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The bully boss finale

Lucas came home and met Herod.
“What was that all about?!” Lucas yelled
“Lucas…..I really didn’t want to do this….”
“So what?…..Herod! You’ve p@ssed your limits and it’s like you don’t know your place anymore….!” Lucas roared
“So that’s what it takes to bring the devil out of you…… Amanda?”
“Don’t you ever say her name again!”
“Lucas…..I don’t want to go far….just sign your properties on my name…..”
“That’s all you want?” Lucas asked and smirk.
“Yes…’s the file….”
Lucas grab the file. “You know last night…..I seem to remember something…..or no….I seem to remember a lot and not just a lot…..let’s say I remembered everything….” Lucas tore the paper and Herod was shocked.
“you dare!!!!!!……fine then! I’ll kill you! Kill that stupid brother of yours and then kill your little slut!” He yelled
“Uncle…’re the one who’s going to die! In fact……” the police walked in. “Arrest him….”
Herod was shocked “what do you think you’re doing Lucas? Guards!!!! Guards!!!!!….don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Do you know who I am?!” He yelled. They drag Herod and his men away.
“Sir…..we’ve secured your brother and the girl…..but we can’t seem to find De Marco….”
“How’s…’s the…..the girl?” Lucas asked
“She’s fine but she’s not talking to any…….” the officers phone rang “hello….. WHAT?!!!… come?!!!…..Okay I’ll s£nd backup”
“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked
“They caught De Marco but he suddenly disappeared with the girl……”
I opened my eyes and see the dirty environment…..I moved my body but it won’t move, it was like I was paralyzed. The more I tried to move the more I felt weak.
“You don’t have to try so much….” I heard De Marco’s voice.
“What do you want?” I asked
“I told you before Amanda….I’ll get to you! You fv¢king put me in jail!…..”
“If you’re going to kill me just do it….”
“I never knew you were this willing to die” he said and caress my cheeks.
“Just kill me already you COWARD!!!!” I yelled and he was vex as he crushed my jaw. I whine in pains.
“Now you listen to me! You don’t tell me what to do!” He said
“You’ll never win De Marco!” I said
“With the way things are if I kill you, Lucas will be broke and even kill him self too….so I win…”
“Hahaha…..Lucas is a heartless beast. If you think killing me will broke Lucas down, it won’t. It’ll only make life easier for him….”
“Shut Your Mouth!” He yelled “for the first time I’ll take your body…..”
“Please kill me before Lucas find me, can you do me that Favour?” I asked
“With pleasure……” he said.
De Marco klzzed my l!ps with so much hunger as his hands crushed my br£@sts……”you’re so hot!!!!” He gr0@n like a hungry beast. He tore my dress off……I couldn’t help but wondered why I have to live sure a life. It was too much for me to handle. His eyes devour my body. “Finally you’re mine…..” he said as he lose his belt and drag down his boxers. I close my eyes…..I hope this would be the end. Suddenly the door broke down….. Marco quickly drag his boxers and grab Amanda….he took a dagger and place it on her neck.
Lucas was the first to rush in with the cops behind him pointing their guns at De Marco.
“Amanda…..” lucas called as he saw she was only on her underwear.
“Don’t came any further or I’ll kill her!” De Marco yelled
“Put down your weapon or we’ll shoot!” The police warned.
“De Marco…..don’t hurt her….!!!” Lucas yelled
“Do it De Marco…..!!” I said looking straight at Lucas. “Do it please…..”
“Amanda……” Lucas was shocked
“I hate you so much Lucas! I’d rather die here than live to breath the same air with you…..”
“Amanda it’s not what you think!”
I hold the the dagger and drew it closer to my neck “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU COWARD!!!! Do it!!!!!!” I cried out…..some cops were at our back as one shot De Marcos arm. The dagger fell off his hands. Be both landed on the ground. Seeing I could move my arms…..I grab the dagger and place it on my neck “don’t come close to me…..don’t you dare!” I said as Lucas was rushing over to me.
“Amanda….it’s all over now…..please….I knew I took too much actions but I have to let me explain…..I…I remember now……I’ve got my memories back” he said
“I don’t care!…….I……” I female cop bounce on me from behind and drag the dagger off my hands. I was too weak to fight back. Lucas quickly came to me and hold him.
“Amanda please…..” Lucas cried too…..
“Aaahhhaaahh…..” I screamed.
