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The ceo’s secret episode 13 & 14

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kaleb POV 🔥
Kimberly looked from the plate her mother Katherine had given me and back up to my face and then repeated the process a few times before giving me a pure evil look.
I took a portion of the pancake into the fork and held it out to her “want some?” I asked raising an eyebrow which caused her mother to burst out laughing and Kimberly jaw hit the floor.
“Yes Kim” her mother said in between chuckles “want some?”
She closed her mouth and glared at her mother “yes. I would like to have my own breakfast”.
I shrugged and put that fork full of pancake into my mouth while Katherine placed some more pancakes into another plate. Kimberly took the only available seat besides me and placed her handbag on top of the counter.
As Katherine placed the plate in front of Kimberly I took my time to looked at her properly. When Kimberly had first entered the room, it had taken me some time to recognize her. With her hair down and her gl@sses off it was impossible for anyone to know who she really was. On top of that she was wearing and dress and not her usual p@nts and shirts. It hugged in the right places and for the first time I noticed how perfect she was. Long legs, slender waist and a heart shaped face. She also looked younger more of her age.
And what had me worried was how attractive I thought she looked. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Denlian and I out of our entire race had decided not to sleep with our employees. It was not a written rule anywhere but personally we both knew it would tamper with the efficiency of the workers. But ever since Kimberly came to my office, she’s been a cause of distraction. One way or the other I find myself thinking about her.
She had a strong moral comp@ss and backbone of steel. She’d even made me change my mind and hire her after the one week deadline I placed on her. And then there was the fact that I’d not only tried to make her feel comfortable yesterday, but here I was sitting in the kitchen and having pancakes, worried that after she gotten over her shock she might have turned hysterical. The things this woman make me do……..
We finished our breakfast in silence and Kimberly collected my plate before I had the chance to put it in the sink. She stayed quite the entire time we said goodbye to her mother and I brought her in front of the car. She gave her mother a final embrace before placing her luggage in the back seat where I had placed mine and got in the p@ss£ngers seat if my SUV.
“Ask” I told her as I started the ignition and started driving “I can feel your about to burst with your curiosity”. It was about two and a half hour drive from Kim’s house to the hotel, so I had plenty of time to answer her questions.
“How did you eat normal food” she gushed out the second I finished my s£ntence.
I couldn’t help myself. I threw back my head laughing so h@rd that my cheeks hurt. Damn! I had never laughed this h@rd in my entire life!
Kimberly POV 😘
I felt my eyes go wide as I heard kaleb laughing with his head thrown back against the seat. I’d never seen him laugh like this before. He looked less intimidating and I had to say I found him gorgeous.
“Really Kim that’s what had been bothering you?” He spoke through this laughter. I felt my heart beat increase when I heard him call me Kim.
Sure Dan calls me Kim all the time but I’d worked for him for three years and we were friends of sort but Kaleb? It’s like my name was meant to be said only by him. The way it rolled off his tongue so easily….it made me hot.
“To answer your question” he said once he calmed down “I don’t just rely on s£× as my diet otherwise I wouldn’t have been barking at you every morning to get me my coffee. I can eat all sorts of food and before you ask I use the bathroom like every other human does, but unlike humans my body can’t extract the nutrients out if those food to provide me energy. I can only borrow energy from females and I’m sure you know the rest”.
I knew the rest all too well and though I finally understand the logic behind him sleeping around I still felt annoyed “will you sleep with anyone if she could give you the energy you need?”I found myself asking before I could hold myself
Suddenly the temperature I’d the car dropped a few degrees just like It had when Kaleb found out what I did at the office. “You don’t get it do you?” It was more like a growl “it’s the only way we can survive, I didn’t choose this life myself, I was born into it and that’s how it worked for me over two hundred years now. I can’t change who I am Kim and I hope you won’t keep judging me for who I am”.
Of everything he said “two hundred years” kept ringing in my ears. Dear God Kaleb how old are you?
The temperature of the car went back to normal again “first you need to tell me why you just asked that question”.
“I…..I …was just c…. curious” i told him stuturing
“That doesn’t sound like normal curiosity to me Kim and neither did calling all the women in the diary to my office just so you could teach me a lesson”
“Kim” it sounded like a warning when I didn’t reply for a long time.
“Fine!” I snapped out. “I was jealous okay! I couldn’t watch you sleep with one woman after the other and I had to be the one to make the arrangements for you to fv¢k when all I wanted to do was to strangle the life out of you both!”
I was p@nting when I finished my rant. Well aware that u had b!0wn my cover by every word I said but I didn’t give a fv¢k. Yes, I was attracted to him my boss Kaleb Eustis, who was a bloody Incubus! Why hadn’t I be able to stop myself from liking him wasn’t my question. I know kaleb was out of my league but for some reason my brain couldn’t get that point to my heart.
The car screeched to halt at the side of the road making me to hit my head at the dashboard and the next thing I knew, Kaleb had pulled me close to him and his l!ps had descended on mine, still in a haze I clutched his hand bringing us closer to each other.
When we finally pulled away for air I was feeling more light headed while Kaleb held me in his arms, my heart hammering against my chest. When I could finally speak, I asked him what I had in mind. “Why d-did you k-klzz me?”
“You’re not the only one who had to hold back till now” he released me gently. “But I can never be with you or any other human for that matter”.
“Why? You want me. I had felt it in the klzz, the way you held onto me”.
“Yes. And this distraction will only lead to one thing; your death”.
Kaleb POV🔥
Her words rang in my head as I licked her taste off my l!ps. I’d intentionally s√¢ked some of her energy to show her how dangerous I could be but as a result now I had her taste in my l!ps and her ess£nse in my blood.
