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The bully boss Episode 9 & 10

Lucas opened the room and met the room was a little dark. He saw the small figure sitting on the cold floor. Thinking back he could not imagine the tough Amanda he knew could be down graded like this. He knew she was scared. He walked to her and place his hands on her shoulders
“Mandy it’s me” he quickly said as he saw her flinched.
I was confused when I saw him. Why was he here?
“Don’t worry am getting you out of here” he said and swift me off the floor in one go….he carried me out of the room.
Bernardo saw his new teddy on Lucas hands.
“Done?” Lucas asked Jo and Jo nodded.
“Bernardo….then our deal is done….you have no business with this woman and her family…if you mess with her…you mess with me…and when you mess with me you know the consequences” Lucas said
“Yes yes yes… sorry am so sorry” he said.
I opened my eyes and hope it was all a dream. Of course it’s a dream. I smiled as I lay back down.
“Haaa…” I sigh.
“You know if you keep
Sleeping all day you will miss lunch too” I heard a voice. I frown without opening my eyes. Was I still dreaming? Why am I hearing Lucas voice and why……… I jump off the bed.
“You….you…why are you here!!!” I yelled
“Seriously???? I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction after what happened between us last night” he said and smirk.
“What!!!! Las….last night!!!!” I yelled and look at myself….I was on a big sleeve and a mini boxers and they belonged to Lucas
“Aaaahhhh you psycho bastard!!!!” I yelled and bounce on him….immediately Landing a punch on his jaw and a kick followed to his balls……. Lucas was gr0@ning in pains trying to push her away…he didn’t want to hurt her.
Jo and Jeremy heard the noise and ran into the room….but met Amanda on Lucas pulling his hair. Lucas on the other hand was trying to pull her away.
“Amanda!!!!!” Jeremy yelled and pulled me away. I was surprised when I saw Jeremy.
“What are you doing here?” I asked
I was so embarr@ssed after Jeremy told me everything. I look at Lucas….he was angry and was glaring at me. He had ice in between his legs and another on his jaw.
“Am sorry…..does….does it hurts?” I said and he glared more
“How could you hit him?” Jeremy asked
“It was his fault if only he didn’t make me misunderstand….. he said after what we did last night ….so I ……” I stopped talking I was even embarr@ssed too finish. “Am sorry” I added
“My brother saved you last night….you should be thankful….he didn’t leave your side….oh and for your clothes it was the female maids that changed them” Jeremy said
“Am so sorry….I didn’t know….I…”
Lucas stood up and walked slowly back into the room.
“Go with him” Jeremy said
“No way!” I whispered
“He’s your savior!” Jeremy pushed me along.
I walked into the room and met him as he frown his eyes like he was in pains.
I walked to him
“Let….let me help you” I said collected the ice from his cheek.
“You really thought I slept with you?” He asked
“Am sorry I misunderstood”
“Mandy….what you don’t know is that I cannot sleep with you until you give me a permission that means summitting yourself to me” He said and I press the ice h@rder on his face and he hissed in pains
“Sorry!!!” I said mockingly
“Am serious…and I’ve settled the debt with Bernardo he won’t be coming anymore “ he said
“What!!!!! How can I ever repay you……I won’t sleep with you!!!!” I said
“I never ask for you to pay me back with your body…..why are you talking about s£× when it comes to me?” He asked
“Because that’s all you know when you see a woman” I said and he smirk
“You owe me Mandy…..” he said
“If you don’t want my body then what do you want?” I asked
“Be my woman” he said
“What!!!!!! That still means sleeping with you” I yelled
“No….it’s means you’re mine and no other man can have you…..I’ll tell you again….if never touch you without your permission “ he said
“That’s too much! What difference do you make from Bernardo?” I asked
“Don’t you dare…..ever in your life compare me with him” he yelled
“Am sorry I don’t belong to anyone and no one owes me….I never even asked you to pay Bernardo the money….so if you want, which I know you can’t do, go to Bernardo and collect your money….. as for the four months? I’ll work in full!!!!!” I yelled
“Mandy!!!!” He yelled
“Stop calling me Mandy…’s disgusting!” I yelled
“You’re an ungrateful bitch!” He looks angry. Lucas was angry so angry, after all he had done he thought he could finally get to her p@nts and fv¢k her all he wanted but she’s still getting so h@rd to get!