She screamed and p@ss out. Lucas carried her outside, the ambulance was already waiting as Lucas carried her in.
The Harrison’s family and Nelson’s family were pres£nt at the hospital.
“It’s was all because of your daughter all these are happening! I warned Lucas!” Me Harrison yelled
“Honey…….” Mrs Harrison tried to stop her husband when Nelson fires back.
“What? How dare you say such a thing?! You know what your son Lucas have caused to my daughter?”
“That daughter of yours is a disaster!” Mr Harrison yelled
“Enough already! Once she wakes up I’ll make it clear to her that she’ll never ever be permitted to see your son again and I hope you know what I mean? I f I see Lucas near Amanda again……”
“Nelson enough…..” Merit added
Inside the hospital room. Amanda was awake.
“Amanda…… I’m sorry…..” Lucas kept talking and talking and explaining…..but Amanda didn’t say anything. She just look at him plainly.
“Amanda…..hit me….yell at me!!! If you want just do anything to me but don’t ignore me please it’s killing me…….” Lucas cried but she was still quiet. “All I ever did was hurt you…..”
Just then Mr Nelson walked into the room.
“Get out! Get lost and leave my daughter alone! How much hurt can you still cause her? Can’t you see? You can’t be together with her anymore!!!!”
“I’m not your father! Your family and I already discussed this! Leave Amanda alone Lucas….you two can’t be together……”
Lucas think about it and found out he was right. He looked at Amanda as tears blind his vision.
“I love you…….but I can’t keep hurting you…..I’m so sorry for all I’ve cost you….. I hope you find happiness! Goodbye Amanda….”
(Two months later)
I now live with my family. I guess what happened affected Erica’s relationship with Jeremy too. But we were all happy. Well I could say…… sometimes at night I can’t sleep….I’ll stay up all night. It wasn’t easy…. this new life of mine. It was plain… plain…..
The next morning I felt so sick and had nausea ….I kept running to the bathroom trying to throw up but it nothing came out. I felt fatigued. I landed on my bed and fell asleep again…….
“Anda…..what’s the time already! It’s 11 am and your still in bed. Get up! Don’t be lazy…. wake up!” I heard mom say.
“Mom leave me alone…..!” I whined
“What’s wrong?” Mom asked
“I’m so tired and sleepy….I feel sick……” I gr0@n.
“Stand up let’s go eat something then we’ll go to the hospital how about that?” She asked and I nodded.
Mom came back with the trail of food but still found Amanda sleeping.
“I’m here stand up….try to eat something…..”
I forced myself up but immediately the smell of the food hit I I rush into the bathroom again and began to throw up……
“Amanda…..when did this start?” She asked as I push the food away and landed on my bed.
“Few days ago…..”
“Does it only comes in the morning?” She asked
“Yes….how did you know?” I asked and she stood up.
“Amanda……you can’t be pregnant are you….?” She asked.
“What? Pregnant?…… way…..”
“Mommy it may be something else….”
“Enough! Get dressed we’re going to the hospital!”
Mom hold the results with wide eyes.
“She’s 6…..6 weeks pregnant?!” Mom asked
“Yes…..look at the little dot…..the baby is really healthy……”
I remembered that night in Greece. I thought mom would be mad but she jumped up in joy “I’m going to be a grandma……”
“Mom but….but…’s….it’s Lucas….”
“So what?”
“Dad… will be mad…….”
To my greatest surprise Dad wasn’t mad but instead he said “I don’t want the Harrison’s to find out about this”
“You want her to be a single mother no way!” Mom yelled
“That’s true….I’ll call them tomorrow and inform…..”
“Don’t let them know……” I said.
“Why?” They both asked
I didn’t say anything……I remembered how Lucas gave me drugs after that night…..he didn’t want me to get pregnant…….
I didn’t say anything, I walked upstairs.
“Honey what do we do?”
“I’m sure they still love each other…..I’ll s£nd message to the Harrison’s tomorrow…..”
After Amanda left Lucas settled down at the lake house. He gave up everything to Jeremy. It’s been two months and he still haven’t grown to the fact that him and Amanda part ways even though it was for the best. He never one day stopped thinking about her. He lived alone at the big house. Only the sound of nature could be heard. He’d always imagine Amanda being here with him….
Lucas received a call from Jo
“Hello Jo……” Lucas sai
“Where….where are you?
“I’m at the lake house….why?”
immediately Lucas heard the name Amanda he jump up “what about her? Is she hurt? ……
“Lucas……she’s pregnant!
