Why would you Melinda Valentino, daughter and heir of the noble Valentino clan go to such measures if you weren’t desperate enough?”
In reality, the Noble clan of Valentino suffered a great setback when Diego, Melinda father died of starvation. Diego had fallen in love with a human and despite already having a wife, he kept on having an affair with the woman who had Ultimately died of old age. When everyone had taught his obsession with the mortal has finally been over, he had starved himself of the necessary life force an incubi needed to survive and slowly faded to nothing.
Melinda face turned sour and instead of answering, she turned and walked in the other direction.
I waited for a few seconds before walking to my room to take care of some paperwork. If I stay another second with Kimberly and Kieth somebody will die. And I don’t have the time to deal with such nuisance.
Kimberly POV 😘
Later that evening, I took a long shower in my suite, for the past three weeks we’ve been working non-stop throughout the day and that was why the hotel was nearly ready to be open.
Trevina had surprisingly been patient with all the staffs, considering the fact that they didn’t know half of the materials that were being used. The hotel was going to be the best in the country but it would also be one of the costliest…… considering that Trevina had made sure to furnish it like a palace and make a huge dent in Kaleb’s pocket.
Speaking of kaleb….I didn’t see much of him this few days and sometimes I didn’t see him at all. He’s been working alone everyone to bring the building to shape and not only that he’s been taking care of his work alone. Truth is I’ve been trying to avoid him as much as possible. Why get your hopes high when you know it won’t work out. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.
Seeing him everyday was painful. Especially when I see him a female worker. My mind keeps wondering what he’s going to do with her. I know that for him s£×, is a way of feeding, but for humans it means alot to them.
I keep on wondering what he’s being doing all this time in his room. We share the same living space but I usually stay out all throughout the day and Kaleb stays indoors working from his laptop. But even as I try to keep myself busy, I noticed how tired he looks , dark shadows were beginning to form beneath his eyes and Trevina always seem to float around him like an annoying fly 😤.
Being near Kieth has helped me alot. It’s like we’ve never been seperate for five yet but I no longer feel that attraction I once had for him. My heart no longer skips when our eyes meet, or feel warm and cozy when he touches me casually.
I got if the tub when my body began to shrik. I got out and out on a pair of silky blue pijamas and let my hair down to dry naturally. My eyes went to the balcony door and I decided to go out. I’m sure Kaleb won’t be there. The hotel had a great view and I really wanted to see the sea right now. I walked over to the gl@ss door and carefully pulled the curtains to look at the veranda. It was empty.
I let the cook air b!0w dry my hair for me. It was a beautiful evening.
“You’ve been avoiding me”.
Startled I looked behind to find Kaleb at the door side. I was so not prepared to see him.i looked into his golden orbs and was mesmerized by them.
“You didn’t answer my question?”
He stood behind me, his warm breath fanning my right cheek and it made me g@sp and turn around to face him. Bad move. Because now I was trapped between the railing and his h@rd body.
“I….i..I..w..was…I t-thought you were busy with the preparation”. I stutter
“So now you’re blaming it on me?” He trapped me further by placing his hands on both sides of me.
“N, no I mean, I was busy with work”.
“Kim” he called with a h@rd tone. “Admitting to something doesn’t mean you’re weak. Three weeks ago we had a discussion. And I’ve know you enough to know that in this past few days you always act when you think something is wrong”.
“Your point is?” I asked frowning
“The point is why haven’t you acted yet?” He asked and I finally looked up to meet his eyes “You see Trevina hovering around me all day and yet, you stand and watch”.
“That’s because she’s an Incubus and your exgirlfriend!” I snapped
“And Kieth is a human and your ex-boyfriend!” He snapped back
“Is that what this is all about?” I asked finally. “You’re jealous of Kieth?”
Kaleb cursed underneath and let go of the railing, turned around and started walking in the direction of his room. But I wasn’t going to let him go. I ran after him, trying to catch up with his fast pace.
“No!” I said blocking him. “You don’t just get to walk away from this Kaleb! Why would you be jealous of Kieth if there is no future in us!”
“There isn’t. I didn’t lie to you about that!” He said gritting his teeth.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to calm my nerves. “You just said that admitting something doesn’t make you weak and you’re here refusing to admit that you’re jealous of Kieth. Kaleb, I’m lost here. I don’t know what to feel anymore. Yes, you were right, I was avoiding you. You want to know why? Its because I couldn’t help to think that every time you were out of my sight or every time I saw you with a woman, that you were planning to feed on her.”
Kaleb stayed quite the whole time and I turned around to hide my tears that were falling down my cheeks. I didn’t know how long it stood there but it wasn’t long before I felt arms engulfing me In am embrace and pulling me to the h@rd warmth of his chest. And then he made a confession I wouldn’t expect in a million years.
“I haven’t fed in the last three weeks”.
*For those of you who are confused Trevina and Melinda are the same person. Trevina is her name on Earth while Melinda is her real name..


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