“I’d rather be an ungrateful bitch than be one of your bitch!” I replied “thank you for saving me….” I added.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked
“Home of course….I have to prepare for work against tomorrow….sir” I added and left the room.
Lucas smash the ice on the floor.
He had never done something he regrets before…now he regret ever helping her. He should be the one using her not her using him.
“Jo!!!!” He yelled and Jo ran in.
“Move Amanda’s desk into my office tomorrow….”
“What…why!??” Jo frown
“Just do as I say and don’t question me!” Lucas yelled
Bernardo was so angry.
“That Lucas is doing too much!!!!” He yelled
“Boss he had pairs you everything….what’s next?”
“You fool! I never wanted the money…all I want was Arlington daughter….why do you think I scammed him!!!! If I don’t have that girl no one can! I’ve got to make a plan fast!” He said
“What if we kidnap her?”
“That’s a beautiful idea but let’s wait for sometime….we can’t be in haste or Lucas will suspect….keep an eye on her for me….I’ll never lose my teddy to anyone!” Bernardo yelled
Jeremy drove me home.
“So what are your plans?” He asked
“I don’t know Jey” I said and lower my head. “I can’t believe they’ll do that to me”
“You can’t go back to that house” he said
“Do I have a choice? I have nowhere else to go” I said
“My grandfather gave me an apartment before he died….it’s small but legit….you can live there for as long as you like” he said
“Get all your things Amanda….don’t worry…just live there till everything is fine” Jeremy said
“Come here….” I said and hugged him.
“Aaahhhh Amanda am driving….do you want to cause accident….if I hurt you my brother will kill me” he said
“Lucas???? He’s a….”
“Don’t judge him so fast….I think you two are great match…he’s your life savior after all like your soulmate “ Jeremy said
“One more word and I’ll twist your neck!!” I got angry when he said soulmate.
“Sorrrrryyyyyy” He said.
When I got home I met the couples at home. I woke p@ss them and went straight to my room, I packed my stuffs as fast as I could.
“Amanda….” I heard my name but I played dumb. “Honey….are you okay? Am sorry….you know we did it for Nora” she added
I drag my rough packed luggage with me.
I stopped at the sitting room and glared at my father.
“Shut up…..don’t you even dare say a word!!!!! You’re a disgrace!” I said and start packing my stuffs out. Jeremy came to @ssist me. They were too much for me to carry alone.
They watch me pack my things out without saying anything…..when I was done she finally said “what about Nora?”
“Am coming to take my sister with me….and if you refuse am filing a case against you two for human trafficking!” I said and saw the fear in their eyes.
Jeremy drove me to the house. On our way, he’ll look at me continuously. “Am fine” I smiled
“You’re not fine….you should not keep pains within you Anda”
“I said am fine Jer…..don’t worry” I lied.
We arrived at a little but modern house. It was so cute.
“You like it?” He asked
“No…..but I love it….thanks Her what would I do without you?”
“I’ll help you unpack and clean the house….it’s a bit dusty” he said
“Ok….we got all night long”
I got to work really late the next morning.
When I got to my post, my desk was gone.
“Where’s my desk?” I asked Betty
“Dunno….I came this morning and it was gone…..did the boss fire you?” She asked
“Hahaha….no way….!!!! No way….. I’ll ask Jo” I laughed crazily and went to Jo’s office.
“Jo!!!!! Good morning….” I said
“It’s afternoon miss Amanda…..and you’re late” he said
“Hehehehe… sorry about that…so where is my desk?” I went straight to the point.
“Come with me” he said. I tagged along.
We went into Lucas office and bam!!!!! My desk was in his office.
“Why is my desk in here?” I asked trying to think it’s a joke.
“Well from today Miss Amanda…this is your post…..”