“What?!!!!” Lucas frown. He didn’t hear clearly
“Mr Nelson just called your mother to meet up with him…..looks like Amanda is pregnant for you……
Lucas couldn’t contain his joy….he burst into tears……”Jo…..we still have a chance to be with each other…..Amanda and I……oh God…..” Lucas cried. “What should I do now?
“Don’t be in rush Lucas….with what I’ve heard Amanda is not willing to let you know she’s pregnant, according to her father, she wants to raise the child alone….
“Jo what do I do…..please tell me……I can’t lose this opportunity……
“Just chill Lucas….calm down….stat where you are until they call you…..”
“Ok Jo….I can do that…..
“Good….congratulations by the way……
When the Harrison’s heard about this. They could only agree to the fact that Amanda was carrying their flesh and blood
“Let them just get married! Lucas is useless to me now!
“Dad how can you say that?!
“Yes honey please don’t start!
“Ok fine! What do we do now? We where just told the girl doesn’t want us!?
“I’ve asked Jo to speak with Lucas…..
“Lucas? We haven’t heard from Lucas for two whole months! Ok fine at least that’s a good start….
“I’m nervous……” Mrs Harrison said
I stayed in my room all day crying. I couldn’t bring myself to forget how he gave me the drugs to flush my system. I’ll never accept him as the father to the child he tried to terminate. So what, if it was a plan, what if I’ve truly taken the drugs?….
“Anda?……” Nora walked into my room
“Hi……” I wipe my face. And smiled
“Mom told me you’re pregnant…..
“Amanda….!!!” Erica rushed into my room. “I’m going to be a big Aunty!!!!!……
“Yes…..are you guys that happy?” I asked and they both nodde
“Are you not happy?” Nora aske
“Yes……yes of course I’m happy…..” I said as tears filled my eyes..
“Then why are you cry?” Erica aske
“I don’t know….I….I really want to stop crying….I really want to hate him so much for what he costed me! But I can’t! Instead I keep hating myself for not being able to hate him…..” I crie
“Amanda you’re carrying his child…..” Erica sai
“His child? No…..he’ll never find out about this child. I’ll take care of my child by myself….” I said
“Anda…..” Nora called. “I know what you’ve been through more than anyone. Don’t let this child live like the way you lived your life. Tell me….how did you feel when you found out mom and dad had Erica?….Now come to think of it, if Lucas should marry another woman and your child grows up knowing? Only you can understand the feeling! You love Lucas, I’m very sure he loves you too. Love is not always about happiness and fun, if love doesn’t bring you pains, tears, frustration, then it’s not love. Love brings you all these fight for you to know how to be strong, not how to learn to give up.” Nora said and she was righ
“Wow Nora where did you learn that from?” I aske
“Well….from here and there…..” she replied
“Nora is right Amanda……for the sake of the child……” Erica added
“Dad has already called the Harrison but they said they haven’t been able to reach Lucas for two months now. But Jo was able to contact him…..the Harrison will be here tomorrow… will Lucas…..” Erica pause
“I don’t want to see him…..” I sai
“Anda….don’t worry Erica and I will be standing beside you…..” Nora sai
The next day my condition got worse. I felt so weak and kept having nausea. My head was spinning and every food irritates me. Mom was worried. She cooked everything she could think of but none got my attention. I kept sleeping with an empty stomach which wasn’t health
Soon the Harrison appeared and Lucas, even though he looked bizarre his handsomeness was without measure. The nervousness was written all over his face. He couldn’t bring his face u
“Why do you look like someone who did something wrong?” Mom asked with a smile “it’s okay…..relax….
“What about Amanda?” Mrs Harrison aske
Mom sigh “she’s upstairs….she must be sleeping…..I’m so worried about her….
“What’s wrong with her?” Quinn aske
“She’s refusing to eat…..I’ve cooked everything I could think of, every food irritates her….with just looking at the food or perceiving the aroma she’ll just start having nausea….
“Can….Can you allow me cook for her?” Lucas asked. His voice was low but heavy.
Lucas followed the maids into the kitche
Mom smiled “I hope they made up….he’s such a great man for my daughter….
“Yes…..they fit so well….but I’m still sure Amanda is too good for him….” Mrs Harrison said
The men went to discuss the details while the women chat randomly about their children
Erica and Nora was with me in my room. I felt so dizzy as I opened my eyes….I couldn’t help but force myself to sleep again…
Lucas was done cooking and he handed the food to the maids
“When she ask who made the food, just tell her her mother did….