I clenched my hand on the wheel having already started driving ten minutes ago with Kim silent besides me. It wasn’t just sweet and simple, it was also Add!¢tive. I could feel her energy inside me. Incubi are immortal the energy we need to keep on living is far more than what a human needs in their lifetime. Which is why I can only sleep with the same woman a maximum of seven to eight times, ten for the strong ones but any more they die there and then, their body shiverking up with no left in the cells.
An image of dried up Kim flashed before my eyes and I clenched my jaws in agony
Kim cry from besides made me pull over on the road side only to have her dab at my chin with her handkerchief. When the white of the cloth stained with red I realized that I had bitten the inside of my l!ps while gritting my teeth.
“Why did you do that?” She asked leaning towards my side to inspect my l!ps carefully
I caught her f!ng£rs in my hands, pulled down my lower l!ps and showed her the already healing wound. Her eyes widened in disbelief as the wound closed up in a few seconds to leave my l!ps look as though nothing ever happened.
“How?” She whispered but then answered her own question “you’re immortal”.
“Not all are” I told her the truth since she was my scribt, she’ll need to know more “there are some who choose to far away by putting an end to their energy consumption”
“Why?” She looked at me with wide green eyes that showed the purity of her soul. Kimberly was supposed to have a long happy life. This is why I didn’t want her to be my scribt. If she stays with me she’ll have to experience things that’ll change her life for the worse….. and I didn’t want that kind of life for her.
Which is why I decided that after she served the three years mandatory contract at my company, I’ll erase her memories of us, erase everything she feels for me and s£nd her in her way. She deserved better.
“They find someone special that mean more to them than staying alive for centuries”. I answered her question.
“And you can’t be one of them”.
“No” she was so easy to read. Her eyes reflected everything that went on in her mind. “I’m their Prince, the heir apparent to the throne. I can’t afford to fade away.”
“Why am I not surprised anymore”
“You’ll get used to it”. I told her before starting the car. We had a destination to reach and we were running late.
Kim will learn to conceal her feelings, she has to or there would be several who would want to use her against me. As I drove to the hotel , I stole a look in her direction and found her staring straight ahead as if in a trance. For a long time I had believed that my heart was dead after everything that Trevina did to me but today almost two hundred years later, I felt that heart become heavy. Today I’ve done the same thing to Kim, I crushed her feelings but this was the right thing to do.
Erick’s POV ⚜️
I crouched on the ground next to my head of security, Kendrick, hidden behind the shadows
cast by the tall trees. No know would know we were here neither the humans nor vampires.
“Are you certain?” I asked Ken in a voice only he could hear from where he stood a few feet away from me to the right.
Ken nodded, clothed in a black turtleneck that was bullet proof, I was also clothed in dark as well, dark blue jeans and a deep grey t-shirt with a similar dark cap on my head to hide my blonde hair. As we looked forward, we saw an abandoned warehouse with no indication that it had been occupied for years, expect there it was again….a whimper followed by another different voice, a male one.
The whispers were rare, h@rd to pick up if you didn’t have super hearing or if you didn’t stay in the same place for too long but they were definitely here. Someone was holding people captive. Vampires.
Kendrick had tracked down this place a week earlier. We’ve been looking through the missing vampire list that we believed to have fallen victim to the Ancient mage, Tuhin’s hunger. That Ancient had devoured the hearts of hundreds of vampires while trying to regain full strength.
Thankfully my wife Alina had killed that son of the bitch at the right instant by thrusting the Artic Blade, an ancient weapon cutting him in half. We matched the DNA of the dead with nearly 93% of the missing vampire records, a small had been found on the leftovers of what we used to build the temple to worship ancients.
Those vampires had all vanished for the last two years when Tuhin was awake and needed refueling. It had occurred to us later that not all the vampires went into hiding. Someone else was at work here and they were capturing my people.
I lifted my hands and signalled for my soldiers, who were standing a few meters behind us and within the blink of an eye, the ten highly trained vampires rushed past us and tore down the door of the warehouse.
Ken and I followed behind them making sure no one escapes but when we heard no voices from inside we picked up our speed and found the warehouse nearly empty.
“Search every corner!”I commanded my men
Ken and I headed in the direction of five cages that lined the back wall. They were small, fit to hold only small animals which is why the vampires in it where curled at fetal position. There was a saline stand next to each cage and heavy amount of sedatives were being pumped into their blood every minute. Two out of the five captives were dead and the remaining three, two women and a man all nude were barely clinging onto their lives.
“Erick” Ken called and opened up the cages.
Once opened I teleported the injured ones to our healers all at once. When I returned back to get the dead bodies all the guards had solemn looks on their faces.
“Nothing?” I asked
They all shook their heads.
“Stay up here until the back up team arrives with their testing equipments.” I told them and then teleported out with the shrunken bodies.
When I returned to our healer, Alina was already there waiting for me, her eyes welled up with tears as she helped our healers lay down one of the girls on a bed and covered her with a white sheet. I placed two dead vampires on a separate bed so that can perform an autopsy on them.
I opened my arms when she came to me hugging me tightly. Alina was the princess, soon to be Queen if our people she needed to be here for the injured so that they can recover. So they could believe they were safe.
“It’s empty. It’s like no one ever went there. Someone must have Ken snooping around and decided to abandon the location before they get caught. Those bastards!”
“No matter how clever they are they are bound to make some mistakes and when we find those mistakes we’ll find those bastards as well” said my gentle wife.
A week later the nine humans whose DNA were recoverd from the warehouse were traced down and when we reached the house, we found them all dead, throats slit open and blood splattered across the wall.
Whoever we were up against was one step ahead of us and that’s when I realized…..we had a traitor in our midst.


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