“What!!!! No way!!!!” I yelled
“And…..” he cut in “congratulations….you’re now Mr Lucas personal secretary” he said I almost explode “you have no choice Amanda…’ll do as the boss says, remember you owe us four months….so….good luck” he smiled and left.
“Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” I whine. “This is not fair…..he disgust me!!!! Now I have to spend 11 hours seeing his gross face…..and see him do his rubbish!!!!!!!!”
The door opened and Lucas came in smiling a girl tagged along with him.
“Oh God….this can’t be happening……”
“Why is my desk in here…..sir?” I went straight to the point.
“Baby you’re hot… know that?” He whispered to the girl but I could hear him clearly.
“Am only got for you” she replied
His hands cup the girl’s br£@st and squeezed it tight. She m0@n in pleasure.
“You like that don’t you?” He was looking at me as if he was asking me
“Yes….oh yes…..!” She hurriedly said.
I was so angry. I wanted to go outside.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked but I didn’t stop. I pulled the door and walk out.
The girl robbed Lucas chest “so when are we starting……”
“Get lost!!!!!” He said and ran after Amanda.
Lucas stood. Did he just rejected s£× just because he wanted to make sure Amanda was fine??? This has never happened before. What’s wrong Lucas???!!!!!!
“Lucas!!!!” He heard his name.
“My God….the president is back!!!!”
“He’s back!!!!”
“That’s the president!!! MR Harrison!”
People began to murmur and pay respect.
Lucas turned back.
“We didn’t get enough time to talk last time….you know where to meet me!” He said. Lucas mood swift instantly with the pres£nce of the man who ruined his life.
Lucas came to his office and met his father sitting on his chair.
“You’re doing good so far….the company is…”
“Why are you here?” Lucas asked
“Oh I forgot….you like going straight to the point……Merge I’ve merge this company with ****** company. For the next variational show both you…….”
“Why did you do that without my concert?!” Lucas tried to be calm
“It’s my company Lucas….I can do whatever I want with it and frankly speaking, Mariam is a nice girl….the fact that you don’t wanna get married doesn’t mean……”
“If you’re done please get out!” Lucas said
“Don’t you have any manner……”
“No I don’t!!!! I’ve lost it long ago….. you should know well that I don’t like seeing your face!” Lucas yelled
“Whether you like it or not imyoull continue to see my face for I am your father!!!!” He yelled
It became quite again “Later on Mariam will come to see you….I think she still love you….I don’t want to hear nons£nse happen if she comes” he said and left.
Immediately the president left, Jo went to Lucas
“Are you okay, do you need anything?” Jo asked
“Am fine Jo… can go…..” he said. Jo nodded about to leave but Lucas said “wait….can I ask you a question?”
“Yes anything”
“Well…..It’s not me it’s ….a friend of mine….so this my friend he kind of starting to like this girl….but the girl doesn’t care or like him back….what should my friend do?…uhhmmmmm” he said and cleared his throat.
“Well Mr Lucas, I’ll advise that your friend to give up cause the girl doesn’t like him”
“What!!!!! How do you know she won’t come to like me…uhmmm sorry him” Lucas wasn’t a great actor or liar. Jo knows him well enough.
“Well….let him consult a psychotherapist maybe it’ll be enough help” Jo said.
“Hmmmm ok I’ll tell that my friend” Lucas replied and Jo left the room smiling.
On his way he met Amanda. She looks sour.
“Amanda? What’s wrong?” He asked
“I wish I never accepted this job” I smiled bitterly. “It’s a bad luck for me”
“Why do you say that?” He asked
“Jo look around! Four months….good four months!!!!! I haven’t even finished the first four months, am frustrated!!!! If not for the money I owe the him I’d have quit and not just that! I owe him too much!”
“That’s a good thing” he said
“No it’s a bad thing! Now my desk is in his office…..I have to breath the same air with him…..”
“So you’re not grateful after all he did for you?” He asked out of the blue
“Jo….no….am really grateful….he’s my savior….I’ll definitely pay him back one day…..I owe him too much but…….”
“There is no buts Amanda “ he cut in “sometimes you should try to see things from other people’s point of view, not only from yours” he pat my shoulders and left.