“You don’t even know if she’ll like it” the maid sai
“Just make sure she doesn’t know it’s me….
The maid walked into the room after a knock
“What’s that?” Erica aske
“Madam told me to bring food for Miss Amanda….” she said as she dropped the food on the table. She opened the plate and immediately the aroma hit me my stomach gr0@n. “Bring That here, I’m so hungry….” I said stretching my hands.
Everyone watch me stuff the food into my mouth….it was so salivating…..
Lucas kept looking up …. he saw the maid rushing down the stairs with the train of food. He was hurt when he saw the trail, the thought hit him that she didn’t eat…. but then the maid said “she wants more….
Merit jumped up “she ate?
“Yes and she wants more……”
Lucas smiled…..he was relief
Mom rush to my room and saw me eating…
“Oh my god!!!! Mom where did you get this….it’s so delicious!!! Make this for me everyday….
“Won’t you get tired of it?” Mom aske
“Never….” I smiled
After eating I feel into a deep sleep. Mom allowed Lucas in knowing Amanda won’t wake up anyway
Lucas sat beside her and cried so h@rd. He caress her face and smiled
“I miss you so much……and I love you….” he whispered. His moved his hands gently to her stomach and touched it softly. “My Mandy……
Lucas knew he couldn’t stay long, he forced himself to leave looking back at every step
Both families were seated.
“So we’ve agree with everything we’ve discussed….all that’s left is for your daughter to agree…..she’ll have to agree so we can proceed with the wedding before her stomach push out” Mr Harrison said
“It’ll be h@rd….
“Nora…..go wake Amanda and bring her down…..” dad said. Hearing this Lucas palms began to sweat and he felt so uneasy. Nelson noticed this
“Try to calm down and compose yourself Lucas….it’s okay……”
Nora and Erica woke me up
“Let’s go Amanda…..
“Aaaahhhhh I’m so hungry…..” I yawned.
“You do know we’re going to meet Lucas downstairs right?” Erica aske
“Yes….I’m ready let’s go……
I walk downstairs with my sisters and we all sat down together. Lucas looked at me with his teary eyes and I look back at his handsome face, aiishhhh damn that handsome face….it wanted to make my heart shake a bit but I quickly look away
“Amanda…..” Lucas called
“So you brought your family to claim the pregnancy you wanted me to flush out?” I asked openly and everyone was shocked “oh or have you forgotten? The night after we made love you forced a drug into my hands, you asked me to take them so I wouldn’t get pregnant! What? You think I’ll forget?” I aske
“Mandy…..I…..I only…..I did that…..that….because of Herod… know….
“Oh do I? What if I’ve really taken the drugs?” I aske
“Can we just forget about the past? Amanda we talked about this!” Dad yelled
“It’s okay…..I’ll marry him. Isn’t that what you want?….Lucas?” I aske
“I’m sorry…..” he said as tears fell from his eyes…..”I’m so sorry Amanda……
The walls I built round my heart broke down immediately……. “I hate you!!!!! I hate you so much!!!!!” I cried. Lucas eyes met Jo and Jo signal him to go hug her. Lucas moved heavy steps towards Amanda he stood in front of her
I breath in his scent which I missed so much. I couldn’t bring myself to hug him first and tighten my hands round his neck
This scene softened everyone’s heart, even Mr Harrison wipe the tears in his eyes.
Even though Lucas and I made up I still made it h@rd for him. He’ll call me every night before going to bed. I always gave him savage answers and sometimes snub him, sometimes I don’t even answer his call
Today he kept calling and texting me. I just snub him. Not that he did something wrong I just find it fun to ignore him. More like I enjoy seeing him suffer.
“Anda Lucas called me….he said you’re ignoring his calls…” Mom said. “It’s just few days to your wedding….he wanted to know if you did something wrong?”
“No…..I just felt like ignoring him…..he’s annoying….
“What did he do to annoy you?” Mom aske
“Nothing really…..” I frown.
“You’re just at the early stage of pregnancy you’re doing this…..Lucas is going to suffer a lot…..
We held a small wedding only family members and few friends were invited. It was beautiful and memorable
Lucas wanted us to travel to Dubai for our honeymoon but because of my pregnancy we choose to stay at the lake house.
