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the ceo is her bodyguard episode 2 & 3

Episode 2


I woke up the next morning feeling sour all over. I hold my head because it look like it will soon fall off.
“Awwwww” I cried rubbing my temple.
“Having hangover? here take this” Ruth said handing me some drugs.
“Get it out of my face .. I don’t eat drugs….I’ll be fine. Where am I?” I asked lying down again
“My house….you where too drug last night you even put an innocent guy in trouble”

“What!?…..did I…..” just then I heard a voice in my head “princey don’t leave me…. princey you’re meany”. ‘Wait wait wait whose voice is that?, it sounds like mine and…. ‘ I finally remembered as I jump off the bed and landed on the floor holding my head.
“Am dead….oh no Gem you’ve done another thing” I cried rubbing my legs on the floor like a little child.
“It’s okay thanks God he was a gentleman” Ruth said
“We have to find him….let me personally apologize” I said
“He doesn’t seem like he want to meet you again….I told him we’ll like to apologise properly in the future but he said he doesn’t want to see us again”.
“awk…good good” I said and climb the bed again “And schedule for me today?”
“No…no you’ll just be rehearsing your script with me….will wait until the agencies what to meet the role takers” she said. “Uhmm….Gem about Jolene why don’t you want people to know she’s your adoptive sister?” asked Ruth

“How did you know?” I asked
“You kind of told me everything last night when you were drunk” she said
“Keep this a secret…and now that you know about my deepest secret…. please don’t betray me” I said
“I swear with my life….and I want us to be close too trust me Gem. I’ll be of much help to you” Ruth said
I look at her and I could see the sincerity in her I nodded. “Then can I call you sister Ruth?” I asked. Ruth was a little older than me.

Leon was in his office. One thing about IM Industry the artist are strictly warn to keep matters in the company a secret.
Everyone fear and respect Leon.
Leon’s fiancee left him two years ago, she just left him a note which says ‘am going abroad to study’, nothing more. Leon waited for her to call but she didn’t. These two years Leon focus on work to forget her.But deep down he still care and love her.
Leon was not only the mighty king of entertainment he owns his family bodyguard hiring company. His eldest brother Leonard was the President of the country and his second brother was controlling the family company.
“Boss….” a man came in and Leon stood up and follow him.
He sat down and rested his back. Putting his full attention on the big screen.
“RMH is the movie new name. How I see it, lots of viewers are Add!¢ted to the movie. And it’s all about the actress Jolene” he paused
“Investing on this movie might bring much future to use and Arial is the male lead” said another man Arial is the famous male actor in IM Industry.
“Ok let’s see how it goes….it think about it….but mean while don’t bother me” he said.
Leon left the office. Today he wasn’t driving. He sat at the back of the car resting his head when his phone rang.

“Princey….busy today?” Kelvin his best friend tease him
“Go to hell am tired” Leon said.
“Let’s go have a drink today” Kelvin said
“Ok….am not just in a good mood” Leon end the call.
Jolene walking into her mother’s room.
“Mom….this is bad….now things are going well for me that witch is here again” she [email protected]
“What??, princess calm down” she asked and Jolene handed her some paper.
Marie read through and saw Gem’s name on the list.
“This witch” she cursed.
“Mom she’ll ruin everything” she cried
“No….just don’t interfere.. people don’t know she’s your half sister and am sure she will keep a low profile but….I have a plan….I’ll call black…let them disfigure her….that will drew her back from acting”.
“Hello black….”
“Madam any problem?” the thick voice asked
“I told you to handle that girl before but you failed. Don’t fail me this time….”
“What do you want me to do this time?” he asked
“Beat her up to the point of death…. ” she said
“Done and dusted madam”

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“Sister Ruth let’s go grab a soft drink…. we’ve been home since morning am bored….” I [email protected]
“No you’ll drink again” she said “as your manager it’s my responsibility to take care of you”
“I promise not to drink” I said and she sigh in defeat.

We go to the bar… was not so noisy. We grab some fruit drink and started drinking and talking about my script.
“Are you sure you’ll be able to handle your sister….I mean act with her?” Ruth asked.
“Don’t worry she’s a price of cake” I smiled
At the other side of the table.
“Leon come on what’s with the sour face?” Kelvin asked
“Am just not happy Kelv” he said
“Why? was it because of yesterday?” he asked
“No….am not just in a good mood end of discussion”
I was drink happily with Ruth when a man grab my hands and force me to himself.
“Bae come have fun with me” he said. I got so irritated and yelled as I push in away
“Get your filthy hands off me”
“You bitch…..” he roar and push me. I landed on Leon’s table and [email protected] in pains.
“If you’re a slut act like one” he said and grab me. I look up at Leon and cried
“Help me”.
“Kelv. don’t stop me” Leon said and Kelvin nodded.
Leon grab the man and punch him. He started fighting them. He was out number but he defeated them all.
He ran up to me and said “Let’s go”..