‘What does he mean by that?’ I wondered.
I went into his office well which was now my office too. It was big enough….at least I’ll just pretend he doesn’t exist when necessary.
“Where did you go??!!!” He sounded angry
“….” I didn’t say anything nor look at him. I just buried my head on my files
“Am talking to you!!!!!” He yelled. But she didn’t even move….it’s like she was ignoring him and it made him more angry….no girl dare to ignore him….infact it has never happened before….
“Amanda!!!!!” He yelled, seeing she was so stubborn Lucas wanted to teach her a lesson….he decided to discipline her.
He walked to her and carried her off her girl like a piece of paper.
“Aaaahhhhh put me down!!!! Let me go!!!!!” I yelled beating his h@rd back. But he just carried me to his room and land me on the sofa….immediately his heavy body rested on me. “Aaaahhhhh What are you doing!!!!!” I yelled
He didn’t say anything…..he pinned my hands and made sure my legs was opened so he can fit in between.
“Let me go….you!!!!!!” I yelled
How he have pinned me down….I couldn’t even move my body.
Finally he said “it’s been long I disciplined you…this attitude of yours is killing me….” he said
“What….what did I do this time…..let me go or else……”
“Or else what?” He smiled
“I….I….I’ll scream…..” I said.
“Go on” he smirked
“Go on….you said you wanted to scream… it” he said
“I’ll really scream” I said again and He nodded
“HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh HELP MEEEEEEEEE……..!!!!!!!! HELP…………” he suddenly started to laugh really h@rd “what’s so funny?!” I asked
“Your scream is so s£×y….is that how you’ll scream when I enter you from here” he moved his waist.
I got really pissed “I swear to you Lucas….I’ll kill you….I’ll kill you!!!!!!!”
“I know….Infact you’re killing me already but I don’t want my death to be waste. So back to your discipline…..”
“Don’t you dare klzz me…..” I said
“….” he smirked even more. The amusement in his face was too much as his l!ps crush mine.
‘Oh no this can’t be happening!!!!’ I said in my head.
I sealed my teeth together so his tongue doesn’t drive into my mouth. But the pressure he was applying to my l!ps was too much I could only give up and allowed his tongue to slide into my mouth.
I felt this sudden s£nsation but I quickly shake it up and bite his l!ps h@rd.
“Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh Mandy!!!! Are you a dog!!!! Why did you bite me!!!!” He yelled but was still holding me.
“Let me go!!!!” I yelled. His l!ps were swollen and red.
“Aaahhhh you made a big mistake my little doggie….you like to bite don’t you?” He look scary.
“What are you trying to do???? You brat!!!” I was so angry he klzzed me…..twice already.
“Am going to give you a hickey” he said and smile
“No you won’t!” I said
“Yes I will…..” he replied
“Don’t!!!!!!” I yelled
“Beg me” He said
“Why should I?” I yelled
“I’ll hurt your pride….” he lowered his head to my neck
“No….ok ok Please don’t….Please Lucas!” I said putting my pride away.
“Huh!!!! Make it s£×y…..” he said
“What!!!!!!” I yelled and he klzzed my neck “aaahhhh ok ok…. am really really sorry….please boss don’t do it….” I said
“Uhhmmmm……Tell me please…more….” he said and s√¢k the spot he just klzzed
“Please……please……” I yelled
“Calmly….not so loud…..say please slowly and calmly… your body is on fire…..” he said and used his teeth to hold the flesh on my neck.
“Ok…..ok…..please…..please…..” I said but his teeth bite my neck as he began to s√¢k my neck…..
“Aaaahhhhh Stop!!!!!! You dog!!!!!!………”
He finally get off me and instead of heading to the door as last time I punched on him and kick him on his stomach. He gr0@n and before he could react I kicked him down below.
“Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh stupid girl!!!!!” He cried
I grab his hand took his thumb into my mouth and bite it so h@rd. “Aaarrrghhhh……aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!” He yelled as he tried to push me again. Until I taste blood before I let go and ran out of the room
“Stupid bastard!!!!!” I yelled


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