The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 20 & 21

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
Written✍ by osasere
Episode 21
Mimi’s pov
Just as we were about to start eating, tae hyung walked in.
My heart beat st©pped and for a moment i couldn’t breath.
“Mimi!!” he muttered lowly staring at my face.
I gulped down an unknown lump and took my eyes back to my food.
“Oppa!! i’m big fan, i love you so much” emily squealed running up to meet tae hyung.
“You’re cute” emily giggled.
Tae hyung carried her up and emily covered her face, she was shy.
“I thought you earlier said only babies were carried like that” chang min asked pla-yfully glaring at her.
“This is different” emily said pouting herl-ips.
“Mom can you take us a picture” emily asked streching her phone to me and i scoffed.
“Emily!!” i yelled pissed.
“I seized this phone and you took it back from were i hid it without my permission” i muttered angrily.
“I’m sorry mom” she apologized and took her seat beside me.
“Tae you should come take a sit, we were about eating before c@m£ in” tae hyung mom said.
“Ahjumma!! you’re so cute” emily complimented and tae hyungs mom smiled.
“You’re cute too dear how i wish you were my grand daughter” tae hyungs mom said.
“You look a little bit Ko-rean though” tae hyungs mom said again.
“Yes i’m korean, my Ko-rean name is kim bora” emily said.
I could feel tae hyung’s peircing gaze on me but i ignored and drank some water to calm me down.
“wow!! were’s your dad” tae hyung’s mom asked and i stepped on emily’s leg instantly.
“Outch!!” emily yelped ma-king all eyes land on her.
“Mom why are you stepping on me, don’t feel at ease talking about it but i’ll just say little” emily said alound and i almost pas-sed out.
What the hell is wrong with this child.
If it were to be a nigerian child she’ll un-derstand what i meant by stepping on her leg.
“So… my mom told me my daddy is a celebrity and he went after his dream”.
“My daddy is a kpop artiste just like oppa tae hyung” emily said and smiled.
“Awwn, he’s so lucky to have you” tae hyungs mom said.
“unni! you’ve bee frowning not saying anything since we started dinner, you should st©p frowning it will make you more beautiful or better still join our discussion” emily said turning to face yoona.
“your mom is the ugly one” yoona replied glaring at emily.
Emily didn’t say yoona was ugly so why was yoona trying to piss me off.
“Emily!! table manners, eat your food and keep your mouth shut” i said just as emily was about to reply yoona.
“But mom, she called you ugly” emily protested.
“Thats enough eat your food” i warned.
“Calling someone ugly when she looks like a monkey, i wonder if she has a mirror” emily muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Just as savage as her father” jp stated lowly.
Tae hyungs mom stiffled a laugh while chang min bur-st out laughing.
You know! that annoying kind of laughter.
“You’re such a spoilt and mannerless little kid” yoona replied angrily and emily stuck her ton-gue at her.
“Oh plea-se!! you’re acting childish yoona, you should know she’s just a kid” tae hyungs mom said.
“Emily could you plea-se pas-s me the lobster” i asked stretching my hand.
“I’m not gonna fall for that trick mom, i know you’re gonna hit me with your spoon” emily said and giggled.
“Wow!! she’s smart too” tae hyungs mom said cu-pping emily’s cheek.
“Do you really want to meet your father” tae hyung who had been quiet suddenly asked.
“Of course, my mom told me he loves me and i’m sure my mom love him too, right mom??” emily asked blinking her eyes at me while i glared at her angrily.
“i know my mom’s not gonna answer, halmoni(grand mother) can i tell you a secret” emily asked facing tae hyung’s mom who nodded.
“My mom still dreams of my father, she calls my dad name in her sleep, my dad and oppa tae hyungs shares the same name too” emily stated and everyone turned to look at me.
Ji ho kept smiling like a clown.
I was really embaras-sed.
“Oppa tae hyung, do you know my father?, since he’s a kpop artiste like you, you might know him” emily asked curiously.
I could see the guilt in his eyes.
“I think we’ve overstayed our welcome, thanks for the dinner” i said standing up from my chair.
“But mom i don’t want to go yet” emily protested.
“Can you guys stay for the night plea-se?,i really love your daughter” tae hyungs mom pleaded.
“I’m sorry but we have to go” i replied bowing slightly and pu-lling emily.
“Can i talk to you mimi” tae hyung suddenly asked.
“No” i replied bluntly.
“Mom!! why don’t you talk to him he might know were we’ll find dad” emily said and i placed a knock on her head pu-lling her to the door.
Seriously!! emily made me angry.
“Mimi we nee-d to talk” tae hyung yelled following me outside.
“You should plea-se go back inside, as you can see i nee-d to take my daughter home” i said and walked off pu-lling emily with me.
Episode 22
Mimi’s pov
I was all re-ady for work and i think emily was still slee-ping or rather crying.
I went into the restroom and unlocked the door.
Emily was sitting on the toilet sit slee-ping.
I was infuriated by what she did yesterday so, i locked her up in the toilet till this morning.
“Emily!!! wake up” i said tapping her arm.
She yawned opened her eyes.
“Get up, go brush your teeth and go eat breakfast” i instructed.
“I’m sorry for what i did mom” emily apologized and i frown.
“I’m really sorry mom and i promise not to talk too much any more” she said holding my hand and i smiled.
“I’m no longer angry with you honey” i as-sured poking her cheeks.