Episode 3

After walking out of the bar I was still in daze.
“It’s you?” Leon said.
“Do….do you know me?” I asked.
“Oh’s the guy from yesterday!” Ruth whispered to me.
“Let’s go Kelvin” Leon said walking away in haste.
“No wait please….” I ran in front of him blocking his way.
“Move…..” he said
“No please…..I….I need your help” I said
“Sorry I don’t have help to render” he said coldly about to walk away again but I grab his arms
“I’ll pay you any amount….all all you have to do is…is to be my BODYGUARD!!!” I said.
“What????!!!” Kelvin yelled
“I….I’m the true heiress of the J corp. industry….and my stepmom is trying to kill me. Please……” I said but he didn’t spare me another glance as he push my arms away and left in a taxi.
The other guy looked at me and could only smile and walk away.
Leon got home and took of his clothes and entered the shower. He was done bathing when Kelvin came in.
“Dude…..what do you think about it?” he asked
“About?” Leon asked
“The girls offer…..Leon J corp. and IM have been business enemies for decades…..I think this is an opportunity to take revenge” Kelv said
“Bro I don’t get you” Leon said paying attention to him.
“Look no body knows you are the third some of the IM. If you get close to her you can get access to the J corp.”
“Are you saying I should use her?” Leon asked.
“Well if that’s the case yes….be her bodyguard and …..and you know”
“Kelv just shut up” Leon said
“Leon do you know what he did to your father?, dude…..”
“Kelv I said shut the fv¢k up” he yelled
“Think about it… off” Kelvin said leaving Leon in daze.
“Gem why did you ask him that out of the blue… haven’t even thanked him yet?” asked Ruth.
“Sister Ruth….am scared….am really really scared…..she won’t stop until I die. And….and this is the first time somebody have…. have ever stood up and fight for me….” I said crying
“It’s okay…..with his moves am sure he’s an IM trained bodyguard…..let’s go there tomorrow maybe we will find in…..that apart…..your shooting starts next week…hope you are ready?” she asked and I nodded.
“Sister Ruth thanks a lot….I’ll be going home today” I said
“No I can’t let you go to that house today!!” she yelled
“It’s okay….am going there to do something important I’ll be fine” I said and she sigh.
When I go home I took a deep breath as usual and entered the house. The family of three were busy eating and celebrating….when I was almost kill today. I do know that Dad doesn’t care about me at all but no matter how heard I try….it’s still hurt my heart alot….
I walked in and immediately Marie saw me she choked and Jolene crush her fork on her hands but faked a smile.
“Hi” I said and took a seat and started eating.
“Gem what’s the meaning of this?” father yelled
“Meaning of what?, is it a crime to come eat at my own father’s house?” I asked.
“I heard you’ll be acting with your sister……don’t act in that movie” he said…..and that crush my heart but I smiled.
“Honey don’t say that!!!” Marie said
“Yes daddy….am happy to act with sister maybe we’ll get along well” she smiled
“No….what if she has you baby we all know she’s a heartless psycho” he said again and my heart sunk to hear my own father say such words to me.
“Maids more rice please….yummy this food is good” I said but he walk up to me and push the food away and they all fall on the floor.
“Honey stop!!!” Marie cried but deep down she was happy
“Get out….you evil child…..from today I disown you…..” he said and I couldn’t hold back anymore as tears run down my face.
“Father……. .” I cried. “I won’t go…..disown….me all you want….I won’t live this house….and am not staying at the basement anymore….am moving into mom’s room today…..” I said.
“All you’ve ever brought to me in this house is bad luck….you took everything away from me….. everything I love…..” he yelled.
“No…..I didn’t…..but I promise you father…’ll regret all your actions some day…..” I said and ran upstairs into mom’s room.
I cried myself to sleep.

The Ray of the sun shine into mom’s room. I opened my eyes and felt safe and calm inside the room. My phone rang.
“Hello sister Ruth”
“G…..hurry out…..I’ve found your bodyguard he’s indeed a member of the IM trainees” she said and I spring up from my bed and ran out of the house.