I really love this place. I woke up very early the next morning and stepped out. I wanted to watch the sunrise. I sat close to the lake. The cold breeze hit me and I shivere
“Damn! I forgot to get a blanket!!!” I murmured. I could go back inside to get a blanket but I can’t bare the risk of Lucas waking up. Even though we’re married and back together half of my heart still hates him for what he did to me. I’m very sure he knows cause I can see him trying h@rd to win all my heart.
I sigh as I gaze towards the lake. It was still dark and I could hear the waves and crying of creepy creatures. I rub my arms again I was cold. Suddenly someone placed a blanket on me. It look up and saw Lucas. He sat down close to me and smiled
“I thought you’d be cold….so I brought you a blanket……” he sai
“You were awake?” I asked
“Yes…..why are you outside?”
“I came to watch the sunset…..”
We stayed quiet again. My back began to ache I needed something to lean on. I stood u
“Where are you going?” Lucas aske
“My back ache, I want to go get a chair…
“I’ll go, you just wait here….
Soon he returned with two chairs and set one for me. I sat down and stared at my ring. It air was too tens
“De Marco and Herod were both s£nt to life in imprisonment, with h@rd labor….
“Why are you telling me?” I aske
“I just wanted to let you know…..” he answered
I didn’t say anything. “Mandy….” he calle
“Huh?” I answered still staring at my ring.
“Please look at me… barely look at me….” he sai
“Why should I bring myself to look at you? You know I really wanted to enjoy the sunset alone…..if you don’t mind can you leave?” I asked
“I want to say I’m sorry…” he sai
“And what will your Sorry do?” I asked and he sigh “I…..
“Lucas…..we’re married now! Please…just leave me alone….” I said
“Amanda…..” he called again
“Lucas please……” I stood up and left him there to enjoy himself.
I went into the kitchen and open the fridge. I saw some sliced fruits and a piece of cake. I took both down and started eating. I wanted to get things off my mind. I didn’t want to go angry and lose control but then Lucas appeared in front of me and took the cake away
“It’s not healthy for you…” he said and I hisse
“You better bring that back…..!!!” I yelled
“No……” he replied calmly
“I said give it to me…..!!!!!” I yelled again and he gave up. Lucas went back outside with his camera. He set the camera on a perfect location and fell asleep.
The bright sun woke him up. He stretched his body and went back inside. Of course Amanda was still sleeping he went into the kitchen and prepared something for her to eat. It didn’t take much time he was done cooking. He walked into the room and saw Amanda. She was awake and she glared at hi
“I’m done cooking…..”
“Ok…..” I answered. I stood up from the bed. Immediately I felt dizzy and fell back to the bed. Lucas rush and hold me
“Are you okay?” He aske
“I hate this!!!! I feel so sick and dizzy….” I crie
“It’s okay….it’ll be over soon I promise…’s okay….I’m here…..” he adde
I started throwing up again. Lucas was worried and had to call his mother
“Lucas it’s okay….it’s normal…’ll stop soon don’t worry… she taking her drugs?”
“Yes she is….
“Do you want me to come over? Or if possible you two can come live with me until she’s stable
“I’ll speak with Amanda about this…..
When Lucas shared the idea with me, I agreed. We drove to his mothers house and bam! Her two daughter-in-laws were there, with their kids and Lucas two brothers. I regret ever coming. Lucas saw the looks on my fac
“We can go back if you want…..
“But we are already here….” I replied
“So what? Just tell me, do you or do you not want to go back to the lake house?” He asked and I kept quiet. Lucas took his phone and called his mother, he explained things to her and I felt so embarr@ssed. “Ok….bye mom….
He reversed the car and we both drove back to the lake house.
“You don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of you….” he said and I looked at him
I woke up at the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep. Then I noticed Lucas wasn’t at the bed. I wonder what he was up to. I stood up and saw the lights on his study room were on. I walked inside and he was siting on a chair with his head placed on the table. He was sleeping. He looks like he was in the middle of something before he fell asleep because his laptop were on. I was curious so I went to look what it was all about
‘How to treat a woman in early pregnancy stage
‘Things to do as for your pregnant wife who feel dizzy
It went on and on and on. I couldn’t help but feel touch as I ended up crying. Then my eyes caught the book on his table ‘How to be a better husband and father’ I couldn’t help but smile. My heart felt so warm. I left the room and went back to bed
The next morning he brought me ginger tea and other stuff
“It’ll help with your nausea…
“How did you know?” I asked and his eyes moved about….
