The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 1 to 3

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned)
Episode 1
Mimi’s pov
I woke up to the loud blaring of my alarm, i yawned loudly and turned it off.
It was time to prepare for school but i wasn’t even excited about it.
I stared at the wallpaper of “the stars” glued to my wall and smiled at it.
They consist of four boys, kim taehyung, jp, chang min and ji ho.
They were also one of the reason i c@m£ to korea, they are my favorite idols, i love music and i wish i’d perform or work with them one day.
But maybe that could only happen in my dreams.
I’ve come to realize and accept that not all koreans love black and when asked why, they say blacks are dangerous, they do drugs, shoot guns and fight alot.
Dont get me wrong though, not all koreans are racists.
Whenever i walked throu-gh seoul, i got this scornful looks from some people, like i was an animal or a piece of $h!t.
I walked into my bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath, few minutes later i was set for school.
I picked an apple from my fridge and bite into it, there was no time to prepare breakfast.
I walked down the hallway and sp©tted ji soo.
“Ji soo!!” i called smiling.
She turned to my direction and waved at me.
“Hey!! are you waiting for someone” i asked but she moved away from me and ignored me.
I looked ahead of us and noticed her friend walking towards her and i un-derstood why she ignored me.
Ji soo was my secret friend, she only talked to me in secret but whenever she was with her friends, she pretends like i never exists.
Well i didn’t blame her, who would want to loose her friends all because of a black girl.
I quic-kly started to walk away to avoid any disdainful look.
I walked into my clas-s and all eyes were on me, as usual, my chair and table were thrown to a corner.
I picked them up and arranged them in their proper place.
I placed my backpack beside my table and tried takng my sit but someone drew the chair from behind ma-king me fall and land on my bu-tt with laughters erupting from the clas-s.
I turned back to find the clas-s bully shin hye staring at me like she did nothing ma-king me glare at her.
“Hey!! why are you staring me that way huh!!” shin hye asked poking my forehead and i pushed her hand off.
She gr@bb£d me by my collar and pushed me to the ground ma-king me fall.
I stood up from the ground and tried ma-king my way out of the clas-s, i didn’t want to fight.
Blacks were alre-ady considered to be violent and i didn’t want them to believe that so it was better i ignored her like every other time.
Shin hye pu-ll-ed me back with my uniform causing it to tear.
“Leave me alone” i yelled re-leasing a punch on her nose with tears streaming down my face.
She held her nose and scoffed before pu-lling me hair and i did the same too.
I gr@bb£d her hair with full f0rç£ hoping to pu-ll out every single thing.
Some girls joined too pretending to separate the fight but they were all actualling joining shin hye.
Our clas-sroom teacher ran in and saw the chaos.
“What do you girls think you’re doing” he asked pu-lling us ap@rt.
“She attacked me and punched my nose” shin hye yelled pretending to cry.
“Why would you do that” he asked and g@sped at shin hyes nose which was as red as a tomato.
“Get the hell out of this clas-s” he yelled at me pointing to the door.
“But..” i tried say but was cut short.
“Get the hell out of here you black ape”
I glanced around the clas-s hoping someone would tell the truth, i glanced at ji soo but she gave me a pitiful look and bowed her head.
I ran out of the clas-s straight to the restroom and let the tears flow freely from my eyes.
Sometimes i regretted coming to korea, other times i was glad i c@m£.
I was in my final year in high school and i knew i’d be away from all this soon.
“I’m sorry” ji soo apologized handing me a tissue which i took.
I wasted no time in cleaning my eyes and ji soo pu-ll-ed me into a warm hvg.
At least there was someone who accepted me in school.
Episode 2
Mimi’s pov
I wore my blue shorts and a white hoodie, i gr@bb£d my phone and walked out of the house.
It was weekend and i was going for shopping, not really shopping though.
I wanted to get some things like rice,tomatoes and some noodles.
I’ve been in korea for a short time and that was the only i know i eat in nigeria which i can get here.
I eat Ko-rean food though, like bimbimbap but i cant cook them so i eat them at a restaurant even though at times i get turned out because i’m a black.
I walked to the bus station and soon a bus arrived, i walked in and sat down quietly with some people giving me frequent stares.
More people kept trooping in but no one wanted to take seat beside me.
They preferred standing instead, well it had happened so many times that i didn’t care about it anymore.
I got down from the bus, i just had to cover a few distance and i’d be at the super market.
I kept on walking and then noticed a guy staring at me from head to toe, you know that kind of look you give when you’re angry at them.
Suddenly he left his lane and c@m£ over to my lane, well i shrugged it off.
“Well maybe he wanted to ask me a question” i thought within me.
As soon as the guy got infront of me he spat right on my shi-t while i stood the gobsma-cked.
What the hell!!! i didn’t think i did anything wrong.
I was minding my business and someone just spat right on my shi-t.
Before i could even recollect everything he was gone.
Taehyung’s pov
I la-id on my be-d checking fans comment on our newly uploaded video.
The door to my room creaked open and yoona walked right in.
She was our friend and also a kpop idol just that she was a soloist.
She climbe-d the be-d and placed a k!sson myl-ips and i wasted no time in de-epening the k!ss.