Unknown to use he wasn’t a trainee…..he was the owner IM. I got dress like a famous celebrity and so did Ruth.
We matched into IM guards Training industry.
“Wow….Gem all eyes are on you” Ruth said
“Am not called Gem for no reason” I brag and we laughed.
“Hi Miss….how may I help you?” a man approach us.
“Take me to your most unique guards ….I need to hand pick one” I said and the man smiled.
We sat down and many handsome guards, with built muscles kept going and coming but I couldn’t find him.
“It’s that all?” I asked looking tired.
“Uhmm….yes ma….you don’t find any of your liking?” he asked.
“Are you sure this is all….?” Ruth asked again
“Yes madam” he answered.
I look out the window and saw Leon walkiwith Kelvin they seems to be arguing about something.
“That….yes….that guy over there…..he’s the one I need” I said and the man’s jaw almost drop.
“Uhmm…..uhm….I’ll…. I’ll talk to him….well you see he is a very very very special guards….he…uhmm…only guard people he like to guard no one forces h” he man lied….that was his President and he can’t disclose his identity.
The man went to Leon and whispered something to him. He frown his face.
“Tell them am not interested….good work sir” he said and started walking away…..I saw this and ran towards him with Ruth.
“Hey…..hey wait up” I managed to catch up to him
“What again?” he asked.
“Please….can you be my bodyguard??!” I asked
“No!” he said about to walk away again but I blocked his way.
“Please…I’ll do anything to make you my guard….I just need your help” I said
“There are 946 men in this building…..go choose one” he said
“Buth I want only you out of the 900” I said and he looked at me with his handsome eyes.
“Bro….don’t miss this chance” Kelvin whispered to him.
“Am sorry….miss but I can guard you” he said and walk away.
“And he is so handsome” I cried.
“Crazy…..are you looking for a guard or a husband?, don’t tell me…. you’re…..”
“I just have a little crush on him nothing more….let’s go….” I said.
It’s a new week and we are starting shooting today. When I step into the background I felt inferior. Other actor and actresses had makeup actist, etc but Ruth is my all in all. After a cheap chat with the director Ruth and I took a sit when Jolene walk up to use.
“Hi newbie!” she said “Oh you must be manager Ruth I’ve heard lots about you….” Jolene wanted to win Ruth’s heart just like others but Ruth only smile at her and nodded.
“s£nior Jolene I hope we both do a great job” I said extending my hand for a handshake but she look at me in disgust.
“I don’t act with rookies like you….but I have no choice…. know you place Gem…..and keep your distance” she said.
We started acting the first scene. Jolene acted first and I got to admit she had skills. It was my turn and the director called me and explain to me. I nodded.
“Action!!!” the manager yelled.
The scene was when I saw the male lead, save his life and fell in love with him in first sight.
“Thanks for saving me young lady….am grateful” he said. Looking straight into my eyes but shyly look away and lower my head.
“It’s nothing” I said
“Am Yona….and you?” he asked
“My name….I… want to be called Yona too….” I said shyly…. looking like a 12years old. The director was pleased with my act. The next scene I have to go home and beat up Jolene my younger sister for telling my she loves Yona.
“s£nior sister”
“Shut up….you slut …..I’ll kill you…..I’d make sure I cook with your flash…..” I said and bite her hands…she scream in pains “You taste good junior sister” I said and slapped her……the slap was supposed to be fake but I made it real. The director was so happy and satisfied with our work so face.
I grab Jolene on her neck.
“Look at me… took dad’s love and mom’s love from me….ever since you were born… are a curse…. a pig with no value….I could cook and eat you anytime you are my meat…my meal….I’ll eat you… you hahaha….my tasty sister” I yelled….as we both lock gaze.
“Cut!!!!” the director yelled.
“Bravo…..bravo….Miss Gem wow….you are awesome” he started praising me forgetting Jolene the female lead….. Everyone praised me and I was happy.
“The way you acted it….I never wanted it to stop….you did splendid dear”.
We took a break and I was the only one left in the theater room. Before we left everything was in place.
Later Jolene”s stuffs were messed with.
“Miss Gem did you mess with our goddess stuff just because she said you’re a newbie?” jolenes worshipers said.
“What do you mean?” I asked as her bodyguard seize me. “Let go don’t touch me!!” I yelled “I didn’t do anything let me go”.
“Oh yes you did…..if only you have a guard they would have protect you” she said
“What’s going on here???” Ruth yelled
Then Jolene came in forging a cry, with the director.
“Miss Gem how could you?, am so disappointed” he said
“I didn’t do it I swear director am not that kind of a person, maybe it is Jolene trying to set me up”
pah!!!!!, Jolene’s manager slapped my cheeks.
“You dare accuse a goddess for stealing???, you brat!!!” she yelled. A punch from nowhere hit on of the body guard and hit the other
“Miss are you okay?, sorry am late!!!” he said…..I look up in confusion……it was Leon.
“Who do you think you are?” Jolene manager yelled.
“Am Leon…. appointed by MYM Industry to guard miss Gem” he said and my eyes were wide opened…
T. B. C

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