“Later today lets go to the hospital together….
“We have to check the baby…..” he sai
“We can check the baby’s health but I don’t want to know the baby’s gender, I want it to be a surprise….” I said
“I’d love that too….”
“I’ve already transferred money to the kids boutique…..once I give birth and the gender is revealed, they provide the things….”
“Oh….you’ve already done that?…….is there anything I can do for……for….our baby? I really want to do something too…” he said
“Our baby? Isn’t it the baby you wanted to flush out?” I asked and he squeezed his eyes like the words crushed him. He didn’t say anything, he just turn and left in a hurry. Just as he left the door opened again and he walked to me with tears in his eyes
“I know what I did back then was wrong but do you always have to keep reminding me? It tormenting me everyday and it kills me to hear you say it. I….I don’t even know how I’ll face my child in the future know what I wanted to do to it. I know I did it to save you and fool Herod but that’s not an excuse…..I’m sorry I did that….Amanda I’m really sorry….” he said as he cried like a child
“It’s not me you’ll apologize to….” I said and walked closer to him. I took his hands and placed it on my tummy. “Apologize to our baby…”
Lucas went down on his knees and rested his head on my tummy.
“Daddy loves you so much. I’m sorry for what I said……I’m so sorry. And I promise to be the best father in the word for you…..” he said and look up to me “and the best husband for mom….
We made out that nigh
Six month clocke
We knew we were having one baby but my stomach was so big like I was having twins. The doctor explained to us that the baby’s high was too much. He must have taken after Lucas.
“Honey I’m tasty….” I said. Lucas stood up and brought me a gl@ss of water. “I don’t want water….I want juice…”
“Ok dear….” Lucas can back with fresh juic
“What took you so long? Now I’ve lost my appetite, just give me the water….” I sai
“It wasn’t even up to two minutes……
“I said I lost my appetite…..” I said and Lucas walked back to the kitchen and returned empty handed forgetting to bring the water
“Where is my water?” I asked
“Seriously Amanda…….
“Are you getting it or not?” I asked like a big madam.
“Sorry I’ll go get it…..” Lucas was pissed. He came back with the water. I took the gl@ss from him and Lucas sat down to enjoy his football.
“Aahhhh. Lucas the water is too cold….
“Amanda what’s cold in this water?! It’s just plain water…..” Lucas said
“You’re yelling at me?” I asked as I burst into tears…..The Mood Swing
“I’m sorry I’m sorry….don’t cry……
“It’s just water You’ll get for me and you’re yelling at me……
“Sorry dear tell me what you want I’ll do anything…..just don’t cry anymore…….
“I’m hungry….I want to eat steaks….
“I’ll go prepare it now….don’t cry anymore….I’ll be fast…..
Lucas hurried and made steaks for his madam but when he went to the living room with the steak, she was fast asleep in the couc
Another day. Lucas felt a tap on his shoulders and he woke up. He saw Amanda, she was sitting up . He looked at the time and it was around 1am
“M@ssage my feet….it’s so sore……” she commande
“Babe we’re in the middle of the night…..”
“So what? Just do it…..!”
Lucas had no sail. He could only m@ssage her feet till she fell asleep.
Lucas wanted to cry. “Just give me the pregnancy! Let me know I’m the one whose pregnant! What?! Are you the only pregnant woman in the world!” He whispered
On the eight month of her pregnancy….she became extremely troublesome. Lucas was at the living room watching news when Amanda walked up to him with her big tummy blocking the scree
“You’re so jobless! I’m tired of seeing you every single day at home….your mates are in the office! But here you are like a house husband…..” I mocke
“Amanda don’t worry about the company…..Jeremy and Jo are handling it well. Once you give birth, I’ll resume my p…..
“Shut it!!!!! I don’t want to see you at home today…..find somewhere to go…..
“What? But what about you?
“Are you dead Lucas?! I said get out of this house! Don’t make me drag you!!!!
Lucas dress up and left home like he demanded. He went to work. His unexpected visit surprised everyone
Lucas called Felix and they both hang out after work. He told Felix all that Amanda was doing to him
“It’s because of her pregnancy… wife did that too but I’ve got to agree….Amanda is a little extra……
They talked and had fun and said their goodbyes
Lucas drove him and saw Amanda waiting outside the house
“Hi honey….you were waiting for me to come home?” He smiled intending to hug me
“Hold on there!!!!” I yelled and Lucas was shocked “what’s the time?” I aske
“It’s to 10……
“When do you close from work?
