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The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 17 to 19

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
Written✍ by osasere
Episode 17
Mimi’s pov
I rushed into my car and started my ignition heading straight to emily’s school.
I just got a call from her headmistress informing me that emily got into a fight with her [email protected] and she bruised her [email protected] arm badly.
I Parked my car in the school’s parking lot.
I got down from my car and ran all the way to the headmistress office.
I entered headmistress office [email protected] heavily and found emily seating on a chair with her head bowed.
“Good afternoon mrs williams” the headmistress greeted and emily rushed to my side.
“Good afternoon ma’am” i replied back patting emily’s back.
“Your daughter fought with her [email protected] and stabbe-d her arm repeatedly with a pen”.
“Thats too violent for a five year old, i’d advice you caution her” the headmistress said ma-king me [email protected]
“Did you really do that?” i asked facing emily and she took her face to the ground fiddling with her f!ngers.
“I’m really sorry ma’am, i’ll make sure to talk to her when i get home” i apologized.
“The parents demand you pay 250 000 dollars or they’ll sue you to court” the headmistress said.
“Don’t worry about that, i’ll s£nd the money to the schools account” i @ssured and she nodded.
“thanks again ma’am, and i’m sorry for what she did” apologized holding emily’s hand as we made our way out of the office.
“Why did you do that” i asked emily as soon as we stepped out of the office.
“is it true that my dad left you cos you’re a slut??” emily asked out of the blues.
“Who told you that” i asked with my eyes wi-de opened.
“Jane peterson, she said her mom told her my daddy abadoned us cos you were a slut” emily opened up.
“You didn’t have to stab her hand, she’s a kid” i said with a sign bending to emily’s form.
“I couldn’t stand her calling you a slut, she even told my friends too” emily protested almost in tears.
“Its okay honey, her mom is just jealous cause i was made a matron instead of her” i explained pu-lling her into a hvg.
I was really going to deal with mrs peterson whenever i set my eyes on her.
Such an annoying and desperate woman.
“Were’s my daddy if he didn’t abadon us” emily asked as soon as we pu-ll-ed from the hvg.
“Your daddy went after his dream, he’s a kpop artiste and he’s in korean” i replied with a sign.
“Is he as handsome as my oppa kim tae hyung in ‘the stars’?” she asked.
“Yes his just like kim tae hyung” i replied.
Yea!! emily loves kim tae hyung so much, she loves all members of the stars though but she loves kim tae hyung more not knowing his her father.
“Wow!! my dad and kim tae hyung shares the same name and they’re both handsome too” emily said gleefully.
“How did you know your dad’s name is kim tae hyung” i asked her surprised.
I never told her her dads name when ever she asked for his name, i always tell her his name was kim.
Just kim and nothing more.
“Well!! you always mention the name kim tae hyung in your sleep so i guessed thats my dad’s name” she said leaving me speechless.
“People only call their lovers name while their asleep and dad is your lover and your husband right” she added pouting herl-ips.
“Seriously!!! who taught you all these, you’re too small to talk about lovers” i said sternly.
“Mom!! when are we going to korea” she asked as we walked to the car.
“Soon” i replied.
“Is uncle justin coming with us?” she asked again.
“I don’t know” i replied opening the [email protected]£nger seat for her to go in.
“How did you know the meaning of a slut” i asked changing the t©pic.
“Mom!!! i’m not a kid anymore, i’m five not three” she retorted ma-king me [email protected]
I took my seat and fastened my seat belt.
Emily was just like her father, the same color of eyes.
She only took after me in shyness.
I never told her, her father rejected her cos i didn’t want her to hate him.
I wanted to make it easy for them to reconcile whenever they meet.
I’ve been ma-king plans for us to move to korea since emily was three.
I just wanted to make enough money that’ll will sustain us when we get there.
I wonder how emily would react when she finds out the celebrity she loves so much is her dad.
Episode 18, 19
Tae hyung’s pov
After a hectic live performance, i felt so tired and went to my room to have some rest.
As soon as i got to my room, i la-id on my be-d closing my eyes re-ady to drift into sleep when the door to my room went open.
Yoona walked in with a smile on her face.
“What do you want” i asked tiredly.
“You know what i want” yoona replied walking to were i was lying.
“I want you” she added b!tt!g herl-ips with her hand moving from her th!ghs to my di-ck.
“Get lost you slutty bit-ch” i snarled pushing her hands off me.
“How many times do i have to tell you i don’t want your cheap cunt” i said again.
I keep rejecting her but she keeps coming back and it annoys me.
“Why do you keep rejecting me?, do you have someone else?” she asked with teary eyes.
“Aren’t you tired of rejection? you get lost if you loath rejection so much” i half yelled.
“I love you, i love you thats why i’ll never give up or back off” she replied as tears rolled down her cheeks and i felt irritated.
“Well!!! i’m sorry to tell you that i can never love someone who offers her cheap cunt to guys”.
“But you’re the only one i have S-x with” she screamed.
“That was long time ago, besides i never begged you for it, you gave me willingly, i dont want you anymore okay!” i replied.
“You’re such an @sshole, you used me” she yelled throwing punches at my che-st.
What the hell is wrong with her? how did i use her?.
“What is wrong with you? why acting like i took your vir-ginity” i replied pu-lling her away from me and she raised her hand to [email protected] me.
“if you dare [email protected] filthy hand on me, i wouldn’t mind turning you into a punching bag this night” i said coldly and she dropped her hand.
“What did that black bit-ch turn you into? you kept rejecting me since she left” yoona yelled.
“You really wanna know huh?”
“Well she wasn’t a slut like you and she never threw herself at me like you always do” i replied.
“Why can’t you move on, i’ll change for you” she yelled.
I didn’t have time to argue her, i picked her up, placed her on my shoulder and threw her out of my room violently before locking my door.
I don’t care if she gets hurt.
“Open the door tae hyung!! we need to talk” we need to talk she yelled ban-ging the door.
Is this girl a human?, isn’t she tired alre-ady?..
I went back to my be-d and la-id on it thinking about mimi and my child.
Did she still abort the baby?
I hope she didn’t and i really regret rejecting my child at first.
“Tae hyung ah!!! open the door” a voice said from outside knocking the door.
it was my mom, she had come to visit and spend some days with me.
I’m sure that bit-ch told her what just happened.
Mom likes yoona so much and once she had told me about her wish of me getting married to yoona.
“Tae hyung ah!!” mom yelled still ban-ging on the door but i didn’t reply.
Whenever she gets tired, she’ll leave.

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