“Thank you mom, i thought you were gonna ignore me” emily said holding my hand smiling.
“Aren’t you forgetting something mom?” emily asked as soon as we were about leaving.
“What’s that”? i asked cofused.
“You should apologize to me too, you know you locked me up in the toilet throu-ghout the night”emily said batting her lashes.
“You never seize to amaze me, i don’t regret locking you up in there” i replied rolling my eyes.
It was time to go to work but were the hell was emily going to stay?.
I couldn’t take emily to the hospital with me cos she always throwup whenever i take her with me.
She keeps saying the smell of the drugs irritates her and doesn’t go well with her system.
“Mom!! why don’t you take me to oppa tae hyungs house, you know his mother likes me” emily suggested.
“There’s no way i’m taking you there when you almost sold me out yesterday” i half yelled with a scoff.
But seriously!! were was i going to keep her, i couldn’t lock her up in the house all alone.
I stood infront of “the stars” door with emily in my hand.
I pressed the doorbell breathing real ha-rd .
Emily kept smiling, she was really excited but i wasn’t.
The door finally opened and luckily for me, tae hyungs mom opened the door.
Tae hyung’s mom’s face held a wi-de grin as soon as she saw emily.
“Granny” emily squealed running to her side.
Tae hyung’s mom lifted her up alittle and dropped her down while i watched them in awe.
“Good morning ma’am, plea-se could you plea-se look after her while i’m away from work?, i’ll be back by noon” i said and she turned to look at me.
“Of course you could even leave her here till tomorrow and i’ll gladly look after her” she replied and i smiled.
“I don’t know why i like you so much” tae hyung’s mom said ruffling emily’s hair and she giggled.
“bye mom, i promise to be a good girl” emily cooed and ran into the house.
I gave tae hyung’s mom a light bow and walked off.
I don’t know why but i don’t feel comfortable leaving emiky here.
yoona’s pov
It was past noon and i decided to drop by tae hyung’s house hoping to see him.
I pressed the doorbell but there was no reply.
I pressed the doorbell again and the door went open.
The black bit-ch daughter was the one who opened the door for me.
“Were’s everyone?” i asked walking in.
“No one is in here” she replied walking ahead of me.
“Were did mom go?” i asked refering to tae hyung’s mom.
“She went to go buy me some chocolate” she replied and picked up a teddy bear.
“I guess you’re bored, would you like to listen to a story” i asked with a smile.
She sh0t me a stare and looked away before replying.
“I’m only gonna listen because i’m bored”.
“Whatever!!, Not long ago, there was a black girl who loved korea, she c@m£ to korea and started schooling here but she was bullied by her clas-smates, that served her right though”.
“You’re so mean” emily muttered and i rolled my eyes.
“Like i was saying, she later caught the interest of a famous boy band here in korea, do you know how she did it?” i asked.
“How i’m i gonna know when you’re just telling me the story, you don’t even know how to tell a good story” emily replied and g@sped.
What is wrong with this child, i wonder who her father is.
“I’ll continue my story even though you’re such a br@t”
So this black girl sle-pt with all the members of the boy band and even stole someone elses’s b©yfri£nd.
“And that black girl is your mom, your mom is a slut and she probably doesn’t even know who your father is” i stated and watched as emily eyed me.
“my mommy is not a slut, you’re just jealous of my mom” she snarled at me and moved to another couch ma-king me scoff.
“Your mom is a slut, a very dirty slut” i said glaring at the little child.
“You’re the type of person who my mommy warned me to stay away from, you’re a liar and a bad influence” she said glaring at me ma-king me angry.
just as i was about to sl@p some s-en-se into her little br@in, the she devil walked in.
Mimi’s pov
I walked into the sitting room only to see yoona about to hit emily.
“What do you think you’re trying to do” i asked rushing to were emily was standing.
“Mom!!, she keeps telling me you’re a slut” emily said and yoona rolled her eyes.
“How dare you” i yelled in anger.
“I was only telling her the truth,why don’t you tell your daughter how you sell you cheap pu-ssy to men, i’m sure you don’t even know her father” yoona replied and i sl@pped her.
“You fv¢king who-re, how dare you sl@p me” yoona yelled and returned to sl@p.
I gr@bb£d her hair and slammed her head on the glas-s table.
I re-leased a punch on her face and she hissed in pain.
I didn’t even know when tae hyung,his mother, chang min, jp and ji ho walked in.
Tae hyung gr@bb£d me from behind and pu-ll-ed me away from yoona.
“Leave me alone” i yelled pushing tae hyung away from me.
“What is wrong with you both”tae hyung’s mom half yelled.
“My mom didn’t do anything she’s the one who called my mom a slut” emily ch!pped in.
“Lets leave here emily” i said turning to leave when tae hyung gr@bb£d my arm.
“Leave me alone” i yelled as tae hyung dragged me along the hall way.
“What is wrong with you” i yelled again as he opened a room pu-lling me in.
“We nee-d to talk” he said and i scoffed.
“I’m sorry for what i did some years back, rejecting my child when i was supposed to take responsibility for her” he stated ru-bbing the back of his n£¢k.
“Well! there’s no nee-d to be sorry,as you can see we’re both doing well without you” i replied rudely.
“I’m re-ady to take responsibility for her,i want all of us to be together,you, me and emily” he said and i scoffed again.
Emily finally knows who her dad is😱😱