“By 6……” he answered knowing we’re this was going “I was with Felix……
“So what?!!! You left your pregnant wife alone at home….wait a minute…” I moved closer to him and sniff his body “you even reck alcohol?! LUCAS!!!! You’re sleeping in your car tonight!”
“Am sorry I’m so sorry baby….I won’t do it again…..
“Go away go sleep outside!” I sai
“What if you’re tasty or hungry who will help you? Let me come inside hmmm pleaseeeee……
“Alright Fine…..come in…..
Lucas regret ever pleading to come inside the house. He should have just slept in his car. She kept throwing him aroun
It was on the ninth month of her pregnancy. Even one was at the lake house keeping an eye on me. Lucas was free as women too care of his wife. He hang out a lot with Felix, Jo and Jeremy. Even at that he never forget to provide all she needs just in cas
Lucas didn’t come home that night. I toss round and round the big bed. I was uncomfortable for some reason. I stood up and look at the time. It was 2 am. I took my phone and called Lucas. I called him twice. He didn’t pick up. I swear I’m killing him tomorrow
I felt so uneasy I kept going to the back room feeling pressed but nothing come out each time. I wanted to go tell mom when suddenly my water broke. I gently sat on the bed as pains hold my waist. I screamed “Mom!!!!!!!
Lucas and Felix just got back home they were laughing when they sure Mrs Harrison and Amanda’s mom running upstairs. They too rush upstair
When I saw Lucas I yelle
“Where the fv¢k have you been?!!!!” I yelle
“I can feel the baby’s head…..It’ll be out before we get to the hospital!”
Lucas came close to me and I pulled his hair
“I said where the hell have you been!
“Amanda this is not the time to……
“Aaaahhhhh” I cried in pains still pulling Lucas hair….
Lucas hold his son with tears in his eyes. The doctors and nurses pres£nt help took care of Amand
“He’s so handsome…..” Mrs Harrison sai
Lucas went in to see Amanda. She glared at hi
“I’m sorry…..” he sai
“I’ll kill you later when I have the strength…’s he? Is he handsome?” I aske
“Yes extremely….He took after his father after all…” he smiled “you did a great job
“Right? The doctors said it was unbelievable….”
“Rest now okay….
A month later Lucas and I were still battling what to name our so
“How about Donald?” Lucas aske
“No it sounds too Dooooo…. how about Marco?” I joke
“Yes how about Herod?” He added and we burst into laughter. “Oh baby is crying, you go take care of him….
“No way! You go! He must be hungry….isn’t it your job as a woman to take care of the baby?
“Who carries him for nine months? Whose v@gln@ got enlarged?! It was all mine!!! Now go take care of him!” I sai
You’ve got to admit. Our family was really funny
“I figured out a name” Lucas said as he danced with the baby on his arms. “Victor?
“Wow Harrison Victor……Well you can call him Victor…..I’ll call him William…..
“Seriously?” Lucas frown
“He can grow up to choose which name he’ll prefer….
“Victor….you hear mommy? She’s mean right?….don’t worry just grow up like daddy…..
Three months past. It wasn’t easy being a mom. That little creature is just everywhere crawling round you. Destroying things! And at night he doesn’t like! Is he a vampire or what! He cries too and want to cling unto me even if Lucas carries him
“I wonder where he got this attitude from. I guess it’s from his father! Why are you so picky with food Williams!!!!!” I yelled and the little devil smile
“All the pains you put me through when you were pregnant, my son is going to pay you back!
I complained to the doctors that my son doesn’t sleep at night. They prescribe a drug for me. I went home happy. But my happiness dead when the little devil refuses to sleep….. he slept only in the afternoon for 4 hour
Six months…..yes who wouldn’t love Williams. Lucas went for a business trip so I dropped Williams with Mrs Harrison for two days. I enjoyed my life. The second day I was sleeping when I heard a car drove into the compound. I frown and looked through the window. Lucas was back!!!