Dont get me wrong though, yoona was just a friend and nothing more, we’ve had S-x couple of time.
Besides myeslf and my band mates aren’t allowed to d@t£.
I gr@bb£d her bo-ob s and she let out a muffled m0@n , its been long i got la-id and i didn’t want to waste this opportunity.
I broke from the k!ssand helped her take her clothes off and trailed k!sses on her collar bone.
I uncli-ped her br@ and then pressed her bo-ob s lightly before su-cking on it.
“oh my goodness” yoona g@sped and m0@n ed.
I li-cked her n!ppl!, and let my hand sl!pto her p@n-ties, i shifted her p@n-ties and inser-ted two f!ngersinto her cl!t.
“fv¢k…” she m0@n ed out again.
I brou-ght out my f!nger and placed them in her mouth ma-king her taste herself.
I pu-ll-ed down my p@n-ts, revea-ling my £r£¢tdi-ck, i sli-pped off her her p@n-ties throwing it to God knows were.
I ru-bbe-d the ti-p of my di-ck on her cl!t and she threw her head back letting out a m0@n .
I inser-ted my di-ck into her halfway trying to tease her her and when i tried pu-lling out she gr@bb£d my di-ck and pushed it further into her.
I started thrû-sting into her, first slowly and later i increa-sed my pace while yoona kept m0@n ing.
After sometime i pu-ll-ed out of her and la-id beside her after we both c@m£.
I wasn’t a pla-yboy or a S-x freak, its just that i wasted no time in gr-abbing any opportunity i saw.
I’m kim taehyung, main vocalist, leader and the cutest member of the boy band “the stars”.
I’m the most quiet and more reserved among the band, not because i was once heartbroken or anything, it was just my nature.
I usually have fun with my band members though but i just had this quiet nature whenever i’m in front of the public.
Episode 3
Mimi’s pov
I sat in clas-s quietly while the rest of my clas-smates chatted away happily.
A paper aeroplane landed close to my feet and i looked back to know who threw the aeroplane.
I turned and ji soo win-ked at me.
I picked up the aeroplane and opened it, “meet me at the restroom it re-ad”.
I Stood up and left the clas-s heading for the restroom.
Few minutes later, ji soo joined me.
“hey i’ve got some good news for you” she said smiling.
“Don’t ask any question and just close your eyes” she instructed.
“Dont pl@yany silly pranks on me” i said and closed my eyes ti-ghtly fighting the urge of opening them.
“You open your eyes now” she said again and when i opened my eyes i saw two tickets.
“Oh my God!!” i screamed.
This were tickets to the concert of ‘the stars’, i had tried saving up some money for it but the amount was like my allowance for the month.
“I got this for the both of us yesterday” ji soo explained after i had settled.
“Were did you get the money to buy these” i asked.
“Well i bought one of them with my savings while i bought the other by telling my mom to give me some money to buy a textbook” ji soo explained.
“Thank you so much but duping your mom wan’t the best option” i said with a little frown.
“I knew how much you wanted the ticket so badly” ji soo said and i patted her back.
I wouldn’t lie that i’ve never done that to my mom.
“I’ll leave first” she said and walked out.
I stood patiently and after i was sure she had gotten to the clas-s and settled, i c@m£ out of the toilet and bu-mped into eun ha.
Eun ha is the principal’s daughter, she’s also among my various bullies.
“Have you gone blind” eun ha asked but i ignored her and walked past her.
“Hey!! i’m talking to you or are you also dumb” she half yelled and drew me back by my hair.
“Leave me alone” i yelled and sl@pped her hand off my hair.
“How dare you” she yelled back at me and tried sl@pping me but i caught her hand.
“There’s no one in here to help you so, it’d be best you comport your self so you wouldn’t go crying to your daddy” i said and walked past her leaving her still standing there dazed.
Well i said that to her cos i knew i had a greater advantage if we fought.
I didn’t do that because i wanted to start standing up for myself, i did it because i wanted to scare her away.
I was walking down the street, staring and smiling at anything that caught my fancy.
I usually took a stroll every evening, to feed my eyes cos i easily got bored.
I felt someone t©uçh my hair from behind and i turned back to find an elderly woman.
Older women are usually refered to as ahjumma in korea.
I usually get older women tou-ching my hair, maybe they were fascinated that our hair was different than theirs.
I tried crossing the road and a car almost hit me.
I actually forgot there was a traffic light and it wasn’t yet time for me to cross.
I forgot i was in korea not nigeria were one crossed whenever you like because there wasn’t a traffic light.
I fell to the ground due to the shock and the driver of the car st©pped his car and c@m£ out to were i was still on the ground.
“Are you okay” he asked helping me up while i nodded.
His face cap fell off and i let out a g@sp.
What the hell!! it was jaehyuk from the boy band treasure.
I can’t believe an idol actually helped me up, even when i was a black.
He wore his face cap hurriedly and looked around trying to make sure no one saw him.
I opened my mouth to say something but he placed his index f!nger on hisl-ips indicating for me to keep shut and i obliged.
He sli-pped some money into my hands.
Buy some medicine for your cut he said glancing at my leg, i looked down at my leg and sp©tted a cut which i never noticed was there.
Before i could even say thank you he had alre-ady zoomed off in his car.