He’ll be mad if he finds out Williams is with his mother! I’m dead
“Victor….!!! Daddy is home!!!! Honey….” he called
I walked to him and he pulled me for a long klzz. “I missed you a lot… Victor sleeping?” He asked wanting to go to his room
“He’s not here…..” I sai
“What? Who is not here?” He asked. Lucas doesn’t joke with his son. He went into his sons room and it was empty
“Amanda where is Victor?” He aske
“Look I know you’ll be angry but try to understand……
“I won’t ask again!!!” He yelle
“He’s with your mom…..I dropped him there a day before yesterday….” I sai
“You did what!!!!!!” Lucas yelled. He didn’t say anything after wards. He went out of the house and drove off. I know he was going to get his son. Let me continue my beauty sleep
When Victor saw his father he started jumping on his grandmothers la
“Dadadada……daa……” He sai
Lucas carried his son and hugged him “daddy missed you too…..
“You’re here……
“Yes I came to pick him up….”
“Ok I’ll go get his things ready…..
Lucas returned home. When Williams saw me he burst into tears wanting to come to me. I went to carry him from Lucas. Immediately he  was in my arms he stopped crying. I knew Lucas was angry at me but I didn’t care. At least I had to rest for two whole day
Williams was four years old now. We all traveled to the United States
“What name would you like?” Lucas aske
“I like Williams…..Victor sounds lame….” he said
“That’s my boy!!!!!!” I yelled
“Mom or dad? Whose your favorite?” I aske
“I love you both equally….
“That’s right…..
“I love you mommy and daddy……so….much!!!
“I love you too baby….” I sai
“I love you more son…..
I was tired and decided to rest at the hotel as they father and son went for a dat
Will was a smart boy, they were at the mall and he noticed a woman approach his father asking questions up on questions. It went on and on until he got disgusted. He remembered what his mother told him “you must not allow any woman come close to daddy….and if daddy should look at any woman? Stand your ground then come report to me
“Excuse me miss…..” his little voice yelled
“Aww so handsome… he your son?”
“Yes I’m his son…..” Will cut in “and if you don’t mind can you please stop flirting with my dad? My mom is a crazy woman. You don’t want to have beff with her… know what I mean?”
Lucas jaw almost dropped and so did the woman. She could only leave with shame
“Will That was too much…
“Too much? Wait till I tell mom you allow a woman to flirt with you….
“What?!!! No no your mom will kill me…..I didn’t flirt with you saw it….
“But you knew he motives but didn’t avoid her! Moms gonna Kill you moms gonna Kill you…..” he yelled in the mall
“What should I do? Please don’t tell her
“You want to bribe me too? No way!!” He yelled
In life you must taste pain so that when relief comes you’ll know what pains really is. Those who always have relief have no idea what it takes to be in pains. I’ve been hurt several times, I’ve been broken and frustrated. You’ll wondered why it always has to be me, Well I guess that because something great it’s on it way. Life is tougher than it seems. If life is tough you should be tougher, if life is rough you should stay stronger, if life plays the beat just dance to the tune. No matter the h@rdship you must have been facing, don’t give up. I don’t know your past, but some of us our past torments is. But Don’t push your past away, but embrace it. If you made a terrible mistake in your past don’t let it hunt you down, embrace it and do things right. If you were hurt in the past embrace it and let it heal. Don’t try to push it away. If a wound is neglected it’ll get infected and bring more pains to you but if you take care of the wound and alway remember to treat it, it’ll heal and only leave a sca
Your past can heal but still leave scars but not all scars are ugly after all. It shows you fought a good fight and you heal.
Live a good life and find happiness. It’s just out there around the corner, wait for the right time.
My name is Amanda Nelson, and this is my story
DHE.  r..”.”””. ” .”e.”d”””d. d. **. ” ””dps.dd”d.d..!!!s.”d. ””.””. ”d””ddn.**” ”ddm.   da. ”” . dd!s.” . e.d.””d” ”””d.. .”.. ””””dn.    d. h.”””””..”  ” .”de  d.**t.”  …   d””.”s..’’. . ” ”e.””” .ddd. m. ..d.   ”d d d d”e.””dp    d. d . **” d”  s. ..”d.d”d . ”d ”.   .”.   .”.. .d”… ”.”  d. ”d”. ….”n.” ”d”d”p.y.**ddd   dt.ddd.dd””… **.””””””. **”” ”””” ””  ”d”…E)) of the wound and alway remember to treat it, it’ll heal and only leave a scar.
Your past can heal but still leave scars but not all scars are ugly after all. It shows you fought a good fight and you heal.
Live a good life and find happiness. It’s just out there around the corner, wait for the right time.
My name is Amanda Nelson, and this is my story.


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